5 Best Garage Floor Mats for 2022 and Beyond

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best garage floor mat

Our garages were designed as a safe place to store our cars. While that is still a major use, there are many more uses now, including mechanic and workshop space, household storage and much more.

The biggest issue next to organization is floor protection. Scratches, staining, fading, marks and even grease and oil are big problems.

Luckily there is a simple solution, garage floor mats. There are many different styles, types and materials.

Some mats you can drive on, others you can put together like a puzzle only where you need them.

In this article we will look at the various types and styles of garage floor mats. We compare, review and rate the best garage floor mats so you know exactly what to look for. Read on to find out everything you need to make an informed decision.

Best Garage Floor Mat Brands

There are a lot of products on the market, and some are better than others. This list showcases the best of the best.

What are Garage Floor Mats?

Garage floor mats are used to protect your garage. Plastic, rubber and even metal pads are used under cars, as work space flooring and as water or oil absorbent when working on cars, lawn mowers or other machines. They are also used as garage gym floors, work out mats and have many other uses.

Garage mats come in a variety of styles that can hide imperfections of the concrete. The biggest use, though, is as a floor protector for cars and trucks that drive and park in the garage on the mats daily. Some are disposable, some roll up for storage and others are more permanent.

Let’s get into the nuts and bolts and learn which style, type and coverage you need.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Mat for your Garage

buyers guide best mat for your garage

Before you head out and buy the first garage floor mat you see, there are several factors to consider. Below, you will find the important factors and why they are worth a moment of your consideration.

Garage Floor Size

Some garage mats are a single size, some are pieced together as needed and others are over-sized requiring cutting. It is important to know your garage floor size (in square feet) so you can buy enough material or the right sized mat of the coverage you need.

Material Type

There are many types of mats for your garage floor and the material selection is crucial. If you are looking for a temporary solution to stop staining or to work on a car or truck over a short period, for example, a plastic cover may be best.

Carpeted and carpet-like absorbent pads are better for long-term and daily parking use. You can even find clean mats that are made to protect a finished floor without covering up the detail and work that went into the floor.

Application Style

There are several types of applications to choose from as well. The most common is a roll. You will open the package, unroll the mat and let the folds or wrinkles flatten out over time. Many of these types also come with adhesive to keep the corners or edges in place.

You can also choose from tile type mats, which have interlocking edges so you can mix and match colors to create patterns, adjust sizing or area coverage.

Containment or Non-Containment

Containment mats generally have a raised edge to keep liquids, spills or messes inside the mat area. Absorbent mats are also considered containment mats since they don’t allow any spills or liquids to spill out onto the floor.

Depending on your intended usage, you may need a containment mat. If you are only looking for a floor protector or decorative mat, though, you may not need a containment style. These are mats designed for use as a standing floor, gym mat, etc.

Oil Resistance

Also depending on your usage you may require oil and chemical resistance. Unless you are using the mat as a finished garage application, gym floor or for standing, you will want this resistance. Cars and machines can leak, are greasy and dirty and the resistant features will keep the mats from staining, fading or bleaching.


Another use-dependent feature is cushion. If you plan to use the floor more for yourself (workouts, standing, working, etc.) you want a mat with more cushion. However, if you only plan to park your car or truck on the mat or as a garage floor protector, less cushion is needed.

Load Limits

You also want to pay attention to load limits (when applicable). Some thicker mats aren’t designed for heavy loads and won’t work well under a car or for daily use/parking. Make sure that the mat you ultimately choose can withstand the weight and abuse of your intended use.

Cost and Warranty

Finally, you will want to know the overall cost of the mat and what the warranty covers (if any) and for how long.

The cost of the garage floor mat should include the actual purchase price, of course. But don’t forget to budget in for shipping, cleaning, care and upkeep. These hidden costs can sometimes double or even triple the cost of the mat and if you are unprepared you won’t be satisfied with your purchase.

Not all garage mats come with a warranty. However, those that do may cover different aspects and for different time frames. Make sure you read all the warranty details before you buy. This will outline what is covered and for how long, of course. But it also shows you what is needed on your part for warranty start (registration, etc.) or for making a claim.

