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Masland Carpet – In Brief

Masland Carpet develops four main flooring lines for homes and offices, with specific collections for pet lovers. Carpets from this line retail from $3 to $12 per square foot (varying on your choice). The company provides over 800 color and style combinations, with lifetime warranties available catalog-wide.

Masland Carpet has been in the game for well over 150 years. While they aren’t the biggest name or the most popular brand, they offer quality, durability and extensive styles.

When choosing carpet, you have a choice, and Masland is a choice worthy of consideration. In this article we will examine the brand, their carpet ranges and show you everything you need to know about the brand.

We will also compare Masland carpet to other brands, look at their pros and cons and answer all of your questions about shopping for new carpet. Read on to find out if Masland is the right brand for your next flooring project.

Our Favorite Masland Carpet Styles

masland carpet

Masland doesn’t have the selection of options of the big names, but what they do offer is high quality carpet at affordable prices. Here are their best styles.

  • Masland STRONGWOOL Carpet. The most extensive wool fiber carpet collection on the market.
  • Masland Nylon Carpet. Maslands largest and most popular selections with over 800 combinations of colors and styles.
  • Masland Pet Protection Carpet. Ideal protection against stains, moisture, urine and odors.
  • Masland Commercial Carpet. A great selection when you need to outfit a commercial location.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for When Shopping Masland

buyers guide masland carpet
When shopping for Masland (or any brand) carpet, there are several factors to consider. Below, we will outline those factors and explain why they deserve a moment of your time before you buy.

Carpet type

Carpet types range from loop to frieze. You can also select cut loop, twist, texture or pattern styles. Each type will have a different look, feel and coloring style. You also need to be concerned with pile height. Higher piles generally mean softer carpet underfoot, but also harder to clean and maintain.

Area Size

You need to know the size of the room that you plan to install the carpet. This will ensure you buy enough materials to complete the job. Measuring in square feet will be best, since that is how carpet is sold. To get the square footage of your space simply multiply the length of the room by the width.

Installation Method

Almost all carpet needs a professional for installation. While there are some options with a DIY quality, you really should have the knowledge and experience to lay carpet before you attempt it yourself.

We will cover finding a professional installer later in the article. For now, though, just keep in mind that the total cost is also generally rated in square feet of the project. On average a professional will charge between $1 and $5 per square foot for a job.

Pro Tip: Always consider the installation process of the carpet before making a purchase. For instance, Masland carpets are better suited to be installed by professionals, mainly due to their unique patterns and designs. As an experienced professional, I’ve seen many people try to install these types of carpets on their own, only to call us in frustration. So remember, the cost of installation might add a bit to your budget, but it can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. 

Underlayment and Subfloor

Another thing to consider is the type of subfloor you have. Most homes will have a plywood subfloor. Before you can lay new carpet the subfloor needs to be in decent condition, level and without cracks, holes or damage. Repairing first is important to the longevity of your carpet.

Of course, carpet cannot lay directly on top of the subfloor. You need an underlayment, also known as a carpet pad. This will protect the bottom of the carpet from rubbing against the subfloor and creating wear holes.

Finally, if your subfloor is concrete, you may want to consider a moisture barrier under the carpet padding. This will prevent moisture from seeping in and soaking the pad or carpet.

Eco-Friendliness & Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The Carpet and Rug Institute certified carpets for various air quality standards. All of Masland carpets are rated Green Label Plus. This makes the company eco-friendly, and their carpets are certified to not have any VOCs or chemical off-gassing.

Most brands have some styles or types that are Green Label Plus certified, but it is rare to find a company that has the entire line CRI certified.

Pro Tip: When choosing a carpet, don’t just focus on the color or style but pay attention to its eco-friendliness and indoor air quality impact as well. Some carpets can trap pollutants and may negatively affect your indoor air quality. During my years in the carpet industry, I’ve noticed that customers who prioritize this aspect tend to be more satisfied with their choice, so consider this while you’re shopping.

Cost & Warranty

The final consideration is, of course, the cost. The carpet itself will cost (charged by square foot) and you also need to budget for installer labor, clean up, removal of old flooring, carpet pads, tools and equipment.

All told, you can expect to pay between $3 and $8 per square foot for Masland carpet and its installation. Though prices will vary based on the type of carpeting, your location and the labor fees of the contractor you choose.

You also want to pay attention to the warranty. Installers will generally have a labor warranty to cover their work. As for the carpet, the warranty will come from the factory, or from the dealer/retailer you purchase from. This coverage will also vary depending on where you buy and where it is installed.

Pro Tip: The lifetime warranty offered with Masland carpets might seem like a big drawing point – and it is. However, make sure you understand what it covers. My advice, from having dealt with numerous warranties, is to always read the fine print. Sometimes, the warranty covers only certain types of damage or wear and not others. Being fully aware of what’s covered in the warranty can save you from surprises down the line.

Masland Carpet Styles

Masland is know for their high-quality carpets. The fibers are strong, durable and come with a hefty warranty. Depending on your needs, Masland has several options to choose from, and each is as durable and beautiful as the one before.

