What Color Deck Goes with a Tan House?

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Tan is a flexible color for your home’s exterior. As a neutral hue, it will coordinate with virtually any other color. This means that you can choose whatever deck color you like best.

Color Deck Goes with a Tan House?

Deck color choices depend on your home decor style. Are you into sleek, modern lines or do you prefer a casual cottage vibe? We’ve chosen seven of our favorite colors for a deck beside a tan house. See which one fits your personal style. 


If you’re wondering what color deck goes with a tan house, more tan is a logical choice. Many think that a deck must be a contrasting color. But matching your deck paint to your wall paint provides a uniform look. 

tan house with wood deck

A matching tan home and deck is especially great when considering your deck as an outdoor room. Using the same color helps indoor and outdoor living zones visually merge into one continuous space.

If that’s too much tan for your tastes, there is a compromise. Paint your deck a lighter or darker shade of tan and enjoy the subtle contrast. Paint the railing to match the trim on your home.


Grey and tan are a classic pairing that works in fashion and home design. (Think Burberry’s iconic tan and grey plaid.) Light or dark grey decks can also add modern simplicity to a tan stucco or brick home. 

You can obtain a grey deck with paint or stain, or choose a composite decking material. Composite decks last longer than wood decks, but you likely will be limited on available shades of grey.

Coordinate a grey deck with a tan home with natural stone accents in various tan and grey hues. A stone path leading to the deck or a stone grill enclosure are two ideas.


Brown is its own rainbow of color, from light, golden brown to dark espresso. In the middle we find the warm reddish/orange shades of cedar and redwood. Any color on the brown spectrum is a marvelous choice beside a tan home exterior.

Tan and brown are both neutrals that can have a warm or cool undertone. It’s best to choose neutral colors that have the same undertone, especially when used in large areas. 

Warm tans and browns will have a yellowish or reddish tint. Cool tans and browns will appear more grey or even slightly bluish.


Greige is a calming neutral formed by mixing grey and beige. If your tan siding has a slightly grey tint, greige can be a logical match.

Greige looks best when the surrounding materials include touches of grey, beige, and tan. It brings all these colors together into one cohesive design.

Greige’s popularity means it’s easy to find composite decking in light, medium, and dark hues. This long-lasting material mimics the natural grain and texture of real wood but requires little maintenance.


Green is a gorgeous, earthy color that feels welcoming on a tan home’s deck. While a bright green deck may be too much, sage green is a popular option. 

Sage green is muted by the addition of light grey. It will feel like an extension of your landscaping when you use it on your deck. Accentuate this further by decorating the deck with plenty of green plants and natural wood furniture.


Black or almost-black boards are a contemporary decking material choice. Black or dark charcoal grey look amazing against a tan farmhouse. Wrought iron railings add to the rustic appeal. 

A black deck will absorb excessive heat from the sun, so it’s best used on covered decks. In a sunny, hot climate, black decking can get hot enough to burn bare feet.


tan house with white deck

White decks and porches will always be a classic design choice. From Victorian homes to seaside cottages, white decks and white railings rule. 

White decks have the advantage of staying cool underfoot even on the hottest summer days. White window and door trim looks best on a tan home with a white deck.

The only downside to a white deck is that it will vividly show every muddy footprint. Be sure to choose durable paint or a composite deck so it’s easy to hose off later.

Deck Color FAQs

Should a deck be lighter or darker than the house?

It’s really a matter of personal preference. Either choice will create a nice color contrast between the deck and house. If you have pets or children, you may prefer a deck that hides dirt.

Darker deck colors camouflage soil and stains, but may be hot underfoot in the summer months. Light deck colors will need more frequent cleaning, but add a casual vibe to your outdoor living space.

Is it better to paint or stain a deck?

Paint is the best choice if you want to choose from a wide range of colors. Paint also hides flaws on an old deck better than stain. However, stain is best for showing off a beautiful natural wood grain.

What sheen is best for deck paint?

Before choosing a deck paint color, make sure you’re buying the right kind of paint. The best deck paint has a high-gloss sheen for durability and easy cleaning.

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