pros and cons of mahogany decking

Pros and Cons of Mahogany Decking

A new deck can do a lot for your home and completely rejuvenate your backyard.  Not only will a new deck give you more enjoyment, but it can also increase your home’s value. This makes them a great investment if you are thinking about selling in the next couple of … Read more

can you paint trex or composite decking

Can You Paint Trex or Composite Decking? A Complete Guide

Most homeowners buy a composite decking like Trex because there is virtually no maintenance needed once installed. The single-color dyed during the manufacturing process is designed to last a lifetime. Sometimes, though, you may find that you want to alter the color a little (or a lot). This can be … Read more

pros and cons of a raised patio vs deck

Pros and Cons of a Raised Patio vs a Deck

When deciding to add an outdoor area to your home, it can be difficult to make the right choice.  There are a lot of different options available to you and not all of them will be ideal. Depending on your home and how you plan to use it, one may … Read more

how far apart should deck posts be

How Far Apart Should Deck Posts Be?

Installing a deck is a great way to increase your home’s value and usable space.  A well-built deck will last for many years and give you the service you need. However, if you don’t build your deck properly, you could be facing a lot of maintenance and repairs.  Understanding how … Read more

low cost backyard flooring options

Great Low Cost Backyard Flooring Options 2023

When you think about flooring you probably don’t think about your backyard. However patios, walkways, decking and more are technically all flooring and your backyard can benefit from the right options. Cheap Outdoor Flooring Options There are plenty of options to add flooring to your yard, but some are cheaper … Read more

deck joist spacing

Deck Joist Spacing: Your Complete Guide to a Proper Build

Building a deck as a DIY project is an exciting way to get comfortable with your tools and equipment while having something useful to show for it. Aside from the build material, though, the most important part of any deck build is the framing. You need to have proper spacing … Read more

hot tubs and decks

Hot Tubs & Decks 2023 – The Complete Guide

Decks have a lot of uses for their space, including gatherings, grills and the ever popular hot tub. Not every deck is capable of having a hot tub installed or mounted, though, and a lot of considerations need to go into the planning. Why Hot Tubs and Decks Go Hand … Read more

how much weight can a wooden deck hold

How Much Weight Can a Wooden Deck Hold?

If you have a wooden deck, it is incredibly important that you know its weight limit.  Knowing how much weight your deck can hold will allow you to make decisions on what you keep on it. It will also allow you to keep people safe if you have a large … Read more

how much gap should be between composite deck boards

How Much of a Gap Should be Between Composite Deck Boards?

Composite decking can be a great, durable material to use for your back deck.  With its scientifically developed chemical makeup, it can last a lot longer than traditional decking. However, when you are installing it, there are many things you should consider that are different from wood.  From the fasteners … Read more

must have tools needed to build a deck

Must-Have Tools Needed to Build a Deck

Building your own deck can be a fun way to improve your home and save some money.  It might seem like building a deck would be a difficult process. However, it is fairly simple and can usually be done in a few weekends.  Many people put off getting a deck … Read more

how many footings do i need for a deck

How Many Footings Do I Need for a Deck?

When building a deck, it is very important that you consider safety.  Having your deck be structurally sound is crucial to its longevity and security. This means taking the time to ensure that it is stable.  In order for your deck to have a solid foundation, you need to install … Read more

cumaru decking

A Guide to Cumaru Decking: Pros, Cons, Maintenance and Costs

Hardwoods and ironwoods are great for making specific things. You can turn ironwoods to make long lasting handles, knobs, chairs and desks. Of course, you can always make planks and have near-lifetime flooring, or, you guessed it, a deck. While ironwoods, like Cumaru, are hard to cut and almost impossible … Read more

ipe decking

A Guide to Ipe Decking: Pros, Cons, Maintenance and More

Ipe wood is one of the hardiest, strongest and most naturally beautiful woods around. It is popular for fencing, furniture, truck beds and decking. However, just because it is strong and popular, doesn’t make it the right choice for your needs. This article will examine Ipe decking and find out … Read more