8 Best Electric Mops for Your Floor 2023

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best electric mops

Mopping your hard flooring is one of the most loathed chores around the house (behind laundry and washing dishes by hand).

Anything you can do to help make the chore easier is a bonus.

One of the best things you can do is to get a mop that does the work for you. In this case, electric mops.

An electric mop can come in several forms. The most common are robotic mops and electric spin scrubbing mops.

With so many options, it can be difficult to decide which model to choose.

This article covers the best electric mops and helps you identify the features or options that you need.

We also cover care techniques and a troubleshooting guide to help your mop perform at its best.

Top Rated Electric Mops Suitable for All Floors

Great electric mops aren’t easy to identify. However, for getting the job done, this list is tops.

  1. Best Buy 2023 –
BISSELL SpinWave PET Electric Spin Mop 20399

SpinWave PET is the best buy this year because of its powerful cleaning on hard flooring, and the outstanding bang for your buck it provides.

  • Best Steam Option
  • BISSELL Steam Mop Powerfresh 19404

    The Powerfresh is great for all flooring that can handle steam, like ceramic, tile, and porcelain. It can be used with special care on other flooring as well.

  • Best Cordless Mop
  • BISSELL SpinWave Cordless Spin Mop 23159

    This cordless SpinWave has a very similar look to the first SpinWave on our list, and delivers the same kind of powerful cleaning.

  • Scrubs and SteamsShark S7001 Mop
  • Great Vacuum ComboBISSELL CrossWave, Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum and Electric Mop , 2554A
  • Bissell SpinWave PET Hard Floor Spin Mop
    • Powerful spinning pads
    • Gives a great shine
    • Use on sealed hard floors
    • Featured by Household Advice as Best Electric Spin Mop of 2023

    What is an Electric Mop?

    As the title implies, an electric mop is a mop that uses electricity for power. This can be confusing, though as it doesn’t always mean that the mop needs to plug into an outlet to run.

    Some mops use batteries that require the electricity to recharge the battery. Others are robotic mops that run on batteries and recharge when not in use.

    However, because they all have a power supply that uses electricity, either directly or by charging a battery, they are considered electric mops.

    Important Decision-Making Factors: Selecting the Right Electric Mop

    buyers guide electric mops

    Finding the ideal electric style mop for your needs can be difficult. There are a lot of different brands producing a lot of different styles. Each one has advantages and disadvantages.

    Below are consideration factors to help you understand your needs and narrow down your buying options.

    Identify your Floor Type

    The type of flooring you have to mop will make a big difference in the type of mop you choose.

    Some floors need special care and ask that you not mop at all (such as hardwood). However, mopping is almost an essential part of your floor cleaning routine.

    Knowing your floor type will allow you to know which style of mop you need to care for your particular flooring.

    Power Source

    Electric mops will have one of two power sources, either a cord you plug into the wall, or a battery to run the cleaning heads.

    Cords are a good choice for manual mops and in smaller spaces so you don’t need to continuously search for a new outlet. Battery powered models don’t require outlets when mopping, but may not last long enough on a single charge to clean the entire space. 

    Area Size – Corded or Battery Electric Mop?

    The size of the room or rooms you need to mop will also play a small role in your decision making process. Larger areas need electric mops with longer cords or long-lasting batteries. With single rooms or smaller spaces a smaller capacity battery or shorter cord may work.

    Dry, Damp or Wet Mop

    Along with the floor type, specialty mopping may be in order. This includes a dry mop on floors that may not take water very well, or damp mops when you need to spruce up an otherwise clean floor.

    Full wet mops should only be used on floors that can handle more water. Tile, LVP, stone and other floors that are 100% waterproof can take full wet mops. Other floors like real hardwood, and laminate will end up cracking, swelling or even rotting with too much water applied.

    Manual or Robotic

    As electric type mops have two power source supplies, there are two main types of electric mops, manual and robotic. Manual mops are powered by electricity for their cleaning heads, sprayers or other parts.

    However, you are still required to take control of the mop handle and push the mop where you want it to clean. A robotic mop cleans on its own, usually with some sort of guidance system to keep it on track.

    Price and Warranty

    The price will always play a factor and finding a mop in your budget that meets your needs. While some models seem expensive initially, the long term durability may work better in your favor.