Garage Floor Mat Reviews

best garage floor mats

In this section we will review, rate and compare the best garage floor mats. Each review accounts for the type of mat, what it is best used for and who should consider it as a viable option. Scroll through and find the best garage floor mat for your needs.

1. ArmorAll AAGFMC17 Garage Floor Mat

ArmorAll is well known in the automotive industry for their protection products. They extend their line with the garage floor mat to add extra protection to your parking space. This large felt mat is perfect for your garage, no matter the size.

This particular mat comes rolled in a single package and has four different, popular sizes available. With this garage mat, you can quickly and easily cover your garage floor to add protection from oil, grease, liquids and even the weather.

It also covers cracks, discoloration and other stains or unsightly areas of your floor. The mat itself is soft to walk on and works great in garages that are used as living spaces without the need to install carpet.

When used as a car mat, though, it will keep your concrete safe, soft and oil free. Once installed the adhesive keeps the mat in place and the waterproof backing works as a containment mat for any spills, leaks or repairs your car may experience.

The only real downside here is the limited warranty which only covers the mat for 60 days. However, this is still better than no warranty at all, and with proper use and installation, it can last several years.

Best For: Garages that park cars that may have leaks and to cover cracks in the subfloor.

2. GarageTrac Diamond Interlocking Modular Garage Flooring Tile

The interlocking tile mats from GarageTrac are simple to install and will transform the look of any garage in minutes. With several colors to choose from you can create solid colors, patterns or intricate designs with ease.

This 48-pack will cover most garage parking areas, though multiple packs can be purchased for larger areas.

With the edge to edge locking design you don’t have to worry about spills or fluids getting between or under the tiles and once installed, they won’t move. The weight of the flooring along with the interlocking ability of the tiles keeps them all in place.

You can even use them in a mechanic’s garage. The weight distribution can withstand about 40,000 rolling pounds per tile. You can even use a hydraulic floor jack, too. These tiles won’t crack, split or separate and come with a 12-year warranty.

Best For: Busy garages with more traffic that want a new look with easy clean up.

3. TruContain Containment Mat

The TruContain garage mat is designed for a single car and is best for those that need repairs, are leaking or have problems holding their fluids. This mat is also great in areas with adverse weather like heavy rain, snow or even ice.

The PVC coated mat has raised edges to contain any spill or mess and with the leak-proof technology, nothing passes through to your garage floor. These mats come in four different sizes to fit compact cars, trucks, and SUVs with ease.

The best part is that once you are done using them, they clean off easily with a mild detergent and light scrubbing, so you can roll them up and toss them away. With a 1-year warranty you should have no problem finishing your project and getting your car or truck back on the road and all without staining or damaging your garage floor.

Best For: Mechanics and homeowners with a project car or garage in bad climate areas

4. BALIBETOV Car Garage Floor Mat

The felt garage floor mat from BALIBETOV is practical, affordable and fun to say. Just like the ArmorAll mat, this felt carpet mat is soft underfoot and has a leak proof, waterproof underlayment.

It rolls out easily and comes with a no-slip satisfaction guarantee. Once installed and the folds and wrinkles flatten out, you can use the adhesive to keep it in place and prevent it from bunching up.

There are two sizes to choose from, and while it doesn’t come with a warranty, you can easily clean, wash or reuse the mats for several years. For heavily stained mats, though, it is an inexpensive solution that can be purchased and used again and again without breaking the bank.

If you are looking for a budget mat for your garage for use in the winter, as a floor protection or to cover cracks and blemishes in the concrete, this mat is ideal.

Best For: Garage owners on a tighter budget that want a simple, quick fix

5. G-Floor Clear Levant Garage Floor Cover

Sometimes you have a garage floor finish that you want to protect. Covering up all that style and color, though, may not be ideal. The G-Floor garage floor mat is for you.

This clean Levant material is made of polyvinyl and will last virtually forever. It is easy to clean, simple to maintain, waterproof, and best of all, see-through. The 55mil material is scratch , mar and dent resistant so you can walk and drive over it every day without worry.

It also shows your garage floor so you can paint, seal or decorate as needed without compromising the look. However, because it is see-through, it isn’t the best for covering cracks, damage or staining.

With a lifetime warranty, you have nothing to worry about. Simply place the mat on the garage floor, flatten out and you are done. No adhesive is necessary and your floors will be protected for life.

