6 Biggest Carpet Trends of 2023

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Biggest Carpet Trends

While wood floors will always hold strong, carpet is making a comeback.

This is excellent news if you miss the feeling of carpet on your feet or are looking for a way to make a massive statement in a room. Thanks to the rising popularity, you can now find tons of carpet choices regarding color, pattern, and material. 

If you’re looking to replace your flooring, here are six of the biggest carpet trends of 2023 for you to consider.

Key Takeaways

2023’s top carpet trends are:

  • Bold patterns (including flowers and animal print)
  • Warm neutrals
  • Eco-friendly materials (such as recycled carpet, jute, and sisal options)
  • The layered look (e.g., carpet on top of carpet)
  • Carpet planks (great for patterns)
  • Geometric patterns (great for understated detail)

What is the Biggest Carpet Trend of 2023?

The biggest carpet trend in 2023 is bold patterns. Just like we’re seeing the return of statement wallpaper, statement carpet is also becoming a huge trend. Don’t worry if you’re not big on color or pattern though, neutrals are still in – especially those in the tan or brown family. 

6 Biggest Carpet Trends of 2023

Bold Patterns

Bold patterns aren’t only for accent walls anymore. We’re now seeing carpets with intense patterns and colors.

Some popular patterns include animal print carpets, florals with bright colors, and maximalist geometric prints.

These patterned carpets quickly become the focal point of any room they’re added to. If you’re afraid wall-to-wall carpeting with a distinct pattern will be too overwhelming, you can ease into this trend with an area rug.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix patterns when layering carpets! The key is to choose carpets that have at least one color in common and that vary in size or scale. A large, bold pattern can look stunning when juxtaposed with a smaller, quieter pattern.

Warm Neutrals

Don’t worry – grays aren’t out. But, warm neutrals in the brown and tan family are making their way in. 

This trend isn’t likely to go out of style anytime soon. If you’re carpeting a large area, choosing a warm neutral with a soft or pretty texture is a smart choice sure to stay in style for years to come.

Eco-Friendly Materials

When it comes to area rugs, eco-friendly materials have been on trend for the past few years, and it looks like they’re here to stay.

Here are some of the most popular eco-friendly carpets to choose from:

Recycled carpet – Recycled carpet, like Everstrand from Mohawk Flooring, is made of up to 100% recycled materials. It’s also engineered to resist dirt, stains, and spills, making it one of the most sustainable carpet choices. You can find recycled carpets in many different colors and patterns.

Jute – Jute carpet and rugs are made from the Asian Jute plant. These carpets are durable and can last several years. Jute is most commonly used in area rugs and is a great way to bring texture into a room.

Sisal – Sisal carpet is made from the leaves of the agave plant. Sisal can add a natural texture to the room and is very durable. The one downside of Sisal carpet is that it can feel a bit rough to walk on.

Pro Tip: When selecting carpets made of eco-friendly materials, consider the durability and cleaning requirements of each type of carpet. For instance, jute and sisal carpets are incredibly hardy but they can be harder to clean than some other types of carpet. Be sure to balance your environmental considerations with practicality.

The Layered Look

Another fun carpet trend for 2023?

Carpet on carpet.

If you thought layering a rug on your carpeted bedroom floor was a big no-no, you’re wrong. Instead, carpet layering allows you to try out multiple trends and bring texture into the room.

Here are some carpet layering ideas:

  • If you have a neutral carpet, layer an area rug with bold colors or patterns.
  • For carpet that has a low loop pile, add a shag rug on top.
  • If you have patterned carpet, add a jute or sisal rug for a neutralizing effect.

Carpet Planks

If you’ve ever wished you could place your carpet in a pattern as you do with hardwoods or tile, now you can.

Carpet planks come in long planks similar to hardwood or laminate flooring. Most are peel and stick, which means you can install them yourself.

Pro Tip: If you love the idea of carpet planks but are concerned about the cost, consider using them in a smaller space, like an entryway or a hallway. This will give you the modern, trendy look you want without breaking the bank. And remember, high quality carpet can be a great investment that holds up for years.

You find carpet planks in different colors, patterns, and piles – which means design options are limitless.

Here’s an idea: get two different colored carpet planks and create a striped effect, or for a fun pattern, lay your carpet tiles in a herringbone or brick pattern.

Geometric Patterns

Last but not least are geometric patterns. 

Geometric patterns can bring a sense of whimsy into a room. If you’re a neutral lover, you can find your favorite shade of carpet with a very subtle and understated pattern. This is a great way to add detail to a room without it feeling overwhelming.

Don’t worry – if you’re into making a statement, you’re not out of luck. You can find several carpet brands producing maximalist geometric carpets. 

Carpet Trends that are Here to Stay

carpet trends that here to stay

These six biggest carpet trends of 2023 are likely to stick around for at least a couple of years.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try a bold pattern or color. If you want to play it safe and purchase a carpet that’ll be in style for years to come, opt for a neutral color or subtle geometric pattern.

And if you don’t want to commit to a room full of carpet, you can still be on trend by purchasing any of these styles in an area rug.

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