8 Best Microfiber Mops 2023: Reviews and Comparisons

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best microfiber mop

Mopping your hard flooring is one of the essential and important parts of cleaning your home.

There are a lot of different types of mops on the market and choosing the right one can be difficult.

Microfiber mops are a great way to clean your hard flooring with less steps and deeper cleaning.

A microfiber mop can sweep, mop and dust. This article will examine the best microfiber mops and give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision on which mop is best for your floors and needs.

Top 6 Microfiber Mops

We have compiled the best microfiber mops for you and the quick list is below. Scroll through to find a detailed review on each model.

  1. BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop
  2. O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket Kit
  3. Temples Pride 2-in-1 Wet Dry Dredge Microfiber Mop
  4. O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Flip Mop
  5. MR. SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop Kit
  6. Turbo Microfiber Store Floor Cleaning System

Scroll down to see all the reviews and our buying guide.

What is Microfiber?

Microfiber is a synthetic material called polymide. It is a combination of polyester and nylon. During production, microfiber is split many times, resulting in individual strands that are at least 5 times thinner than a single strand of human hair.

The polymide material is super strong and ultra absorbent, lasting longer than cotton threads and able to absorb water equivalent to over 8 times the strand’s own weight. On a microfiber cloth you will find a minimum of 200,000 polymide strands per square inch.

The fibers are also washable, meaning that most microfiber mops can last a long time. When the pads get dirty you can wash and dry the microfiber cloths (usually up to 100 to 500 times) resulting in a like-new pad each time.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing a Great Microfiber Mop for Your Floors

buyers guide best mop

Before you head out and purchase any mop with a microfiber cloth, it is important to understand your specific needs and what the various mops actually offer.

Below you will find factors that are worthy of your consideration before you click that “buy now” button.

Floor Type

Every floor type has different cleaning requirements. For example, hardwood flooring should never be fully wet mopped (with some exception), but tile almost requires a full wet mop.

Some surfaces like laminate are prone to scratches and you shouldn’t use abrasive mop heads, scrubbers or harsh chemicals on them. Before you can select a mop, you need to know your floor type and what is best to maintain the appearance and shine.

Dry, Damp or Wet Mop

Microfiber cloths are multi-purpose. You can use them for a dry, or dust, mop, without any water or solutions. They will act more like a cling broom allowing you to collect dirt and dust from the floor.

A damp mop is performed when you spray solution or water directly on the floor instead of soaking the mopping pad. This results in less water on the floor and is ideal for flooring that is only water resistant instead of waterproof.

A true wet mop keeps the mopping pad wet at all times, and generally gets the floor excessively wet. Tile, LVP and stone flooring, for example, will handle a wet mop and look like new once the floor dries completely.

Handle Type

To be honest, mops don’t have a whole lot of differences. One factor, though, is the size and design of the mop handle. Taller persons will need longer handles to help avoid back and arm strain or fatigue. However, shorter persons may find longer handles difficult to maneuver.

A telescoping handle is ideal for all situations since you can adjust it to your preferred height. Comfort grips will also help fight off hand fatigue and allow you to mop until the job is complete.

Power Source

There are three main types of power when it comes to mops. Electrical mops require a power outlet and you need to pay attention to the length of the power cord to ensure it will reach the whole space.

Battery powered models don’t have the space limitations, but may not last long enough on a single charge to complete the job.

Manual mops, or human power, don’t have to worry about outlets, cords or recharging batteries, but require more work on your part to get the same level of clean.

Jet Spray or Bucket

Mopping implies getting the floor wet, and there are two main ways to do that. The standard mop bucket will hold the water and cleaning solution as you continuously dip the mop and squeeze (or spin) the mop head to the desired dryness.

Modern applications use bottles or water tanks and a squeeze trigger to spray the floor in front of the mop. This reduces the amount of water needed and allows you more control on how much water is actually used on the floor.

Price and Warranty

Finally, the price and warranty (if any) will play a part in your decision making process. While large, powerful and heavy duty mops may be more expensive, they often earn their cost in the long run.

For those with less flooring that requires mopping, though, you may save money on a more standard style mop that won’t see a lot of use.

8 Best Microfiber Mops 2023

Now, the fun part. We have taken the top 8 microfiber mops and reviewed them all for you. Scroll through the list and find the ideal microfiber mop for your floors.

1. BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop

Bissell knows clean and the PowerFresh steam mop is proof of that. With steam you can deep clean tile and hard flooring with ease.

