The Best Mops For Laminate Floors: A Round-Up Review

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best mops for laminate floors

Laminate flooring requires regular maintenance just like any other flooring. When it comes to mopping the flooring, what mop to use is always up for debate.

This article will review and compare the best mops for laminate flooring, as well as offer you consideration factors for making the best decision.

I will also cover how to care for your mops and the floors they keep clean.

Read on to find your perfect laminate flooring mop.

Top 7 Laminate Floor Mops

The compiled list of the best mops for laminate floors comes from the ratings, abilities, cost and overall value of the mops.

  1. Most Versatile – PurSteam Steam Mop 10-in-1
  2. Best Spray Mop for Laminate FlooringRubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Kit
  3. Best Microfiber MopSwiffer WetJet Starter Kit
  4. Microfiber Wholesale Professional Microfiber Mop
  5. Turbo Microfiber Mop Cleaning System
  6. Tethys Flat Mop and Bucket

Do Laminate Floors Need Specialized Mops?

Laminate floors come in different styles including sheet laminate, laminate plank and rolls of imitation tile. Almost all laminate is water-resistant, even the plank flooring. However, certain brands or styles are only water resistant when installed in certain areas or ways, so you need to know what you have.

If you have water-resistant laminate, you should avoid the mop and bucket style cleaners as they can leave too much water behind which can damage or warp your laminate. However, even “waterproof” laminate planks may retain water, especially around the edges or near the baseboards.

You don’t need specialized cleaning solutions and for most applications plain water or even diluted vinegar will work well. For those that want to use cleaning solutions, you have that option.

You should avoid bleach with laminate planks and laminate that has grooves. Otherwise, as long as your cleaning chemicals are rated for laminate flooring you won’t have any problems.

Buyer’s Guide: Finding the Ideal Mop for Laminate Flooring

finding the ideal mop

Before you go out and buy any old mop for your laminate flooring, there are certain things you should consider. Finding the right mop system for your floors only takes a few minutes. Giving your choice that attention can be the difference between clean, beautiful floors and a frustrating chore day.

Size & Weight

Mops are not known to be heavy objects. However you also need to keep in mind how much you are cleaning, where you clean and the type of mop you plan to use.

Buckets are light, but once filled with water they can become heavy. The ability to transport them (especially up and down stairs) can get cumbersome. This holds true for mops with sprayers and on-board solutions or tanks.

If you also plan to clean above ground level, the weight of the mop will come into play more often.

Type of Mopping Pad

Mops have a lot of variety today. The most common type of mopping pad is a microfiber cleaning pad.However, you still have string mop options, disposable cloths, washable pads and even scrubbing brushes.

The various types each have their pros and cons, but the main factor here is how well they clean your laminate flooring. Since you should use less water, microfiber pads, as well as reusable or disposable sheets are preferred.

Added Costs

Some mops are a great deal initially. However, hidden costs can creep up on you. If your final choice comes down to a couple of options, look at how much they will cost you in the future.

Durability and reliability factor in so you don’t need to replace the mop too often. Disposable pads cost money in the long run, compared to washable pads that can be reused time and again.

Cleaning solutions or plain water are also cost factors worthy of a second thought. The best value is a mop that will cost the least amount over the life of the mop.

Disposable Vs. Reusable

With stick mops, powered mops and certain kits, you have the option to use disposable pads, that are used once and tossed, or washable pads you use over and over.

Disposable pads are less eco-friendly, but are easier to use. Once attached, you can mop and then toss the pad in the trash.

Reusable pads require more maintenance and may prevent you from cleaning as often as you want (or running your washer more than expected). However, they will also break down over time and require replacement. Though, this is generally years down the road.

8 Best Mops for Laminate Floors

Now that you know what to look for and what to expect from your mop, here are the top 8 mops for laminate flooring.

1. PurSteam Steam Mop 10-in-1

PurSteam is a steam mop that goes well above and beyond. This versatile system will clean everything in your home from your clothing to your windows and even the walls. Using only water, the 10-in-1 system converts the water to a high temperature steam so you can clean, shine and disinfect in a single pass.

Some laminate floors are susceptible to heat and moisture, and the PurSteam system is ready for that. With 3 steam settings you can get the ideal steam and heat levels needed without causing damage to your floors.

While this model is one of the most expensive on this list, it is also the one that will clean more of your home than any other. Where versatility counts, nothing beats this mop and your laminate floors will look new for years to come, no matter what happens on a daily basis.

Cleans almost every surface in your homeMore expensive model
2-year warranty for peace of mind 
Complete kit with all accessories included 

2. Mopnado Luxe

Mopnado takes the standard string mop style and gives it a spin, literally. The small mopping heads are spun damp inside the Mopnado bucket so you don’t use too much water when cleaning.

You also get the benefit of the commercial grade bucket, with a stainless steel tub that won’t rust, corrode or wear down. Simply place the mop head on the spinner, press and clean your floors with a mop head the ideal level of wet.

This kit comes with two mop heads so you can always have one clean and ready to go. You also get the deluxe scrubbing brush head for stubborn, stuck on grime. With laminate flooring, though, you won’t want to scrub too hard, as it can leave small scratches behind on some cheaper brands.

