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Mohawk Carpet – In Brief

Home of stain-resistant SmartStrand carpets, Mohawk provides more than 800 unique carpet combinations. Pricing for Mohawk carpets start at $2 per square foot (up to $8 per square foot for SmartStrand). Mohawk is the biggest carpet developer on the planet, specializing in high-traffic flooring across eight different types of carpet fiber.

When style, color, options and comfort matter, many people turn to Mohawk. Mohawk flooring is one of the largest flooring manufacturers in the world, holding several smaller companies under their umbrella.

Mohawk carpet is an industry leader matching homes to aesthetics and styles no other company can offer. Whether you need to cover a high traffic area or need an extra-plush feel underfoot, Mohawk has a solution.

This article will look at everything Mohawk carpet has to offer. We will examine, compare and explain everything you need to know. Is Mohawk carpeting right for your home? Read on to find out.

Most Popular Mohawk Carpet Styles

mohawk carpet

With more than 100 styles and over 3070 different options, Mohawk most likely has what you need. Which are the most popular Mohawk carpet fiber brands, though? The following are rated based on their popularity.

  • Mohawk SmartStrand. High traffic, pets, spills and accidents are all no match for the SmartStrand line up.
  • Mohawk Air.O. Green and clean, this 100% recyclable carpet is allergen-resistant and VOC free.
  • Mohawk Everstrand. Another soft and green product, Everstrand offers a stay-clean promise and soft feel underfoot.
  • Mohawk Wear-Dated. One of the longest lasting, and most popular options, Wear-Dated carpet might outlast the house it’s installed in.
  • Mohawk UltraStrand. Limited choices, cost-effective options, UltraStrand is a durable and highly affordable choice.

Mohawk Carpet Styles Compared

Here, you will find a chart comparing the most popular Mohawk carpet types on various criteria to help you see, at a quick glance, which options are best for you.

Fiber BrandTypes AvailableColor OptionsStyles AvailableWarranty*Cost (with install)
SmartStrandTexture, Loop, Pattern, Frieze1900+1000+Lifetime/25-year$5 – $8/sq. ft.
Air.OTexture200+10Lifetime/15-year$3 – $5/sq. ft.
Wear-DatedTexture, Loop, Pattern, Frieze100+200+Lifetime/20-year$2 – $7/sq. ft.
EverStrandTexture, Loop, Pattern1000+1000+Lifetime/15-year$3 – $6/sq. ft.
Forever FreshTexture300+300+Lifetime/15-year$5 – $8/sq. ft.

*Warranty is described as Care/Quality where Care covers stain and pet protection and Quality covers wear, fade and defects.

Here you can see how SmartStrand holds up to stains:

Who is Mohawk Carpet?

Mohawk is a Fortune 500 company and the world’s largest flooring manufacturer. They have holdings and oversee several other flooring companies including Pergo flooring, Karastan, Aladdin Commercial Carpeting, and more.

Mohawk is one of the leading carpet innovators, continuously improving their carpet styles, fibers and options to bring you the best solutions possible. It is because of Mohawk that we now have Triexta fibers, which may be the softest and most durable carpet fibers ever made.

On top of their innovation, attention to detail and customer service, Mohawk also offers you more choices than anyone. With a total of four carpet textures, 8 carpet fiber brands, and more colors than you can find in a box of Crayons, you have choices.

All told there are over 8,000 possible combinations, each one designed to fit your lifestyle, needs, and budget. If you can’t find it at Mohawk, it probably doesn’t exist.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Right Mohawk Carpet for You

buyers guide mohawk carpet

Carpet Style and Color

Mohawk carpet colors and styles come in a wide variety. It is easy to spend a few hours browsing the Mohawk site trying to find the right one. Currently, the brand offers carpets in four distinct styles. The most popular style is texture which gives a soft, plush feel under foot.

Loop is also popular for high traffic areas and rooms where spills may be an issue (such as the dining or living rooms). Mohawk also offers pattern (a mixture of loop and texture to create different looks) and frieze (twisted fiber).

When it comes to colors, Mohawk has a near limitless pallet. You will find lights, darks, vibrant, custom and everything in between. If you can imagine a color, Mohawk probably has a carpet to match.

Pile Height

Pile height is a major factor because it will determine the type of carpet you can choose from, how it is cleaned, installed and especially how it feels underfoot.

In general, low pile carpet is easier to clean and maintain, but may not last as long. It is also better for high traffic areas as it doesn’t show matting as quickly. Likewise, high pile carpeting is plush and much softer underfoot.

Various styles and fiber brands will come in various pile heights. Make sure you know which one you are getting, as the carpet padding is also dependent on the pile height and carpet type.

