How Much Does Carpet Cost? (Popular Types)

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how much does carpet cost

Are you thinking about redoing the carpet in your home? If so, then you have probably been wondering; how much does carpet cost? The price of carpeting is always a major factor in the re-carpeting of a home, and those with a tighter budget want to make sure to stay within that range to avoid spending too much. 

So, when you are looking for carpets, you want to know how much the average carpet cost should be to ensure that you are getting the quality and durability you need. You wouldn’t want to spend a high amount on a carpet only to find out that it doesn’t last long. So, here is all you should know about the cost of carpeting for your condo or house. 

Average Carpet Cost By Grade 

average cost of carpet

If you are looking for the average prices for different grades of carpeting, then this is the complete rundown. The low-budget options are between 1 and 3 dollars per square foot, mid-range will be 3 to 7 dollars, and high-grade options will be between 5 and 20 dollars.

This amount comes out to a total of $700 to $2,500. This depends on a few different factors, like the grade you choose, the amount of carpet that needs to be installed, and who does the work. If you have a high-quality installation crew, then the price may be a bit higher. It will also depend on the type of carpet that you choose, which can include the thickness, style, and material. 

With all of these factors, it can be a bit difficult to get a good estimate of what you can afford. However, the biggest thing you should think about is what type of carpet you want to purchase. This will make the biggest difference in the end pricing and how much it will cost overall. 

Popular Carpet Types and Prices 

carpet types

When choosing a budget-friendly option, you want to ensure that you getting a durable option. You don’t want to opt for the nicer-looking choice that will be a few more dollars every square foot, which quickly adds up. 

So, we have compared all of the most popular carpet choices so that you can see the average prices and what you are getting for that price tag. 

Sisal Carpeting 

This type of carpeting is a mid-range option that is ideal for higher traffic areas because of its durable build and strong surface that is made from leaves of the plant known as Agave. This carpet costs between 5 and 15 dollars per square foot. It is also an option that isn’t that soft, so it isn’t ideal for bedrooms or living rooms.


This option is a low-cost choice that is affordable for many families looking to stay within a smaller budget. This carpet usually costs between 1 to 3 dollars a square foot. This carpet is made from plastic, which is typically made from recycled material for an eco-friendly choice.

Olefin is very durable and helps fight off stains and fading like no other material. It also helps prevent moisture damage and stains from bleach as well. 


Carpets made of Polyester material are usually between 1 to 3 dollars a square foot and is known for the bright and vibrant colors that it comes in. This material also helps keep the color bright over time by fighting off fading due to sun exposure.

However, this material can vary widely depending on who the manufacturer is. So, you will want to ensure that the material quality is what you expect. If not, you will want to find another Polyester option from another company or manufacturer. 


Nylon carpeting is a common choice for consumers and costs roughly 2 to 5 dollars every square foot. This is one of the most popular choices because it is an easy carpet material to clean and it is very durable for families who have multiple children or animals in the house. 

This option can also be used for both outdoor and indoor areas and is ideal for high-traffic areas like the front hallway and foyer. This is also an option that is easy to install, which makes it great for DIY-es who want to save money on doing the installation themselves. 


This type of carpet material cost between 6 and 7 dollars a square foot and is a more natural option that the synthetic materials. This is one of the reasons why this material costs a bit more than some others. 

It comes with low numbers of chemicals and also has a soft feel that many customers look for in bedroom carpeting. However, though it has many benefits, it is a carpet material that isn’t as durable because it tends to fade and stain a lot easier than other choices. This is best used for homes with only adults without any pets or children. 

Larger Homes and Spaces 

larger home and space

If you are hoping to re-carpet your entire home, then this will also affect the total cost. This is especially true if you decide to use a material that costs a bit more per square foot. However, if you opt for choosing a few areas of the home to place carpet, and keep some spaces tiled, then this can cut down the price. 

Larger spaces will cost more, so if you want to stay with a certain budget, you need to choose a material that will allow you to carpet the whole home without spending too much. 

Carpeting Your Home 

The cost of carpeting your home will depend on several factors, but if you aware of them all and choose wisely, you can stick with a specific budget and still get a nice carpet that you will love. So, if you were worrying about how much carpet costs, you can stay on top of the pricing by choosing the right kind of material and using carpet sparingly throughout your home. You can also buy your carpet at the right time of year to save.

Just make sure to consider all the materials and what type of carpet will work best for your home and lifestyle, and you can have the best option for you.

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