4 Best Steam Mops for Laminate Floors + Laminate Tips

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steam mop for laminate floorsMost people want to get the most “bang for their buck,” and they want things done quickly. Laminate floors are becoming more popular because they offer a cost-effective alternative to hardwood. Steam Mops are also growing in popularity because of their efficiency.

Fortunately, these two things can be combined so you do not have to choose between a cheaper floor and getting a good, quick clean. However, a few things must be considered when using a steam mop on laminate floors.

What to Consider when Buying a Steam Mop for Laminate Floors

When buying a steam mop for use on a laminate floor, the number one that must be taken into consideration is the amount of steam produced by the mop. Laminate floors are made of composite wood and come in planks that are attached. If too much moisture seeps between the slats or gets into the composite wood, then the floors can begin to warp and even break down.

We will take a look at the best steam mops for laminate floors in this article. What makes them the best steam mops is their capability to control the steam amount produced.

These mops also have some other great features to offer, so below you will find a review of each of our favorite steam mops for laminate floors to help you make the best choice for your household.

4 Best Steam Mops for Laminate Floors

Without wasting time, let’s take a look at a few of the leading steam mops for laminate flooring.

Bissell Power Fresh Steam Cleaner

The Bissel Power Fresh Steam Mop model 1940 comes with a 16 oz water tank and weighs 6 lbs. in total. It offers a low, medium and high steam setting so it can be adjusted based on the type of floor you’re cleaning. The Bissel Power Fresh has a 23 ft cord, swivel steering, and has a heat-up time of 30 seconds.

One distinctive feature this steam mop offers is the capability to add fragrance discs onto the mop pads for added freshness. This steam mop has a flip-down scrub pad, and a rectangular mop pad, but no additional attachments. This mop is ideal for those with pets or people concerned with odor protection.

SKG Hot Steam Mop

The SKG Hot Steam Mop weighs 13 lbs., has a triangular shaped mop pad for hard to reach places, and offers 180-degree swivel steering. The amount of steam produced is controlled by a knob that ranges from min to max so that you can use the mop on any floor type.

This steam mop heats up and is ready to use in 30 seconds. SKG does not provide the tank size or the cord length, but the Hot Steam Mop does come with a unique alarm system that alerts you when the tank is getting empty or if you have accidentally left the mop on.

This is an excellent and affordable steam mop for anyone with a busy household or a large area to clean because of the alarm system.

O-Cedar MicrofiberSteamMop

The O-Cedar Steam Mop features a triangular shaped mop pad and a heat-up time of only 20 seconds. The most lightweight of the steam mops featured in this article, it weighs only 7.3 lbs. This steam mop comes with an attachable carpet glider.

The O-Cedar steam mop has an adjustable steam dial to control output and has a 13.6 oz tank. This steam mop does not come with swivel steering.

This mop is a great option for anyone wanting a simple steam mop with quick heat-up time.

VonHaus Microfiber SteamMop

The VonHaus Steam Mop is probably the most cost-effective of the steam mops reviewed in this article. This steam mop features a 30 second heat-up time, 180-degree swivel steering, and triangular mop head. This mop has the most sizeable water tank at 18.5 oz, but a somewhat short power cord at only 16 ft.

This steam mop is also one of the smaller models, weighing only 7.5 lbs. This mop is a great option if you are on a budget, but still want upgraded features such as having a triangular mop head or being lightweight.

For a more complete list of mops see our steam mop reviews for 2021.

Tips for Using A Steam Mop on Laminate Floors

using a steam mop on laminate floorsUsing a large quantity of steam or moisture can damage laminate floors, so always be sure to adjust your steam mop to the lowest steam setting before you begin mopping.

Another tip to keep in mind when using a steam mop on laminate floors is to take advantage of the germ-killing capabilities and do not add additional cleaners or chemicals to your steam mops’ water tank. Some chemicals can break down the bonding agents in laminate flooring, ruining the look of your floors.

Some cleaning products can also leave a residue which dulls the shine of the floors.


Q: Can I use a higher steam setting if my laminate floors are sealed?

A: Yes, but make sure you have checked with the manufacturer of your flooring to make sure it is sealed. Not all laminate flooring is sealed.

Q: How many times can the mop pads be washed?

number of times mop pads can be washedA: That depends on the brand of mop pads you are using. The O-Cedar mop website states their pads are washable up to 25 times before needing replaced. Also, some mops come with more replacements pads than others. O-Cedar and VonHaus mops come with two replacement pads, whereas the SKG and Bissell come with three replacement pads.

Q: What benefit is there to a larger water tank size?

A: If you have a large area that needs cleaning, a larger tank means having to stop less (or not at all) to refill and reheat.

Q: Can I add fragrances or cleaners to a steam mop?

A: Yes, but it Is not recommended for laminate floors. If the Bissell Steam Mop with scent disks is not what you are looking for, then adding essential oils is always a good alternative.

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