ipe decking vs trex decking

Ipe Decking Vs. Trex Decking: Exotic Wood or Composite?

If you are considering building a new deck there are several material options to consider. Two of the most popular options are hardwoods and composite wood. Of those choices, Ipe wood and Trex composite are at the top of many lists. If your consideration (or initial research query) brings you … Read more

how to extend concrete patio with wood deck

How To Extend a Concrete Patio with a Wood Deck

Patios are a great place to entertain on summer evenings and can hold your grill and maybe a couple of deck chairs. However, a cold slab of concrete isn’t the most attractive solution and they typically aren’t big enough to enjoy properly. You can extend a concrete patio with a … Read more

deckorators decking review

Deckorators Decking Review

Composite decking is one of the up and coming decking materials that seems to grow in popularity with every new brand. One of those brands, Deckorators, has changed the game by offering more styles and options than most other brands. In this Deckorators Decking review we will look at all … Read more

dirt devil vs bissell

Dirt Devil Vs. Bissell: Brand Versus Brand Comparison

When you think about vacuum cleaner brands several names may come to mind. Two of the most innovative and versatile brands, though, are Dirt Devil and Bissell. These two brands make up a bulk of the annual sales in the floor cleaning industry and for good reason. In this Dirt … Read more

can you paint trex or composite decking

Can You Paint Trex or Composite Decking? A Complete Guide

Most homeowners buy a composite decking like Trex because there is virtually no maintenance needed once installed. The single-color dyed during the manufacturing process is designed to last a lifetime. Sometimes, though, you may find that you want to alter the color a little (or a lot). This can be … Read more

zuri decking review

Zuri Decking Review: Pros, Cons and Costs

There are a lot of decking options out there for you to choose from. But how do you know which is the best choice for you? Word of mouth and research are the most common sources for homeowners looking to add a deck to their home. For the research side, … Read more

hoover smartwash vs bisell proheat 2x

Hoover SmartWash Vs. Bissell ProHeat 2x

Keeping your home clean and fresh requires routine cleaning and maintenance regimens. With carpeting, vacuums are great at removing surface and some embedded dirt, dust and debris. However, ground in dirt, stains and odors will require a more thorough cleaning. This is where carpet shampooers come into play. In the … Read more

miele cseries roud up

Miele C-Series Round Up: Comparing the C1 vs. C2 vs. C3

Miele is one of the most well-known and renowned vacuum cleaner brands in the world. With performance greater than Dyson, power equal to Kirby and Rainbow and designs to fit any style or need, Miele excels everywhere. There is a lot of confusion with their models, though, from the names … Read more

front deck ideas for small houses

Front Deck Ideas for Small Houses

When we think about a deck the first thing that probably comes to mind is a large wooden deck with a barbecue pit and some chairs sprawling into a large back yard. However, it isn’t uncommon to also have a deck on the front of your home. While it may … Read more

ultradeck composite decking review

Menards UltraDeck Composite Decking Review

Composite decking is nothing new to the industry, but style color options and innovation continue to thrive and change. UltraDeck is one company of many that provides composite decking to the consumer. Is the brand any good? Will the decking last? We answer these questions and a whole lot more … Read more

what is high pile carpet

What is High Pile Carpet: A Complete Guide

If you are shopping for new carpet you will come across a lot of different brands, styles and options. There are also different factors that make your choices even harder. One of those factors is carpet pile height. In general there are three types of carpet pile, low, medium and … Read more

how to stagger deck boards

How to Stagger Deck Boards

When building a deck, you will want to make sure it fits your style.  While it is possible to lay your deck boards completely parallel, this look isn’t for everyone. Most people will want to stagger the boards.  This means that the cut edges of the deck boards will be … Read more

glue-down hardwood floor problems

Glue-Down Hardwood Floor Problems (And Their Solutions)

Hardwood flooring is still the most sought after and exceptional flooring options for residential homes around the country. If you are installing a hardwood floor, you may think about the glue-down method. However, this can cause some problems down the road for you. If you already have hardwood floors that … Read more

heart pine flooring guide

Heart Pine Flooring Guide 2022 [Pros, Cons and Cost]

