can hardwood floors be a different color than the stairs

Can Hardwood Floors Be a Different Color Than the Stairs?

Hardwoods with coordinating stairs are an effortless look. Matching the two is the best route to ensure a seamless transition. But what happens when you can’t match the stair color to your hardwoods or vice versa? Fortunately, you can use a completely different color. Your stairs and hardwood floors don’t … Read more

how to use different wood floors in adjoining rooms

How to Use Different Wood Floors in Adjoining Rooms

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably had someone tell you to run the same hardwood floors throughout your entire house. And while there are some benefits – like creating a flow and making a small space look bigger, matching your hardwood floors isn’t necessary. You can use two different hardwoods … Read more

matte vs satin finish on hardwood floors

Matte vs. Satin Finish on Hardwood Floors

Choosing a stain color is a pretty big deal when refinishing hardwood floors. Because, after all, you don’t want to pick something that you grow tired of in a year. But just like stain color, you also need to consider the finish of your floors. While there are many finishes … Read more

matching hardwood floors

Matching Hardwood Floors (New and Existing)

If you live in a house built before the 1960s, chances are, you have at least some hardwood floors in your main living spaces. And now you’re ready to extend those hardwoods into other areas of your home. So, how do you match new hardwoods to your existing floors? The … Read more

can i use wood floors with cherry cabinets

Can I Use Grey Wood Floors with Cherry Cabinets?

If you have grey wood floors and wonder if cherry cabinets will look good with them – it depends. If your floors have hints of blue or green, cherry cabinets will coordinate nicely. Cherry cabinets also work well for very light gray flooring and gray floors with beige undertones. If … Read more

how to tone down orange wood floors

How to Tone Down Orange Wood Floors

When I bought my house, I loved everything except the orangey pine hardwood floors. And even though I wasn’t in love with them, I knew I’d probably never replace them. After all, they were in excellent condition and covered the entire 2,000 + square foot home. Instead, I accepted and … Read more

weathered oak stain on red oak

Can You Put Weathered Oak Stain on Red Oak?

Picking a stain color for your hardwoods is a huge choice and one you’ll likely live with for the next decade or more. So getting it right is pretty important. If you have red oak hardwood floors, you can leave them in their natural state and add a sealant. But … Read more

most timeless hardwood floor color

Most Timeless Hardwood Floor Color

Hardwood flooring is a significant investment, which makes choosing a color that will stand the test of time pretty important. But when it comes to timeless colors, there isn’t just one.  For the most part, any natural color will work, and as long as you stay away from trends (like … Read more

what color wood floor goes with dark cabinets

What Color Wood Floor Goes with Dark Cabinets?

Dark kitchen cabinets are beautiful. They can feel modern, traditional, or rustic and are a great asset to your kitchen. What’s the Best Color Floor for Dark Cabinets? If you have dark cabinets, go lighter with your flooring. You can create a lot of contrast by using white oak or … Read more

8 beautiful hardwood floor and wall color combi

8 Beautiful Hardwood Floor and Wall Color Combinations

If you’re afraid to make a mistake, choosing the perfect wall color to match your floors seems like an impossible challenge. After all, you don’t want to paint a room only to hate the end result. I totally get it. What’s the Best Way to Match Your Hardwood Floor and … Read more

how to match hardwood floors

How to Match Hardwood Floors (Top 3 Ways)

If you’re adding on to your hardwood floor, it’s almost always a good idea to make the new match the old. After all, using two different types of hardwoods can be difficult to pull off. There’s just one problem, though – how do you get your old and new flooring … Read more