Best For: Finished garage floors that want to protect and show off the look

At a Glance

How do the top garage floor mats stack up? Let’s look at their best features, costs and types all together to find out.

BrandMat TypeWeight LimitContainmentCostWarranty
ArmorAllFabricN/AYes$$60 Days
GarageTracModular Plastic40,000lbsNo$$12-Year

Installing and Maintaining Garage Floor Mats

installing garage floor mats

Installation of your new garage floor mat will depend greatly on the type of may you purchase. There are basic pre-installation steps and install procedures for each type, though.


Before you begin you should always make sure your garage floor is clean and dry. Start with a good sweep and/or vacuum. Use a wet or dry vacuum first to get all the debris and wet areas cleaned up. Sweep the remaining dirt and dust and make sure the entire space is ready.

You will want to mop the concrete if you have stuck on stains like grease or gunk. Using a cleaner designed for concrete is best, but almost any grease-fighting cleanser should work well.

Once the floor is completely dry you can install your new mat.

Roll Type Mat Installation

For the rolls, you will need to open the packaging and remove the mat, adhesive and backings. Make sure you know the sizes and place the roll at the front of the garage. Unroll the mat towards the door and straighten or smooth as you go.

With rolls, there will be folds, kinks and lifted areas. This is normal and the wrinkles and bumps will smooth out over time. You will want to start the adhesive application at the top of the mat (opposite the door). Seal the corners and middle areas of the mat.

As you work down the sides, you will want to place the adhesive only in areas that aren’t wrinkled or bowed. Once the mat lays flat you can come back and place the adhesive then.

At the other end place a small amount of the adhesive in the corners only. The mat will stretch out a bit as it flattens and you will need to reapply the adhesive to the corners and middle edges once this is done.

For the larger cut-to-size matting, you want to cut after it is unrolled (or during the unrolling) to help keep the alignment while being laid. You can go back and trim the cut areas for a better fit once the adhesive is down.

Tile Style Mat Installation

Tile mats interlock and are much easier to install. There are a lot less steps involved, too. Since there is no cutting or adhesive, you only need to open the packaging and begin piecing the tiles together.

If you are creating a pattern or design with multiple colors, you want to lay the tiles out on the garage floor without linking them together. This will allow you to see the pattern as you go and prevent any mistakes along the way.

Once you are satisfied with the pattern, go back and begin placing the tabs on the edges of the tiles together. It is easier to do a row at a time instead of making smaller squares since you need to lift most edges at the same time.

Once the final row is locked together, you are done. The weight of the titles and the locking together will prevent slipping or movement so there is nothing else to do except enjoy your new floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq best garage floor mat

Here we will answer some of the common questions about garage floor mats. If you have other concerns, please feel free to use the comment section below the article.

Q. Are garage floor mats worth it?

  1. Garage floor mats make a great addition to any garage. Whether you want to use the space for parking your cars, or as a home gym, the right floor mat will help protect you, your car and the garage floor.

As an affordable solution, garage floor mats make it easy, simple and cost-effective to prevent staining or damage in your garage.

Q. What is the best color for garage floor mats?

  1. The color of your garage floor mat isn’t really a difference maker as far as performance goes. However for designs, patterns or just to express yourself, colored and pattern options are available. In general, though, you will find most automotive garage mats in gray and black color pallets. 

Q. How do I clean garage floor mats?

  1. You can clean most mats with a vacuum, power washer or even a broom. Each type will have slightly different cleaning capabilities which are outlined on the packaging, or on the brand’s website.

Q. How long will a standard garage floor mat last?

  1. Most containment and carpet style garage floor mats are designed for a year or two of use. A more permanent solution can easily last several years with some options lasting up to a decade. For tile type mats, the expected longevity is much longer and with proper care and maintenance they can last several decades.


Garage floor mats come in a variety of styles, textures, and capabilities. Whether you want to change the look, add padding, protection or cover unsightly damage, a garage floor mat is a great option.

No matter your needs, desires or budget, there is a garage floor mat for you. The most common use is a felt, carpet style mat designed for protection from spills, damage, marking and staining. Items such as the ArmorAll felt garage floor mat make a budget-friendly choice for most garage mechanics.

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