Karastan Carpet Reviews 2022: Prices and Pros & Cons

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karastan carpet reviews

As a part of the Mohawk and Pergo family, Karastan is a premium carpet company set on bringing new styles, patterns and textures to your floors.

Unlike many other premium brands, Karastan is like the fun aunt who takes you out for milkshakes after mom says no. They offer a high quality product that is easy to clean, low maintenance and has industry average installation prices.

However, with new, unique and stylish prints and designs like animal prints, plaid, stripes and even various textures, you are sure to fall in love with them. Plus, soft and functional with a huge dose of fun; that’s Karastan.

Best Karastan Carpet Styles

Currently the brand offers six different carpet styles. These are the best lines of the premium brand.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look For in Karastan Carpet

buyers guide karastan carpet

With over 100 years in the business, Karastan knows a thing or two about premium carpet. The name alone is enough to make most people buy on the spot. However, before you pull out your credit card, there are a few factors you need to consider.

Area/Coverage Size

The total project size is a highly important number to know. Measuring your space in square feet (length of room times width) will tell you the amount of carpeting you need to purchase. However, you also need to account for carpet stretching, cutting, corners, etc.

Buying more than you need is a good budgeting plan, but you don’t want to buy so much you can’t afford it.

A good rule of thumb is to purchase extra carpet that equals square feet compared to the longest wall of your room.

For example, if your living room is 12 foot by 10 foot (120 square feet) you want to buy at least 132 square feet (120 plus an extra 12 square feet for the longest side).

Installation Method

Almost every carpet on the market right now requires professional installation. This is also true for Karastan. Professional installation does add to the overall cost of the project, but will offer you plenty of benefits to offset the cost.

First, you know your carpet and padding (and even subfloor) will be installed correctly. You won’t have uneven areas, wear spots or bowing. Further many quality contractors will offer a labor warranty to help protect your investment. We will cover installation in more detail further into the article.

Subfloor & Padding

If you are replacing your carpeting, you may wish to also replace the carpet pad. Different types of carpets, with various pile heights all require slightly different pads. Pads come in different materials and most importantly thicknesses.

Your installer will know which is best for your carpet type, and if your current padding will need replacement or not. You also want to inspect the subfloor once it is exposed. Cracks, holes, damage or stains will need to be handled, fixed or repaired before the carpet is installed.

Fiber Type

Karastan offers a choice of carpet fiber types. Their choices include wool, which is soft, plush and doesn’t easily stain or retain moisture. You can also choose kashmere nylon, which has natural stain fighting capabilities and is extremely durable.

Finally, Karastan uses a proprietary fiber known as SmartStrand (also found in Pergo, Mohawk and a few other licensees). SmartStrans is a nylon polymer with permanent stain protection built in. It is also one of the most comfortable and durable carpet strands available.


The carpet warranty is important as well. You want to ensure you get the right coverage and understand what the warranty is all about. With Karastan, the warranty will vary slightly between carpet fiber types.

SmartStrand, for example, has a lifetime warranty against stains, soil and pet messes, including urine. It also includes a 25 year warranty on wear and tear with anti-static and manufacturing defects being lifetime coverage.

Depending on your final purchase type, you need to know what is covered, for how long and what it takes to make a claim, register your purchase and maintain the warranty.

Total Costs

Of course your largest concern will be the total cost of the installation project. Your cost will vary greatly depending on several factors. First, of course, is the cost of the carpet itself. You also need to account for install and labor costs, padding, subfloor repairs, tack strips, threshold, moldings and other aspects of finalizing the job.

Depending on where you live, the type and style of carpet purchased and who does the install, your price range will fall between $4 and $15 per square foot for install. Make sure you know the final numbers before you pay for anything.

Karastan Carpet Review – Best Styles

best karastan carpet styles reviewed

In this section we will look at the 6 styles of Karastan carpet in detail., Each type is covered, reviewed and compared just for you.

We will also look at all 6 together in a quick reference chart.

