Best Wall Color for Gray Floors

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best wall color for gray floors

Gray floors are a lovely neutral. They work with many color schemes and can look modern or rustic, depending on the type.

If you’re trying to find a matching wall color for gray floors, there are several options to choose from.

Here are the top ideas to try out, depending on the style you love the most.

What are the Best Wall Colors for Gray Floors?

Two colors that will go with all gray flooring include pure white and light gray. If you want balance in your room, choose a wall color with the opposite undertones of your flooring. For example, if your floor is warm gray, consider a cool blue wall color.

Advice from the Expert: As an expert in interior design, I must stress the importance of testing paint samples before finalizing your decision. Paint can look drastically different under varying lighting conditions and during different times of the day. So, apply a small sample of your selected color on the wall and observe it during different hours for a few days. Trust me, it makes a huge difference

Wall Colors that Go With All Gray Floors

wall colors that go with all gray floors
If you’re looking for an easy solution and ready to get a paint color on the wall, try one of these three.


White walls go with all flooring colors. But, since there are hundreds of shades of white, choosing is hard. To make sure the white matches your floors, go with something pure.

Other types of white may look yellowish or pinkish once they get on the wall. So, stick with a pure white with neutral undertones. 

One possible option is Extra White from Sherwin Williams.

Light Gray

A neutral light gray wall color will complement all floor colors. But, again, you can find light grays with varying undertones, so you need to determine which you like best.

If your gray floors are very cool (have blue undertones), I recommend going with a warmer paint color and vice versa.

A great light gray with warm undertones is Hazy Skies from Benjamin Moore.


Cream is another easy match for gray floors. 

Gray and cream make a beautiful combo. And while cream is subtle, it can still help warm up ultra cool-toned flooring.

A good option is Cream Delight from Valspar.

How to Pick the Perfect Paint Color

Picking the perfect paint color can feel daunting. So, if you need some tips, try one of these three ideas.

And, remember – it’s only paint.

If you end up with a color you don’t love, you can always switch it out.

Expert Advice: One tip I always share is to think of your wall color in relation to your overall interior design plan. Wall color is just one facet of your room’s design. The furniture, accessories, textiles all need to harmonize with your wall color. So, when choosing a shade, consider how it will look with your furniture and decor pieces. I’ve seen beautiful shades of paint fall flat because they clashed with the room’s décor. Alignment is key!

Create Balance in Your Room

When it comes to design, most rules are open for interpretation. But, using a mixture of warm and cool undertones is one rule you need to keep. Doing this makes your design look intentional and balanced.

To bring this balance, use a color with an opposite undertone to what’s on your flooring.

(Note: If you use a wall and floor color with the same undertone, try bringing balance in your room through your furniture.)

So if your flooring has cool gray undertones, use something warmer on the wall. For example, try pairing a light cool gray floor with a warm beige or warm gray-green.

If your flooring is a warm gray with lots of brown undertones, consider something cooler on the wall, like blue or cool gray.

If you’re unsure of your floor’s undertones, look at the colors running throughout. If there are hints of brown, tan, orange, or red, they are warm. On the other hand, if you find traces of blue, purple, or pure gray, your floors are cool-toned.

Go for a Monochromatic Look

If you want an ultra-modern look, consider going monochromatic. 

Monochromatic color schemes use the same shades repeatedly. So, you can use color on your walls that’s 1-2 shades lighter or darker than your flooring, but that has the same undertone.

You can continue the monochromatic look by layering in a gray rug, furniture, and accessories.

Again, this style is very contemporary. Avoid going monochromatic if you’re after farmhouse, boho, or a traditional look.

Bring Out the Variations in Your Floor

If your floors have a lot of variation, find the perfect wall color by choosing a shade that runs throughout.

For example, if your floors are predominantly gray but have hints of beige in them, put that same beige on the wall. If your flooring has blue throughout, match the blue for your wall color.

Doing this will draw out the variations in your floors, and they’ll become much more noticeable.

Expert Advice: In my experience, for those of you looking to add a burst of color in a room with gray floors, consider doing so with an accent wall. Select a bold, saturated color that complements the gray flooring but adds visual interest and depth to your room. Just make sure the color works harmoniously with the rest of your décor.

What are the Best Wall Colors for Light Gray Flooring?

what are the best wall colors for light gray flooring
If you have light gray flooring, you’re in luck. This color acts as a neutral and goes with almost every paint color.

If you need some ideas, try these:

  • Warm white/cream/light beige – Any of these colors are appropriate for farmhouse or traditional style. Since they’re all warm, they will bring balance to your space.
  • Dark gray/dark green/dark blue – Darker colors will contrast the lightness of your flooring for a modern look. This color combo works well for contemporary, boho, and mid-century modern styles.
  • Soft pastels – If you’re painting a kid’s room, consider a pale pastel color. Your floors will look very soft against a pretty pastel blue or pink.

What are the Best Colors Dark Gray Flooring?

Dark gray floors typically look a little more modern than light gray ones. These pair well with lighter colors. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Pure white – Pure white is very bright, and pairing it with dark gray floors provides a lot of contrast and a modern feel.
  • Warm white/cream/light beige – These light and warm colors contrast dark gray and bring balance to the room. Again, these work well for farmhouse, boho, and traditional styles.
  • Lighter blues and greens – Blue and gray always pair well together. So, if you have dark floors, try putting a light to medium shade of blue on the wall.
  • Light gray – Light gray walls with dark floors is a safe color combo. You can also use a light greige.

What are the Best Wall Colors for Medium Gray Flooring?

Try going at least 1-2 shades lighter or darker if you have medium gray floors. 

Here are some color ideas for you to try:

  • Pure white – Pure white is clean and modern. It goes well with all colors of flooring.
  • Warm white/cream/beige – Any of these colors work with any gray floor. Just make sure you pick a substantially lighter shade than your flooring material. These options are great for farmhouse, traditional, or boho-styled rooms.
  • Very light gray – If you want to do a gray on the wall, go with a very light shade. This color combo matches all decor styles.
  • Dark gray – You can also contrast your flooring with a very dark gray shade on the wall. Doing this will look modern.
  • Blues and greens – Grays and greens will work well with medium gray as long as they contrast the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq best wall color for gray floors

Do beige walls go with gray floors?

Beige walls go great with gray floors. If your flooring is a cool gray, the beige will add warmth and balance out the room. If your floors are gray-beige, painting your walls beige will intensify the warmness.

What color walls go with gray tile floors?

Gray tiles are a great neutral that go with most shades. Some of the most popular colors to match with gray tiles include white, cream, beige, blue, and green.

Do warm and cool colors go together in a room?

Yes, combining warm and cool colors in your room will help create an interesting and visually appealing design. For example, if you have a super cool floor color, you should complement it with a warmer wall color and vice versa. Don’t worry about warm and cool colors clashing.

How do you add warmth to a gray room?

If you have gray on the walls and the floor, add warmth with your furniture and area rug. An easy solution is to lay down a jute area rug, bring in wood or brown leather furniture, and add warm wall decor. You can also swap out the paint color for something warmer.

Should I paint my walls lighter or darker than my gray floor?

There’s no set rule of whether your walls need to be lighter or darker than your flooring. Instead, aim for contrast. If you have light flooring go at least a couple shades darker on the wall, and if you have darker flooring, go lighter on the wall.

Final Thoughts

Gray flooring is a great neutral for your home. How to match the wall color for your gray floors depends on your style. If you want a farmhouse or traditional feel in your home, consider balancing out your flooring with something warmer on the wall.

However, if you want an ultra-modern look, you can go monochromatic, bringing in different shades of gray throughout the room.

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