If you are looking for new and fresh ideas for hardwood flooring, you are in the right spot! Not only this entire site, but this article in particular will teach you everything you need to know about heart pine flooring. We will cover the variations and costs of heart pine … Read more

duchateau flooring review

Duchateau Flooring Review 2022 (Cost + Pros & Cons)

Inspired by architecture, design and fashion, Duchateau flooring is a premium hardwood and vinyl flooring that attempts to capture elegance. With several options to choose from, they hope to woo you over to their brand and keep you for life. In most cases, the brand has no problem doing this. … Read more

how to select vinyl plank flooring thickness

How to Select Vinyl Plank Flooring Thickness

If you are searching for a new vinyl floor, you no doubt have come across Luxury Vinyl Planks or Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVP/LVT) in your research. One of the most notable and often overlooked features of LVP is the thickness. While style, color, width and board length are all important, … Read more

how to level concrete floor

How to Level a Concrete Floor (Step-By-Step Guide)

When you have a subfloor, slab or foundation that is made of concrete it can settle, shift or be poured incorrectly. When this happens the concrete floor can become sloped, uneven and out of level. In this article, we will look at the tools, equipment and methods for leveling a … Read more

bruce hydropel flooring review

Bruce Hydropel Flooring Review: Hardwood for 2022

With over 100 years of history, Bruce may be one of the oldest consecutive flooring companies in the world. What is most impressive, though, is what they offer. You won’t find carpet, laminate or vinyl here. Bruce only sells hardwood. Is Bruce the right brand for you? What Does Bruce … Read more

well woven rugs review for 2022

Well Woven Rugs Review 2022 [Cost + Pros & Cons]

Well Woven is a brand you may or may not have heard of. In rings that have heard of the brand they are highly popular, in arenas that have not heard of them, though, they are an underdog with a great story. Well Woven cuts out the middleman. They are … Read more

carpet remnants buying guide

Carpet Remnants Buying Guide 2022

Carpet remnants get a bad reputation and are often overlooked. However, those that understand the full potential of the product get immense joy from their investment. Interesting Uses for Carpet Remnants Below we cover the common and practical uses for carpet remnants, but don’t let that stifle your creativity. Here … Read more

low cost backyard flooring options

Great Low Cost Backyard Flooring Options 2022

When you think about flooring you probably don’t think about your backyard. However patios, walkways, decking and more are technically all flooring and your backyard can benefit from the right options. Cheap Outdoor Flooring Options There are plenty of options to add flooring to your yard, but some are cheaper … Read more

how to cut vinyl flooring

How to Cut Vinyl Flooring: A Complete Guide

Vinyl flooring is one of the easiest floors for DIY homeowners to install themselves. However, it isn’t as easy as some instructional videos make it look, especially if you have no prior experience with the planks. One of the most difficult aspects of installing LVP (and other forms of vinyl … Read more

different types of pressure treated wood

Different Types of Pressure Treated Wood – 2022 Guide

Pressure treated wood has a lot of varieties, applications and capabilities. You find it in almost every form of residential construction from support beams and ground-contact studding to decks and patios. In this article we will take a close look at pressure treated lumber to find out what types are … Read more

deck joist spacing

Deck Joist Spacing: Your Complete Guide to a Proper Build

Building a deck as a DIY project is an exciting way to get comfortable with your tools and equipment while having something useful to show for it. Aside from the build material, though, the most important part of any deck build is the framing. You need to have proper spacing … Read more

deck skirting ideas

Deck Skirting Ideas: Best Options for 2022

Your deck is built, the steps and railings look great and your grill is smoking as the sun starts to drop. It sounds great, but now you have to finish the project. Wrapping the deck to hide the gaping hole underneath requires skirting. Skirting comes in many forms and offers … Read more

deckorators vs trex

Deckorators Vs. Trex: Cost, Durability and Pros & Cons

Composite decking is the new era of deck building. With wood grain patterns and all the aesthetic benefits of natural wood plus none of the negative aspects, composite is a great decking choice. The problem comes in deciding which composite to use, what brand to go with and which styles … Read more