1. Masland STRONGWOOL Carpet

masland strongwool

Masland’s primary carpet is known as STRONGWOOL. This is a wool carpet that mainly comes in textured loop form. You will also find pattern, dyed and loop styles available. The wool used for the carpeting is 100% sourced from New Zealand.

You will find a handful of solid color options, most of them are natural and un-dyed. But, where this collection truly stands out is in their patterns. You will find animal prints, intricate designs and even fun dyed options with swirls, squares and other shapes. The Zebra print is a popular option.

Wool fibers are naturally stain and odor resistant, but they do absorb moisture. However, for a tough fiber, wool doesn’t mat as much underfoot, remains plush and soft while you walk and is easy to clean, especially with the cut loop type.

Masland offers over 50 styles in three types with each having a variety of color options. All told you will find about 100 different choices here. It is, though, the most expensive carpet from the brand, though dare we say, well worth it.

Best For: Homes that want a softer, more green flooring solution that also desire great colors or patterns.

2. Masland Nylon Carpet

masland nylon

The nylon fiber carpet from Masland is their largest seller and largest selection. All told there are over 800 color and style combinations to choose from. Most style options have at least a dozen colors to choose, but all of them have at least 3.

Nylon is known for its durability and stain fighting properties, and Masland uses StainMaster products to enhance the fibers. This makes them even stronger, more stain resistant and impervious to odors and moisture retention.

The nylon options that are not treated with StainMaster products are known as 100% Universal Fibers. These come with a natural (and enhanced) permanent stain resistance built in.

Best For: Anyone looking for a carpet that will stand the test of time, resist fading, staining and moisture retention at a decent price.

3. Masland Pet Protection Carpet

masland pet protection

For homes with pets (two or four legged) you will be more interested in the Pet Protection line. Technically part of the nylon group, the Pet Protection line uses only StainMaster SuperiaSD nylon.

These fibers are coated, treated and embedded with odor, moisture and stain fighting properties. Arguably the best nylon fibers for stain fighting, they don’t allow moisture to penetrate the bottom of the carpet (if cleaned up within 24 hours), allowing you to clean up any messes before they set in.

This group only has about a dozen options, though, so your choices are more limited. And as expected, the price over the other nylon options is higher. Still, for the protection properties and warranty coverage, it is a wise investment.

Best For: Homes with multiple pets, small children or that are prone to having a lot of messes end up on the floor.

4. Masland Commercial Carpet

Masland commercial

Contractors and vendors have their own supply of Masland carpets and these are generally only sold in bulk. However, Masland offers two shipping methods for contractors to get the carpet on their schedule.

QS, or Quick Ship is carpet that is cut, wrapped and shipped to the vendor in a couple of days. Instead of waiting a week or more, time sensitive installs can stay on track. Contractors have 40 styles to choose from in limited colors for the QS options.

However, they also have the Office to Home shipping option which takes a few days later. It includes more styles and color options and also includes 2 square foot carpet tiles. While these aren’t open for residential buyers, your contractor or installer can get them for you, and a price.

Keep in mind, though, that these carpets are more designed for heavy traffic commercial settings. Stores, shops and ultra high traffic homes will get the most use of these carpet options.

Best For: Anyone looking to outfit an office, store front or shop with durable, long lasting carpet.

At a Glance

Let’s take a look at how the various Masland carpet options line up. Note that for the color options, we’ve counted each color option per style. For the total cost, we averaged the installation to $4 per square foot, including removal of old flooring. Your prices may vary.

StyleTypeColor OptionsStyles AvailableWarrantyCost (with Installation)
STRONGWOOLLoop, Pattern, Texture100+50Lifetime$8 – $12 sq. ft.
NylonLoop, Pattern, Texture, Cut Loop800+150Lifetime$3 – $5 sq. ft.
Pet ProtectionLoop, Pattern, Texture50+12Lifetime/10-year$4 – $8 sq. ft.
CommercialLoop, Pattern, Texture100+40Lifetime/10-year$3 – $10 sq. ft.

Where to Buy Masland Carpet

Masland carpet, as a proper high-quality carpet is only sold through select dealers. Most home improvement stores won’t carry the selection. You will need to shop locally through specific flooring companies.

Flooring Inc., for example, has a wide variety and many vendors around the country. You can also find the Masland selection through your local carpet or flooring professionals. Contractor installers also have supplies that you can browse through.

The best option is to look up local flooring dealers in your surrounding area and give them a call to see if they carry Masland, and specifically the type of carpet you are after.

Masland Pros and Cons

masland pros and cons
When shopping for carpet you will always have to take the good with the bad. Masland is no different. Let’s take a look at their top pros and cons, to help you decide if Masland carpeting is right for you.
High quality carpetingNot readily available in all areas
Also sells area rugs of same materialsLocal supplies may be limited on selections
Lifetime warrantyHigher price than other brands of similar quality
Low maintenance after install 
Plenty of colors with the largest selection of pattern wool in the industry 

Finding a Professional Installer

The hardest part of any flooring project is finding someone you trust to perform the installation. This is generally also the largest hit to your budget.

