how to repair laminate floor that is separating

How to Repair Laminate Floor That is Separating

Laminate is a great, fairly low-budget flooring option that can be incredibly durable. Its high quality and ease of installation makes it a good choice for those who want the hardwood look.  However, laminate isn’t necessarily permanently affixed to the floor. It is what is called a floating floor and … Read more

how to cut laminate flooring

How to Cut Laminate Flooring

Installing laminate flooring is a fairly easy job that many people can do. It is designed to be as simple as possible and have a low barrier of entry cost-wise as well.  However, one of the more complex jobs when it comes to installation is cutting the planks.  There are … Read more

how to fix laminate flooring that is lifting

How to Fix Laminate Flooring That is Lifting

Laminate flooring is a great alternative to traditional hardwood that is both attractive and affordable.  Its tongue and groove fastening mechanism makes it easy to install and easy to finish. However, because of this fastening, it also has a tendency to lift up and will not be as secure.  There … Read more

how to whitewash laminate floors

How to Whitewash Laminate Floors

Whitewashing is a great way to get a rustic, country-style look in your home. It is an easy technique to learn and a stylish option that is becoming more and more popular.  While it is more common on hardwood floors, laminate can also be whitewashed. If you don’t have expensive … Read more

Guide to Sealing Laminate Flooring [Like a Pro!]

Laminate flooring is a durable and stylish option for all kinds of interior decor. However, one of its biggest issues is that it is not as waterproof as other flooring types.  If water gets into the cracks between laminate planks, it can cause the flooring to warp. It can also … Read more

how to repair swollen laminate flooring

How to Repair Swollen Laminate Flooring Like a Pro!

Laminate flooring is an attractive, relatively inexpensive alternative to hardwood. However, it is not quite as durable or resistant to damage.  Because of this, laminate is sometimes subject to swelling and moving around as it ages.  This has many different causes, but the important thing is to not panic if … Read more

how to remove scratch marks from laminate flooring

How to Remove Scratch Marks From Laminate Floors

Laminate is a great option for people who want durable, modern-looking flooring in their home. However, just like any high-touch surface in a home, it is susceptible to damage.  While it takes quite a bit to scratch up the laminate, when it happens, it can be very obvious. Homes with … Read more

how to stain laminate floors

How to Stain Laminate Floors (Painting Laminate Floors)

Laminate is an affordable and functional flooring material that works well in all types of homes. Its particle board construction makes it a good choice for those who want a hardwood look without the high cost.  After a few years of use, though, you may want to revamp your laminate … Read more