well woven rugs

Well Woven Rugs | 2022

Well Woven is an underdog with a great story. They cut out the middleman. They are one of the very few brands of rug manufacturers that not only does everything in-house, but that also sells direct to the consumer. Are their rugs right for you, though? Well Woven Benefits There … Read more

phenix carpet

Phenix Carpet |2022

When shopping for carpet, most consumers look for value, price and style. Many also stick with a brand they know and trust. However, if you haven’t shopped for carpet in a while, there may be brands you are unfamiliar with. Phenix is a brand that is common and of great … Read more

dreamweaver carpet

DreamWeaver Carpet | 2022 Costs + Pros & Cons

DreamWeaver carpet is a relatively new company, and the one thing that they do differently than most other brands is keeping things simple. They have a few lines with slight variances. Instead of bombarding you with multiple options, you only need to select colors and softness. This article will examine … Read more

masland carpet

Masland Carpet | 2022

Masland Carpet has been in the game for well over 150 years. While they aren’t the biggest name or the most popular brand, they offer quality, durability and extensive styles. When choosing carpet, you have a choice, and Masland is a choice worthy of consideration. In this article we will … Read more

mohawk carpet

Mohawk Carpet | 2022 (Pros & Cons, Cost, Popular Styles)

When style, color, options and comfort matter, many people turn to Mohawk. Mohawk flooring is one of the largest flooring manufacturers in the world, holding several smaller companies under their umbrella. Mohawk carpet is an industry leader matching homes to aesthetics and styles no other company can offer. Whether you … Read more

karastan carpet

Karastan Carpet | 2022 Cost + Pros & Cons

As a part of the Mohawk and Pergo family, Karastan is a premium carpet company set on bringing new styles, patterns and textures to your floors. Unlike many other premium brands, Karastan is like the fun aunt who takes you out for milkshakes after mom says no. They offer a … Read more

best carpet for pets

Best Carpet For Pets 2022: A Full Brand Guide

Homes with small children, both two and four-legged, furry varieties, can make a mess of our floors. With urine, dirt and mud (along with other things that end up on your floor) it can be an all day battle keeping your floors clean. However, if you have pets you want … Read more

shaw carpet

Shaw Carpet | 2022 Collections

Shaw Flooring is a company name that you will find at the top of many best of lists. The Shaw Laminate is very well received, and so are their luxury vinyl planks.  This article examines Shaw carpet and helps you determine which of their many choices are right for you. … Read more