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When it comes to keeping our hard flooring clean and looking new, nothing beats a great mopping.

Except, of course, when the mop can do most of the work for us.

Spin mops come in two basic options, self scrubbing or self wringing.

This article will examine the best spin mops currently on the market and cover what you should look for when shopping for your new spin mop.

Whether you want to do less work, or have more control over how wet the floor gets, a spin mop is the way to go.

Let’s dive in and find out which type and model is best for you, your floors and your specific needs.

The Best Spinning Mops This Year

Either manual or powered, these spin mops top the list, each for their own reasons.

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

. Best manual spin mop and bucket.

  • BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop

    . Best powered hardwood mop.

  • Bissell Spinwave Plus Hard Floor Cleaner

    . Best corded spin mop.

  • Umien Self Wringing Spinning Mop

    . Best Portable spin mop and bucket.

  • HAPINNEX Spin Mop Wringer Bucket Set

    . Best scrubbing spin mop.

  • Twist and Shout Hand Push Spin Mop

    . Best hand-push spin mop.

    Benefits of a Spin Mop

    Spin mops have a few advantages over traditional mops, stick mops or even robot mops. For the most part, you can use any cleaning solution you prefer, as most spin mops still use a bucket.

    This enables you to use vinegar, commercial cleansers or even just plain water without having to worry about clogging spray jets or ruining the motor. Here are some other benefits:

    • Control how much water is used. Because you can wring the mop out easier, you can control how wet you make the floors.
    • Better control. Spin mops give you the ability to control where you clean without having to rely on sensors or the edge of the carpeted rooms.
    • Quick and efficient. Spin mops can make quick work of a hard floor surface. Powered models can even scrub while they mop to get stuck on messes.
    • Less mess. With a spin mop, you don’t have to touch the mop head, keeping the dirty water in the bucket where it belongs.

    Buyer’s Guide: Shopping for a Great Spin Mop

    buyers guide best spin mop
    Because there are a lot of options out there to choose from, it is better to go in knowing what you need from the mop.

    Below, you will find several consideration factors that can help make your choice easier.

    Cleaning Head

    The cleaning head is one of the most important parts of the mop. You will mostly find microfiber cloths used as the cleaning heads, which are great for removing dirt and giving a little texture to help scrub the floors with.

    Pro Tip: From my experience, I’ve found that spin mops with microfiber heads tend to clean better than those with cotton heads. The microfiber material is effective at picking up smaller dirt particles and doesn’t leave behind as much water residue, minimizing drying time. Plus, they’re often machine washable

    You may also find a more traditional string mop style, though updated. Cotton string mops are great for holding more water and collecting more dirt and debris, but do need to be washed or replaced more often.

    Manual or Powered

    Manual mops still require you to do all the work. There are updates over the manual mops our grandparents used, of course, such as aluminum or telescoping handles to make them more ergonomic.

    Powered units can be corded or battery powered and will have spinning cleaning heads that work to mop and clean at the same time. These models clean your floors better than a manual model, but are generally more expensive, and they require more care and maintenance.

    Handle Comfort

    Telescoping handles mean the mop can fit better for any person’s height. You don’t have to worry about arm and back strain as much from mopping with these types of handles.

    Pro Tip: I highly recommend opting for a spin mop with an adjustable handle. This was a game changer for me! It’s much easier to clean ceilings and high to reach places when you can adjust the handle length. Plus, it helps prevent back aches from bending over to mop. Trust me, your back will thank you!

    You also want to look for comfort grips, too. Padded or molded grips produce a better holding area and reduce hand fatigue so you can finish mopping without strain on your hands and arms.

    Splash Control

    Because these models are spinners, the chance to spray water or have excessive splash is higher. However, if you find a model with splash control devices in place, this won’t be an issue.

    Most of the splash control will come in the bucket (for manual mops) where the edges and lips of the spinning area are curved or in-set to prevent water escaping over the edge. For powered models it will come around the cleaning head that may offer suction or a concave edge to prevent flinging dirty water all over.

    Bucket Size & Weight

    The bucket size is also important. You want it to have the capacity to hold enough water or cleaning solution to complete the job. However, water can get heavy. If the bucket is too heavy to move, then it becomes more of a chore.

    Finding a bucket model that has strong, but easy to use handles is critical. You also want to look for easily portable models that have smooth glide bottoms or even caster wheels.

    Price & Warranty

    The price, of course, is going to be a big deciding factor. You want a model that is inexpensive, but that has enough features to make the chore much easier. Finding this balance can be a challenge, but is one you should spend a great deal of time with.

    For the spin mops that come with a warranty, you want to look at more than just the coverage length. The industry standard is 1 to 2 years for a warranty. What it covers and for how long, though, aren’t all there is.

    Making a warranty claim can be a tedious process. Some companies will make you pay shipping, retain proof of purchase or register the purchase on line in a certain time frame.