hot tubs and decks

Hot Tubs & Decks 2022 – The Complete Guide

Decks have a lot of uses for their space, including gatherings, grills and the ever popular hot tub. Not every deck is capable of having a hot tub installed or mounted, though, and a lot of considerations need to go into the planning. Why Hot Tubs and Decks Go Hand … Read more

best garage floor mat

5 Best Garage Floor Mats for 2022 and Beyond

Our garages were designed as a safe place to store our cars. While that is still a major use, there are many more uses now, including mechanic and workshop space, household storage and much more. The biggest issue next to organization is floor protection. Scratches, staining, fading, marks and even … Read more

duralux flooring review

DuraLux Flooring Reviews 2022: Price, Ratings, Pros & Cons

Vinyl flooring is fast becoming one of the most popular options to replace hardwood in homes across the country. With new technological advances, the luxury vinyl planks or tiles (LVP/LVT) can look and feel like real hardwood, but offer more benefits than natural wood. Because of the lower cost and … Read more

how to finish ends of composite decking

How to Finish Ends of Composite Decking

Installing a composite deck can be rewarding while adding style and aesthetics to your home. However, the look of the deck from the yard or the street may not be the best. To help finalize the appearance and keep the deck protected you need to finish the ends. Why You … Read more

trex vs fiberon

Trex Vs. Fiberon: Which Composite Deck is Right for You?

Composite decking is the latest craze for deck builders and homeowners across the country. Composite decking is more durable, longer lasting and has more fade and stain resistance than most other decking materials, plus it usually costs less. If you are in the market for a new deck and considering … Read more

heated tile flooring guide

Heated Tile Flooring Guide 2022: Installation, Cost & Cons

Nothing is worse than waking up to get ready for work and entering your bathroom to a freezing cold tile floor. You can use bathroom rugs, turn the heat up in your HVAC system or install radiant heating. Radiant heating installs under the tiles or flooring of your bathroom, garage, … Read more

how to stagger vinyl plank flooring

How to Stagger Vinyl Plank Flooring [Like a Pro]

When laying plank flooring of any type it is important to stagger the plank rows. There are several reasons you should stagger your planks, which we will cover in this article. While the actual staggering of the planks isn’t overly difficult, it is important that you handle it the right … Read more

duralife decking

Barrette Outdoor Living Decking Review (Former DuraLife Decking)

Barrette Outdoor Living Decking (former DuraLife Decking) is one of the leading nationwide companies in composite decking. DuraLife Decking was purchased by Barrette Outdoor Living in 2019, and now goes by the name Barrette Outdoor Living Decking. They have streamlined the buying process by limiting your choices and giving you a … Read more

pergo timbercraft laminate flooring

Pergo TimberCraft Laminate Flooring Review 2022

Laminate flooring is not what it used to be. After a long, storied history, the flooring finally got a makeover. Now it is tough, durable and inexpensive. But is it right for you? Today, we will look at Pergo’s TimberCraft laminate flooring. This is a well known brand with a … Read more

best tile for kitchen floors

Best Tile for Kitchen Floors 2022: Reviews and Costs

When it is time to upgrade your kitchen, the floors are usually the most daunting, yet ignored aspect. Unless there is major damage to the flooring that is currently there, many homeowners overlook this troublesome aspect. However, tiling a kitchen floor can be a simple process. Choosing the right types … Read more

how to install cork floors

How to Install Cork Floors: The Complete Guide

Cork flooring has been around for over a century. However, it fell out of fashion for many reasons after the big laminate craze of the 1970s. Today, though, cork is making a comeback. Cork is a flooring that is easy to install, highly affordable and aside from bamboo flooring is … Read more

best kitchen flooring solutions

5 Best Kitchen Flooring Solutions 2022 – Complete Round Up

Updating your kitchen floor can be an exciting time. However, if you aren’t sure which flooring to go with, the project quickly turns into a chore. The best kitchen flooring will be durable, resilient and aesthetically pleasing. While there are some flooring options you should avoid (carpet, for example), some … Read more

fiberon composite decking review

Fiberon Decking Reviews 2022 – Pros, Cons & Cost

Building a deck can be a great way to enjoy your summer. Choosing the right decking material, though, can be a daunting task. Fiberon composite decking is one of the many choices you have. This article will examine Fiberon composite decking to find out if it is a good fit … Read more

