Best Carpet Colors for Gray Walls and White Trim

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best carpet colors for gray walls and white trim

Do you have your heart set on gray walls and white trim?

If so, the best carpet colors for gray walls and white trim are gray, white, cream, or beige. Since these colors are neutral, they’ll match perfectly. You can also spice up the look with a subtle pattern or a Berber fleck carpet.

Here’s what else you should consider.

What are the Best Carpet Colors for Gray Walls and White Trim?

Grey walls white trim and white carpet


Using gray paint on the wall and white trim is a very clean and crisp look. If you want to take that look a step further, go with a white carpet.

Using white carpet will intensify the wall and trim color combo.

Of course, the biggest downside is that white carpet is hard to keep clean. So, if you have pets or young children, you might want to choose a different flooring color.

Light Gray

Light gray carpet is a timeless option that will coordinate with your color scheme and provide a bit of dirt and stain coverage.

Light gray also matches all decor styles, so it’s a choice that can grow with you as your style changes.

Dark Gray

Consider a dark gray carpet if you want a more modern or moody look in your space. A dark-gray carpet will contrast a light gray wall with white trim, making the trim standout.

Dark gray is a good option if you have kids and pets and want to conceal everyday messes. It’s also easy to clean.


Like light gray, beige is a neutral carpet choice that can grow with you. And using a beige carpet is an easy way to bring warmth into a room.

You can opt for a light beige or go with a medium tone, based on your preferences.


If your trim isn’t a true white, using a white carpet will highlight that. So instead of white, go with cream.

Cream carpet has warm tones, so it’s a great way to balance cool gray walls.

Light Carpet with Dark Flecks

Another suitable carpet for your gray walls is something with dark flecks. For example, you can use a cream carpet with dark gray flecks or even a light gray carpet with darker flecks in it.

Multi-toned carpet will make your room look dimensional and high-end. Mid to darker tones also conceal dirt well.

Do Colored Carpets Go with Gray Walls?

Grey walls white trim and light grey carpet

While neutrals are timeless and will grow with you as your decor changes, there’s nothing wrong with choosing with a colored carpet. And fortunately, all colors coordinate with gray walls and white trim. Just make sure the carpet is at least two shades darker or lighter than your walls.

Here are some color combo ideas:

Navy carpet with light gray walls – This combo is excellent for coastal and modern designs. Navy carpet will look crisp and clean against a light gray wall. It’s also a smart choice for families with kids and pets.

A pink rug over cream carpet – To add a feminine touch to your room, consider a light neutral carpet like cream, light gray, or white, and layer a pink rug over the top. By doing this, you don’t have to commit to pink forever but can enjoy it now.

Subtly patterned carpet – If you want something out of the ordinary, consider choosing a carpet with a pattern. You can try something like this subtle light brown pattern or pick an option with a bit more color.

A Bold Patterned Carpet – If you’re trying to make a statement go with a pattern that’s a bit bolder. The Snowfall pattern from Shaw Floors is bold enough to draw attention without being overpowering. It features light organic lines over a dark background and comes in many colors.

You can also opt for a herringbone, striped, or polka dot pattern.

Gold carpet with gray walls – Are you after a boho look? Try a warm-colored carpet like gold. You can then layer in softer pieces like light wood or white furniture and add lots of plants to your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do gray walls go with wood trim?

If you aren’t quite sure about painting your trim white but want a gray wall, you may wonder if gray walls go with wood trim. They do. Wood trim balances the coolness in gray walls and works well in modern and traditional homes.

Can I use gray furniture with gray walls?

You can use gray furniture with gray walls, but the grays should be different shades. You’ll also want to bring in pieces that aren’t gray to break up the room and provide visual interest. For example, try mixing in some wood furniture and a couple of accent pieces in a different color.

Does beige carpet go with dark gray walls?

Beige carpet looks good against dark gray walls and white trim. It offsets the coolness in the room and offers contrast, making the space look modern and balanced.

Final Thoughts

Gray is a very easy color to coordinate with. So, if you have gray walls and white trim, choose a carpet color you like but keep it two tones lighter or darker than the shade you have on the wall.

If you have a dark gray on the wall, consider a light gray, cream, or beige carpet. If you have a light gray on the wall, try dark gray, white, cream, or medium beige carpet. In the end, just about any color will match gray. And remember, the furniture you use and the way you decorate will be the most significant influence on how your space looks.

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