The 5 Best Carpet Brands of 2023

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best carpet brands

If you have been looking for different brands of carpet to find the best options to install in your home, then you know how many there are out there to look at.

This is a major decision, and you don’t want to purchase the first option you find. 

So, we have talked to real experts in the trade, and used our personal experiences to come up with a list of the top carpet brands in the business so you can find what you need quickly and get a reliable brand.

Key Takeaways

Our recommended carpet brands for this year include:

  • Shaw Flooring
  • Atlas Carpet Mills
  • Dupont
  • Stainmaster
  • Mohawk

We recommend these brands for their carpet durability, comfort, and recognition in the flooring industry. They’re all great for retaining heat and reducing staining.

What Are the Best Carpet Brands on the Market 2023? 

Our favorite brands have a mix of variety, durability, and comfort.

The brands we recommend are:

  • Shaw Flooring
  • Mohawk Industries
  • Dupont
  • Stainmaster 
  • Atlas Carpet Mills. 

Each one of these carpet manufacturer brands has a reputation with customers that have given them a high rating when it comes to durability and comfort with their carpets.

Some of these brands have won awards and titles in carpet ranking magazines.

So, before we talk about what you should look for in a carpet brand, we will go into detail about every one of these brands. 

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Shaw Flooring 

The Shaw Flooring company has become one of the biggest brands on the market because of the reliability of their products and their wide availability.

They have even been mentioned as a top brand in numerous carpet-focused publications. 

This brand uses innovative techniques to create carpets that are more durable against time and age, while also working to be stain-resistant.

Pro Tip: When choosing a carpet brand, I always recommend considering not just the durability and stain resistance features, but also the company’s sustainability practices. Some top brands like Shaw Flooring and Dupont have strong sustainability commitments, which means you also do your part for the environment by choosing them.

They also focus on creating treatments that keep water and moisture from getting into the carpet and ruining the underneath sections that can be harder to clean on your own. 

They also come with warranties that cover the entire carpet, and not only the top layer, which is more typical.

This allows customers to feel more confident in buying this brand’s carpets, knowing that they are well-covered.

However, one thing that makes them reliable to their customers is the fact they have a strong focus on sustainability.

This eco-friendly approach leads them to provide a recycling network that helps use old carpet to produce newer, environmentally-conscious carpet options. 


  • Well-known and reliable 
  • Widely available for purchase 
  • Often comes with special treatments for durability 
  • Eco-friendly brand 
  • Covered with warranty 


  • On the pricey side of the spectrum 

Mohawk Industries 

The Mohawk Industries brand is one that has been changing with the new market and its needs.

With a shift to a focus on durability and stain protection, they have raised their game to become a leader in the carpet industry. 

As the focus on carpeting turned to long-lasting materials that won’t wear out easily, they created a new option for families that allows them to have the best of both worlds. 

Their carpets have the perfect blend of durability and softness that many customers are looking for.

They also make their carpets with a stain protector treatment that allows you to have a lifetime guarantee against all pet accidents on the carpet.

This is incredible in the carpet business to extend this sort of warranty to your customers, so many people have gravitated towards their brand because of it. 

They also offer a large variety of nice-looking colors for their customers to choose from, so you don’t have to settle for a typical beige or white option. 


  • Focuses on durability 
  • Comes with stain protection 
  • Has a variety of color options
  • Has a lifetime warranty for stains 


  • One of the higher-priced choices 


The Dupont company is science-driven and focused on the sustainability of its manufacturing as well as the durability of the carpets themselves.

They do a lot of work within their own company to ensure that their carpets are easy on the environment while still remaining reliable in real-world situations.

This means that their carpets are made through sustainable practices, but they are also durable enough to handle the issues that pets and children bring.

This ensures that you will have an easy time cleaning up stains from fruit juices or paw prints from your furry friend running through the house with dirty feet. 

One thing that makes this brand stand out is the material that they use.

The Sorona fiber doesn’t mat easily and remains in its original shape for a long time. This fabric also keeps its texture over time so that you don’t get hardened areas. 


  • Science-backed 
  • Has a focus on sustainability 
  • Durable and soft 
  • Keeps its shape and texture well 


  • Not the most durable option 


Stainmaster carpets are vast, and the availability is widely spread, making this brand an easy option for the average customer to find no matter where they live.

They also have a wide variety of basic options that you can choose from, which makes it a great choice for lots of customers, even if they are looking for different things.  

They also have many carpets that can be used around different areas of the house.

This means they have options for bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, and high-traffic spaces by the front door or kitchen. This gives you the ability to carpet nearly the whole house with the same brand. 

The different options of carpets that they sell each come with a different focus. If you want to focus on durability, there is one for that. Also, if you want something that is extremely stain-resistant, then they have something for that as well. 

Their carpets are all very resistant to dirt build-up and are easy to clean.

They also have several options that are suitable for those on a tighter budget and can’t afford a high-cost carpet option. 


  • Wide availability 
  • Resists dirt build-up 
  • Low-cost options 
  • Multiple carpet types for every room 


  • None of the carpets come with everything (durability, stain-resistance, and softness) 

Atlas Carpet Mills 

The Atlas Carpet Mills company is a design-first manufacturer that makes incredibly beautiful patterns and carpet designs that you will find nowhere else.

