How to Clean Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) Flooring

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How to Clean a Luxury Vinyl Plank

Keeping an extravagant vinyl plank floor clean leaves it looking new and helps preserve durability.

You need to be familiar with how to clean a luxury vinyl plank to prevent scuff marks from making it look dull.

So whether you need advice on regular cleaning to keep the floor scuff-free, we have all the information here for you. 

Key Takeaways:

Where possible, use a doormat or covering to protect your vinyl. If you need to clean it, use a mild solution of eight pints of water and a cup of apple cider vinegar. Add dish soap if you need to, and rinse. Jojoba oil is great for helping to make your planks shine, too.

Always try and dust or clean your LVP carefully with microfiber. Refurbish with polish and sealant if you need to. Sealer can help fix scratching, as can jojoba oil and WD-40 with a dishtowel.

Protect flooring with rubber-footed furniture, and avoid dragging across to cause marking and scratching.

What You Should Know Before Cleaning Your Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Sweep your vinyl floor and remove the dirt to make it last longer. So get into the habit of using a soft broom across the floor, especially if you have it in the kitchen. 

Another helpful way to prevent the vinyl from getting filthy in the first place is to use a doormat.

Tracked-in dirt is your greatest enemy when it comes to this luxury floor. On the other hand, it will also help you with not having to put in additional broom time. 

Expert Advice: Speaking from experience, the protective measures mentioned in the article are absolutely worthwhile. While doormats and furniture protectors may seem like an unnecessary expense, they can significantly extend the life of your luxury vinyl plank flooring. I can’t tell you how many times my own floors have been saved from scratches and scuffs by these simple additions!

You need to preserve it with a pH-neutral cleaner and do not grab that bottle of ammonia or bleach.

These types of cleaners are corrosive and will strip away the shine leaving your lavish vinyl planks looking dull. 

Best Way To Clean Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

how do you clean your luxury vinyl planks

What does make an exceptional vinyl floor cleaner is apple cider vinegar! The vinegar has a lot of acidities that help remove from dirt to grime from the wood.

However, never make the cleaning solution to strong as it can remove the polish of the vinyl. 

We recommend using eight pints of water mixed with one cup of apple cider vinegar.

Use a moist mop with the cleaning solution to clean the floor. However, rinse the mop frequently with warm water while cleaning.

Now, if your flooring is soiled, you can add some dishwashing liquid to the water-vinegar mixture before mopping the floors. 

However, make sure to go over the luxury vinyl planks with the apple cider vinegar and water again.

Now, you may say, “But the floors look dull?” you can add a few drops of jojoba or baby oil with the mixture to give it a subtle shine.

Another method is plain old dishwashing liquid mixed with eight pints of water. 

Alternatively, you can use shampoo you wash your hair with.

Why? It removes hairspray and chemicals from your hair and does the same when used on a vinyl plank floor. 

We recommend using a microfiber mop instead of that string mop standing in the home as the microfiber does not hold water back when rinsed. 

Expert Advice: I always recommend having a dedicated microfiber mop just for your LVP floor. The reason for this is that a mop used on other types of flooring may pick up small abrasive particles that can scratch your vinyl. A reserved mop ensures you’re not accidentally causing damage during your cleaning routine.

Use Low-Impact Cleaning For LVP Flooring Instead Of Blasting Away Dirt

Do not use heavy-duty cleaners on your vinyl plank as the mildest possible method is better.

Instead, sweep or vacuum the floors every day to help remove grime and use your microfiber mop to wipe up the spills right away. Never use hot warm but rather use warm water instead. 

Now the big debate if you should use a steam mop on your floor. While you do use water for cleaning vinyl, it is not the materials’ best friend.

So never use a too wet rag or mop when washing the floor. The water runs into the cracks, edges, and seams, destroying the glue holding the vinyl down.

Remove all soapsuds from the floor as the soap creates a film over the plastic and collects dirt.

You can even use two different mops, one you use for washing the flooring and the other one for rinsing.

Furthermore, if your floor has a stain, you can use water & baking soda or isopropyl to rub it out.

So how do you keep your luxury vinyl planks shining?

how do you keep your luxury vinyl planks shining

Having luxury vinyl planks needs no waxing as it already has polyurethane covering that gives the floor shine.

So never wax as it will strip off the layer giving it the shine. However, if your vinyl floor is old and has lost it sheer, you can refurbish the floor with a special sealant or polish made for the flooring.

Expert Advice: On the topic of refurbishing your LVP flooring with sealant or polish – remember, less is more. While these products can restore the shine to your floor, applying too much can actually create a sticky residue. I’ve found that a thin, even layer is usually enough to get my floor looking good as new, without any unpleasant side effects.

But, make sure the surface is clean before applying thin coatings as per the instructions on the product.

Using a specially made waxing sealant will help put back the shine for another year. 

How do you fix scuffs and scratches on LVP flooring? 

You have taken care of your vinyl planks with sweeping or vacuuming them every day, but still, notice a scuff or scratch on them. There are numerous possibilities for you to take out scratches.

If there is a slight mark, you can do light buffing or use a repair kit as well to fix the spot. 

However, for more substantial scratches, we recommend using a floor sealer made for vinyl flooring after giving it a thorough wash using the above methods.

Alternatively, you can apply some baby or jojoba oil to it as well. Another great product to use is a lubricant (WD-40) on a dishtowel to rub it out. 

Now, if it is a deep cut, dent, gouge, or scratch, you will need to swap the piece with a new vinyl plank. 

Other Methods to Prevent Luxury Vinyl Planks from Getting Damaged:

Methods to Prevent Luxury Vinyl Planks from Getting Damaged
  • Outfit the furniture in the home with protecting feet – heavyweight appliances like a table or fridge can dent the vinyl plank flooring. Fit your devices with surface protectors to prevent this from happening. 
  • Rolling casters are another huge culprit that leaves your vinyl scratched or ripped. We recommend installing chairs that have casters with a felt tip instead of preventing this from happening to your vinyl plank floor. 
  • Are you moving into a home with vinyl flooring? Place your heavy appliances on a path of plywood to prevent dragging them into its place. By doing this, you can carry these items over the plank floor instead of pulling them. 

These are some methods you can use to prevent the need for cleaning your vinyl floors all the time.

By keeping your flooring in tip-top shape, you will not have a damaged surface; you have spent a fortune to fit in your home.


There is nothing more gorgeous in the house than a vinyl floor.

The floor adds sophistication and style to any home, especially in the bathroom, toilet, and kitchen.

Therefore, it is crucial to know how to clean a luxury vinyl plank floor to retain its look for years to come.

Keep the helpful tips on hand, and you will know how to clean your floors to keep it looking great at all times.

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