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Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring – In Brief

Shaw Vinyl specializes in luxury planks and tiles, with their LVP (plank) line splitting into four collections. Shaw LVP collections are available in more than 125 colors and styles, with lifetime warranties available. You’ll pay between $2 and $8 per square foot for Shaw LVP, depending on collection.

Shaw flooring is the world’s largest manufacturer of carpet. While their premium carpeting is something to behold, the company doesn’t stop there. Shaw Vinyl comes in two basic forms, luxury vinyl planks (LVP) and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT).

The main difference is the size and shape. LVP has wood grain patterns and looks and comes in longer, rectangle planks. LVT is used to mimic stone-look tiles and comes in large squares.

This article will examine Shaw luxury vinyl and help you decide if the brand is something you should have in your home.

We also look at their entire line up, selection and prices to show you everything you need to make a well informed decision.

Shaw LVP Floor Line Up

shaw vinyl plank flooring

In the last year or two Shaw has revamped their LVP selection, pairing down to only 4 main lines. While they still hold a premium LVP and excellent ratings, the four lines lower the previous selection amount. Here is where they stand as of 2022.

  • Shaw Floorte LVP. The Floorte Line is split into 3 sub categories. The basic line is the most popular, balancing value with durability.
  • Shaw Floorte Elite LVP. The Floorte Elite is the upper end of the LVP lines offered and gives you thick wear layers and highly detailed planks.
  • Shaw Floorte Pro LVP. The Floorte Pro line is in the middle of the standard and Elite, offering high quality at significant value.
  • Shaw DuraTru LVP. For the budget conscious, the DuraTru is a durable and resilient line that is among the cheapest in premium LVP.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Right Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring

Choosing the Right Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring

When looking for the right LVP/LVT there are a lot of things to consider. Below, you will find the most important factors to think about and why they matter.

Room Size

The area size where you plan to install the flooring is crucial to know. Sold by the square foot, you should know the measurement to understand how much LVP and materials you need to purchase.

Pro Tip: When considering the size of the plank for your Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring, think about your room’s overall layout and size. I’ve found that larger planks can make a smaller room appear more expansive, while smaller planks work better in larger rooms, where they contribute to the aesthetic of coziness.

This will help with the final budgeting and allow you to find any deals on bulk buying, if your project is a larger size.

Installation Type

Shaw LVP comes in two installation types. The most common (and largest selection) is known as a floating floor. Here the planks lock together on the sides and ends to lay on the subfloor (or other flooring type) flat, sturdy and true.

Adhesive installation is a little cheaper on your budget, but takes much longer to install. There is also more prep work to be done before installation can begin. Once you decide on the install type, you need to decide if it will be a DIY project or if you will hire a professional (more below).

Plank Construction

Most LVP is made up of 4 or 5 layers. Shaw uses 5 layers and has some of the most durable planks on the market. The LVP comes with a pad on the bottom so no underlayment is required (moisture barrier may be needed).

The bottom layer is a thick cork that offers sturdy and soft give to the planks. The core is a rigid core made of stone plastic and wood plastic core (SPC  and WPC). The core is where the durability, strength and waterproofing comes into play.

The top two layers are the image layer, where the vinyl has a picture of wood (or stone) and the wear layer. Shaw has 8mil to 30mil thick wear layers and the embossing, texture and added protection are found in this top most layer.

LVP Board Size

One of the smaller but more important things to consider is the board size. Thinner, longer boards give you a more streamlined, “bowling alley” look. Wider, shorter boards offer a more rustic and natural hardwood flooring appearance.

How you want the final look to be or what décor you are matching, the board size needs to accommodate your wishes.

Underlayment, Padding and Subfloor

Not all Shaw LVP comes with the rubber or cork padding. If you select a style that does not, it is likely you will need an underlayment for the flooring. However, even with the padding back, if your subfloor is concrete, a moisture barrier is recommended.

Preventing moisture and humidity from seeping from the concrete to the bottom of the planks is crucial to the waterproofing of the boards. If you are installing as a floating floor, you can leave your current flooring in place (except for carpet).

However installing directly on a subfloor is more ideal to help cover, hide and prevent any damage, warping or protrusions.

Pro Tip: Don’t dismiss the importance of the underlayment! From my own experience, a high-quality underlayment can greatly improve the comfort underfoot, sound absorption, and even the lifespan of your Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring. Always do your research on the different underlayment options available.

Shaw LVP Flooring Price & Warranty

Finally, you want to look closely at the warranty. Depending on the type you purchase, where you buy from and what the install location is, you will find that the Shaw warranty will vary from 5 years to lifetime coverage.

