best way to clean a plastic shower floor

Best Way to Clean a Plastic Shower Floor

If you’re like me, cleaning bathtubs and showers is one of your most dreaded chores. But unfortunately, when you let a shower go too long in between cleanings, gunk starts to build up. If your plastic shower floor is starting to yellow or mildew, there are several methods you can … Read more

best wall color for gray floors

Best Wall Color for Gray Floors

Gray floors are a lovely neutral. They work with many color schemes and can look modern or rustic, depending on the type. What are the Best Wall Colors for Gray Floors? Two colors that will go with all gray flooring include pure white and light gray. If you want balance … Read more

what color floor goes with grey walls

What Color Floor Goes with Grey Walls?

Grey walls are a great neutral backdrop for just about any space. But not all flooring colors look great with grey. How Do You Match Flooring with Grey Walls? If you want to keep grey walls for the foreseeable future, try balancing out their coolness with a warm-toned floor. Hardwoods … Read more

floor joist cross bracing

Floor Joist Cross Bracing – A Guide

The floors in your home are incredibly important when it comes to structure and safety.  If you have floors that are bouncy or have a slight give, this could be a sign that they are unsafe. Your floors should be solid and provide the support you need to walk on … Read more

how to clean a linoleum floor that is yellowed

How to Clean a Linoleum Floor that is Yellowed

It’s not uncommon for white linoleum floors to yellow – especially if they’re more than 15 years old. But even though it’s common, it’s still not desirable. Depending on how discolored your floors are, you may be able to restore their original color.  What’s the Best Way to Clean a … Read more

how to level concrete floor

How to Level a Concrete Floor (Step-By-Step Guide)

When you have a subfloor, slab or foundation that is made of concrete it can settle, shift or be poured incorrectly. When this happens the concrete floor can become sloped, uneven and out of level. In this article, we will look at the tools, equipment and methods for leveling a … Read more

How to Strengthen Floor Joists From Beneath

In many homes, it is common for floors to start to sag after a while.  This common occurrence usually is not something to be worried about. However, if the floors are sagging too much, it could be a problem.  Most of the time, when floors are sagging, it is because … Read more

can you sand caulk

Can You Sand Caulk?

Caulking your home, whether it is in your bathroom, kitchen, or elsewhere, can be a tough job.  Just like with painting, caulking requires a lot of preparation and skill. If you make a mistake, it can be hard to fix it without completely starting over.  This is why many people … Read more

how to stain concrete to look like wood

How to Stain Concrete to Look Like Wood

If you have concrete floors, you know how uninspiring they can be. Unless you have a heavily contemporary or minimalist look for your home, concrete won’t be the best option.  If you don’t want to remove your concrete floors, there are ways to warm them up. One of the best … Read more

how to stain concrete patio

How to Stain a Concrete Patio to Look Like Stone

Concrete can be a great material for patios due to its durability and versatility.  However, one of the downsides of having a concrete patio is that it can be slightly plain. Many people who have concrete patios wish that there was some way to make them a little more exciting.  … Read more

terrazzo floor restoration

Terrazzo Floor Restoration – Complete Guide 2022

Having a terrazzo floor can be a great feature for your home. Its unique, antique styling makes it a good addition and it can add value as well as curb appeal.  However, unlike wood floors, it can also be slightly brittle if it is very old.  Because of this, you … Read more

Best Way to Clean a Bathroom Floor 2022

With everything that goes on in a bathroom, cleaning the floor regularly is a must. But what’s the best way to do that? There are a few methods you can take to disinfect your floors and keep them in excellent condition – although disinfecting floors isn’t always necessary. The best … Read more

best garage floor mat

5 Best Garage Floor Mats for 2022 and Beyond

Our garages were designed as a safe place to store our cars. While that is still a major use, there are many more uses now, including mechanic and workshop space, household storage and much more. The biggest issue next to organization is floor protection. Scratches, staining, fading, marks and even … Read more

how to remove old oil stains from garage floor

How to Remove Old Oil Stains From a Garage Floor

If you get oil stains on your garage floor, you probably want some tips on how to remove them. If you don’t act quickly, oil spots can soak in and can be nearly impossible to get rid of.  Luckily, there are a few things you can try, even if you … Read more

best way to clean concrete basement floor

The Best Way to Clean a Concrete Basement Floor

If you’re new to having a basement, you may be confused about the best way to clean an indoor concrete floor. Fortunately, it’s very easy – even if you haven’t sealed your concrete floors or if there’s no drain in your basement. Key Takeaways: Start by sweeping your floor thoroughly. … Read more

how to install cork floors

How to Install Cork Floors: The Complete Guide

Cork flooring has been around for over a century. However, it fell out of fashion for many reasons after the big laminate craze of the 1970s. Today, though, cork is making a comeback. Cork is a flooring that is easy to install, highly affordable and aside from bamboo flooring is … Read more

how to clean concrete floors

How to Clean Sealed Concrete Floors

Concrete isn’t just for the driveway. Sealed concrete is a prevalent flooring option for basements, outdoor shops, and large commercial spaces. Its shiny appearance can give a room a high-end luxurious feel. Plus, this type of flooring is highly durable and easy to care for. If you’re not familiar with … Read more

how to measure for new flooring

How to Measure for New Flooring

New flooring is a great way to revitalize your home and give it a new look. You might be surprised at what installing a new type of flooring or a new color can do.  Before you can do that, though, you have to know what your budget is and what … Read more

install plywood over a subfloor

How to Install Plywood Over a Subfloor

When you are installing a finished flooring like hardwood or carpeting, you will need an underlayment.  Underlayment smooths out imperfections in the subfloor and gives you a solid base to lay flooring onto. By adding this layer, you can be sure that your finished flooring will be level and even.  … Read more

how to fix steep basement stairs

How to Fix Steep Basement Stairs

If you live in an older house, you may have noticed that the stairs in the basement are very steep.  This is a common problem in older homes. Not only is it inconvenient, it can also be very dangerous.  You are much more likely to trip on steep stairs, which … Read more

refinish bamboo flooring

How to Refinish Bamboo Flooring Like a Pro!