    Make sure you know all the details before you buy.

    Top 8 Spin Mop Reviews 2023

    Below, you will find the 8 best spin mops, reviewed and compared for you. Each one will showcase their strengths and weaknesses based on the consideration factors from above.

    Scroll through and find your next spin mop.

    1. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

    The best spin mop overall is the O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop. This combines the water retention of cotton string mops and the cleaning ability of microfiber. It is a standard mop and bucket system with a lot of updates.

    First you will notice that the washable cleaning head has a triangular shape. This allows you to get a deep clean in corners and along the edges where other mops miss.

    You will also find a telescoping handle. It can raise to a complete 51-inches making it easy to mop and clean without having to bend over. The spinning function of the bucket also uses a foot pedal to prevent the need for bending.

    Water control is done by the number of spins the mop takes. If you press the pedal 1 or 2 times, the mop will still be considerably wet allowing you to perform a deeper, wetter clean on surfaces that allow it.

    You can spin up to 10 times (or more) for a much drier mop, allowing you to mop on floors that normally don’t like being mopped, such as laminate or engineered hardwood.

    There technically isn’t a warranty on this product, which is the only downside. However, what O-Cedar does is offer you a satisfaction guarantee. If you ever have a problem with the EasyWring spin mop, you are directed to the O-Cedar website contact form. Here you can contact customer support to get the situation resolved.

    Bucket Size1.6 gallons
    Splash GuardYes
    WarrantySatisfaction Guarantee
    PriceSee Current Price On Amazon

    2. BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop

    Bissell makes a lot of floor cleaning products and the Spinwave floor mop is one of the best spinning mops on the market right now. With this mop, you no longer need to carry a heavy water bucket, stoop to scrub or stay in one spot for several minutes hoping it comes clean.

    This mop comes with dual cleaning pads that rotate in opposite directions to offer a superior scrubbing action that keeps your floors spotless. It also offers a low profile head to get under the cabinet edges so you can get closer to the hard to reach areas.

    The swivel head also makes it easier to maneuver around furniture legs and between chairs so you have less work moving your furniture.

    The best part is that there are two types of cleaning pads, though. First you have the soft, microfiber pads that buff and polish your floor as they clean. For dried on or stuck on messes, they also offer a scrubbing head that scours the floor clean.

    You can also control how much water or cleaning solution is put on the floor. The squeeze trigger gives you complete control over the spray. You can put as much or as little as you want to help break up dirt and stains to get them clean.

    The 2-year warranty is pretty good, too. Bissell stands behind their products and claims are fairly easy to make. Just make sure you register your product to get the fastest support options.

    Powered22-foot power cord
    Bucket SizeN/A
    Splash GuardYes
    Warranty2-year warranty
    PriceSee Current Price On Amazon

    3. Bissell Spinwave Plus Hard Floor Cleaner

    The Bissell Spinwave Plus is very similar to the other Bissell Spinwave found on this list. This model is a bit newer and features a couple of small upgrades, though.

    The additional cost for the newer model is why it doesn’t generally rank as high as the basic Spinwave. However, there is more to this spin mop than just a new color.

    For starters, the included cleaning pads are doubled, from two pads to four. Now you can go longer before needing to buy replacements.

    The biggest difference, though, is the digital controls. For the power (on or off) and the spray trigger, everything is now digital. This makes it slightly easier to use.

    The other difference is a detriment. The scrubbing pads for stuck on stains and messes aren’t included. You will need to purchase these separately if you want to use them. There are also reports that the cleaning heads can begin to wobble and require more maintenance than the basic Spinwave.

    You still get the same 2-year Bissell warranty and customer service is always happy to help get any situation handled as quickly as possible.

    Powered22-foot power cord
    Bucket SizeN/A
    Splash GuardNo
    Warranty2-year warranty
    PriceSee Current Price On Amazon

    4. Umien Self Wringing Spinning Mop

    Another commercial grade spin mop is the Umien self-wringing spin mop. This model is similar to the Tsmine model on this list. However, there are some upgrades and differences that are worth pointing out.

    This first thing to note is that this model is a 2-bucket system. The two halves will fit inside each other to make storage easier. The clean water side has caster wheels and a carry handle to make it more portable.

    The wringing bucket side has a built-in soap dispenser and a stainless steel wringer. It connects to the side of the clean water bucket and offers a carry handle as well as a folding pull handle for portability.

    Each bucket holds about 1.5 gallons of water and the dirty water won’t mix with the clean water so you can clean longer without having to change out the water you are using.

    Like the Tsmine model this is a self-wringing style that doesn’t have a foot pedal. You need to place the mop head in the wringer and press down to remove excess water. It also features a telescoping handle with soft comfort grips to reduce fatigue and eliminate bending while mopping.

