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Stanton Carpet – In Brief

Stanton boasts four decades of carpet expertise, bringing six unique flooring collections to homes across the US. Stanton carpets may cost between $5 to $16 per square foot depending on your choice of style and line. There are over 500 colors, and popular materials such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, wool, seagrass and linen to choose from.

Starting out humbly in 1980, Stanton Carpet has grown leaps and bounds over the last half century.

Not only have they grown their own profile, but they have managed to buy in or take over smaller brands and add them to their arsenal.

While Stanton, as a name, may not be known in every household in America, that may soon change. The premium pricing and unique styles are sure to become more and more well known as time passes.

This article will look at the Stanton brand as a whole, the brands and styles they offer and look at the good and bad sides of the company. 

Stanton Carpet Brand Styles

stanton carpet

Stanton currently owns or produces 6 different brand collections. 

  • Stanton Carpet. The original brand and the largest overall selection. Good for any room of the home with light to medium foot traffic.
  • Antrim Carpet Collection. A unique design pallet and custom carpet fibers. Good for more plush or cushion feel underfoot.
  • Rosecore Carpet Collection. Color combinations and designs to make any room pop. Soft carpet and vibrant colors.
  • Crescent Carpet Collection. Intriguing and different fiber materials. Eco-friendly carpeting that can withstand heavy traffic.
  • Hibernia Carpet Collection. Wool carpet in every way imaginable. Good for moderate foot traffic that need stain protection
  • Stanton Street Commercial Collection. Made for commercial applications, the Street collection is ideal for heavy traffic areas. Also good for household with pets.

Advice from the Expert: From my years of experience dealing with carpets, I’ve found that Stanton carpets, particularly those made from wool and seagrass, are really great for households with allergy sufferers. These types of materials naturally resist dust mites and have hypoallergenic properties, making it a healthier choice for your home.

At a Glance Comparison

In the chart below we compare all of the Stanton brands on a range of factors to give you a quick look at what each style offers you.

Pattern StyleFiber TypesColor OptionsStyles AvailableWarrantyCost (with Installation)
StantonAcrylic, Cotton, Jute Blend, Linen, Nylon, Nylon Blend, Polyester, PVC Blend, Royaltron, Seagrass, Sisal, Wool, Wool Blend500+4041 year$7 to $14
AntrimPolyester, Polysilk, Wool, Wool Blend300+1031 year$5 to $10
RosecoreNylon, Tencel, Viscose, Wool150+621 year$6 to $13
CrescentArt Silk, Jute Blend, Nylon, Polysilk, Sisal, Tencel,  Wool75+501 year$7 to $11
HiberniaWool, Wool Blend50+261 year$9 to $16
Stanton StreetNylon, Nylon Type 650+171 year$7 to $14

I also recommend you have a look at this video by “Mike Tomlinson Flooring” to learn more about Stanton:

Our Favorite Stanton Carpet Styles

Now we will examine the top of the line Stanton carpet brands and compare each one so you have a better idea of what to expect.

1. Stanton Carpet


Best For: Any room of the home, preferably with light to medium foot traffic.

The main brand of the company is still the main brand. It offers the largest selection of the group, by far.

With over 400 style options, the Stanton collection houses the most fiber types, the most unique looks and even more patterns and textures than you can imagine.

Luckily, browsing through the choices is made simple on their site. You can choose the color profile you prefer, the fiber choices and much more. Once you have it narrowed down, the choices are much more digestible. Of course, if you like to browse, you can always start at The Abbey Hill options and scroll through to the Zimbabwe carpeting.

What you will find with either method, though, is some stunning carpet profiles that bring out the best of any room. You will also be able to categorize the carpets by look and feel, primary usage (commercial, indoor/outdoor, eco friendly, etc.).

The cost is a little high with the average of the collection coming in around $3 per square foot just for the carpet. Once you add installation, you can easily pay more than $8 per square foot. While this isn’t a deal breaker, it does give some consumers pause.

However, once you pair the cost with the vast selection and incredible patterns and colors you can’t find anywhere else, it becomes less intimidating.

2. Antrim Carpet Collection

Antrim Carpet

Best For: Rooms with more traffic that want a more plush or cushion feel underfoot.

The Antrim brand is the second largest brand in the collection and they focus primarily on wool, wool blend and polyester. Their color choices are as varied as the fiber types and you can mix, match and form over 1000 different combinations.

With wool and wool blend you get a softer carpet underfoot and a natural stain and odor resistance. While you can add extra stain resistance products to your carpet, with wool it is less needed.

The polyester and polysilk have a lot of color selections and you can find some of the most durable and resilient carpet types on the market. Before Antrim joined the Stanton team there wasn’t a lot of distribution and the name didn’t get around as much as they had hoped.

