Best Way to Clean Linoleum Floors [in 4 Easy Steps]

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best way to clean linoleum floorsLinoleum has one unique characteristic that sets it apart from any other flooring, which is the fact that it is simplistic to clean.

Forget shining wood floors.

Stop scrubbing grout between your floor tiles.

Linoleum is easier to clean, and we are here to show you how it can be done.

The best way to clean linoleum flooring is easier than you ever thought possible and what’s more, you most likely have all of the necessary tools sitting right underneath your kitchen cabinet!

Getting Started

materials to clean linoleum floorsIf you have ever watched more than a few minutes of daytime television, chances are you have come across some low budget infomercial with a subpar product promising tremendous results that promise to clean your floors beyond your wildest dreams.

You don’t need the latest and greatest household cleaner.

You don’t have to pay for professional cleaning services to have a beautiful floor.

You likely don’t even have to run to your nearest store to find the product necessary for getting results.

Just do the following, and you will be well on your way to the shiniest and brightest floor in the entire neighborhood!

  • Step one: Gather all required materials
    • Large industrial style bucket
    • Apple Cider vinegar
    • Several cloth rags
    • An old mop

That’s it! The only tools you need are most likely within arm’s reach as we very speak!

  • Step two: Fill the bucket

Take your large sized bucket and fill it with as much apple cider vinegar you think will be required to complete your task at hand.  There is no specific need to pin down an exact estimate, simply eyeball and pour. The dirtier the floor, the more vinegar will be added.

Funny how Apple Cider vinegar isn’t effective only as a cooking aid or popular weight loss solution, it will also make your flooring look good as new! You should always stay well-stocked.

  • Step three: Soak the rag

Take the rag and gently soak it in the apple cider vinegar solution for several minutes. Upon reaching full absorption, take the rag and ring it out gently while maintaining some of the rag’s wetness.

  • Step four: Mop the floor

The next step is to attach the rag to the mop. Next, simply start mopping the floor. That is it. There is no special formula or expensive cleaning solution needed to get your floor looking shiny and bright. Just start mopping, and before you know it, your floor will be looking bright, refreshed, and completely brand new!

The best part of using apple cider vinegar is that the solution has an extremely low acidity level of less than 5% overall.

That’s right you no longer will have a fear of permanently damaging your floor.

What to Use

steam mop to clean linoleum floorsIf you want something a bit more effective than the old house mop that has been sitting in your garage for the better part of the last decade, try using a different type of mop.  One alternative type of mop that is particularly effective is a steam mop. A steam mop is a newer type of electrically powered mop that uses steam on dirty floors to clean flooring without using any harmful chemicals.

Steam mops have the potential to save you both time and money while removing harmful microorganisms that are difficult to spot with the naked eye! The steam mop itself performs all the necessary work so that you don’t have to. We recently did a feature on steam mop reviews. Check out our favorites this year.

The Bottom Line

It is easy to clean linoleum floors. Modern-day linoleum has come a long way from the ugly flooring you once found on your grandmother’s kitchen floor.  The new looks and styles of linoleum make it a cost-effective choice that can look just as good as tile at a fraction of the cost.

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