Room Size

Another major factor is the room size (in square feet) where you will install the carpet. Larger spaces need more material, obviously, which in turn, costs more. This also includes added costs to padding and materials (see below) and the installation charges.

Knowing your room sizes and project dimensions will ensure you purchase enough product to finish the job, saving you time and effort in the long run.

Carpet Padding and Accessories

Along with the carpet itself, there are other costs and fees to be aware of. Extra materials are a large part of the overall budget. Carpet padding, for example, is a big purchase. While it isn’t as expensive as the carpet itself, you still need just as much of it.

Pro Tip: When choosing a Mohawk carpet, don’t overlook the importance of the carpet padding. From my experience, a good quality padding can significantly improve the comfort and lifespan of the carpet. It absorbs foot traffic and makes your carpet feel softer underfoot. It might seem like an unnecessary cost, but trust me, it’s an investment worth making.

You also factor in things like adhesives, tack strips, molding, thresholds and other carpet accessories, which can add up if the space is large enough. One thing to note, though, is that these extras (not including carpet pads) are generally included in the cost of labor when you hire a professional for the install.

Mohawk Carpet Lines

Mohawk has quite a large selection of carpets. Here we cover the most popular options, and separate by carpet type to make it easier for you to find the right style within the types.

Mohawk Texture Carpet

mohawk texture

Best For: Homes with medium and high traffic, pets and that need added stain protection.

Texture carpet is made by taking loop carpet and either clipping the loops or shaving the loop tops to make individual strands. Texture carpet is among the most popular designs, as it is soft, plush and comes in low, medium and high piles.

Because the strands are knotted and cut, the weave becomes stronger, adding to the overall durability. Nylon is the most common material used for texture carpet and Mohawk has the most selections (over 4000).

Every type of Mohawk carpet comes in texture. This includes SmartStrand (and it’s sub-categories, Silk and Silk Reserve), Air.O, EverStrand, Forever Fresh and Wear-Dated.

You will also find that each texture carpet comes in over 3000 color choices, as well as the Stain & Wear resistant options. Truly the most popular style, You are bound to find what you need, in both style and color.

The Air.O stands out because it is 100% recyclable, has no VOCs and is made from a polymer mix that doesn’t contain latex. The hypoallergenic carpet also has a built-in felt pad that reduces the need for padding and can save money on installation. It also, in certain cases, can allow for a DIY install if you have some carpet laying knowledge.

Here is how Mohawk Air.O holds up after 1.5 years of use:

All styles of Mohawk carpet, with the exception of PermaStrand, come with a lifetime warranty for stains and soil or pet urine stains. Wear, fade defects and texture retention warranties vary between 5 and 25 years.

Browse styles here.

Mohawk Loop Carpet

mohawk loop

Best For: Homes that want a durable, resilient carpet that is soft but won’t become matted.

Loop carpet is the main style. Almost all carpet styles start as a loop. The loops are then cut to create texture, twisted to create Frieze or left alone to create the loop style.

Mohawk Berber carpet is a loop pattern, as is all Berber. The tight loops are a low pile design that resists wear, flattening and even staining. With nylon and the Mohawk exclusive Triexta fibers, natural and artificial stain resistance is applied.

The loop style is also common and popular, though not to the extent of texture styles. Still, with Mohawk and their extensive product line up, you will have over 800 loop style options.

Of course, the most common style in loop carpeting is EverStrand, SmartStrand and Wear-Dated. All loop carpet from Mohawk is also pet and kid friendly. This means there is added protection from staining, traffic and normal wear and tear.

Browse styles here.

Mohawk Pattern Carpet

mohawk pattern

Best For: High budgets that want to add depth and character to a room.

Pattern carpet is the result of mixing loop and texture together. By alternating strands (or cutting loop tops to make texture in a specific pattern) you can create some interesting looks and feels.

Pattern carpet is generally more expensive, which makes it less popular, but when larger spaces have pattern carpet installed, it can become one of the great aesthetics for the room. Mohawk doesn’t adhere to only what is popular, though. With over 1600 combinations, there is a large emphasis on the carpet type.

Pattern carpet from Mohawk is only available in SmartStrand (and subcategories) and EverStrand (and it’s sub categories). The biggest category is the SmartStrand Silk Reserve. This is the softest and most plush of all the Mohawk designs and the pattern carpets in this category alone (with all colors available) exceeded 500 choices.

Known as the Mohawk Exquisite line, the Silk Reserve Pattern carpet is durable, plush, doesn’t become matted and can hold up to pets, children, spills, messes and high traffic.