1. Karastan Persian/Traditional Carpeting

The traditional line holds 11 different styles and comes primarily in nylon and SmartStrand. There are a couple of wool options such as the Cape View and Leighland styles. What you find here, though, is a low pile, durable and sensible product.

The Persian and Traditional lines are warm and cozy, adding an ambiance to each room that invites you in and offers a chance to relax. While they are great for any room of the home, they are best used in bedrooms and living rooms where you want to unwind and take your shoes off.

The darker toned colors give you more décor choices with natural wood furniture or even more rustic and farmland designs.

Best For: Smaller rooms where warmth and comfort are a priority

2. Karastan Animal Print Carpeting

With the animal prints, you will find that you have fewer overall choices. In fact, you only have one fiber type, nylon, to choose from and only 3 animals. You can choose the cheetah print for an aggressive yet warm look. The dark brown and black spots on a muted and lighter background pull you into a room.

You can also choose from two zebra colors. The plain zebra print is black and white, as you would expect. With striking lines that don’t seem to repeat in pattern (though they do, about every 42 inches) you can have a wild yet comfortable look to any room.

Finally, the big portion is the antelope. With 7 different color options from natural to navy, you can find a color that fits your décor. The white speckles run the length of each dark antelope stripe to give you an authentic skin rug look.

While animal prints aren’t for everyone, there is something about a carpet that becomes the center of attention most people can thoroughly enjoy

Best For: Home office spaces or smaller rooms where the pattern won’t repeat as often.

3. Karastan Casual Carpeting

The casual line is by far the most extensive line. With over 55 style options to choose from, you can spend a while scrolling through the options. On top of that, each style has several colors with most of them offering 10 to 20 color selections.

The casual style is ideal for every room in the home bringing you light, medium and dark tones to accent your furniture, walls and even accessories. This line also features all three fiber types with the majority being SmartStrand.

The best warranty, the best fiber and the most options. You are sure to find what you are looking for with this series. However, it isn’t for everyone. While most options are low pile, there are several choices that are medium or high pile.

You want to ensure you know what you are getting before you buy so you can match padding and installation needs along the way. Unlike the other styles, though, there aren’t too many here that have samples to order. If you can head to a dealer and see them in person it is highly advised.

Best For: Those looking for a whole-home solution with one type of carpet

4. Karastan Modern/Contemporary Carpeting

With the modern and contemporary line up, you get a sleek, stylish update to an old classic. Behind the traditional option, this is the most popular choice from Karastan. More people buy and review these choices, combined, than any other.

You also have a decent selection to choose from. With over 20 different looks and more than 100 colors to go through, you are sure to find the perfect match for your needs. These options also feature patterns that you won’t find anywhere else.

While most of the line comes in wool or nylon, you will also find a wool blend (wool and nylon) that work together to create intricate patterns and designs.

If you want to update your current look without going overboard on the larger details, the modern and contemporary options here will give you exactly what you need.

Best For: Homeowners looking for an updated look that fits any room

5. Karastan Floral/Trellis Carpeting

With the floral line, it is a little misleading. There are only 2 of the 7 options that have a floral print design and only 1 of them is really noticeable. Most of the other designs are diamond or tear drop designs.

However, it does add a softness to the room and will open up any space with the intricate, repeating pattern. You will also find that most of the 7 design options are wool fibers with a couple nylon and even a SmartStrand tossed in for good measure.

All of the options are soft underfoot and hold up well to high traffic, pets and even spills or messes. This makes them ideal for bedrooms, guest rooms and even living rooms. If you do want the floral pattern look at the Glovenia collection. It features a leaf and petal design throughout the fibers and comes in 7 different colors.

The Cultured Essence is also a decent pattern, though is it more muted. However, this line comes in 20 color choices and is the most popular of this line.

Best For: Larger living spaces with a repeating pattern that is non-obtrusive

6. Karastan Checker/Plaid/Stripe Carpeting

Finally, we have the smallest line up from the company. The checker, plaid and stripe collection features only 5 styles and 44 colors, total. All of the options here come in wool fiber with the exception of the Vintage Grace, which is nylon.