timbertech vs trex

TimberTech Vs. Trex: A Composite Decking Comparison 2022

With composite decking, you have a lot of choices. From colors, to board styles and even brands. TimberTech is one of the leaders in composite decking, known for their durability and stain resisting boards. Trex may be the most popular brand currently available and offers a wide range of line … Read more

most durable flooring options

The 6 Most Durable Flooring Options for 2022

Installing or replacing the floors in your home can be an expensive endeavor. The cost is generally accepted because of how long our floors can potentially last. However, with less durable flooring, you may be spending that money all over again, very soon. Finding an attractive floor is easy, finding … Read more

dreamweaver carpet

DreamWeaver Carpet Reviews 2022: Costs + Pros & Cons

DreamWeaver carpet is a relatively new company. However, they are steeped in tradition. A long history of innovation allows the new company to catch up quickly in the market and make a name for themselves. The one thing that DreamWeaver does differently than most other brands is keeping things simple. … Read more

mirage flooring complete review

Mirage Flooring Review 2022: Pros, Cons, Costs and Ratings

Wood floors are one of the most appreciated and sought-after flooring options on the market today. With solid hardwood you can actually increase your home’s resale value. However, engineered hardwood and other hard flooring options don’t come with that benefit. Mirage Flooring is one of the many brands that manufactures … Read more

guide to pine flooring

Guide to Pine Flooring 2022: Cost, Options, Pros and Cons

When it comes to hardwood flooring most people think about oak, hickory or even walnut. Pine, though, is a type of hardwood floor, classified as a softwood. Pine flooring has been around for decades and is currently making waves as an option to harder, colder woods. Pine flooring isn’t for … Read more

sanded vs unsanded grout

Sanded Versus Unsanded Grout: How to Choose Correctly

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a DIYer that wants to update the look of your home, tile is a great flooring option. One of the biggest problems with installing tile, though, is choosing the right grout for the job. In this article we will look at the differences … Read more

best outdoor flooring

An Outdoor Flooring Guide: 7 Great Options for Your Exterior

Your patio, yard, barbecue area, pool side and walkways all have one thing in common. They would be better suited with a proper outdoor flooring solution. While it may not always occur to you to ponder flooring possibilities for the outdoors, it is something to think about. Proper flooring solutions … Read more

masland carpet review

Masland Carpet Reviews 2022 (Pros & Cons, Price, Ratings)

Masland Carpet has been in the game for well over 150 years. While they aren’t the biggest name or the most popular brand, they offer quality, durability and extensive styles. When choosing carpet, you have a choice, and Masland is a choice worthy of consideration. In this article we will … Read more

mohawk carpet review

Mohawk Carpet Reviews 2022 (Pros & Cons, Price, Ratings)

When style, color, options and comfort matter, many people turn to Mohawk. Mohawk flooring is one of the largest flooring manufacturers in the world, holding several smaller companies under their umbrella. Mohawk carpet is an industry leader matching homes to aesthetics and styles no other company can offer. Whether you … Read more

linoleum flooring

Linoleum Flooring: A Complete Guide for 2022 and Beyond

While linoleum may be the oldest non-natural floor in existence, it gained popularity in the 1940s and 50s. However, today linoleum is as popular as ever and competes with vinyl and laminate for best alternative flooring. Linoleum comes in various forms now, with more styles, colors and size options than … Read more

karastan carpet reviews

Karastan Carpet Reviews 2022: Prices and Pros & Cons

As a part of the Mohawk and Pergo family, Karastan is a premium carpet company set on bringing new styles, patterns and textures to your floors. Unlike many other premium brands, Karastan is like the fun aunt who takes you out for milkshakes after mom says no. They offer a … Read more

stone look laminate flooring

Stone Look Laminate Flooring, Brands And Reviews

Stone look laminate is a luxury flooring style that uses laminate planks or tile to mimic actual stone. There are many styles and color options to choose from, when you can find them. Stone look laminate is not as popular as it once was. With consumer focus shifting to wood … Read more

