The 5 Best Steam Mops for Carpet 2022

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There are a lot of options for cleaning your carpet.

With the fabrics in a carpet being easy to ruin, a lot of people choose to stick with soapy water and a brush.

Others choose to go with shampoos, foams, and even homemade solutions.

What most people don’t know is that you can use a steam mop to clean your carpet.

Steam Mop for Carpet – Buying Guide

steam mop buying guide

Here are a few things to think about when looking to purchase a steam mop to clean carpet.

What Flooring will it Work on

Steam mops are suited for all different types of flooring. When you are looking at steam mops, make sure the manufacturer states that it will work for your type of flooring.

Some steam mops are more versatile than others. Failing to do this could ruin your floors. 

Design and Manoeuvrability 

Along with making sure a steam mop won’t ruin your floors, also think about how easy it will be to actually use. Not just the features, but how easy you can maneuver the mop.

If you have a house that has a lot of tight corners, nooks and crannies, and any other obstacles, you will want something that can fit in tight spaces. For larger spaced out areas you will want something that isn’t too heavy and will wear you out before you are finished. 

Included Attachments

If you are looking for a steam mop that can be used on carpet, make sure there are attachments available. That is, if they don’t come with the mop itself.

Many companies make special attachments to make gliding across carpet smooth and easy. Without it you would be dragging a damp cloth across your carpet. The thicker the carpet, the harder this would be.

Size of the Water Tank

If you have large spaces to clean, having a larger water tank will allow you to clean longer without having to stop and refill your reservoir. 

With water tanks often ranging from 10 ounces to 20 ounces, some mops may have to be refilled every 15 minutes while others can last about 45 minutes. 

Length of the Power Cord

Steam mops do require an electrical plug in. With large rooms, a longer cord means you won’t have to worry about making sure you have enough plug-ins to cover the whole room.

Smaller rooms on the other hand will not have this problem. But, if the cord is too long it could become a nuisance that you have to worry about tripping over. 

Can You Control the Steam?

Not only does the stubbornness of a stain require a little more steam power than others, some floors can’t handle the moisture or heat as well. 

Carpets can easily be ruined by too much moisture. Being able to control the steam your mop uses will make it more versatile for different types of carpeting, or other floorings.

Best Steam Mops for Carpet 2022

1. PurSteam Steam Mop 10-in-1 Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Why We Like It

  • Extremely versatile
  • Up to 99.9% sanitation
  • Child and pet friendly

About this product

The PurSteam 10-in-1 steam mop is truly a multipurpose cleaner

When used as a mop, it is great for cleaning and sanitizing hardwood and tile floors. It is also able to handle thicker surfaces like carpet.

Coming with a detachable handheld piece, this steam mop also doubles as a steamer for clothing, mirrors and glass, and a whole lot more!

This steaming system comes with an 11.5 Oz water tank. On the lowest setting, you can clean for about 25 minutes before needing to refill your reservoir. 

Washable and reusable mop pads mean no extra cost in having to purchase pads separately.

The PurSteam brand offers a “Free Replacement Policy”. So, if something breaks you can replace the piece with no cost to you. This includes their 2-year warranty

In Review

The PurSteam is a great mop for people who need a high-functioning multi-use tool.

With its handheld piece and 5 attachments included with your purchase, this mop can do just about anything.

It is lightweight and does not use any harsh chemicals, just the power of steam.

2. Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

Why We Like It

  • Customizable steam settings
  • Able to use scented water additives or discs
  • Easy scrubber feature

About this product

With the easy to use scrubber, you can rid your floor of any stain you come across. Just flip down the Easy Scrubber and you can power through any kind of mess. 

With a heat time of 30 seconds and a 23-foot power cord, you will be ready to clean every corner of the room in less than a minute. The swivel steering will also make getting around obstacles a breeze. 

With steam mops designed to only use water, Bissell also offers products to leave your room with a fresh clean scent. Their fragrance discs can be placed into the mop pad, while their scent waters go straight into the tank. 

In Review

Bissell’s PowerFresh Steam Mop comes with 1-washable steam mop pad, 1-washable scrubby mop pad, and 2-fragrance discs.

With a customizable steam setting, this mop is great for sealed hardwood, linoleum, vinyl, granite, marble, ceramic, and even carpet.

Great for users that prefer their cleaning leaves a fresh cent throughout their house and has a variety of floors in their home. 

3. Light’N’Easy Floor Steamer

Why We Like It

  • Child and pet friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Use on multiple floor surfaces

About This Product

The Light’N’Easy floor steamer is a lightweight steam mop that uses no cleaning solutions. This means you can be sure to keep your family safe from harsh chemicals used by other processes. 

Weighing less than 4-pounds makes cleaning your floors an easy task. Plus, it heats up and is ready to use in 20 seconds with a 30 second drying time

The steam mop can be used on linoleum, ceramic, hardwood, and marble. With the purchase of the carpet glider accessory can also make steaming your carpet smooth and easy. 