    You need to calculate the cost of additional parts, such as mopping pads or water bottles, filters and other replaceable parts. Evaluating long term and upfront costs will help you determine the overall value of the mop.

    The warranty will also be a factor. Knowing the term length, what is and isn’t covered and most importantly the claim process, will let you know if the warranty is worth the mop.

    Bissell SpinWave PET Hard Floor Spin Mop
    • Powerful spinning pads
    • Gives a great shine
    • Use on sealed hard floors
    • Featured by Household Advice as Best Electric Spin Mop of 2023

    The 8 Best Electric Mops Reviewed

    Below, we outline our favorite electric mops for your review. Each model is compared and evaluated so you don’t need to do the guesswork. Scroll through and find your next electric style mop.

    1. iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop

    The Braava series of robotic mops from iRobot are among the best in the industry. The Braava 380t is the model designed for large spaces, making it ideal for homes with mainly hard flooring, or large, expansive kitchens or bathrooms.

    With this robot, you select whether you want it to sweep (or dry mop) or wet mop by pressing a button on the top of the robot. After you fill the 0.25 gallon water tank and put the mopping pad on, the robot will do the rest.

    Compared to the iRobot vacuums, the Braava 380t doesn’t put itself on or off of the charging station. In fact, it charges on its side, so you have to manually place it there when not in use. This means that the robot will run around and clean your floors until the battery dies.

    That battery, a 2000mAh NiMH battery, has a runtime of about 90 minutes. With such a long runtime, you can clean up to about 1400 square feet of space, depending on cleaning mode. This is an improvement over its predecessor.

    The robot uses NorthStar navigation to know where it is in the room, where it has been and what is left to clean. This helps you control where the robot can go, keeping it off of carpeting and on the hard flooring.

    The Braava 380t also comes with a 2-year warranty, allowing you to make a claim if anything should go wrong, though those cases are rare.  

    How does the Braava 380t compare to Braava Jet 240 and the Braava m6?

    While both the Jet 240 and 380t clean up dirt and wet dirt well they differ when handling spilled liquid.

    The Braava Jet 240 has a smaller mopping pad than the 380t and may struggle with cleaning up spilled liquids.

    The Braava 380t quite easily cleans up even dense and sticky liquid.

    Then m6 performs as well as the 380t when it comes to cleaning up dirt and liquids. 

    Jet 240 is smaller which makes it easier to handle, but it will not cover areas as quickly. The Braava m6 is the largest of the three and has the largest tank.

    The Braava 380t is a great choice for homes with large spaces and hard flooring. If you have a large kitchen or bathroom this could be a good choice for you. If you want a robot mop, and live in a small apartment, the Braava Jet 240 with its smaller size and small tank is a better match.

    Here you can see how it performs:

    Simple controlsMust be manually placed on charger
    Multiple cleaning modes availableNot ideal for small or tight spaces
    NorthStar Navigation 
    Wet and Dry mopping for all hard floor types 
    90 minute runtime 

    2. Bissell SpinWave Plus Floor Cleaning Mop 20391

    The Spinwave series is known for cleaning well, but also for not having many differences between the models.

    However, the SpinWave Plus from Bissell is still the best of the bunch and is shown in the final product.

    This model features a 23-foot power cord which minimizes the number of times you have to find a new outlet. It also holds an impressive 28 ounces of water.

    The best part about this model is that the twin rotating cleaning heads rotate towards each other. The sprayer nozzle is just above the cleaning heads and not at the bottom of the tank. These two combined mean the water you do spray on the floor gets to the floor and not all over the machine or flung around the room like some models can.

    The Plus model comes with two types of microfiber cleaning pads. The first are the soft mops. These are ideal for any floor type, but especially designed for more scratch-prone floors like laminate and hardwood.

    You will also get a set of scrubbing pads with some stiff bristles to help remove stuck on messes with ease. Also, because it is the Plus model you get an extra bottle of the trial sized Bissell floor cleaner. Each bottle is good for a single use and let’s you see how well the machine works with a cleaning solution in the tank.

    Maintenance is a little higher here because there are two mopping pads and more moving parts to clean and care for. However, it doesn’t take more than about 5 minutes to properly clean and maintain the machine.

    The 1-year warranty should be a little longer in our opinion, but for what it is worth Bissell has great customer service and are easy to deal with should a warranty claim need to be made.

