Deck Extension Ideas – 4 Fantastic Extensions 2023

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deck extension ideas

If you have a backyard deck, you know what a great addition it can be, no matter what it’s made of. 

Decks can be a good way to get a little bit of extra space out of your home. They are also a motivator when it comes to spending time outdoors. 

If you regularly have family over for gatherings or don’t have enough indoor space, a deck can help. 

However, sometimes, decks can be a little bit too small for your actual purposes. 

When this happens, you can extend your deck and make it bigger. This is not only a good way to get extra space, it can also refresh your whole backyard

In this article, we have laid out some ideas for extending your deck. By thinking about how these ideas can help, you can come up with your own extension. 

Extending Your Deck: Basic Idea

There are a lot of different ways to extend your deck. Some of the simplest and most popular include: 

  • Put in a lower level 
  • Install a covered portion 
  • Include a bench seat
  • Add a step-up extension 

Why Extend Your Deck?

why extend your deck

Most people who have a deck do their best to make the most of it

However, that outdoor space may not always be enough for you. If you need more space or want to include some different features, you may need an extension. 

Perhaps your family has expanded since you bought the house or installed the deck. When this happens, an extension could be a great way for everyone to enjoy the space. 

If you want to have larger gatherings, a deck extension could be a great option. 

Many times, people use their deck as an extra space for parties and get-togethers. If your indoor space doesn’t allow for this, a deck extension could be the answer. 

Install a Lower Level 

A lower level to your deck is one of the easiest and least expensive extension ideas. 

Because you don’t need to add higher footings, a lower level could be a great option. This allows you to get more usable space without having to worry about structural integrity. 

You can usually add a lower level by sistering some of the joists on your existing deck. 

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This makes this option much cheaper than some of the other ones. Because of this, it is also a more accessible option for many people. 

Add a Covered Portion 

A covered area is a great way to add a little bit of space to your deck. 

If you want, you could install a pergola over a lower level. This is a relatively inexpensive option and has a lot of benefits. 

By having a covered area, you are increasing the amount of time that people could be outside. When it’s raining, people could still be using the deck and enjoying the outdoor space. 

One of the best ways to utilize a covered area is to install propane heaters. These heaters can make the covered area more comfortable and usable when the weather is cold. 

Add a Bench Seat 

Many people extend their decks by adding a bench seat that looks out into the backyard. 

This is a great, very inexpensive option that adds a lot of usable space. You could even add a picnic table to the setup and make it perfect for outdoor dining. 

If you have a barbecue, setting up a bench seat and backyard table is a great idea. 

Depending on where your barbecue is located, you could create a centralized prep area. This leaves more of the deck itself open for seating and socializing. 

Install a Step-Up Extension 

A step-up extension is one of the more complicated deck extension ideas. 

For this option, you will need to install new footings and build an entirely new base. However, it is a great, fashionable way to extend your backyard deck. 

A step-up extension puts in a new, higher level to the deck. 

This is not recommended for extending outwards toward the backyard. Instead, you should use this to extend sideways and create a new, higher level. 

Pictures of Deck Extensions

Here are some beautiful deck extensions ideas:

Check out our Pictures of Deck Extensions Pinterest Board for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq deck extension ideas
  • Do I need a permit to extend my deck?

Depending on where you live, you might need a permit to extend your deck. 

Check with your local municipality to see if you will need a permit. You may also want to check with your HOA and find out if there are any restrictions. 

  • Can you build a floating deck next to your house?

Floating decks are a great way to install a small outdoor socializing area. 

You can build a floating deck wherever you like, since they are easy to install. However, you should check with your local zoning laws to make sure they are allowed. 

  • Do I have to attach a deck to the house?

You do not usually have to attach a deck to your house. 

A floating deck can be installed anywhere. All you need are footings and joists that will be secure in the area where it is to be installed. 


Extending your deck is a great way to keep your outdoor areas in use. If you need the extra space, this could be a great way to get it. 

By thinking about the above ideas, you should be able to come up with the perfect deck extension solution. 

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