How Often Should You Vacuum?

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how often should you vacuumVacuuming your home on a regular basis is vital to keeping it clean and smelling good. But how often you should vacuum your house is up for debate. The general rule of thumb, however, is at least once a week. But every home is different.

Still on the fence about how often should you vacuum? Here are a few aspects of life that will impact how often you may need to vacuum your place.

Houses that Have Pets Need Near Daily Vacuuming

If you have four-legged-friends, you can expect to vacuum your house twice or more a week. Much like their owners, dogs and cats shed hair and dandruff. As these things accumulate, your home can begin to smell more and more like your pets. The following may also occur if you don’t vacuum your pet’s hair and dandruff on a regular basis:

  • If you have pet allergies, your symptoms can worsen if you don’t vacuum often.
  • Pet dandruff can attract dust and other household debris.
  • Accumulated pet hair can cause blockages in home ventilation.
  • If exposed to a electrical spark, densely packed pet hair can burn and cause fire.
  • A good way to remove pet smell on hard flooring is to use a high quality steam mop with fragrance discs. The steam combined with the discs neutralises the smell and gives the floor a nice fresh scent. Make sure it works with your type of flooring before you use it.

If Many People Live Under Your Roof, Expect to Vacuum More Than Once a Week

vacuuming crowded areas in homeIt’s simple math: The more people in your home, the more dirt, dust, and debris will find its way inside. High traffic areas like entranceways will require vacuuming more often. However, less crowded areas in your home might not need vacuuming more than once a week. These can include:

  • Living rooms
  • Closet spaces
  • Single-occupied bedrooms
  • Garages
  • Bathrooms

To decrease the amount of tract in the dirt, put rugs outside and inside doorways. Having housemates and guests clean their feet before going in can help cut down on vacuuming.

A Cluttered House Will Need Frequent Vacuuming

vacuuming cluttered homeIf you don’t necessarily keep a clean house, then vacuuming your home more often will be a must. A home that has clutter will accumulate more dust. This mounding dust can cause your home to look dirty. The dense dust can also aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms.

Consider vacuuming a messy house twice a week. But the solution to this problem is easy: Keep a tidy home, and vacuum less often.

One-Bedroom and Studio Apartments Won’t Need to Be Vacuumed as Often

If you’re living by yourself in a one bedroom or studio apartment, you won’t have to vacuum more than once a week. But, you may need to spot vacuum high traffic areas like your living and dining room more often.

Also, these small spaces are ideal to clean using robotic vacuums. Just press a button, and these self-working vacuums can clean your house while you’re at work or out shopping. When complete, they’ll dock themselves and charge for their next cleaning.

Always Vacuum Before Vacation

Taking a long trip out of town? Besides packing, you’ll want to make sure to vacuum your home before heading out. This last-minute cleaning will let you come home to a clean house and also cut down on dust build up. Vacuuming before you leave even gives you another chance to check for household damages before going.

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