    How does it compare to Bissell Spinwave PET 20399?

    While very similar, there are a few differences. They both have swivel steering, and they weigh the same. The PET 20399 uses a specific multi surface formula that targets pet stains, while the SpinWave Plus 20391 comes with an extra wood surface formula.

    6 cleaning pads (total) included1-year warranty is light
    Cleans any hard floor typeHigher price than other similar models
    Rotating cleaning heads prevent splashing 
    Extra long power cord 
    Great customer service 

    3. iRobot Braava 240 Jet Robot Mop

    If the Braava 380t is made for larger spaces, the tiny Braava Jet 240 is made for small spaces. This little guy is a powerhouse in disguise and will clean in places you can’t even get to with a handled mop.

    The 240 uses a spray jet instead of soaking the mopping pad like the 380t. It also allows you to use cleaning solutions and will be able to tell if you wish to perform a dry mop, damp mop or wet mop based on the type of pad you put on.

    The color coded pads tell the robot which type of cleaning to perform and it will accommodate without worries. However, unlike the 380t there isn’t any navigation system on board to tell it where to go.

    You need to put it in the room and use the built-in virtual wall boundary system. Using this will keep the robot off your carpet, but won’t work for rugs in the middle of the room. However, in small bathrooms and kitchens this machine is a cleaning beast.

    It is small enough to get under furniture, behind the toilet and even under the edges of the counters. The disposable pads also come off with the use of an eject button, so you don’t ever have to touch a soiled cleaning pad.

    It offers about 75 minutes of runtime on a single charge, which is manual, like the 380t. Still, with the Braava warranty and great customer service, you will enjoy using this little machine to keep your floors looking fresh and new.

    If you are looking for an electric robot mop for small spaces, the iRobot 240 is a great choice.  What makes it unique is its small size, combined with serious cleaning power. It also is built to last. 

    Keep in mind that it does not do as well with cleaning up liquid as the larger iRobot Braava 380t since it has a smaller cleaning pad. It does a decent job with liquid though, and a great job with dirt. For larger spaces and more serious messes consider the 380t or Braava m6 instead.

    Ideal for small spacesMay not clean the whole room on a single charge
    Mop type based on attached padEasily gets lost if left unattended
    Sprays stubborn dirt areas 
    Built-in boundary 

    4. Shark Steam Pocket XL Corded Electric Mop S3501

    Steam makes a great cleaner and kills bacteria. The Shark Steam Pocket XL is a compact little mop that steams as it mops to both clean and sanitize your floors in one pass. With simple to use controls and dual-sided mopping pads, you can clean a lot of space in a single go.

    The only bad thing about this model is the short 18-foot cord. Unlike most other models that have cords over 20 feet, this model leaves you searching for outlets more often.

    When you do have it plugged in, though, it will be ready to steam in under 30 seconds and sends steam through the mopping pads based on your cleaning motions. You don’t have to guess or worry about too much or too little steam.

    The reservoir is a little difficult to fill but the included fill and pour cup helps a lot. Even if you do spill a bit, the mopping pads will soak it up.

    Dual-sided microfiber pads come sewn on 3 sides, creating a pocket that the cleaning head slides into. The snug fit means it won’t come off during use and the 360-degree swivel head allows you to flip it over when one side gets dirty, so you can keep going.

    Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501 vs Bissell Powerfresh 19404

    How does the S3501 and the Powerfresh 19404 differ?

    One big difference, and a downside to the Shark S3501, is that you need to pump it to generate extra steam, and the amount you pump is how much extra steam you will get.

    On the PowerFresh you select the steam level you want, and can mop without having to use any specific motions. The Powerfresh 19404 also has a 22 foot cord which is quite a bit longer than the 18 foot cord for the S3501.

    Usually the S3501 is cheaper in most stores.

    What makes the Shark Steam Pocket XL unique is its size and value for money. The price point is lower than most of the competitors. It does take some manual work to get heavier steam going, you need to pump it which is something I have not seen in Bissell’s steam mops.

    Dual-sided cleaning padsCord may be a little short
    Automatically steams for youReplacement pads can be harder to find
    Ready in less than 30 secondsYou need to pump manually for extra steam
    More affordable than other, similar models 

    5. BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro Vacuum and Mop 2306A

    It is known that vacuuming is easier than sweeping when it comes to collecting dust and dirt from cracks, crevices and harder to reach areas. What would be even better is if you could vacuum your floors while mopping them at the same time.