The plaid option, Woolston, is only a two-color plaid, but is made from a striking white and gray palette. One of the most popular selections is the French Encore line, which is a checkerboard pattern wool fiber carpet. It offers several colors in one and while it is among the most expensive options from Karastan it is also one of the most eye pleasing and luxurious.

For the stripe lovers, the Riviera Stria features long, slim lines between texture and loop wool fibers. It feels great underfoot and is easy to clean, maintain and costs less to install.

Regardless of your design needs, there is a Karastan carpet for you. You just need to know where to look and have an open mind, since you will most likely change it with every scroll through the options list.

Best For: Any room of the home that needs to match a specific décor

At a Glance

Here, we take a quick look at all Karastan carpet styles. The costs listed include average industry install fees of $4 per square foot. Your costs will vary based on several factors and options. Across the country installation costs for carpets can range between $2 and $10 per square foot.
Pattern StyleFiber TypesColor OptionsStyles AvailableWarrantyCost (with Installation)
TraditionalSmartStrand, Wool, Nylon18011Lifetime/25-years$6 – $8 sq. ft.
AnimalNylon99Lifetime/25-years$6.50 – $9 sq. ft.
CasualSmartStrand, Wool, Nylon500+58Lifetime/25-years$5 – $9 sq. ft.
ModernSmartStrand, Wool, Nylon400+23Lifetime/25-years$5.50 – $8 sq. ft.
FloralSmartStrand, Wool, Nylon100+7Lifetime/25-years$5 – $7 sq. ft.
Check/Plaid/StripeWool, Nylon445Lifetime/25-years$6.50 – $9.50 sq. ft.

Where to Buy Karastan Carpet

Karastan is not sold in any big box retailer. You will need to find a dealer, representative or showroom that carries the brand. Luckily, Karastan makes this easy for you.

By visiting their website you can enter your zip code in the Retail Partner locator. It will return every retailer that carries Karastan products, as well as other information. You will get the name, address and contact info for the retailer, as well as find out if they are a large or small selection company, if they finance and more.

Karastan Pros, Cons and Ratings

pros and cons karastan carpet

What do we like and dislike about Karastan? The following chart will show the good and the bad to help you make a better informed decision. We also rate the brand, as a whole, on various segments of the industry to give you an overall rating.
SmartStrand fibers Higher pricing
Fun and exciting prints and stylesNot as large of a selection as other brands
Excellent warrantiesNot all styles or options available everywhere
Wool and nylon options available 
Dealers and retailers in every state 

Karastan Carpet Ratings

  • Selection: 3.5
  • Warranty: 4.5
  • Durability/Wear: 4.5
  • Installation: 4
  • Price: 3
  • Fade/Stain Resistance: 4.5
  • Eco-Friendliness: 4.5


  • Overall Rating: 4.0

Finding a Professional Installer

finding professional installer

One of the most difficult tasks of having carpet installed is finding the right contractor or professional to install the carpet for you. This is difficult for two main reasons.

The first issue is the cost of the contractor. Labor fees vary from $1 to $5 per square foot, on average, across the country. You also have to account for removal and disposal of the old flooring, tools and equipment costs and more.

All told, your new floor on the shelf at $3.50 per square foot ends up over $8 per square foot by the time it is in your home.

To help with that you get estimates and quotes. However, this only tells you how much a contractor will cost to install your carpet. What it does not cover is how trustworthy the contractor is, if they are local and who is coming to your home.

In these respects, we can help. Using our free pro finder tool will give you instant results for licensed, trustworthy and local. Each contractor is in your area and fully reviewed. The ratings, reviews and background inspections are all done for you.

All you have to do is insert a few bits of information and click the button. Soon you will have contractor’s information at your fingertips, ready to get your quotes and estimates. Try it today.

Karastan Carpet Vs. Other Brands

Kartastan has a reputation of being a premium carpet and area rug brand. The true test, though, is to compare against other well-known brands.