This makes them a great choice for those who would like something that is not easily found in any store.

Pro Tip: The flexibility of customization options is a feature that often goes overlooked in carpet buying decisions. In my experience, brands like Atlas Carpet Mills offer vast design customizability, allowing you to truly reflect your personal style in your home decor. A bespoke carpet can transform your space and make it distinctive.

They also give customers the option of customizing their carpet to make it one-of-a-kind.

This will allow you to customize the color, pattern, and personalized design to make it unique and fitting to your style.

This, of course, will be a high-cost option, but this is not true for all of their carpet choices. 

They are also great at having lots of different budget options for those who have to stick to a tight limit.

This doesn’t mean that you will get a super basic option that doesn’t come with any design or pattern, and you can still get a colorful or interesting option for a good price. 

They don’t particularly focus on durability, though their carpets do last, so you will need to think about this before purchasing a high-cost option that might not last in high-traffic spaces in your home. 


  • Customizable carpet options 
  • Unique styles and patterns available 
  • Different carpets for many different budgets 
  • Comfortable and fairly durable 


  • Not focused on durability 
  • Might be more difficult to find 

What are the Benefits of Having Carpeting in the Home? 

beautiful carpet in bedroom

With all the talk about carpeting, we also want to mention all the reasons why carpet is a good choice for your home.

Although carpet is not always the most popular choice of flooring with hardwood and tile making a splash in the market, carpets might seem a bit outdated. 

However, that is not true. With the many colors and designs that companies like the ones mentioned above are creating, carpet is making a comeback that will have homeowners opting for more durable and comfortable carpeting options. 

Though cleaning carpets can be expensive, unless you have a carpet steamer at home, there are also many benefits of having carpeting in your house. So, let’s take a look at all the benefits of carpets: 

Overall Comfort 

modern carpet

With flooring options like tile and wood, you will have a hard floor that is easier to slip on and will cause more pain when you do take a fall.

This can not only be bad for young children, but it can also be a danger when you have elderly parents or grandparents over.

So, one major benefit is that they are not only safer but more comfortable.

Walking on cold floors without any shoes on can be annoying, but having carpet will give your feet a soft ground to walk on.

This is more comfortable for young kids and older folks and makes the room look a bit more inviting. This is especially true when carpeting is placed in the living room or bedrooms.

Pro Tip: A carpet not only transforms a room visually, but also improves its comfort. The heat retention and noise reduction benefits of a carpet should not be underestimated, especially in busy or colder homes. In my property, having a carpeted floor has really helped to create a warmer and more inviting environment.

Better Heat Retention 

If you live in an area that has harsher winters, or just has a colder season during the year, then having carpet will give you a major advantage when the weather cools down.

Having carpet in your house will actually help to keep your home at a higher temperature, which can keep you warmer in the winter. 

This might not be something that is needed in moderate weather, but you will notice quite a difference doing the winter months, which is enough to have it around the whole year.

Also, this can help trap the heat from the central heat system so you don’t have to keep it running as long. This will save you some money too. 

Reduces Noise 

Reduces Noise

If you have pets or children, or just a bunch of roommates, you will notice that noise can get out of hand quickly. So, if you have a full house, the fact that the carpet will help reduce the overall noise will be a great benefit. 

Even when you are just taking regular steps on a hard floor, the noise might be enough to wake up someone who was sleeping.

This can be a hassle to deal with when family members have different schedules. 

Having carpet on the floor will help soak up some of the noise to make it easier to make some noise while others are sleeping without disturbing anyone. 

Looks Inviting 

There are reasons why certain styles and items are used in homes and not normally used elsewhere.

This is because a home is somewhere you want to feel invited and comfortable, carpet can make a room look more inviting to others and can make people feel more at home in your house.

If you want your home to be open to others, or you are a fan of entertaining often, then having carpet is one way to help your guests feel welcomed from the moment they walk into the house.

Also, with the many different textures and styles, if you choose one that is soft and looks comfortable to sit on then you can push this benefit even further. 

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What is the Best Carpet for Pets?

You will want a carpet that is durable and stain resistant. Nylon performs better in those areas than most other fibers.

Another option is Wool. Wool is naturally stain-resistant and is soft to walk or relax on for your pets. 

What is the Best Carpet for High-Traffic Areas?

Carpeted areas with high-traffic need very durable carpets that also resist stains. We recommend olefin, nylon, polyester or triexta. These carpets will give you get great durability, and they are also resistant to stains. 

When is the Best Time to Buy a New Carpet ?

The best chance to get a great deal on a new carpet is from the middle of December until late January. If you are looking for a new carpet style, the debut is often in the summer, while you can get great deals at the end of the year.

What are the Best Quality Carpet Brands? – Final Words 

When you think about putting carpet in your home, you might think of plain white or beige that is typically found in apartment buildings.

However, with great carpet brands like the ones listed above, you can find more durable and customizable options to create the unique look you are going for. 

Whether you have a large budget and want to splurge on a high-end, completely customized carpet or you just want a durable option that won’t break your budget, these brands will have exactly what you have been looking for. 

With the many benefits of having carpet in your home, you can have a comfortable and cozy space created with just one major change. And, with these five brands making it easier than ever to find a great carpet option, you can get something that fits your price point and makes your home complete. 

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