carpet inlay in wood floor

Carpet Inlay in Wood Floor – Ideas and Tips

New flooring can take the interior of your home to the next level. If you are looking to completely rejuvenate your house, new floors can transform it in ways you wouldn’t believe.  While they are not as popular as they once were, carpet inlays are a unique, easy addition.  In … Read more

is it better to have only carpet on stairs

Is it Better to Have Only Carpet on Stairs?

If your home has stairs, you know how important they are to the functioning of the house.  Stairs act as a centerpiece and are some of the most used areas in a home. The material that they are covered with is incredibly important and will affect almost everything.  When the … Read more

what is high pile carpet

What is High Pile Carpet: A Complete Guide

If you are shopping for new carpet you will come across a lot of different brands, styles and options. There are also different factors that make your choices even harder. One of those factors is carpet pile height. In general there are three types of carpet pile, low, medium and … Read more

what is low pile carpet

What is Low Pile Carpet?

There are three carpet piles: low, medium, and high. Low carpet pile is one of the best choices for busy families with kids and pets. It’s durable, easy to clean, and holds up to a lot of foot traffic. If you’re wondering what is low pile carpet and the advantages … Read more

carpet remnants buying guide

Carpet Remnants Buying Guide 2022

Carpet remnants get a bad reputation and are often overlooked. However, those that understand the full potential of the product get immense joy from their investment. Interesting Uses for Carpet Remnants Below we cover the common and practical uses for carpet remnants, but don’t let that stifle your creativity. Here … Read more

biggest carpet trends

6 Biggest Carpet Trends of 2023

While wood floors will always hold strong, carpet is making a comeback. If you’re looking to replace your flooring, here are six of the biggest carpet trends of 2023 for you to consider. Key Takeaways 2023’s top carpet trends are: What is the Biggest Carpet Trend of 2023? The biggest … Read more

how long does carpet last

How Long Does Carpet Last?

If you’re thinking of redoing your floors, you may be wondering what makes more sense – carpet or another type of flooring. What’s the Average Lifespan of Carpet? The average lifespan of carpet is 5 to 15 years. The rate at which carpet deteriorates depends on several factors, including the … Read more

best carpet brands

The 5 Best Carpet Brands of 2023

If you have been looking for different brands of carpet to find the best options to install in your home, then you know how many there are out there to look at. This is a major decision, and you don’t want to purchase the first option you find.  So, we … Read more

Best Carpet For Bedrooms

The 6 Best Carpets for Bedrooms 2022

While the carpet in your bedroom may seem like a trivial matter, it’s a highlight of every bedroom and brings the whole décor together. But, finding a good carpet for your bedroom can be difficult The first thing you need to be aware of is all the different materials used … Read more

How to Replace Boat Carpet

How to Replace Boat Carpet (Step-By-Step Guide)

Replacing your boat carpet is often seen as a pain in the butt, but it doesn’t have to be. Yes, it’s a necessary part of owning a boat with carpet, but that doesn’t mean you should look at it as just another thing to do to maintain your boat. Rather, … Read more

Best Carpet for Basements

Best Carpet for Basements 2023 (Top 3 Options)

Finding a good carpet for your basements is a bit trickier than you’d imagine. This is because basements are hotspots for mold, mildew, and other unpleasantness because of the increased exposure to moisture. When it comes to the best carpet for basements, synthetic materials are your best bet. This is … Read more

steam mop on carpet

Can I Use a Steam Mop on Carpet?

If you live with mixed flooring surfaces or have large area rugs, you probably wish you could get those carpeted rooms or rugs as clean as your hard flooring. You might have used your steam mop on tile and wondered, can I use a steam mop on carpet? The answer … Read more