In this section we look at Karastan carpeting as they stand up against Masland, Shaw and StainMaster.

Karastan Carpet Vs. Masland

Masland carpeting is another premium carpet brand that offers unique styles and a great product. What you get with Masland is comparable with Karastan on many levels. Like Karastan, you will also find a lifetime warranty, though the lower end products drop to a 10-year wear and tear portion.

Masland has a slightly larger selection of colors and styles but also has a higher end price. Unlike Karastan, though, Masland doesn’t have the industrial, floral and plaid color patterns. However, they do offer a Pet Protection line that is specifically designed for homes with pets.

Maslands big fiber is known as STRONGWOOL which offers animal prints, undyed and fun designs. Karastan has SmartStrand, which offers unrivaled protection, comfort and performance.

Karastan Vs. Shaw

Shaw is a premium carpeting company and the largest carpet manufacturer in the world. However, they don’t have the ultra high quality that you find with the top end of Karastan.

What you get with Shaw carpeting, though, is a much larger selection, better pricing, and a lower installation cost. What Karastan offers, though, is a better warranty over the entire product line and more modern styles.

With Shaw the availability is a little higher and more of the brands styles and options are available in more areas. However, with Karastan, the dealers, retailers and carpet professionals are always improving their stock and carrying more of Karastan’s options.

Karastan Carpet Vs. StainMaster

StainMaster is one of the largest names in carpeting. Their stain fighting and stain prevention products have been embedded in carpeting by many companies in their products. Today, StainMaster produces their own carpet brand and uses their own proprietary stain fighting products in those carpets.

StainMaster doesn’t have the wild colors and patterns that you will find with Karastan. However, you do get better stain fighting properties, with the StainMaster product embedded into the fibers instead of added during the manufacturing process.

Karastan offers more modern and alluring looks, and they have a better fiber option. With the SmartStrand option, Karastan offers a slightly more durable and comfortable option that still has incredible stain fighting technologies. While StainMaster may be better for homes with pets, Karastan is still a gold standard everywhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq karastan carpet

Here, we will answer some of the most common questions about Karastan carpet and carpet in general. As always, if you have other questions feel free to use the comment section below the article.

Q. Is Karastan carpet good for pets?

  1. Karastan, as a carpeting brand, is a decent carpet for homes with pets. The SmartStrand carpet style is best for pets, as it is a more durable fiber. However with the nylon style stain fighting properties and the durability of wool, you won’t have many issues with any option.

Q. Do I have to use a professional cleaning company for Karastan carpeting?

  1. Karastan has not yet added a condition to the warranty for professional cleaning. However, they do recommend professional cleaning of their carpets every 18 months (or more). Since it is only a recommendation, you can clean your carpet yourself using vacuums and shampooers. However, you should have a professional cleaning at least once every other year.

Q. Does Karastan offer financing?

  1. Karastan doesn’t directly offer financing, however they do offer the Karastan credit card and financing is available through Synchrony Financial who, on approval of credit, will extend a line of credit for finance.

Q. Does Karastan or any carpet brand require a specific vacuum?

  1. There are a few brands that request you clean with specific vacuums. Karastan is not one of them. However, with any premium brand you should use the right vacuum for the carpet style. Pile type, fiber type and thickness. We have several best vacuum articles to help you find the best one for your specific carpet. If all else fails, though, the Carpet and Rug Institute list certified vacuums to choose from.

Final Thoughts on Karastan Carpets 

Karastan is a premium carpet and area rug brand that is designed for the modern home. With colors, styles and patterns that aren’t found anywhere else, you can turn any room into a cozy, cushioned and beautiful space.

From plaid to animal prints and modern, sleek solids, your colors can compliment nay décor. They also offer highly durable, stain and soil fighting fibers with SmartStrand, wool and nylon.

The price point of a Karastan carpet is a little higher than some other premium carpet brands. However, the quality backs up the price point and with a lifetime warranty for stain and soil and pet urine, you won’t be disappointed.

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