Once picked up by Stanton, though, sales started growing and so did the product line. Now with over 100 choices you are sure to find a style and pile that you will enjoy for years to come.

3. Rosecore Carpet Collection


Best For: Homes without pets that want a soft and vibrant carpet.

Rosecore is one of the more expensive lines in the collection and they use some newer fibers that haven’t been in mainstream carpeting much to date. Rosecore is best known for their use of  Tencel and viscose fibers.

Tencel is the trademark name for lyocell & modal fibers. They are among the most environmentally friendly fibers and produced using natural, raw materials. When you use Tencel in a carpet it is among the softest and most versatile options around.

Viscose is a type of rayon that is soft and lustrous. When added to carpet it allows for the carpet to hold colors, maintain fiber softness and it remains lightweight even after years of use. Viscose is made from wood pulp that is spun into a silk-like yarn.

While it is a bit more expensive, with the over 60 style options you can add worms, comfort and style to any room of the home. 

4. Crescent Carpet Collection


Best For: Homes that want sustainable flooring without having to use bamboo.

With the Crescent collection you find most of the rare and uncommon carpet fiber types. The most common fiber types are Tencel, polysilk and wool. But they also carry sisal and jute.

If you don’t already know about sisal it is a type of hemp that is harvested from the Mexican agave plant. The fibers are long and stringy much like silk and can be woven into a natural, sustainable carpet fiber. It isn’t as soft as viscose or Tencel, but it is very hardy and durable.

Jute is another plant fiber that is spun into thick, coarse strings. It is most commonly used in rope, twine and even curtains. It has a natural fade resistance which makes it ideal for carpeting near doors and windows that may get direct sunlight.

With the Crescent brand line up, you can select a lot of different fibers and colors that give your home an eco-friendly option that is durable, resilient and can withstand heavier foot traffic for long periods of time.

5. Hibernia Carpet Collection


Best For: Homes with moderate foot traffic that need stain protection.

With the Hibernia collection you get the smallest choice of carpet styles and colors. However, the choices that you do get are beautiful, durable and will perform well in almost every situation.

All of the Hibernia carpets are made from wool or a wool blend. This is important for homes that need to fight stains, either with small children, pets or if you simply need extra protection. Wool has natural stain fighting properties and as long as messes or spills aren’t left to settle, wool is among the easiest fibers to keep clean.

The Hibernia carpets are among the most expensive but that is due to the manufacturing process. Almost all of the choices here are hand woven wool fibers that are machine looped and cut to give you the softest and most durable wool, Berber and wool blend fibers available. 

6. Stanton Street Commercial Collection

stanton street commercial

Best For: Commercial applications, households with pets or that need a highly durable carpet.

The commercial collection is mainly designed, as the name implies, for commercial applications. It is a thicker, hardier carpeting that isn’t as soft underfoot as the other brands. However we are including it here because of its practical applications in the home.

Homes with pets, small children or high amounts of heavy foot traffic will do well to upgrade to the Stanton Street collection. All of the carpets in this line up are made from either Nylon, a nylon blend or nylon 6.

While these aren’t known for their plush fibers, they are naturally stain, odor and wear resistant making them ideal for busy homes. The colors are more natural and appeal to a wide audience, but the cost is a bit higher due to the longer and more difficult production process.

Where to Buy: Stanton Carpet Dealers

Stanton carpeting is only found through select showroom dealers. Unfortunately, you can’t just walk into a home improvement shop like Lowe’s and buy the brands here. Because of the showroom exclusivity you will need to find a dealer that sells the Stanton line.

There are two ways to do this. First, if you have a local flooring showroom or specialty flooring center you can stop by or call them to find out if they carry Stanton or the Stanton brands. A much easier way, though, is online.

Advice from the Expert: Don’t be immediately put off by the slightly higher cost of Stanton carpets. Remember that you often get what you pay for in the carpet industry. These carpets are made with top-notch construction and unique fiber options that can offer a distinctive and sophisticated look to your home. So, think about it as an investment in the long run.

You can visit the Stanton website and use the Dealer Locator page to enter your location and find the closest shops in your area.

Stanton Carpet Pros and Cons

stanton pros and cons

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of Stanton carpets to help you decide if the pros are worth the cons. Then, we will rate the carpet brand, as a whole, on several criteria to see how it stacks up in the industry.

6 total brands to choose from1-year warranty
Over 600 styles and colorsHigher price than most brands
More unique fiber options than other brandsNot available in all areas
Premium carpet construction
Create a rug feature to build your own look

Advice from the Expert: One thing to note when choosing your Stanton carpet is to consider the requirements of your space. For instance, if it’s a high traffic area like your living room, go for darker shades that can conceal stains and withstand heavy footfall. Whereas for a bedroom, you might want to opt for softer fibers like nylon or acrylic for added comfort.