    That is exactly what the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro attempts to do. Using a standard upright vacuum base, the twin-tank mopping vacuum can clean any hard flooring and even wash and clean smaller area rugs.

    While it isn’t a carpet shampooer and shouldn’t be used on carpeted floors, it does wonders on your hard flooring surfaces. The brush roller is a combination of nylon and microfiber so it won’t scratch your softer flooring.

    IT features a dual-tank system so the clean and dirty water don’t mix. Anything collected with the vacuum suction power is deposited into the dirt water tank for easier disposal. There is a pet hair strainer which will separate hairs and larger debris from the water tank, too.

    The disappointment that many users have expressed in this machine is that while it is a vacuum and mop it is not one or the other.

    You must run it with clean water in the tank to prevent motor burn out. So while it won’t replace your current vacuum, it will almost certainly outperform your current mop.

    The ability to mop and vacuum at the same time makes the Crosswave Pet Pro quite unique and it stands out in the electric mop crowd.
    Cleans up dirt, dust and debris while it mopsNot made for carpeting
    25-foot power cordMust vacuum and mop together
    3-year warranty from Bissell 
    Dual tank system can use cleaning solutions 
    Cleans area rugs as well as hard flooring 

    6. Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System S5003D

    The Shark Genius uses a no-touch design and reversible cleaning head to get your attention. And it works. With the jet steam and extra thick microfiber cleaning pads, your floors will be clean, disinfected and looking new in no time.

    The innovative design locks the microfiber cleaning pad in place with a sandwich style folding cleaning head. It also functions as a 2-sided cleaner that can be flipped over when the first side is too dirty.

    The steam is jet sprayed through the cleaning head to evenly distribute through the cleaning head. With three steam level settings it is ideal for all hard floor types without leaving too much water behind.

    When you are finished cleaning, the head-control switch on the machine will open the cleaning head and drop the pad so you don’t need to touch it when it is dirty. This doesn’t always work, and sometimes the clasps will hold on to the pad forcing you to push it off with your hands, but that isn’t such a deal breaker.

    The 1-year warranty is a little short for our tastes, but is becoming more and more the industry average. However, Shark is known for their customer support and should you have any issues they are a phone call or email away.

    How does it compare to Shark Pocket Mop S3501 and Bissell Powerfresh 19404?

    Unlike the manual steam control of the cheaper Shark S3501 the steam control here is electric, which I prefer. This means you don’t need to do pumping motions when you clean. 

    Just like the Bissell PowerFresh 19404 it has 3 levels of steam control that you can set. One thing that sets them apart is that the PowerFresh is more oriented towards pets with its odor eliminating fragrance discs.

    No-Touch design from beginning to end1-year warranty only
    Jet steam can spray directly on stubborn messesNo cleaning solutions 
    Extra thick cleaning pads 
    22-foot power cord 

    7. Bissell SpinWave Cordless Floor Cleaning Mop 2307

    The SpinWave from Bissell is back on our list and this time it offers a cordless variation. The lithium-ion battery powered model is convenient, durable and easy to use.

    With a battery, you will have a limited cleaning time compared to a corded model. However, you are able to take the mop in more places without having to worry about outlets and tangling cords.

    This model will offer you about 20 minutes of cleaning time, which is plenty for most flooring sizes. However, if you have multiple floors to mop, you may need to stop and recharge the battery, which can take up to 4 hours.

    With spray control, you get to determine where and how much water or cleaning solution is used.

    Like the Other SpinWaves, the cordless model features twin rotating cleaning heads that spread the water around without fling it. They are also compatible with the soft mopping pads and scrubbing pads offered by Bissell, so you can mop your hardwood, or scrub your tiles with ease.

    How does it compare to the Bissell SpinWave 20391?

    It seems to clean just as well as the corded version of the SpinWave. Since it is cordless it is easier to move around the house, making it more convenient. It does come at a higher price, and the charging time is 4 hours, which is pretty long.

