Best Colors to Use with Grey Carpet

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best colors to use with grey carpet

Grey is a versatile carpet color. 

It matches most styles and can appear warm or cool depending on the wall color and furniture you pair it with.

If you want a classic look, try a white wall and natural-toned wood furniture with your grey carpet. However, if you want to warm up the room, consider painting the walls a grey-beige (greige), using natural wood furniture, and adding warm pops of color. And if you prefer something bright and fun, go with a bold wall color and bring in a mix of furniture pieces and tones.

Here are more ideas on the best colors to use with grey carpet.

Expert Advice: From my experiences, if you want to bring an edgy and stylish contrast to your space, try pairing your grey carpet with dark, rich colors like navy or forest green. This not only amplifies the sophistication of your interiors, but also elevates the overall aesthetic with a contemporary feel.

What Color Walls Match Grey Carpet Best?

grey carpet

Many wall colors coordinate with grey floors. Here’s a look into some of the most popular options and how they can affect the design of your room.

White or Cream

White and cream are classic choices that will help brighten the room. A true white paired with grey carpet gives you a blank slate and works with all styles, including modern, farmhouse, boho, traditional, and glam.

While still light and neutral, cream works best if you’re aiming for a farmhouse, boho, or traditional look.

A Contrasting Shade of Gray

Painting your walls a contrasting shade of gray will give your room a modern look. For example, if you have a light gray carpet, you can paint your walls dark gray and vice versa.

Expert Advice: The magic of a grey carpet lies in its versatility. Remember, grey has many shades and can move from a near-white hue to a near-black shadow. Experimenting with different shades of grey carpet in different rooms of your house can open up a plethora of design possibilities – it’s all about playing with light and shadows.

Avoid painting your walls the same color as the carpet. Doing so will make your room feel one-dimensional and clunky. Instead, the gray on your wall should be several shades lighter or darker than the gray on the floor.

Beige or Greige

While grey is a neutral that goes with almost everything, it has cool tones. So, if you want to bring balance to your room or offer a little warmth, consider painting your walls beige or greige.

Both provide great backdrops to just about any design scheme.

A Bold Color

If you think neutrals are boring, try a bold color. You really can’t go wrong. Some great options include shades of blue, yellow, orange, or red.

Another common question we get is, do green walls go with grey carpet? Green walls pair well with gray. You can use a warm green to add contrast for a more mature room. Consider a cooler green color if you’re painting a kid’s room and want a fun look.

Add an Accent Wall

If you want to do something unique, paint your room a neutral like white or greige and then add an accent wall.

Your wall accent wall can be wallpaper, a stencil, stripes, or a bold color.

Expert Advice: Never underestimate the power of texture when it comes to grey carpets. A high-pile or shaggy carpet can add a layer of depth and coziness to your space, which glossy or sleek furniture might fail to do. It’s all about creating a balance that suits your personal style.

What Color Furniture Matches Grey Carpet Best?

what color furniture matches grey carpet best

Here’s some good news: anything goes when it comes to furniture. 

Here are some of the best furniture colors to go with grey carpet.

Wood furniture – Wood furniture can add warmth to a room which is helpful if you’re trying to counteract a cool gray carpet. You can find wooden furniture that matches about every style and all tones work.

White – If you want a crisp, bright look in your room, use white furniture. White contrasts gray carpet beautifully and works with many styles.

Painted furniture – If you’re trying to achieve a modern or playful look in your room, try painted furniture. Consider colors like navy blue or deep green. For a playful element, bring in furniture painted in bright yellow or pink.

Black – Solid black furniture will give your space a contemporary and high-end feel. You can also use distressed black for a farmhouse or traditional look.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my gray carpet look good?

If you feel like your gray carpet sticks out, consider pairing it with colors of similar saturation. For instance, if you have a light gray carpet, place a light beige color on the wall, use light furniture, and lay down a soft rug. 

If you prefer more of a modern look, contrast your gray carpet with a wall color that’s significantly lighter or darker.

Does gray carpet go with everything?

Yes, gray carpet goes with everything. However, there are two design mistakes to avoid when decorating around it.

First, make sure you bring balance to the room. So, if your carpet is a cool gray, use a warm wall color or bring in warm-toned furniture.

The second mistake to avoid is painting your walls the same color as your carpet. Your space won’t have any visual interest if you do this.

What color curtains go with gray carpet?

If you want your curtains to look good for years to come, go with something neutral. The best curtain colors for gray carpet are white and cream. They’ll match the rest of the room no matter the design you go with.

Is dark gray carpet a bad choice?

No carpet is a bad choice if you like it. A dark-gray is an excellent option if you have kids or pets and want something that will conceal stains. It also matches many design styles, and you can influence the way it looks with your wall color and furniture selections.

Does gray carpet show dirt?

Medium to darker gray covers dirt and stains very well. Light gray is still better than white at covering dirt but not as good as darker options. If you want something great at concealing small messes, try a medium greige.

Final Thoughts

Gray carpet is a great neutral grounding piece for your room. Almost all colors match gray so you have unlimited options. If you want your space to have a good design, just remember to use both cool and warm-tone colors throughout your room.

And if you’re looking for a classic combo, paint your walls white, cream, or beige. Then go for a white or cream or curtain and bring in your favorite pieces of furniture.

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