The bucket has two large caster wheels so you can lift or pull wherever you need it. The collapsible handle in the front will fold out so you can pull the bucket behind you. You also have the lifting handle to carry or empty the bucket with ease.

This fun and easy to use system will have you mopping your floors faster and able to walk on them sooner by using less water or cleaning solutions. You can’t lose.

Perfect water level on each strokeMay scratch thinner laminate floors
Easy to use, makes chore time fun1-year warranty should be longer
Comes with everything you need to mop right away 

3. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Kit

The Rubbermaid Reveal is a stick mop with a water tank for cleaning solutions that work on all hard flooring surfaces, including laminate. You can use your favorite cleaning chemicals or plain water, it’s up to you.

The water bottle style tank holds 22 ounces and is easy to fill. The system doesn’t use a battery either, so you control how much water is released when you pull the trigger. The one downside here is that the nozzle is high above the cleaning head, so solution or water will get on the head.

With this extra bit of maintenance, this mop falls a spot on our list. However, cleaning up is easy and the mop is quite versatile. It is able to get in smaller, tighter spaces and has a handle that lays near-flat to get under furniture or deep into harder to reach areas.

With the kit, you get the 22 ounce water bottle, stick mop and two cleaning pads. The pads are washable and will stand up to about 100 mops (each) before needing to be replaced.

Replacement pads are fairly inexpensive and easily obtained, but they do add to the overall cost of the mop. However, there is a small scrubbing pad on the tip of the cleaning head so you can spray, mop and scrub without having to switch heads or other tools.

Inexpensive kit for all floor cleaningExtra pads add to overall cost
Easy to fill water bottle is trigger controlled1-year warranty is a little short
Lay-flat handle cleans deep under furniture 

4. Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit

The popularity of the disposable stick mop can be traced back to Swiffer. The Swiffer WetJet adds more versatility to the dry mop craze the company started several years ago.

With the WetJet you don’t need to use water or mix cleaning solutions. The solution bottles are premixed and fit directly into the mop body. Unlike the Rubbermaid model above, this spray mechanism does require batteries.

Swiffer includes 4 batteries for you with this kit, but they will need to be replaced eventually. The cleaning solution is made for all hard flooring surfaces and works well on laminate. You also get a mix of regular and heavy duty cleaning pads.

Each pad has a dirt collection strip that helps collect dust, dirt and debris so you don’t spread it around the floor you are trying to clean. The pads come in various pack sizes and you can choose the type you want to use.

Because the WetJet has low sprayers mounted directly on the cleaning head, you don’t need to worry about getting a cleaning solution on the mop as much as you do with the Reveal listed above. However, there are more costs associated with this kit than most others, making it more of a long term investment.

Cleans any hard flooring surfaceSolutions, cleaning pads and batteries are all additional purchases
No waste, easy to use cleaning solutionsCannot use just plain water with the WetJet model
Disposable pads prevent extra cleaning time 

5. Microfiber Wholesale Professional Microfiber Mop

Usually only available to commercial cleaning companies, the Microfiber Wholesale has opened it’s doors to the public. Now you can get the Professional Microfiber Mop for use in your own home or office.

This mop has an adjustable handle that extends up to 6 feet so you get the perfect length to prevent fatigue or back aches. The kit also includes 3 microfiber pads. The first pad is a dry mop, with large loop microfiber rings to collect dirt, dust and debris. The other two pads are close-stitch microfiber wet pads.

All you have to do is run the wet pads under a water faucet, wring them out and place them on the floor. The hook and loop fasteners on the cleaning head press and mount effortlessly onto the pad so you can begin cleaning.

The cleaning head also swivels 360 degrees so you can get in and out of tight areas without having to lift the mop off the floor.

Easy to use dry and wet mop system1-year warranty is lacking
Machine washable pads stand up for hundreds of usesHand wringing wet pads isn’t ideal
Quick care for all hard flooring types 

6. Turbo Microfiber Mop Cleaning System

What happens when you remove the disposable pads and add a better handle to the Swiffer? You get the Turbo Microfiber Mop Cleaning System, of course.

Using a scrubbing dry pad for sweeping or collecting pet hair, you can then switch to the wet pads for a detailed, cleaning mop on your laminate flooring.

The handle is made from lightweight yet durable aluminum. It extends from 30 to 60 inches and swivels 360 degrees so you can clean anywhere at a comfortable angle. The microfiber cleaning pads stay affixed to the cleaning head as well.

The best part is that you can use any cleaning solution you prefer. Or you can simply use tap water. The pads do need to be hand wrung, and for laminate flooring you need to ring them out fairly well, as they hold a lot of water.

However, cleaning is fast, simple and near effortless. The wet pads will also collect any debris or dust missed by the dry pad and all are machine washable for up to 100 cleaning cycles.

When you do need to replace the pads, you can easily find replacements at a competitive price to keep you mopping while saving even more.

