How Much Does it Cost to Carpet a 20×20 Room?

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how much does it cost to carpet 20x20 room

While other types of flooring have become more popular in recent years, carpet is still a great choice. 

Carpeting can make your home look and feel warmer and more comfortable. It also comes in all kinds of different varieties and colors so you can make big design decisions. 

Knowing how much it costs to install carpet can help you plan when remodeling your home. 

Many different factors will dictate the cost of carpeting a room. The final price will depend on the individual circumstances and features of your house. 

In this article, we have laid out all the different things that will dictate the price of carpeting a 20×20 room. We have also provided some price ranges so you can be prepared. 

By understanding why carpeting costs what it does, you can get the best possible final product. 

Cost of Carpeting a 20×20 Room: Basic Idea

The price of carpeting a 20×20 room will change depending on many different factors. Some of these factors include: 

  • Carpet style and type 
  • Shape of the room 
  • Features in the room 
  • Availability and cost of labor 

What is the Price Range to Carpet a 20×20 Room?

what is the price range to carpet a 20x20 room
When the time comes to carpet a 20×20 room, the price can vary quite a bit. Whether you are carpeting a living room, dining room, or bathroom, you will pay a different amount. 

Carpeting a 20×20 room will cost between $700 and $3,000. Where your final price falls within that range will be based on several different factors. 

Some rooms are going to be more complicated than others to install carpeting in. This can increase the cost of the labor needed to get it done. 

In some cases, you may also have different costs associated with different types of carpet. By understanding some of the different things that determine carpeting costs, you can plan ahead. 

Type of Carpet 

Carpet is such a popular flooring type because it is so versatile. 

Carpeting comes in all kinds of different colors and textures. This allows you to completely customize a room and make it your own. 

Things like pile height, fiber choice, and density will all change the final price of the carpet. 

All of these factors will also determine how long the carpet lasts. If you buy a more durable carpeting, you can save money in the long run with replacements. 

It might cost you more upfront, but a more expensive carpet won’t need to be replaced as often. 

A carpeting type that you are happy with will also be worth the extra money you have to spend. By making these decisions, you can find something that will rejuvenate your home and last for years. 

Room Shape 

The shape of the room you are carpeting will heavily determine its price to install. 

Oddly shaped rooms require heavy modifications on the part of the installer. They will need to make cuts and precise measurements that can increase the price. 

If you have a simple, square room, the price of installation will be lower. 

If there are turns and curves in the room, you can expect to pay more for labor. You may also have to pay more for materials due to needing extra carpet. 

Any kind of variation in the room will end up costing you more to get the carpet installed. 

Room Features

room features to carpet
If there is anything in the room that the installers need to work around, you can expect to pay more. 

Features like fireplaces, stairs, and closets will require modification and time. This almost always translates to more money for the installation. 

A plain room with nothing to work around such as a bedroom will be relatively inexpensive to carpet. Living rooms and dining rooms may require more work from the installers. 

Stairs can be especially challenging to carpet. If a room has a staircase, you can be certain that it will cost more in both labor and materials. 


The available labor in your area will have a lot to do with how expensive a room is to carpet. 

If you live in an area with a lot of choices when it comes to contractors, you can find a cheaper option. However, if there are only a couple of carpet techs in your area, you will have to work within their quotes. 

If you live in a city that has a high cost of living, you will also end up paying more for carpet installation. 

In general, larger metropolitan areas will be more expensive when it comes to carpet contractors. Being prepared for this will allow you to budget appropriately for the job. 

Frequently Asked Questions

faq how much does it cost to carpet a 20x20 room What’s cheaper carpet or vinyl flooring?

Vinyl and carpet are more or less comparable when it comes to their installation. However, the upkeep and maintenance of carpet are much more expensive. 

When you factor in the cleaning and care of carpet, vinyl ends up being cheaper in the long run. 

Is carpeting out of style?

While other flooring types are more popular at the moment, carpeting isn’t necessarily out of style. It still offers some of the best insulation and comfort of any flooring type. 

Carpeting is also quite varied when it comes to color and texture choices. 

How long should carpeting last?

The longevity of carpet will depend on things like usage and maintenance. However, it should last you between five and 15 years before it needs to be replaced. 

The higher quality your carpet is, the longer it will last you. Here are the best carpets on the market 2022.


The cost of installing carpet is heavily dependent on many factors. By understanding what these factors are, you can get a ballpark estimate of your price. 

Not all homes are the same and your carpet installation will change depending on your house.

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