can you put vinegar in a steam mop

Can You Put Vinegar in a Steam Mop?

Steam mops and vinegar are two popular tools for cleaning floors – but do they go together? Is it Okay to Put Vinegar in a Steam Mop? You should not put vinegar in steam mops. Almost every steam mop comes with explicit instructions to not add any descaling, aromatic, or … Read more

steam mops vs regular mops

Steam Mops vs. Regular Mops: Pros and Cons

If you’re looking to upgrade your mop, one question you might have is which is better, a steam mop or a regular mop? And here’s the truth – they both are great choices. Choosing one over the other will come down to personal preference and the type of flooring in … Read more

what can you put in your steam mop

What Can You Put in Your Steam Mop?

Steam mops are amazing at cleaning most hard floor surfaces. They naturally deodorize and disinfect and usually leave the floor sparkling. However, if you’re new to a steam mop, one thing you’re probably missing is the smell of your favorite cleaner. Which might have you wondering – what can you … Read more

how to use a shark steam mop

How to Use a Shark Steam Mop

Steam mops are excellent tools for deep cleaning and disinfecting most hard surfaces.  And if you’ve got a Shark steam mop, you’re in luck – they’re one of the best brands on the market today. Here’s how to use a shark steam mop. Start by placing the mop head on. … Read more

7 great homemade mopping solutions

7 Great Homemade Mopping Solutions

Whether you’ve run out of your favorite mopping solution or are simply looking for a more eco-friendly option, you have a lot of choices when it comes to homemade floor cleaner. Key Takeaways: Need a great homemade mopping solution, quick? Try one of these solutions: What is the Best Homemade … Read more

best electric mops

8 Best Electric Mops for Your Floor 2023

Mopping your hard flooring is one of the most loathed chores around the house (behind laundry and washing dishes by hand). Anything you can do to help make the chore easier is a bonus. One of the best things you can do is to get a mop that does the … Read more

what is steam mop

What Is a Steam Mop and How Do They Work?

A simple and fairly easy alternative to the traditional mop and bucket is a steam mop.  Remember, not all floors can handle being steam cleaned and not all cleaning solutions are safe for your floors. What Are Steam Mops? Steam mops are exactly what you would think they are. Looking … Read more

best spray mop

8 Best Spray Mops 2022: Reviews and Comparisons

When it comes to mopping floors, it is a lot easier if the mop can do most of the work. While there are several options to choose from, including spin mops and stick mops, there is a special niche for the spray mop. We will also look at the various … Read more

best microfiber mop

8 Best Microfiber Mops 2023: Reviews and Comparisons

Mopping your hard flooring is one of the essential and important parts of cleaning your home. There are a lot of different types of mops on the market and choosing the right one can be difficult. Microfiber mops are a great way to clean your hard flooring with less steps … Read more

best robot mop

10 Best Robot Mops 2022 – Reviews and Guides

Mopping our kitchens and bathrooms is one of those chores that has to be done, but no one really wants to do it. So what if there was a way to get your floors mopped without having to do much work? That is the idea behind mopping robots. Once you … Read more

best spin mop

8 Best Spin Mops On The Market 2023 – Spin Mop Reviews

When it comes to keeping our hard flooring clean and looking new, nothing beats a great mopping. Except, of course, when the mop can do most of the work for us. Spin mops come in two basic options, self scrubbing or self wringing. This article will examine the best spin … Read more

best mops for hardwood floors

9 Best Mops for Hardwood Floors & How to Avoid Damage

Installing hardwood flooring is one of the best things you can do for your home. The flooring itself can get expensive, but it is still the only flooring that adds resale value to your home. The main problem, though, is that unlike laminate planks or LVP, hardwood has a higher … Read more

8 mops for tile floors

Best Mop for Tile Floors: Top 8 Reviewed and Compared

In a world of growing interest in luxury vinyl plank (LVP), hardwood flooring and wall to wall carpeting, tile floors are showing up less and less in residential homes. However, tile is still one of the most affordable solutions for kitchens, bathrooms and basements. Because tiles are cheap, fairly easy … Read more

best mops for laminate floors

The Best Mops For Laminate Floors: A Round-Up Review

Laminate flooring requires regular maintenance just like any other flooring. When it comes to mopping the flooring, what mop to use is always up for debate. This article will review and compare the best mops for laminate flooring, as well as offer you consideration factors for making the best decision. … Read more

how to clean steam mop pads

How to Clean Steam Mop Pads (Easy and Fast)

So, you’ve cleaned your floors with your steam mop. You look at the cloth that just picked up all of that nasty dirt from the floor. Your home is clean, which is great! However, with an eco-friendly steam mop, you don’t throw the pads away. Now you’re left wondering how … Read more

best steam mop

Best Steam Mop Reviews [TOP 9 in 2022]

Steam mops combine the usability of a mop with the intense cleaning power of a heat steamer. But how do you know which one to choose? With our quick guide, you can find out which steam mop is perfect for you, and we also review the 9 Best Steam Mops … Read more

how to use a steam mop

How to Use a Steam Mop Correctly and Safely

Maybe your steam mop was a gift, perhaps it was a purchase, but now you’re wondering how to use a steam mop. Using the steam mop is quick and easy, and a more portable alternative to traditional carpet cleaners or old-fashion mopping. Just be sure follow some basic guidelines to … Read more