This PowerFresh steam mop is also capable of cleaning hardwood, vinyl and other hard flooring surfaces.

While mopping the steam will get down into grooves, grout, cracks and loosen dirt and grime. The microfiber cleaning pad will collect it all leaving your floor sparkling. The best part is that steam is a natural disinfectant.

Steam has been shown to kill over 99% of germs and bacteria, and even some viruses. Depending on your floor type there are different options for you to use.

First there are two types of microfiber pads. The softer pad is designed for a good steam mop on any floor surface and especially on floors like laminate that are scratch prone.

The other pad is a scrubber pad with stiff bristles and good for hardier surfaces like tile or stone.

For really stuck on messes there is a foot scrubbing pad. It flips down on the back of the cleaning head and you can place your foot on it for added pressure to break up those dried, stuck-on messes.

With a 23-foot power cord you can easily clean most spaces without having to change outlets. It also features a 16 ounce water tank that can be used with water or Bissell fragrance solutions to steam as you please.

With the carpet glider pad cover you can even use the steam mop on your carpet. If you like the idea of good smells, there are also places to insert Bissell scent discs that will release fragrance as the steam heats them up.

2-year complete warranty includedCarpet cleaning isn’t as easy as advertised
Steam cleans and mops any floor surfaceHigher maintenance than any other option on this list
Two types of reusable microfiber cleaning pads included
Extra long power cord

2. O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket Kit

The Easywring from O-Cedar is easily one of the best spin mops on the market.

It is also one of the best microfiber mops, too. Keeping the older tradition of mop and bucket alive, this mop cleans as well as you would expect and it comes with a lot of nice features.

For starters the microfiber mop head is machine washable. It will easily withstand up to 100 cycles in the washer and dryer, but will probably go a lot further than that. Either way, you get two with the kit, so you will always have one ready to go.

The mop head itself is also a triangle in shape, which, unlike the string mops of old, allows you to get deep into the corners of your kitchen and bathrooms where dirt and food stuff like to hide.

The bucket also holds a couple gallons of water which you can mix with your favorite floor cleaner, vinegar or just leave it plain warm water. The spinning feature is what separates this one from the rest, though.

Putting the mop in the spinning section and pressing the foot pedal will spin the mop to remove excess moisture. The more you spin, the drier the mop gets. This makes it ideal for all hard flooring types.

The way the spinner is designed, all of the spray, splash and water stays inside the bucket, too. You don’t have to worry about sending water across your house while trying to dry your mop.

The handle is telescopic extending from 24 to 48 inches, making it easily used by anyone of any height without fatigue. As a dust mop or a wet mop, the O-Cedar Easywring is one of the best microfiber mops you can find.
Use as wet or as dry as neededEntire mop spins, not just cleaning head
Durable bucket and pedal lasts for yearsBucket can get heavy when full of water
Telescoping handle
No-splash design

3. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Floor Cleaning Kit

Rubbermaid is a name almost everyone is familiar with. Their microfiber mop is among the best in the business at cleaning multiple floor types with different cleaning solutions.

The secret to the multiple floor cleaning is the inclusion of two water bottles. Each one can hold 22 ounces of water or cleaning solution. You can premix two different solutions to use on various floor types, or a single solution for cleaning larger areas without having to stop and remix more cleansers.

The microfiber cleaning head is durable, machine washable and will collect dirt, dust, debris and stuck on messes without much scrubbing effort on your part. When you do need to scrub, the top of the cleaning head offers you a small scrubbing pad that will remove any hard-stuck on debris.

If you have flooring that is prone to scratching, you will want to avoid using the scrubbing pad, though.

Along with the two bottles and the scrubbing pad you get a total of 4 microfiber cloths, each capable of cleaning an entire floor and being washed over 100 times.

The handle doesn’t extend, but it does come with ergonomic comfort grips. You will also find the manual spray trigger that doesn’t require batteries or electricity. You can spray as much or as little water as needed to get your floors clean.

2 water bottles includedNon-telescoping handle
Manual triggerHigher priced non-electric mop
Comfort grip
4 total microfiber pads

4. O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

O-Cedar returns to the list with the ProMist MAX. This spray mop is a favorite among those with larger floors to clean that don’t want to spend a lot of time mopping.

The best feature of this mop is the dual-sided cleaning head. The microfiber pads resemble fuzzy envelops and attach firmly to the cleaning head. When one side is too dirty to continue you can flip the cleaning head over and continue using the other side.

