What Color Deck Goes with a Grey House?

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Color Deck Goes With A Grey House

If you have a grey house and are getting ready to build a deck, you really can’t go wrong with color selection.

There are many stains and types of decking material you can use, depending on the style you like best.

Are you wondering what color deck goes with a grey house? There are a lot of decking colors that go with grey houses. Consider creating contrast with a light wooden deck if you have a dark gray home. Other colors for gray houses include gray paints and stains, medium brown, and cedar.

Key Takeaways

Consider the following deck colors for a gray house:

  • Choose a lighter, warmer color if your house is mid-dark gray.
  • Choose a different style of gray.
  • Choose natural cedar for warmth and contrast.
  • Choose gray stain to hide dirt.
  • Choose mid-brown for a clean, classic look.

Top Deck Colors for a Grey House

Grey house with grey and white deck

Create Contrast with a Light Wood Deck

If your house is a medium to dark gray, you can create a beautiful contrast with a light, warm wooden deck.

Consider staining your deck a tan color or opt for an oak deck with a clear sealant.

Using light wood will make your deck and house color pop since grey and warm wood have opposite undertones. 

Advice from the Expert: From personal experience, I’ve found that choosing a light wooden deck for your grey house not only provides a beautiful contrast but also helps in reflecting sunlight. This keeps the deck cooler during the summer heat, ensuring outdoor comfort.

Go with a Different Shade of Grey

Perhaps the easiest option is to paint your decking a different shade of grey than what’s on your house. 

Gray will always go with gray. But, it’s essential to break up the color a little, so the design doesn’t look clunky.

Advice from the Expert: If you’re choosing to go monochromatic with the same grey deck for your grey house, consider textures and finishes. For example, a weathered, rustic grey deck can provide a lovely contrast to a smooth, modern grey house, while keeping the color palette cohesive.

If you have light grey siding, try a dark gray deck and vice versa. For a handrail, go with crisp white.

Bring Warmth to Your House with Cedar

If you’re looking for a natural material, try cedar. 

Cedar has beautiful variations, holds up to weather, is low maintenance, and its reddish undertones pair well with cool gray. Because of the opposite undertones, your cedar decking will pop and become a focal point.

The contrast of gray and cedar will give your home a modern feel.

Camouflage Dirt with Grey Stain

beautiful grey house

Do you want a decking that will hide dirt and footprints? Then rather than painting your deck gray, add a gray stain.

Since gray stains have variation, they’re perfect at camouflaging dirt. They also easily pair with grey siding.

A weathered grey stain is a good option for a farmhouse or traditionally styled home.

Medium Brown for a Tidy, Simple Look

If you’re looking for decking that will look clean and tidy, try a medium brown. You can go with composite decking or stain your wood deck in a shade like Autumn Brown or Chestnut Brown.

Your decking color doesn’t need to be the same as your house. (In fact, try to avoid that unless you’re committed to a monochromatic look.)

And luckily, medium brown is a classic decking color that goes with all shades of grey.

Advice from the Expert: One thing the article didn’t quite touch on is that the deck color can influence how much cleaning and maintenance the deck will need. Lighter shades tend to show dirt more easily, whereas darker shades or grey stain can help to hide dirt and dust, reducing the need for frequent cleaning. From my experience, decks even a few shades darker than the house require less frequent cleanings!

Frequently Asked Questions

What color deck railing for a grey house?

White is one of the best deck railing colors for a grey house. It will look crisp and work with whatever shade you have on your deck. If you don’t like white, consider using something that’s the same material as your decking.

Does your deck have to be the same color as your house?

Your deck does not need to be the same color as your house. While you can use the same color, most decks do not match their homes. In fact, using a stain or paint that contrasts your home’s color is a great way to bring balance to your design and make your decking stand out.

Does a brown deck go with a gray house?

Yes, brown decking looks excellent with a gray house. A medium brown will work with any shade of gray. You can also use a lighter brown deck if you prefer.

Final Thoughts

So what color deck should you match with a grey house? Fortunately, most colors fit. Some of the top contenders are shades of gray, cedar, medium brown, and light wood. However, since most shades match, pick something you like.

When choosing a color, opt for a shade you can live with for years to come versus what’s trendy at the moment.

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