shaw luxury vinyl plank review

Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring Reviews 2022

Shaw flooring is the world’s largest manufacturer of carpet. While their premium carpeting is something to behold, the company doesn’t stop there. Shaw Vinyl comes in two basic forms, luxury vinyl planks (LVP) and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). The main difference is the size and shape. LVP has wood grain … Read more

best irobot roomba for hardwood floors

Introducing: Best Roomba for Hardwood Floors 2022

Cleaning your hardwood floors, or any hard flooring in your home, doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead of getting out the broom and dustpan, sweeping the floor trying to get all the little lines of dirt from the grout, there is an easier way. Robot vacuums are known for … Read more

strand bamboo flooring review

Strand Bamboo Flooring Review: Updated for 2022

Bamboo is a natural resource that is known for its hardiness, durability and rapid sustainability. Considered a grass, bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth, often reaching two to three feet of new growth in less than a day. While on the stalk, bamboo is tough but not very … Read more

best hoover vacuums

Best Hoover Vacuums 2022 – A Brand Review

Hoover is credited with producing the first upright electric vacuum in 1908. The company only grew from there. Accepted as among the best in Europe, their place in the US is firmly planted as well. More than just a verb, the name Hoover means quality, affordability and innovation. The company … Read more

guide to using self-leveling concrete

Best Self-Leveling Concrete Brands [Pros & Cons + Cost]

Self-leveling concrete is a newer form of underlayment and subfloor material designed to take the stress out of laying a new floor. While everything sounds good, this flooring solution can be tricky and difficult to master. The 5 Best Self-Leveling Concrete Brands You may be tempted to grab the first … Read more

cost to finish hardwood floors

Hardwood Refinishing Costs 2022

Hardwood floors are one of the best investments you can make for your home. Not only do they add beauty, durability and comfort to your rooms, but they also add resale value to your home. Maintenance and upkeep on hardwood floors, though, requires a bit of work and overtime, the … Read more

trafficmaster flooring review

TrafficMaster Flooring Review 2022: Cost, Vs.+ Pros & Cons

TrafficMaster is a budget flooring solution designed to help homeowners get reliable, durable flooring for a fraction of the cost of other brands. TrafficMaster is an exclusive flooring brand sold only through the Home Depot. This article will examine all of the flooring types, what to expect from the brand … Read more

how to remove tile

How-To Remove Tile From Concrete Floors

Whether you just bought the house, or you just need an update, tile floors can be a problem. Most tile floor installs are done directly on concrete. While it can help stability and durability, it makes it difficult to remove. If you want to know how to remove tile from … Read more

cumaru decking

A Guide to Cumaru Decking: Pros, Cons, Maintenance and Costs

Hardwoods and ironwoods are great for making specific things. You can turn ironwoods to make long lasting handles, knobs, chairs and desks. Of course, you can always make planks and have near-lifetime flooring, or, you guessed it, a deck. While ironwoods, like Cumaru, are hard to cut and almost impossible … Read more

best bisell vacuum

The 10 Best Bissell Vacuums 2022 – A Brand Review

Bissell is a name any homeowner or renter knows. Their value and reliability have spanned decades and it is no wonder they are among the top sellers in the world. Along with a host of product lines, Bissell is probably best known for their floor cleaners. When it comes to … Read more

ipe decking

A Guide to Ipe Decking: Pros, Cons, Maintenance and More

Ipe wood is one of the hardiest, strongest and most naturally beautiful woods around. It is popular for fencing, furniture, truck beds and decking. However, just because it is strong and popular, doesn’t make it the right choice for your needs. This article will examine Ipe decking and find out … Read more

best electric mops

8 Best Electric Mops for Your Floor 2022

  Mopping your hard flooring is one of the most loathed chores around the house (behind laundry and washing dishes by hand). Anything you can do to help make the chore easier is a bonus. One of the best things you can do is to get a mop that does … Read more

best irobot roomba for pet hair

8 Best Roomba for Pet Hair 2022

The iRobot Roomba vacuums have been cleaning floors in homes since the mid 1990’s. One of the original creators of autonomous cleaning robots, Roomba is the name that almost everyone knows and the brand all others try to surpass. With their constant improvements, superior design and forward thinking technologies, iRobot … Read more