The pad is, of course, machine washable to allow you multiple uses and at least a year of mopping before needing to be replaced.

Like the Rubbermaid model, this mop doesn’t use batteries or electricity, either. The manual spray trigger allows you to release the water or cleaning solution from the bottle in the exact amount you need for the job.

The handle offers sponge-rubber grips for comfort and less hand fatigue, too. Because it is microfiber, you don’t even need to use water. As a dry mop, the pads will collect dirt and dust from your hard floors without using a drop of water.

Repeat the cleaning with a full bottle of hot water for an entire hard flooring clean with only one tool.

Dual-sided cleaning headHandle doesn’t extend
Microfiber pads will last at least a yearSome cleaning solutions can clog the spray nozzle
Comfort grip handle
Wet or dry mop capable

5. Temples Pride 2-in-1 Wet Dry Dredge Microfiber Mop

The Dredge from Temples Pride is a 2-in-1 microfiber sweeper and mop. The pads are held on with hook and loop fasteners and you don’t have to worry about pinching fingers pushing cloths into holes.

The easy-gliding pads work well wet or dry and only take a quick rinse under the tap to be cleaned off or ready to work.

Soak the pad under the tap or in a sink full of cleaning solution, wring it out to as dry as you need it and put it on the floor. The cleaning head presses down onto the pad and you are ready to go.

The wide cleaning head and thick pads make short work of most rooms and you can rinse and reuse the pads until the job is complete. After, a machine wash will have the pads looking new and ready for more cleaning.

The telescoping handle extends to an incredible 61 inches, making it easily used by anyone, at any height. The swivel head and comfort grips reduce fatigue and make it easier to maneuver around chair and table legs.

Telescoping handle extends to 61 inchesDoesn’t use sprayers
Microfiber pads attach easily and stay in placeDry only pads are hard to distinguish from wet pads
No batteries or cords to deal with
Use any cleaning solution you prefer

6. O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Flip Mop

A two-sided attack is usually unfair, and when dealing with dirty floors, you want to fight unfair. The O-Cedar flip mop has a dual action cleaning head made of Chenille and microfiber.

The Chenille side is made to glide across the floors dry, collecting dust and dirt along the way. Once you have completed the sweep, flip the cleaning head over, and let the microfiber side mop away the dingy grime to reveal your clean, shining floors underneath.

This budget-friendly mop doesn’t have a bucket or a sprayer. You can spray your floor with your own cleanser or just use warm water when mopping.

The telescoping handle and squeeze grips make it easier on your lower back and arms when cleaning so you get the ideal height. With less fatigue you can clean longer and easier, getting the entire floor done in less time with less stress.

The cleaning pads are machine washable, though you should only use cold water to protect the Chenille, and will last you 3 to 6 months on average (depending on how often you mop) with replacements readily available whenever you need them.

Sweep and mop with one cleaning padNo sprayer or water tank
Machine washable pads for longer lifeOnly comes with a single cleaning pad
Affordable moping solution
Uses any cleaning products

7. MR. SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop Kit

When you really want your floors to shine, MR. SIGA offers you a microfiber stick mop with a dual sides cleaning pad. On the one side you have the microfiber power to sweep and mop your floors until they shine.

On the other is a waxing pad for putting the finishing touches on your floor to add sealants, waxes and protectorates to keep it looking newer longer.

The cleaning head itself rotates 360 degrees so you never have to worry about getting snagged or having it drag. The pads are machine washable and will withstand at least 200 cycles through your washer.

The stainless steel handle is durable and commercial grade, giving you years of use and reliability. It also extends to match your height so you won’t have to bend over or suffer back fatigue while mopping.

The twist locks on the handle and the pad locking systems are innovative and mean you no longer have to rely on Velcro or pushing cloths through holes. The best part is that the pads extend past the cleaning head, unlike other mops.

When cleaning in corners and along baseboards, the extra inches of overhang will fold up and clean where you need them to without having to leave dirt in the corners.

Telescoping handlePads can wear out quicker than other models
Dual sided microfiber padsNo sprayer, tank or bottles included
Pads are extra long for better corner cleaning
3 pads and cleaning tool included

8. Turbo Microfiber Store Floor Cleaning System

The floor cleaning system from Turbo Microfiber Store is a complete floor cleaning solution. The aluminum handle telescopes out to fit your height, and the washable microfiber pads are long lasting and capable of cleaning any floor type.