The other SmartStrand options offer more pattern choices, with many mosaic and bright patterns bringing your room to life. These floors almost appear to move and offer a warmth seldom found in other brands.

The EverStrand options are the more affordable of the lot, but still offer the wear and stain fighting Mohawk is known for. While they may not be the most durable of the carpets they will hold up for well over a decade before showing any signs of wear.

Browse styles here.

Mohawk Frieze Carpet

mohawk frieze

Best For: Spare rooms, or low traffic areas that want a soft feel underfoot without the added cost of features not needed.

Finally, you have the Frieze carpet. This is when the loops are pulled tight and twisted together. The result is a carpet so plush you can actually sink into it. Because of the twists, though, the carpet bounces right back without being matted or showing footprints.

The Mohawk Frieze carpets may be the closest thing to walking on a cloud there is (without being poetic). SmartStrand, Wear-Dated, UltraStrand and PermaStrand are the options found here.

This is also one of the more affordable lines, but it is also the least durable. While the frieze fibers are springy, they do show wear faster than other types and the twisting prevents the addition of extra stain and moisture repellent additives.

With the PermaStrand options, you will only get a 5-year warranty for stain, wear and fade resistance. The other lines offer 10 and 20-year warranties. However, for rooms with less traffic, such as guest bedrooms, the added look and feel are worth the lower warranty and the cost makes it more viable.

Browse styles here.

Where to Buy Mohawk Carpet

If you plan on purchasing Mohawk carpeting, you won’t find it in your local home improvement shop like Home Depot or Lowe’s. However, a cursory search of both retailer’s online stores show a few selections of Mohawk options. These aren’t direct from the manufacturer, as most of the options are discontinued options.

You can find a local retailer through the Mohawk site. If you want to go and see and feel the options before you buy, this is the best option. However, if you have already done your research and know what you want, you can order directly from Mohawk.

Note, that direct ordering will send you to the same search map where you can see a list of local contractors with your selection available.

Mohawk Carpet Pros and Cons

There is a lot to like about Mohawk carpet. There are a few things to not like so much. However, each person will have a different view and one may make or break your decision. Let’s take a look.

Largest selection of styles and colorsMore expensive than many brands
Only brand to offer Triexta fibersMust be professionally installed (for warranty)
Best warranties in the industry
Stain resistance built-in
100% recyclable options with no VOCs
Easy to clean and keep clean

Finding a Professional Mohawk Carpet Installer

finding professional mohawk carpet installer
When it comes to installation, carpet is one of the few flooring options in modern styles that requires professional installation. Mohawk, in fact, requires it for the activation of the warranty.

Professional installation has a lot of “hidden costs” which you need to be aware of. The base cost of carpet installation comes from the labor charges. This will vary from state to state, region to region and from contractor to contractor.

Pro Tip: Always factor in the cost of professional installation when budgeting for a new carpet. I learned the hard way that trying to DIY can lead to frustration and mishandling of the product. With Mohawk carpets, professional installation ensures it fits perfectly with your décor and serves you for a long time without problems.

These fees will also depend on the size of the project. Since there is usually a minimum hourly fee, anything smaller than 50 to 75 square feet will have an additional cost to cover the minimum hourly install rate.

On top of that you also have equipment and supplies costs. These cover things like your tack strips, adhesives, carpet cutters, stretchers, etc. This cost is generally a flat rate and less than $50.

Finally, there are optional fees. For example, if you want to save $50 to $100, you can opt to remove the original carpeting yourself, or to dispose of the old carpet, pad and remnants after the install is complete.

However, for that $100 extra it is generally worth it to have the installer take all the old stuff away with them.

With all of the options included, suggests that carpet install can range between $3 and $7 per square foot.

When you add in the cost of Mohawk carpet you can add an additional $3 to $8 per square foot. This is a total cost for carpet and install of $6 to $15 per square foot. 

Mohawk Carpet Vs. Other Carpet Brands

Mohawk is a premium flooring company and arguably the largest flooring manufacturer in the world. But how do they compare to other major carpet brands? We compare Mohawk to Shaw, LifeProof and StainMaster to find out.

Mohawk Vs. Shaw Carpet

If Mohawk is the largest floor manufacturer, then Shaw is the largest carpet manufacturer. The difference being that Shaw, obviously, concentrates more on the carpet side. This doesn’t mean Mohawk does not focus on carpet, but they have other concerns as well.

Both carpet companies offer premium options and quite a few styles. Mohawk has the major advantage with carpet options (over 3000) at a 2 to 1 rate to Shaw. Shaw, though, has a lot more budget-friendly options that aren’t as premium as their top lines.

