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Nora has more than 5 years experience in the floor covering industry, acquiring vast knowledge about installation and material selection.

She now enjoys working as a writer and an interior decorator.

She has been featured in The Spruce, Homes & Gardens, Southern Living and Real Homes.

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how to extend concrete patio with wood deck

How To Extend a Concrete Patio with a Wood Deck

Patios are a great place to entertain on summer evenings and can hold your grill and maybe a couple of deck chairs. However, a cold slab of concrete isn’t the most attractive solution and they typically aren’t big enough to enjoy properly. You can extend a concrete patio with a … Read more

can you paint trex or composite decking

Can You Paint Trex or Composite Decking? A Complete Guide

Most homeowners buy a composite decking like Trex because there is virtually no maintenance needed once installed. The single-color dyed during the manufacturing process is designed to last a lifetime. Sometimes, though, you may find that you want to alter the color a little (or a lot). This can be … Read more

alternative decking materials

Alternative Decking Materials: A Complete Guide To Non-Wood Decking

Since the first deck was installed in a home, wood has been the primary decking material. However, since then, we have come to find and use alternative materials. Some better, some worse, but all a viable option. If you are looking to build a new deck but aren’t sure what … Read more

front deck ideas for small houses

Front Deck Ideas for Small Houses

When we think about a deck the first thing that probably comes to mind is a large wooden deck with a barbecue pit and some chairs sprawling into a large back yard. However, it isn’t uncommon to also have a deck on the front of your home. While it may … Read more

carpet or hardwood in the bedroom

Carpet or Hardwood in the Bedroom: Which Option is Best for You?

Are you thinking about putting new flooring in your bedroom? New flooring can be exciting, but choosing the right one can be difficult. It doesn’t help that there are more choices today than ever before. Two of the most popular options for bedroom flooring are carpet and hardwood. Which option … Read more

what is high pile carpet

What is High Pile Carpet: A Complete Guide

If you are shopping for new carpet you will come across a lot of different brands, styles and options. There are also different factors that make your choices even harder. One of those factors is carpet pile height. In general there are three types of carpet pile, low, medium and … Read more

how to stagger deck boards

How to Stagger Deck Boards

When building a deck, you will want to make sure it fits your style.  While it is possible to lay your deck boards completely parallel, this look isn’t for everyone. Most people will want to stagger the boards.  This means that the cut edges of the deck boards will be … Read more

glue-down hardwood floor problems

Glue-Down Hardwood Floor Problems (And Their Solutions)

Hardwood flooring is still the most sought after and exceptional flooring options for residential homes around the country. If you are installing a hardwood floor, you may think about the glue-down method. However, this can cause some problems down the road for you. If you already have hardwood floors that … Read more

9 disadvantages of epoxy flooring

9 Disadvantages of Epoxy Flooring (Plus One Huge Benefit)

Epoxy flooring is a solution that has been around for years and is nothing new to homes and businesses alike. You will find most applications of in-home epoxy use in areas like basements, garages and wet areas. The problem is that epoxy has a bad reputation. While it can be … Read more

heart pine flooring guide

Heart Pine Flooring Guide 2022 [Pros, Cons and Cost]

If you are looking for new and fresh ideas for hardwood flooring, you are in the right spot! Not only this entire site, but this article in particular will teach you everything you need to know about heart pine flooring. We will cover the variations and costs of heart pine … Read more