    There isn’t a technical warranty on this product, however, Umien is committed to customer service and if you are not satisfied they will offer a 100% refund. There isn’t a time frame listed anywhere for this refund policy, but we can assume it won’t last forever. 

    Bucket Size1.5 gallon (each)
    Splash GuardYes
    Warranty100% refund promise
    PriceSee Current Price On Amazon

    5. HAPINNEX Spin Mop Wringer Bucket Set

    The spin mop kit from Happinnex is an all-inclusive kit that includes a self-wringing bucket that has some advanced features to make the entire mopping process easier.

    It all starts with the bucket here. While it is a smaller bucket, only holding about 1.25 gallons of water, it still offers you things the others don’t. The best feature here is the self-leveling bucket. Once filled with water, you can use the carry handle and the bucket will maintain level to avoid spilling.

    Because it holds less water, it is also lighter to carry, making the larger areas easier to clean in a single go. The wringing side is also made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion and make wringing even easier.

    Like most other models, you also get a telescoping handle that will range from 36 inches to 61 inches in height. The lock is a push handle lock instead of the more cumbersome spin lock styles found on other mops.

    Maintenance is also lowered. The bucket features a larger drain plug than the other models on this list making the emptying time much faster. It also has machine washable cleaning pads.

    But this model includes a dry cleaning scrubbing brush (can also be used wet, if needed) that features tough, long bristles to get into groves or clean tile grout.

    The 90-day warranty is a little lower, though. Customer service is happy to help, but they can be difficult to get a hold of. Once you do make contact, though, the rest of the process is straightforward and simple.

    Bucket Size1.25 gallons
    Splash GuardYes
    Warranty90-day warranty
    PriceSee Current Price On Amazon

    6. Twist and Shout Hand Push Spin Mop

    Twist and Shout has been around for years and is one of the front runners of the original spinning mop design. You may remember seeing their infomercials on late night TV in the 1990s.

    Today, the mop is still going strong and is one of the easiest spin mops to use. It features a simple, lightweight telescoping handle that starts out extra long for easier use without the need to extend.

    The manual spinning side of the bucket works like other no-pedal models. Place the mop in and press down to start the spinning. The mop will continue to spin as you pull it out, allowing the mop head to spread out as it reaches the floor.

    Unlike newer models, the original doesn’t feature a splash guard. However, unless you are in a hurry or extra careless, you won’t spill much while wringing and any water that does come out is likely to get mopped up anyway.

    The warranty here is the most interesting thing. Like their ads from long ago, just wait, there is more. The standard warranty covers the mop and bucket and is virtually lifetime.

    However, there is an extended warranty for Amazon customers that allow all components of the kit to be covered for life.

    To make a claim, you need to retain your Amazon order number, and send a picture of the defective part along with the order number. For as long as you own the mop system, this process will result in a new piece being sent to you, for free.

    Bucket Size1.5 gallons
    Splash GuardNo
    WarrantyUp to Lifetime warranty
    PriceSee Current Price On Amazon

    7. Goplus Microfiber Spin Mop with Bucket

    If you like affordable and simple, then Goplus is the spin mop for you. This model is lightweight and has enough features to make the purchase worthwhile. You won’t get any special features, though, keeping the cost lower.

    The telescoping handle is stainless, but that is all that is metal here. Every other part of the mop, bucket and handle are plastic, except the microfiber cleaning heads, of course.

    Because the wringing bucket is all plastic, it is fairly quiet and extremely lightweight. Even when full with water, the entire thing weighs less than 6 pounds.

    You also get two cleaning heads so you can wash one and use one at all times.

    The handle does telescope but still may be too short for taller persons to use without some bending. The handle will extend to 47 inches, though, which will fit almost everyone without issue.

    There is a 1-year warranty which is pretty inclusive. However, the mop heads aren’t covered and being all plastic, the wringer may not last much longer than the first year.

    There are also no single purchase parts. If you need a new bucket, for example, you must buy the entire kit again.

    Bucket Size1.25 gallons
    Splash GuardNo
    Warranty1-year warranty

    8. Tsmine Spin Mop Bucket System

    Another manual spin mop comes from Tsmine. This is a more professional system, designed for commercial or home use. It offers some specialized features to make it last longer and perform better.

    To start with, the mop head attachment knuckle, wring bucket and basket are all made from high quality stainless steel. This helps prevent corrosion and will stand up longer than plastic. The telescoping handle extends out to 61 inches for use by anyone of any height, without having to stoop or bend over.

    Unlike other models, this features a no-pedal spinning feature. You need to unlock the mop head knuckle and then place the mop in the wringing side. Pressing down lightly will remove the excess water from the mop but leave it fairly wet.

    If you press harder it will spin faster, removing more water. The pressure spin provides you with more control over how wet you want the cleaning head.