Microfiber pads are washable 100 times1-year warranty is low
Dry and wet mop capable 

7. Tethys Flat Mop and Bucket

The Tethys system is one of a kind and while it can take a little bit to get used to, once you do you will wonder how you ever mopped without it. The mop and bucket system wrings the mop for you and keeps your cleaning pad clean while you maintain your floors.

The bucket has two slots that the mop head fits into. The first slot wets the mop and the second slot dries the pad. You can press the mop head into the second slot up to 3 times, each time drying the cleaning head a little more.

The mop handle comes in three pieces so you can adjust the height to fit your needs. When you are done mopping and have cleaned the bucket, you can also store the mop and handle inside the bucket for easy storage.

The bucket itself has a simple drain plug at the bottom so you don’t have to lift and pour out the dirty water. While it doesn’t have wheels for transportation, it does have a large easy-carry handle.

It does only come with a 1-year warranty, but there are few claims made and most consumers experience many years of reliable service without any incident.

Innovative drying design prevents hand-wringing1-year warranty should be longer
Handle and mop store in bucketCan be difficult to use without splashing

8. Bissell Spinwave Power

The Bissell Spinwave Power mopping system uses a powered cleaning head to clean, mop and scrub your laminate floors so you don’t have to. With near effortless cleaning, your floors will be spotless and shiny in no time.

Ideal for all hard flooring surfaces, the corded power supply will reach most floor areas without having to find a new outlet very often. When turned on, the two cleaning heads rotate to scrub and collect debris while mopping the floor as you clean.

The all inclusive system uses a cleaning solution that you can spray as needed. The manual control allows you to limit how much solution reaches the floor and with the precision nozzle you know exactly where the spray will go.

For laminate flooring, the Bissell Spinwave works well, it won’t over saturate the floors and won’t scratch the surface when scrubbing.

Rotating cleaning heads scrub so you don’t have toPricey
2-year warranty covers the entire machineMore replacement pads needed over time
Washable cleaning pads last over 6 months 

How to Properly Clean Laminate Flooring

Cleaning laminate flooring is a simple process and generally much easier than hardwood, stone or tile. You only need a few materials and you can keep your laminate flooring looking new.

The process of cleaning laminate is similar to cleaning linoleum. If you have linoleum flooring as well as laminate, check out our linoleum cleaning guide, too.

  • You will need your mop. If you have selected one from the list above, you are in good hands and should be ready to go.
  • Decide if you will use a solution or plain water, fill the tank, wet the pad or add to a spray bottle, depending on how your mop functions.
  • Mop your floor as normally you would. However, because you are mopping laminate, you will need to make sure you don’t leave puddles behind that can soak in or get under the planks.
  • Any stains or stuck on gunk needs to be scrubbed up. Take caution when scrubbing, though. Laminate can scratch if you are too aggressive with stiff bristle scrubbers.
  • Make sure the floor is clean and then clean out the mop, dispose of the cleaning pads (or toss in the laundry), and store your mop away.

Care and Maintenance of Your New Mop

Just like any other tool, mops need to be taken care of so they can perform as expected each time you need them.

There isn’t a lot of maintenance for most mops. Stick mops and standards mops only need to be cleaned off and dried before storing away. This will prevent odors and mildew or mold from forming.

For buckets and specialty mops, you will need to clean the handles and cleaning heads as well. Dispose of used pads or launder the reusable microfiber pads. As with the other styles, make sure all the pieces and accessories are clean, chemicals are closed tightly and everything is dry before storing.

FAQs about Mops for Laminate Floors

faq laminate flooring mop

Do you have questions about laminate flooring and the mops used to clean them? Read below for the most common questions and their answers. If you have others, please use the comment section below the article.

Q. Do I have to mop laminate flooring?

  1. All hard flooring will need to be mopped from time to time. Laminate flooring is relatively low-maintenance. However, unlike luxury vinyl planks, laminate can stain easily. If you have spills or messes, they need to be cleaned up right away. Having a reliable mop handy will make stains easier to prevent.

Q. My laminate planks are only water-resistant, which mop should I buy?

  1. Most laminate is only rated water-resistant. Even the water-proof styles are only water-proof under certain circumstances. For laminate it is best to use a mop that is damp and doesn’t require a lot of water. The best mops for laminate list in this article outline which mops are best for your floors.

Q. Do I have to use cleaning solutions with laminate flooring?

  1. No. You don’t need to use any special cleaning chemicals or solutions for laminate flooring. However, some tough or stubborn areas, stains or spills may benefit from a chemical cleaning since laminate is more easily scratched if you scrub with brushes or stiffer mop styles.

Q. How long do mops last?

  1. The mop itself can last several years. The cleaning pads, though, are going to be replaced more often. For disposable pads, you will use them once and toss them away. For reusable and washable cleaning pads, they can last several months to a couple of years, depending on usage.


The best mops for laminate flooring are ones that keep your floors clean without leaving a lot of water behind. While some floors do well with wetter mopping, laminate is not one of them. This list showcased the best mops for your floors and gave you factors to consider before you make your final purchase.

If you are still undecided, I invite you to take another look at the top pick. The PurSteam 10-in-1 cleans all of your flooring, walls and some fabrics without much effort. An all in one mop that handles laminate very well.

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