A proper contractor will come to your home and take measurements, inspect the subfloor and give you an estimate or a quote. They should also sit and talk with you about your options and desires.

The charges you need to keep in mind are for the following:

  • New flooring installation. For carpet, this can range anywhere from $1 to over $8 per square foot.
  • Subfloor repairs. If needed your subfloor can be repaired or replaced, which will vary in cost based on the amount of work and type of subfloor.
  • Labor. This is generally a flat rate based on the square foot size of the project. Each contractor will have a different rate.
  • Padding and materials. This cost will include the carpet padding, tack strips, adhesives and other materials needed to properly install your carpet.
  • Tools fee. This is a flat rate fee that covers the cost of the tools needed for the job. Usually this is between $20 and $40.
  • Old flooring removal. If your current floor needs to be removed before the new carpet can be placed, there is a charge for that.
  • Old materials disposal. While there is a fee, and it is optional, it is usually best to let the installer take all the old carpeting, padding and materials with them for disposal.
While finding a reliable contractor to get estimates and quotes from can be daunting, we can help. Our pro finder tool allows you to get pre-vetted contractors, with ratings and feedback in your local area. Best of all, it is free to use!

You can have contact information for local, reputable installers in just a few minutes. Click here to give the contractor locator tool a try today.

Masland Carpet Vs. Other Brands

Masland is a premium carpet manufacturer. They aren’t as popular as some of the bigger names in the industry, even though they have been around longer than most of them. This exclusivity makes them stand out even more.

We compare Masland to carpet giants Mohawk, TrafficMaster and StainMaster to find out how they stack up to the competition.

Masland Vs. Mohawk

Mohawk is the world’s largest total flooring manufacturer. Their carpet division is second only to Shaw. If you are looking for price, selection and options, you will most definitely find it through Mohawk.

However, compared to Masland, Mohawk carpets aren’t as design friendly. Masland has the STRONGWOOL pattern collection which offers colors, patterns and styles not found anywhere else. The wool in the fibers is also eco-friendly, sourced only from New Zealand and provides a natural fade and stain resistance others can’t match.

If you are into the soft wool carpeting, Masland is your first stop. However for nylon or other fiber materials, look to Mohawk for your next purchase.

Masland Vs. TrafficMaster

TrafficMaster carpets, and the brand name implies, are designed for walking. They hold up to constant cleanings, foot traffic and matting better than most other brands. Their selection, though, is limited compared to most.

While TrafficMaster does have more options than Masland, it isn’t by much. Where Masland stands out is in the overall quality of their carpets, the attention to detail and the care involved to make their options stain, fade and odor resistant.

If you have high traffic areas, pets or want a tough, durable carpet, TrafficMaster is a viable option. However, if you want all of that plus better stain fighting properties Masland is a better choice. Just know that Masland will cost you almost twice that of TrafficMaster.

Masland Vs. StainMaster

Comparing Masland to StainMaster carpet is almost comparing the same thing to itself. Because Masland relies heavily on StainMaster products, you can go directly to the source.

StainMaster uses their own products on their carpets, of course, but also have their own proprietary methods for adding stain, moisture and odor protection to their own line of carpeting. It is also generally much cheaper than Masland options, too.

However, StainMaster doesn’t have a wool selection that can match that of Masland, so depending on your budget and needs, you can go either way here. With either choice you will get excellent stain fighting properties and a carpet that will last for years. Which one, though, is up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

masland faq

In this section, we will answer the most commonly asked questions about Masland carpet. If you have other questions or concerns, feel free to use the comment section below the article.

Q. Is Masland carpet any good?

  1. Masland carpet is a premium carpet and if they have a style and color you desire, it is well worth it. Their carpet is eco-friendly, CRI certified and most options come with a lifetime warranty. While they are a bit more expensive than most, that quality and resistance in each fiber is good at any cost.

Q. Is STRONGWOOL worth it?

  1. Masland’s signature wool series is easily the most complete and valuable line up in the industry. From natural, un-dyed wool to extreme patterns (including leopard!) you won’t find a better wool carpet out there.

Q. How much does Masland carpet cost?

  1. Masland does have higher prices than most other brands. However, the actual price will vary greatly depending on the type, style color and amount you buy. Prices will also vary by region. The average price range for all Masland carpet, though, falls between $3 and over $8 per square foot. This doesn’t include installation.

Q. Does Masland sell anything other than carpet?

  1. Masland has a thorough but somewhat limited carpet supply. They also make area rugs which are very nice for any room. However, they also have an extensive hard flooring division that works to create some of the best vinyl and wood floors around. If carpet isn’t your thing, Masland still has plenty of options for you.


Masland carpet isn’t for everyone. Part of their allure is in their exclusivity. However, even with the premium prices and premium products, there is something aimed at almost everyone. The STRONGWOOL collection is one of the best wool fiber carpet collections in the industry and you won’t find a higher quality wool carpet.

If you are looking for a durable, resistant and long lasting carpet, you can do much worse than Masland. And while they may not be the most popular, or easiest to find, when you get your hands (or feet) on some, you will know exactly why it is worth the purchase.

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