Bamboo is an incredibly unique and charming flooring material that has a one-of-a-kind look.  Its deep grain and natural patina makes it a great choice if you want something different. Your home can benefit greatly from its richness and durability.  Because of its thin makeup and grain structure, bamboo can … Read more

linoleum flooring

Linoleum Flooring: A Complete Guide for 2023 and Beyond

While linoleum may be the oldest non-natural floor in existence, it gained popularity in the 1940s and 50s. However, today linoleum is as popular as ever and competes with vinyl and laminate for best alternative flooring. Linoleum comes in various forms now, with more styles, colors and size options than … Read more

how long does it take for polyurethane to dry

How Long Does It Take for Polyurethane to Dry?

Polyurethane is one of the best finishes you can use for your home’s hardwood floors.  Its heavy-duty sealing properties make it resistant to spills, marring and other damage. It also helps bring out deep undertones and patterns in the wood for a nice, deep finish.  However, applying polyurethane can be … Read more

how to fill large gap between baseboard and floor

How to Fill a Large Gap Between a Baseboard and Floor

Living in an old house can be an exciting adventure. However, with old houses come new problems and some are easier to fix than others.  A common issue with old homes, and even new homes, is a large gap between the flooring and the baseboard on the walls.  This gap … Read more

terrazzo flooring

Terrazzo Flooring: The Definitive Guide

Terrazzo flooring has graced offices and government buildings for over 400 years. The idea of bringing it into your home is now far more than a reality. With benefits such as life-long application, low maintenance and unlimited design potential, homeowners are rushing to get Terrazzo installed in some part of … Read more

floating floor

What is a Floating Floor – All Your Questions Answered

For those of you doing your research for a new flooring, you may have come across the term floating floor. If you are unfamiliar with the term it may conjure images of the Jetson’s floating down a sidewalk. Unfortunately, that isn’t what floating floor means. Floating floors are types of … Read more

best cork flooring

Best Cork Flooring 2022: Cost, Best Brands, Pros & Cons

Best Cork Flooring 2022 – In Brief Cork flooring is popular with homeowners as it can be soft to walk on and help control allergens across the home. Top-rated cork flooring brands include Globus Cork, Heritage Mill Flooring, and Wicanders. You’ll pay for cork flooring by the square foot, and … Read more

cali bamboo

Cali Bamboo Flooring | Everything You Need to Know

Cali Bamboo Flooring – In Brief Cali Bamboo provides sustainable flooring options that are up to 60% recycled, and use Fossilized® construction for extra strength. You’ll normally pay between $3.50 and $6 per square foot for Cali Bamboo flooring, though this may sometimes be as much as $9. As the … Read more

bamboo flooring reviews

Best Bamboo Flooring 2022: Types and Brands

Best Bamboo Flooring 2022 – In Brief Bamboo flooring is popular with homeowners as it’s strong, durable and sustainable. It arrives in strand woven, solid, vertical, horizontal, tiger, stained, engineered, and carbonized styles. Some of the best bamboo flooring brands include Plyboo, Cali Bamboo, EcoFusion and US Floors. Bamboo is … Read more

clean CoreTec flooring

How To Clean CoreTec Flooring Quick and Easy

CoreTec floors provide a high-end look for a budget price. Because they use different materials, you need to know how to clean CoreTec flooring properly. Key Takeaways Here are the basic points we cover below: Easy Steps for Cleaning CoreTec Floors CoreTec vinyl flooring products come as planks. The planks … Read more

How to clean kitchen floor

How To Clean Kitchen Floor And Make It Shine!

How you clean a kitchen floor depends on the type of surface that your kitchen has and its condition. Key Takeaways: You should always clean your kitchen floor based on its material. Ideally, use non-abrasive cleaners and brushes. White distilled vinegar is an ideal cleaning product as it cleans thoroughly … Read more

clean fiberglass shower flooring

How To Clean A Fiberglass Shower Floor

A fiberglass shower can be the most attractive element of a bathroom. However, you need to know how to clean a fiberglass shower to keep it looking fresh and new. Key Takeaways: Fiberglass shower floors can quickly get covered in shampoo residue – rinse and wipe with a sponge first … Read more

How to clean cork flooring

How To Clean Cork Flooring

Cork flooring provides unique attributes. Though it requires little maintenance, you need to know how to clean cork flooring to get the most out of it. Key Takeaways: Using a broom with soft bristles, sweep your cork flooring daily or every other day. Use a damp microfiber cloth to mop … Read more

vacuuming with pets

How Often Should You Vacuum with Pets?

It’s easy to push aside essential household chores, like vacuuming, in favor of more entertaining endeavors. However, vacuuming on a regular basis is extremely important, especially with pets. As a pet owner, you already know that shedding hair and fur can rapidly turn an otherwise clean house into a pigsty. … Read more

how often should you vacuum

How Often Should You Vacuum?

Vacuuming your home on a regular basis is vital to keeping it clean and smelling good. But how often you should vacuum your house is up for debate. The general rule of thumb, however, is at least once a week. But every home is different. Still on the fence about … Read more

how to clean pergo floors

How to Clean Pergo Floors (Like a Pro!)

One popular form of flooring that has become much more popular in recent years has been Pergo flooring.  Although you may not know this type of flooring by name, there is no doubt that you have stepped foot on it at some point in the past. The pieces attach to … Read more