terrazzo flooring

Terrazzo Flooring: The Definitive Guide

Terrazzo flooring has graced offices and government buildings for over 400 years. The idea of bringing it into your home is now far more than a reality. With benefits such as life-long application, low maintenance and unlimited design potential, homeowners are rushing to get Terrazzo installed in some part of … Read more

floating floor

What is a Floating Floor – All Your Questions Answered

For those of you doing your research for a new flooring, you may have come across the term floating floor. If you are unfamiliar with the term it may conjure images of the Jetson’s floating down a sidewalk. Unfortunately, that isn’t what floating floor means. Floating floors are types of … Read more

best composite decking brands

Composite Decking Brands 2022: Guide and Comparisons

If you are considering building a new deck or remodeling a current deck, you have come to the right place. While wood decks are the king of the hill when it comes to building materials, that is about to change. Composite decking is up and coming and growing more popular … Read more

what is steam mop

What Is a Steam Mop and How Do They Work?

A simple and fairly easy alternative to the traditional mop and bucket is a steam mop.  Remember, not all floors can handle being steam cleaned and not all cleaning solutions are safe for your floors. What Are Steam Mops? Steam mops are exactly what you would think they are. Looking … Read more

best carpet for pets

Best Carpet For Pets 2022: A Full Brand Review

Homes with small children, both two and four-legged, furry varieties, can make a mess of our floors. With urine, dirt and mud (along with other things that end up on your floor) it can be an all day battle keeping your floors clean. However, if you have pets you want … Read more

allure ultra flooring

Allure Ultra Flooring Review 2022: A Complete Brand Guide

When you are looking for affordable, durable and quality luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and luxury vinyl planks (LVP), one of your many options is from TrafficMaster. The Allure line is TrafficMaster’s more affordable line up and comes in plenty of styles, colors and options. As a private-label company, the Allure … Read more

best bagless canister vacuum

Best Bagless Canister Vacuum 2022 – Reviewed and Compared

Canister vacuums aren’t a new or novel vacuum type, though combining the canister style with a bagless collection system is fairly new compared to the lifespan of these vacuums. What was once a commercial-only style of vacuum, you can find these durable, reliable and powerful vacuums in more and more … Read more

best garage floor coating

Best Garage Floor Coating – Get the Perfect Garage Floor

Garage spaces are used for more than just storing holiday decorations and parking our cars. Depending on how you use your garage floor, it may need a coating or covering. There are various reasons you may want to coat your garage floor, including a finished garage for a living space, … Read more

best spray mop

8 Best Spray Mops 2022: Reviews and Comparisons

When it comes to mopping floors, it is a lot easier if the mop can do most of the work. While there are several options to choose from, including spin mops and stick mops, there is a special niche for the spray mop. We will also look at the various … Read more

laminate flooring cost

Laminate Flooring Cost And Price Of Installation 2022

Laminate plank flooring is once again growing in popularity. With so many styles, colors and designs to choose from, it is no wonder this flooring option is highly sought after. Most major flooring brands will carry a large selection of laminate planks for you to browse through. What about the … Read more

mannington vinyl plank flooring review

Mannington Vinyl Plank Flooring Review 2022

Remodeling a room can be an exciting project, and when you get to the flooring, that excitement can either grow, or suddenly become stress. There are a lot of flooring options out there to choose from. Whether you currently have carpet or laminate, tile or vinyl, there is always room … Read more

best cork flooring

Best Cork Flooring 2022: Reviews, Best Brands, Pros & Cons

Cork flooring is not a popular choice for many homes, yet. It does have some distinct advantages though, and is worth checking out in greater detail. Just because it isn’t as popular as luxury vinyl planks or engineered hardwood floors, doesn’t mean it isn’t right for you. The Best Cork … Read more

best microfiber mop

8 Best Microfiber Mops 2022: Reviews and Comparisons

Mopping your hard flooring is one of the essential and important parts of cleaning your home. There are a lot of different types of mops on the market and choosing the right one can be difficult. Microfiber mops are a great way to clean your hard flooring with less steps … Read more