The handle itself is lightweight and durable. and extends from 35 to 60 inches. Combined with an 18-inch wide cleaning head, this mop will make quick work of your floors.

The cleaning head rotates easily making it maneuver around obstacles efficiently. You can even clean along your baseboards without having to stoop or bend.

The kit includes everything you need to get started, including the handle, and four microfiber cleaning pads. Two are specially designed for dry mopping, collecting a lot of dirt and debris from the hardest to reach spots.

The other two pads are for mopping and will leave your floor shiny and looking new. All of the pads are machine washable, and while they are rated to handle up to 100 cycles in the wash, you should use cold water only and the gentle cycle to help prolong their usefulness.

Some reports state the pads break apart easier than other brands, but even if that is the case (we haven’t seen proof of it), you will get at least a year’s worth of mopping from the initial kit and can purchase new pads quickly when needed.

Lightweight handleNot the highest quality pads
Sweeping and mopping pads includedNo comfort grips on handle
Cleans all hard floors without scratching

Care and Maintenance of a Microfiber Mop

care and maintenance for microfiber mop

We tend to think of our mops as the cleaner and forget that we need to care for them as well as our floors. Proper care and maintenance of your mop will ensure it performs as well as possible and lasts long enough to make the cost worthwhile.

For microfiber mops there are only a few things you need to do to ensure the longevity of your mop.

  • Never use bleach as this can damage the microfiber pads.
  • When the mop pad is dirty it needs to be washed. Machine washable pads should be cleaned in cold or warm water up to 105 degrees.
  • For telescoping handles you want to ensure the clasps and locks are cleared of any grime that can prevent proper extension or operation.
  • When the pads begin to show wear it should be replaced.

Various Uses for Microfiber Mops

Microfiber mops are obviously well known for mopping your hard flooring. There are other uses, though. Some are more obvious than others and some are even outlandish, but the microfiber mopping pads have plenty of uses.

  • Dusting all hard surfaces. Like dusting pads, the microfiber cloths can get deep into tiny cracks to remove dust and debris.
  • Drying. Almost anything that is wet can be dried by the super absorbent microfibers. Floors, counters, or cleaning up in the bathroom.
  • Cleaning walls. Without the handle the microfiber pads can be used to clean walls and even ceilings.
  • Keyboards and electronics. The microfiber pads attract dust and can help keep your keyboard, mouse and other electronics cleaner.
  • Small, hard to reach areas. air conditioner vents, the dashboard in your car, steering wheel or the center console can be cleaned using the mopping pads.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for microfiber mopping pads. Do you have other uses for your mopping pads? Share with us how you have used your microfiber mopping pads in the comment section below the article.

Frequently Asked Questions about Microfiber Mops

faq microfiber mop

Microfiber has a lot of advantages, but that also comes with a lot of questions. Here, we answer the most common questions about microfiber mops.

Q. Is microfiber better than cotton?

  1. Compared to cotton, microfiber has better absorption and it lasts longer during use. Microfiber also holds up better in the wash and will outperform cotton in almost every category. The only downside is that microfiber isn’t natural or organic. As a synthetic fiber some may want to avoid it. However, for cleaning and mopping, microfiber is far better than cotton.

Q. Why is microfiber good for cleaning?

  1. The star shaped fibers are great at absorbing water. But the shape of the ultra-fine fibers also help the cloths collect dirt, dust and debris. This makes microfiber mops great for dust mopping, damp mops or full wet mops.

Q. Are microfiber cloths machine-washable in hot water?

  1. Microfiber cloths are machine washable, though hot water shouldn’t be used. Cold or warm water is best. Anything above 105 degrees should be avoided as it can cause the fibers to breakdown faster than normal.

Q. Can I use cleaning detergents or solutions with a microfiber mop?

  1. While mopping, you can use plain water or cleaning detergents or solutions. When using microfiber mops, you should try to avoid bleach, though. Bleach can break the fibers apart over time, causing the pad to become stringy and less absorbent.


Finding the best microfiber mop for your hard floors can be a challenge. With so many types and styles, it can be confusing to know which mop is best for your needs

This article should have helped you identify the features that are important to your specific needs. We also identified the 8 best microfiber mops to help you select the right one. If you are still in doubt, take a second look at the top pick.

The BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop is powerful, can steam, mop sweep and scrub your floors. It is also a great disinfectant for controlling mold and bacteria growth. You won’t be disappointed.

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