In Review

The Light’N’Easy Floor Steamer is great for those looking to replace their heavy mops and buckets but have a limited budget.

Lightweight, chemical free, and easy to use on any floor surface make this steamer a purchase that is great for the average family.

4. Light’N’Easy Electronic Floor Steamer

Why We Like It

  • Large water tank on bottom
  • Quick release cord
  • Automatic steam control

About This Product

This Light’N’Easy floor steamer comes with a unique square mop head. A squared head makes steering and maneuvering around corners easy. It allows for a close-up clean around edges. 

Using a heat of over 200 degrees allows for quick and easy clearing of dirt and grime, as well as sanitization. Using no cleaning solutions makes this possible without exposing your family to harsh chemicals. 

Its automatic steam control reduces the risk of accidental damage to your floors by leaving the mop in one spot for too long. 

The 20-foot long cord enables reaching every corner of the room and has a quick release system. 

In Review

This electronic floor steamer can be used on multiple floor surfaces and comes with an automatic steam control.

The square head makes maneuvering around corners and edges easy, even on carpet.

5. Bissell PowerFresh Pet Steam Mop

Why We Like It

  • Easy Scrubber feature
  • SmartSet steam control
  • Odor eliminating

About This Product

This steam mop comes with the flip down easy scrubber feature to help you clear tough stuck on messes often caused by pets. 

You can even customize your cleaning levels with SmartSet digital steam control. For tougher messes or thicker surfaces like carpet, you can amp your steam level. For smaller messes and less durable floors you can bring it back down a notch and use less steam. 

Bissell’s fragrance additives like the fragrance disks can be placed in the mop heads, or you can put the fragrance water to leave your house smelling fresh and clean. 

In Review

Bissell’s PowerFresh Pet Steam Mop is great for those with messes made by pets. By not using cleaning solutions you can clean your floors without worrying about harmful chemicals.

Features like the easy scrubber, steam control, and fragrance additives gives you the ability to clean your home, no matter the mess, and leave it smelling fresh and eliminating pet odors.

Want more options? Here are some of our best steam mop reviews 2022.

Tips for Best Results When Using a Steam Mop on Carpet

tips for best results

To make sure you are satisfied with your steam mop and its ability to clean your carpet, here are few tips.


Before steaming your carpet, make sure to vacuum. Vacuuming will pick up the larger debris, and the top layers of dirt from your floor. 

Steam mops can be used for steam cleaning your carpet, but they are not meant for picking up really large amounts of it at one time.

Pre-treat Stains

Though steaming your carpet is an easier way to remove stains from the fibers, some really stuck on stains may need a little extra muscle

Pretreating these kinds of stains will help loosen the grime. This will make steaming your carpet even more efficient. 

Go Slow

Steaming your carpet is not like vacuuming. You don’t want to go too fast or you will not get a good deep clean.

Going slow will help ensure that the steam will get down deep in the fibers to get dirt and grime your vacuum misses. This will also allow the mop pad to absorb more of the moisture and dirt the steam loosens. 

Let it Dry

Once you are done steaming your carpet, make sure to let it dry before walking on it

Your carpet requires more steam to truly get a good clean. Adding to this how carpet naturally just holds in moisture more than hard and flat floorings means that the time needed to dry will be longer.

You can speed this part up just a little bit by turning on fans. Ceiling fans or moving box fans so that they blow on or across the carpet will lessen the time it will take for the carpet to dry. 

Regular Maintenance Cleaning

By making sure to regularly vacuuming or other types of cleaning a couple of times a week will help your mop give you the best clean.

Making sure to do this will lessen the amount of dirt and grime your steam mop will have to fight through. This also means that your mop pad won’t get dirty as fast, so you won’t have to change it as often. 

FAQs for Using Steam Mop on Carpet

steam mop faqs

Can I Use Laminate Flooring?

Laminate floors are made up of compressed cardboard. This material does not stand up to water or moisture well. Using your steam mop on this kind of flooring can cause damage like seams beginning to swell and bubble. 

All laminate floors are made differently and have different quality levels. As well as some being sealed, and some are not. 

If you do try your steam mop out on laminate flooring, be sure to have it on the lowest setting possible. This will help prevent causing damage to your floors. 

Can You Use Tap Water?

Most steam mop manufacturers suggest using distilled water in the tank. However, tap water can be used too.

The problem with using tap instead of distilled is that it can cause mineral deposits to form inside of the steamer. This will also be determined depending on the hardness of the water. 

Can Mop Pads be Washed?

Most of the time, yes. Many steam mops come with some sort of cloth or microfiber mop pads. These mop pads can easily be cleaned by tossing them in your clothes washer. 

Do not dry your mop pads. When you wash your mop pads, be sure to hang dry them. 

Can You Use Cleaning Solutions in the Steam Mop?

No. Cleaning solutions tend to use a lot of different chemicals. These chemicals can damage the inner workings of your mop through corrosion.

If you do choose to use cleaning solutions in your mop, you run the risk of voiding any warranty that comes with it. 

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