How Do I Steam Mop Tile Floors?

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how do i steam mop tile flooring

If you’re looking to clean and disinfect your tile floors, one of the best ways to do it is with a steam mop.

Steam mops are great at breaking down dirt and will leave your floors sparkling clean.

If you’ve never used one of these tools before and wonder how do I steam mop tile floors, here’s everything you need to know.

How to Use a Steam Mop on Tiles

Before you steam mop your tile, thoroughly sweep so there’s no loose dirt or debris on the floor. Next, attach the mop head to the steam mop and fill the reservoir tank with water. Now use the steam mop just like you would a regular mop. Keep it constantly moving across the floor.

Can You Use a Steam Mop on All Kinds of Tile?

Unfortunately, steam mops are not safe for all types of tile.

Steam mops are 100% safe for ceramic and porcelain tile. They’re also safe to use on grout.

The types of tile they may not be safe for include:

  • Vinyl tile
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Granite

Since natural stone tiles are porous and can easily absorb liquids, high-heat steam can cause damage. This is why slate, marble, and granite are on the unsafe list.

If you’re going to use a steam mop on your natural stone anyway, only use it on the low or medium setting and never hold the mop in one place. 

One type of tile you should absolutely avoid steam mopping is adhesive vinyl. The steam can weaken the adhesive, causing gaps and lifting of the tiles.

However, if your floors are porcelain or ceramic, you’re good to go and can safely steam mop to your heart’s content.

The Best Steam Mops for Tile

best steam mops for tile

One of the essential metrics for choosing a steam mop for tile is size. You want the water reservoir to be large enough that you’re not constantly refilling it, but you want the steam mop to be slim enough to fit around the toilet and under the vanity easily.

Here are a couple of our favorite steam mop options for the bathroom:

Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe – This steam mop is very budget-friendly. It’s lightweight, slim, and easy to use. Plus, it has two different steam-level settings. This mop is perfect for getting into tight spaces.

Bissell PowerFresh Slim – This model is similar to the PowerFresh Deluxe, only it converts into a handheld steam cleaner. It also has an extended handle to help you reach high places. This model is very slim and will easily maneuver in tight spaces.

Shark Genius Steam Pocket – This is another very affordable option. It’s a combination of a spray mop and steam mop.

Should I Put Tile Cleaner in My Steam Mop?

The great thing about steam mops is that you don’t need to put any type of cleaner in them. Instead, the steam is enough to clean and disinfect your floor.

Plus, putting cleaner in your steam mop can cause damage to it.

If you want to use a tile cleaner, spray it on your tiles and then steam mop over top of the cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq how to steam mop tile floors

Is a steam cleaner safe for grout?

Steam mops are entirely safe for grout and do a great job at cleaning and disinfecting grout lines. You can use a steam mop on both, sealed and unsealed grout.

Do steam mops damage tile floors?

Steam mops are great for ceramic and porcelain tile. However, steam mops used on natural stone like slate, granite, or marble could cause some damage. If you insist on using a steam mop on your stone floors, make sure it’s on a low heat setting.

If your floors are adhesive vinyl tile, avoid using a steam mop altogether.

Are steam mops better than regular mops?

Steam mops clean and disinfect better than regular mops. However, regular mopping is still a great way to clean your floors and is more convenient when cleaning up spills quickly.


Using a steam mop on tile floors is super simple. All you need is your steam mop and water. Once your steam mop is powered up, run it over your floors like you would a regular mop or vacuum.

With the steam mops, you don’t need to add any cleaner. Instead, the power from the steam is enough to lift dirt and disinfect your floors.

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