How to Use a Steam Mop Correctly and Safely

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how to use a steam mopMaybe your steam mop was a gift, perhaps it was a purchase, but now you’re wondering how to use a steam mop.

Using the steam mop is quick and easy, and a more portable alternative to traditional carpet cleaners or old-fashion mopping.

Just be sure follow some basic guidelines to prevent damaging any floors with overheating, and you will be enjoying your chemical free, sanitized floors (and other items) in almost no time.

Here´s how you use a steam mop the best way:

Cleaning Without Chemicals

It’s important to note that steam mops are designed to clean using the heat of steam. The steam itself can destroy nearly 100 percent of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Therefore, you do not need to use chemicals or detergents with your steam mop.

It might feel counterintuitive at first, but keep in mind even many medical tools are sanitized using autoclave machines that also disinfect with pressurized steam. Steam mops are an eco-friendly way to clean not only floors but all sorts of non-porous surfaces.

How to Use Your Steam Mop

using steam mopWhen contemplating what to clean with your steamer, remember you do not want to use a steam cleaner on painted walls, waxed items, or porous flooring such as cork. However, with the right care, you can clean carpets and other types of floors, especially tiling, with ease.

  • Just fill the appropriate amount of water in the steam mop. If you have hard water, be sure to use distilled water in your steam mop. Using distilled water will help prevent the buildup of limescale in your steam mop.
  • Cover the head with the microfiber cloth. The cloth is there not only to pick up dust and tiny particles of dirt but also to prevent scratching surfaces as you clean. Check the pad during cleaning. If it gets too dirty, you’ll need to change it partway through the process.
  • Vacuum or sweep the more significant bits of soil first before using your steam mop.
  • Then sweep your mop across the floor in rapid, straight lines to prevent overheating any one spot. Begin in one zone of your room and work your way in even lines toward the door or area you plan to exit. Steamed floors dry quickly, but you don’t want to walk over areas of just cleaned when they’re still damp.
  • Remember to never leave the mop on in one spot. If you need to stop steaming, turn the mop off and set it in a heat-safe place.

Clean More Than Just Floors

using steam mop to clean windowsIn addition to cleaning floors, you can also use your steam mop with an attachment on grout and tile in places like your bathroom and kitchen. Try disinfecting your tub with steam.

Using an attachment on a steam mop is also a great way to sanitize doorknobs, closet knobs, and cabinet handles. This is especially helpful during cold and flu season. You can also dust baseboards with your steam mop, as well as disinfect the wires of pet cages.

If you’re searching for a way to clean a grill without harsh chemicals, steam works fantastically.

Using an attachment to steam-clean the grates of your grill will not only loosen unwanted particles but also sanitize them.

Just make sure the head of your attachment is clean before using it for any surface you would cook or eat from. The possibilities are practically endless. Now start steaming and enjoy and eco-cleaned home!

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