    It does take a bit to get used to, though, and may take some time to get perfect. The handle also needs to be straight up and down or else it won’t spin.

    You will also find a small soap dispenser on the side of the bucket. This can be used for cleaners, soap, or almost anything else you can need to help clean your floors.

    The washable cleaning heads will last about 2 or 3 months, but this kit comes with 6 cleaning heads so you can go a couple of years without needing replacements. It also features a 2-year warranty should anything go wrong.

    Bucket Size3 gallons
    Splash GuardYes
    Warranty2-year warranty

    Cleaning With a Spin Mop

    cleaning with a spin mop

    If you have never used a spin mop before, they may be a little confusing. While in the end it is still a mop and we are more than certain you can figure it out, a little help never hurts.

    Manual Spin Mops

    Manual spin mops work just like any other stick mop you have used in the past. You soak the floor or the cleaning head and use back and forth motions to cover the entire floor. The difference here, though, is that you can control the amount of water actually used on the floor.

    After you soak the cleaning head you place the mop in the bucket spinner and pull the lever or push the foot pedal. This will spin the mop rapidly, removing some water from the cleaning head. The more you spin, the drier the mop head becomes.

    For flooring that isn’t 100% waterproof (laminate planks, for example, or hardwood flooring) you want to use as little water as possible so that you can dry it easier. Other floors like tile or luxury vinyl plank, can have more water used to help mop much faster.

    Powered Spin Mops

    Powered spin mops are a whole different machine. Instead of spinning the cleaning head to remove excess water, the cleaning heads spin to clean and scrub your floors. These models will come with various cleaning head types that you need to choose from.

    Microfiber heads, for example, will be ideal for a basic mopping with light cleaning. If you have stuck on messes or dried food on the floor, the scrubbing heads will work to loosen and remove those messes.

    Choosing the right head for the job is about as difficult as it gets with these mops. After that you just turn them on and let the machine do the work. You only need to guide it where to go and make sure that the areas it cleans are actually clean before moving on.

    Alternative Uses for a Spin Mop

    We all love tools that have more than one function. It can save time and money using our tools for different purposes. Mops are no different. While their primary function is to keep out floors clean and looking new, they can be used for alternative reasons.

    • Cleaning the tub. Powered spin mops can make short work of cleaning the bathtub, a chore no one truly enjoys.
    • Decks and patios. As long as the wood or concrete is sealed properly, a quick mop of the patio or deck will make it look brand new in no time. You can even use it on the railings or banister.
    • Walls and ceilings. As long as you have a mop that allows you to control how much water is used, might as well put it to use to clean your walls and ceilings. Low water mopping is ideal for a quick scrubbing of walls that otherwise takes hours.

    There are many more uses for your new spin mop as well. Do you have any wild or useful instances when a spin mop came in handy besides cleaning your floor? Let us know about it in the comment section below the article.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    faq best spin mop

    Here, we answer some of the more common questions about spin mops and their uses.

    Q. Is the spin mop machine washable?

    1. Certain models have removable and washable heads. Most of the microfiber cleaning heads are machine washable. While each model is different, you will need to read the label to find out what machine settings to use and how often they can be machine washed.

    Q. Do I need to dry the mop head after use?

    1. One of the best things about spin mops is that they dry much faster than ordinary mops. When you are done cleaning your floors you should rinse and wash the bucket out to prevent odors or mold from growing.

    Pro Tip: I’ve found that the best way to prolong the lifespan of your spin mop is by ensuring it’s properly dried out after each use. Moisture can breed mold and mildew, which can damage the mop and reduce its effectiveness. Stand it upright in a well-ventilated area, or outside in the sun if weather permits, until it’s fully dried.

    The mop itself should be hung and dried, but before you do, run it through the spin ringer several times to remove a lot of the excess water. You don’t need to touch the mop head at all and it will be mostly dry already.

    Q. Can I use bleach when I mop?

    1. For the most part a bleach solution is best used for string style mop heads. Microfiber mopping heads generally do not hold up well to bleach. If the mop heads are disposable, you can use bleach water to mop with, but for the reusable cleaning heads it isn’t advised.

    Q. How often should you change your mop head?

    1. The changing time for your spin mop mop head will be determined by the type of cleaning head and how often you use it. For a weekly mopping with standard levels of dirt and debris, you can expect your cotton mop heads to last about 30 or 40 cleanings before it needs to be replaced. For microfiber mop heads you can usually wash them about 100 to 200 times before they need to be replaced.

    What is the Best Spin Mop on the Market 2023?

    Choosing a great spin mop doesn’t have to be a chore. This article outlined everything you need to know to make an informed decision based on your floor types and preferences.

    If you are still unsure which model to purchase, take a closer look at our top pick. The O-Cedar EasyWring Spin Mop is ideal for all floor types, is easy to maintain and has a telescoping handle. Everything you need for quick, efficient mopping.

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