    Who is this model right for? Since you only have 20 minutes to clean this fits the owner of a small home or apartment better. A cordless mop is also easier to use if you need to clean stairs or bring it outdoors to your patio or deck.
    Decent runtime of 20 minutes per chargeRecharge can take over 4 hours to complete
    Works with all Bissell SpinWave mopping pads1-year warranty could be better
    Precision sprayer control 
    Cleans all hard flooring types 
    Storage tray holds machine and cleaning pads 

    Care and Maintenance of Electric Mops

    care and maintenance for electric mops
    Taking care of your electric mop is crucial to the longevity and performance of the machine. Keeping your mop clean and operational is your responsibility.
    • Keep the entire unit clean. Regular wipe downs of the body, handle and other external parts will help keep dust from the motor and improve airflow.
    • Wash or change filters on time. Filters get dirty faster than almost any other part. Washable filters should be cleaned regularly and replaced when needed.
    • Check the cleaning heads, not just the mopping pads, for dirt or debris build up. This can hinder pad adherence, make the mop drag or skip during use.
    • Inspect the power supply. Whether corded or battery powered, you should inspect all cables and plugs.
    • Cleaning the battery connection terminals will also go a long way towards battery life.
    • Microfiber cleaning pads are machine washable. Use only cold or warm water though, to protect the fibers and make them last longer.

    Troubleshooting Electric Mops

    Electric mops have moving parts. As such there will come a day when something goes wrong. The chart below will outline the most common problems with electric mops and possible solutions to those problems.

    ProblemPossible CauseProbable Solution
    Mop doesn’t turn onDead battery/ unpluggedMake sure the battery is fully charged or that the machine is plugged into a powered outlet
    Mop powers on but doesn’t runPower cord not all the way plugged in or burnt motorMake sure the power cord is plugged in to a rated and grounded outlet. Contact customer service about a warranty claim.
    Battery doesn’t hold a chargeCharger is fouled or battery is oldCheck the charger and clean contacts on it and battery. Make sure the charger is properly plugged in. Replace battery
    Sprayer doesn’t spray cleanerSprayer port cloggedFollow the owner’s manual for proper spray port cleaning.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Electric Floor Mops

    faqs electric mops
    Here, we answer some of the more common questions about electric mops and cleaning equipment. If you have other questions, please use the comment section below.

    Q. How do I wash microfiber mopping pads?

    1. Microfiber cleaning pads are machine washable. Many brands and styles will hold up to at least 100 cycles through the wash. You should use warm or cold water only and nothing over 105 degrees as this can shorten the cleaning pad’s life.

    Q. Do electric mops clean with only water?

    1. You can always use only water to mop your floors. Depending on your floor type and the mop itself, cleaning solutions may be used. Some mops will advise against it as it can clog the spraying jets or cause other problems.

    Make sure you read through the owner’s manual on what is and is not acceptable when using that particular mop.

    Q. What is the best electric mop?

    1. The best electric mop is the mop that will get the job done for your particular floor type. If you have multiple floor types or a waterproof flooring, then you want to find a mop like the iRobot Braava jet 280, or the
    Bissell SpinWave Plus

    which will clean deeper and better, but uses more water. Otherwise the iRobot Braava 380t or Shark Steam Pocket XL are ideal options.

    Q. Are electric mops better than manual mops?

    1. Electric mops definitely have their benefits. They can clean all by themselves (robotic versions) or allow you to use less manual power while they scrub and clean your floors using rotating cleaning heads. However, they do require more maintenance, more costs down the road in replacement parts, filters and cleaning pads.

    Q. How long do electric mops last?

    1. With proper care, maintenance and used according to instructions an electric mop can last you several years. Many electric mops are still in use today after 10 years or more of service, and newer models are designed even better.

    Q. What is a good electric mop for hardwood floors? 

    1. The Bissell Spinwave is safe to use on sealed hard floors. It scrubs the floors well, and you can select how much spray you want to use on the floor with the on-demand spray feature. This is a good feature as you do not want your hardwood to get too wet. Spinwave is an electric spin mop, which would be a better choice than a steam mop since the heat of steam could possibly damage the floor.


    Finding the right electric mop for your needs doesn’t have to be difficult. In this article we showed you what to look for when shopping for your next electric mop and covered care, maintenance and troubleshooting.

    If you are undecided at this point, we invite you to take a second look at our top robot mop pick. The iRobot Braava 380t robot mop. Designed for all hard floors, and capable of cleaning large areas at a time, this robot cleans well and requires little maintenance.

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