Finding a Professional Installer

finding a pro installer
Carpet is one of the few flooring options that requires professional installation. This, of course, requires expert knowledge, the right tools and procedures to get the carpet cut, stretched, installed and laid flat.

Unless you have the knowledge and tools you will most likely need to find a contractor to perform the installation. This will come with its own costs, of course. Labor hours are a set rate that will vary by contractor, but there are other fees you should know about.

These fees can include things like removal of old carpet, disposal of leftovers, scraps and the old removed carpet or pad. Certain contractors will list these on the estimate as optional, some will include them as part of the flat rate fees. It is important to know what you are paying for and if looking to save any money, you may remove the optional items (if it is in your best interest).

The hard part, though, is finding a trustworthy contractor to perform the installation. We can help with that. Our free to use pro finder will help you get local contractors fast. The tool will take your information and find local, reputable and background checked professionals. 

Stanton Carpet Vs. Other Brands

If you wonder how Stanton compares to other brands, you’re in the right section. Here, we compare Stanton against Karastan, Masland and Shaw to find out how the brand stands up against other well known brands. 

Stanton Vs. Karastan

Karastan carpet is another premium brand that offers you a modern look, feel and comfort. One of the biggest draws to Karastan carpeting is the premium fiber that comes in unique and stylish colors and patterns.

Even with Stanton having a larger overall selection, the premium carpeting from Karastan will stand up to the test here. Karastan has a smaller line up, but also offers their carpets at a lower price point.

You also get a much better warranty and this includes a lifetime protection against stain, soil and pet urine. You won’t find this type of coverage with Stanton. If you want style, you can go either way as both brands offer premium fibers in extraordinary colors and styles. However Karastan is more affordable and slightly more accessible in all areas of the country.

Stanton Vs. Masland

Masland carpet is a brand that has been around over a century and a half. Compared to the 40 years of Stanton’s existence, the difference is striking. What makes Masland a good choice for your home is the STRONGWOOL line. This is by far the largest selection of wool carpet in the market and you are bound to find a match for your needs.

Stanton has an extensive wool collection too, with patterns and colors to match any décor. Masland, though, sources 100% of their wool from New Zealand. They also are one of the few brands on the market to offer animal print patterns for the more exotic looks.

Like Kartastan, Masland carpeting also comes with a lifetime protection warranty. They also offer one of the largest nylon carpet selections available with over 800 colors and 150 different styles.

So, whether you need pet protection, nylon, wool, or animal print or plaid patterns, Masland has you covered. For a more sustainable and eco friendly option, though, Stanton is the clear winner.

Stanton Vs. Shaw

Shaw is the largest carpet manufacturer in the world. They are also a premium carpet, and produce some of the finest, most popular and well reviewed carpets on the market. When you shop Shaw carpeting, you know you are getting high quality, durability and a brand that is backed by the company 100%.

Stanton does keep pace as far as the selections go, but once again, fails to compete with warranty coverage. Shaw’s lifetime stain and soil warranty and 20 year wear protection warranty outlive Stanton carpets by far.

Where Stanton wins, though, is in the fiber selection and color options. Shaw is more modern, less exotic and offers you a high quality every day carpet. While the more adventurous will love the Stanton collections, the more savvy shopper will choose Shaw.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq stanton carpet review

In this section we will answer the most common questions posed about Stanton carpeting. If you have other questions or concerns feel free, as always, to use the comment section below the article.

Q. What type of vacuum is best for Stanton carpets?

  1. Stanton recommends that you use a canister vacuum with a suction only cleaning head. However, if you do not have a suction only vacuum you can use an adjustable brush roller model with the roller on the highest level setting.

Q. Does Stanton have any stain resistant coatings?

  1. Stanton does not add any extra stain fighting solutions, dyes or chemicals to their carpets. Instead they rely on the wool and nylons natural stain resistance. You can, however, apply your own stain fighting solutions to the carpet after installation.

Q. Can I buy Stanton carpet online?

  1. Stanton has a create a rug option where you can pick the style, color and fiber of your carpet or area rug, but you must purchase and approve at a local retailer outlet. While they do offer a few premade rugs online, their carpets are only sold by dealers and in brick and mortar stores.

Q. What is the best padding for Stanton carpet?

  1. Regardless of the brand or style Stanton suggests you use a 40 ounce synthetic felt or high-density solid rubber pad under their carpets. If you have an existing pad, it may need to be replaced to fit within the recommendation type.


Stanton has positioned themselves as a premium carpeting company. Over the last 40 years they have grown their specialty carpets and rugs by leaps and bounds, taking over four smaller companies and incorporating their styles and fibers into the Stanton name.

When you are looking for a great carpet with a lot of vibrant color, life and eye-catching style, Stanton is a competitive choice.

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