Mohawk offers innovative carpeting solutions, new fibers that are softer and repel wear and stains better than anyone, even Shaw. Shaw, though is soft, easy to maintain, repels stains and has wear protection, too.

In the end, the results come down to your budget, your style needs and the warranty. Shaw has a great warranty, but Mohawk’s is better. If you have a larger space to cover with carpet, need to save a bit of money or don’t want to wade through near-endless options, Shaw is a great alternative to Mohawk.

Mohawk Vs. LifeProof Carpet

LifeProof carpet is an exclusive to Home Depot. Unlike Mohawk. LifeProof caters to smaller budgets, offering a decent carpet that protects against high traffic, wear and tear as well as stains.

The carpet from LifeProof isn’t considered a premium carpet brand by any means. They lack the selection of Mohawk, the durability and reliability. However, where LifeProof comes into the market is in availability and affordability.

Mohawk is virtually superior in every way and there is no best way to say that. However, what should be known is that LifeProof carpet fills a hole in the industry. Where there is almost a Home Depot in every town (or very near by) you can get LifeProof carpet in your home tomorrow.

With Home Depot installation, you can also get discounts on installation fees and have the entire project completed in a single day. Still, if you plan to live on your carpet and have it last over a decade, Mohawk is a far better choice.

Mohawk Vs. StainMaster Carpet

When it comes to homes with pets and small children, StainMaster makes a strong case. Their best carpet line is the PetProtect which is easily one of the best carpets for resisting and controlling pet stains, urine and odors.

While Mohawk does have stain and moisture protection, there is little doubt that the StainMaster Pet Protect is even better. However, that is where StainMaster dominance ends. As a mid-range product, the cost is lower, but so is the overall quality, compared to Mohawk.

Mohawk has a better warranty, softer fibers, more options, styles and colors. If you have pets, the choice is easy, you should go with StainMaster. However, if you have a larger budget and want a better quality carpet that can more easily match your décor, Mohawk is the answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq mohawk carpet

In this section we will answer some of the more common questions about Mohawk carpet and Mohawk as a company in general. If you have other questions, please use the comment section below.

Q. Is Mohawk carpet worth it?

  1. Mohawk is considered a premium brand, and their pricing reflects that. However, above almost every other brand or carpet manufacturer, what Mohawk promises, they deliver on. From styles, color and textures, no other company can match Mohawk in these areas. After all of that you also have one of the best carpet warranties in the industry. All of these factors combined make Mohawk a great choice for anyone with the budget to place an order.

Q. Is Mohawk owned by Shaw?

  1. It is a popular assumption that Mohawk and Shaw are the same company. However, this is not true. Neither company has anything to do with the other. While both are headquartered in Georgia (Calhoun for Mohawk and Dalton for Shaw), there are no other similarities. Mohawk is the largest flooring company in the world and Shaw is the largest carpet manufacturer in the world. However, they are not connected, owned or share any companies in common.

Q. Which type of Mohawk carpet is best for pets?

  1. For homes with pets, Mohawk’s SmartStrand Forever Clean is one of the best options. The strands and textures are softer underfoot and more durable than some of the other products.

Pro Tip: If you’re a pet owner like me, Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpet is a lifesaver. It combines durability with stain resistance, making it perfect for homes with fur babies. It might be slightly pricier, but having used it myself, I can honestly say it’s worth every penny. Just remember to ask for this particular style when you’re beginning your carpet buying process.

However, the SmartStrand Forever Clean has added wear, stain and odor protection. It is difficult to get liquids to absorb and anything that does soak in comes clean right away.

Q. Does Mohawk carpet shed, and if so, for how long?

  1. All carpet will shed after install. This is where the fibers that were cut, loose or embedded in the actual carpet work themselves free. Some contractors will rake the carpet after it is installed to minimize the shedding, but it won’t remove it all. Shedding is normal and doesn’t indicate a problem with the carpet and can last up to a year, depending on how often you vacuum or clean the carpeting.

Q. What is the best vacuum for cleaning Mohawk carpet?

  1. Because Mohawk offers so many different textures, styles, piles and carpet types, there isn’t a single vacuum that can clean them all. However, if you already have the carpet or know which style and type you are going to purchase, we can help you find the best vacuum for your carpet.

Final Thoughts on Mohawk Carpet

Mohawk is a company that thrives on excellence, customer service and details. If you call their customer service line, you talk to a human based in the US. In an age where customers are handled with automated messages and AI bots, human connection is important.

When you add in the quality, durability and warranties, you can easily see why Mohawk is considered one of the best carpets in the industry.

The major downside is the overall cost of the carpet. However, if it is within your budget, Mohawk carpeting is one choice for flooring that will not disappoint you.

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