Most Compatible Deck Colors for a Blue House

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most compatible deck colors for a blue house

Having the right deck color for your house can help create visual interest and boost your curb appeal. 

But since there are so many options, narrowing down the right one can be challenging – especially if your house isn’t white.

So, what are the most compatible deck colors for a blue house? Blue houses look best with a deck that offers a bit of contrast. If your home is light blue, consider cedar, a dark brown, dark blue, or deep red. For a dark blue house, try light wooden stains or light gray-blue.

Key Takeaways

The most compatible deck colors for a blue house include:

  • Cedar (warm and natural)
  • Brown (great for making blue ‘pop’)
  • A contrasting blue (dark against light, for example)
  • Gray (light tones often work best)
  • Red (for a distinctive, bold look)

The Top Deck Colors for Blue Houses

tiny blue house

When choosing a deck color, the most important thing is to provide contrast. Depending on the style you like best, you can do this with several different shades.

Here are some options to consider.


Cedar is one of the best wood decking materials because it’s rot, insect, and weather-resistant. It’s also naturally beautiful.

Cedar has a pink or reddish tint to it. The warm undertones pair beautifully with a cool-toned blue house.

While you can leave cedar bare, adding a sealant will help protect its natural color. If you don’t add a sealant to your cedar, it will turn a silvery gray over time. While the silvery gray will still coordinate with your blue home, it provides a much different look than the natural reddish cedar hue.


You often see brown and blue in design schemes because these colors play together beautifully.

Browns usually have warm undertones while blues have cool undertones, and because they are opposites, they make each other pop.

Since all browns will coordinate with a blue house, you have many options. Consider a brown stain on a wooden deck if you prefer a natural look, or go for paint for more coverage.

For a light blue house, try a medium to dark brown stain. For a dark blue house, try a light to medium brown stain.

Alternatively, you can paint your deck brown or go for composite decking material.

A Contrasting Shade of Blue

If you’re not into the natural deck look, consider painting your deck a contrasting shade of blue. So, if your house is dark blue, try a light blue deck and vice versa.

If you paint your deck a dark blue, it can help you achieve a moody and modern look. On the other hand, if you go with light blue, it will look more traditional or farmhouse.


A standard light gray deck will work with any blue color house. However, it tends to look best when the gray on the deck is a noticeably lighter or darker color than the blue on the house.

For a sheer look, consider using a stain. If you want something bolder, try a gray deck paint.


red deck

If you want a bold look, red will do the trick. 

The biggest downside to painting your deck red is that it can put off a country or farmhouse look when it fades, which is fine if that’s the style you’re going for. However, if you prefer a more modern design, you’ll need to choose fade-resistant decking or repaint as needed.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Deck Color

Blue is a fantastic house color, and fortunately, many types and colors of decking material coordinate. While it’s great to have a lot of options, it can also make choosing a color difficult.

Advice from the Expert: Don’t underestimate the importance of test patches when choosing your deck color. I always advise people to apply a small amount of the chosen paint or stain to a hidden part of the deck before committing. That way, you can see how the color looks in different lights and weather conditions.

So, here are some factors to keep in mind:

The Style of Your Home

The style of your home should play a significant role in your decision. For example, painting your deck a darker blue color is a modern choice that might not work well if you’re after a traditional farmhouse look.

Likewise, if modern is your goal, you want to stay away from a weathered gray stain.

Advice from the Expert: Remember, a deck is a significant exterior feature of your house and can influence the overall aesthetic of your home. When I chose a color for my deck, I made sure to consider the color of my roof, landscaping, and any existing outdoor furniture. The goal is to create a cohesive and harmonious look.

Since your deck is an extension of your home, it should match the style of your house.


While dark colors are moody and beautiful, they show dirt and footprints very quickly – especially if you opt for paint over a stain.

On the other hand, a medium color stain has variations and will conceal dirt and messes very well. 

If you have pets or kids running around, think about upkeep.

Your Design Risk Level

As much as you love a bold-looking deck on someone else’s home, will you feel the same way about yours?

If you’re someone who grows tired of bold colors or patterns quickly, you may be better off choosing a classic color. There’s no shame in choosing a brown decking material or natural wood stain.

Advice from the Expert: If you’re feeling adventurous, consider trying two-tone decking. When I wanted to change up my deck, I chose one color for the deck’s main body and another complimentary but contrasting color for the rails. It gave my outdoor space a unique and dynamic touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color deck railing should I use on a blue house?

You have three good options when it comes to deck railing. First, use the same color railing as the decking material. Second, go with white. White matches everything and provides a clean look. Lastly, consider using wrought iron or black railing.

Does a blue house look good with a gray deck?

Gray decks work well with blue houses. The key to making yours look good is to offer a bit of contrast. So, if your home is dark blue, go with a light gray deck and vice versa.

Do mahogany stains look good with blue houses?

Mahogany stains are a rich brown and one of the best choices for a blue house. The warmth in the mahogany plays against the coolness in blue siding for a nice contrast.

Final Thoughts

Many colors coordinate with a blue house. However, if you want to play it safe, go with a brown deck. You can choose a stain, paint, or go for brown composite decking.

If you prefer a bolder look, blue, red, and gray are solid options. But, at the end of the day, whatever color you choose needs to be something you’re willing to live with for years to come.

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