The initial price and final installed price will also vary. This will depend on the style, amount and install method you ultimately choose. DIY installs are cheaper up front, but if you aren’t comfortable doing the install, it can be costly later when the boards start to separate.

Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring Lines

In this section we look at the four lines from Shaw vinyl and compare and cover each one. We take a deep look at their styles, options and differences.

Floorte Luxury Vinyl Plank

Floorte LVP

With two major lines in the Shaw line up, Floorte is the larger one. It also has two sub categories (see below) that offer slight differences. The Floorte line is a premium LVP with a wood plastic core (WPC). Each of these options are water resistant with a waterproofing seal added to the wear layer.

Suitable for at or above grade installation, you will find 14 styles, each with several colors to choose from. Most of the Floorte line is various types of wood grain pattern, though the embossing and texture is minimal.

The picture layer is crystal clear, though and without the texture, the boards still look real. It is only when you walk on them that you realize they aren’t real wood. Of all the Floorte options, the standard version here is the least expensive.

They also come with a 20-year residential warranty against defects, damage and fading, as long as you follow proper installation and care routines. These routines are outlined in the warranty paperwork and again in the owner’s manual.

Best For: Homeowners looking or a realistic looking wood floor without the cost of hardwood.

Floorte Elite Luxury Vinyl Plank

Floorte Elite LVP

The Floorte Elite is the newest of all the Shaw flooring options and currently only has 2 options. Each of those options, though, has 20 colors and shades to browse though, allowing you to find the perfect match for your needs.

The difference between the standard Floorte and Elite is in the durability and rigidness. All of the Elite options are made with stone plastic core (SPC) and are 100% waterproof. Each design here is rated for install in any room, at, above or even below grade.

The 30mil wear layer is the thickest of the brand and comes with rich embossed textures, for a realistic look and feel. They also come with a lifetime warranty, which should help explain the strength and price.

Best For: Homeowners that want the best in terms of longevity and texture without paying for hardwood planks or install fees.

Floorte Pro

floorte pro

The Floorte Pro line is a little more robust. Like the standard version, these are made with WPC, though there are also several versions with a SPC upgrade option.

You will also find that all of the Pro versions now have a rubber backing, which all but eliminates the need for an underlayment. All told you will find 16 varieties of style each with multiple colors to choose from. All combined, there are over 125 different combinations.

The wear layers and plank thickness vary the most in this selection, as does the price. You pay more than the standard Floorte options, but much less than the Elite. It is a great balance between selection, price and durability.

Best For: Those that want a high quality floor but may have a smaller budget.

DuraTru Luxury Vinyl Plank

DuraTru LVP

Finally, we have the second main line. DuraTru is the re-branding of the World’s Fair and Urbanality options from a couple of years ago. This is also where you will find the sheet vinyl options, if you want something besides planks or tiles.

This group offers you 15 styles to choose from, which is about half of what it used to be. However, you get over 65 colors choices as well and a much more durable plank than before.

The DuraTru vinyl comes with a cork backing, so it will still need an underlayment, but the planks are soft and offer a slight give when you walk on them.

These are also the cheapest LVP offered by Shaw and have the lowest warranty (average of 5 to 10-years). However, if you are looking for a quick upgrade, don’t have pets and don’t mind a little extra maintenance and preventative measures (furniture pads, for example), you can get a decent looking floor for a great price.

Best For: Tighter budgets that still want a water resistant flooring with detailed images that mimic wood and stone.

At a Glance

Here are the four main lines from Shaw compared on various attributes so you can see what each one has to offer.

StyleThicknessWear Layer ThicknessStyle/Color OptionsWarrantyPrice (per sq. ft.)*
Floorte5 – 7mm8 – 12mil14/75+20-years$3 – $5
Floorte Elite8 – 12mmUp to 30mil2/20+Lifetime$4 – $8
Floorte Pro7 – 8mmUp to 20mil16/125+20-years/Lifetime$4 – $6
DuraTru1. 5 – 3mm8 – 12mil15/65+15 years$2 – $4

* Flooring only. Install, underlayment and other materials may be extra.

Where to Buy Shaw LVP Flooring

where to buy shaw lvp flooring

Shaw flooring is available nationwide at almost every store that sells LVP. These stores include brick and mortar options like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards and more.

You can also find Shaw through any local dealer or flooring specialty store. If, however, you are shopping online, Home Depot and Lowe’s online shops as well as Amazon and Flooring Inc. may be your best options.

When you shop through the Shaw website, they will ask for your zip code and point you to local dealers that carry that style. You can also use the Shaw website to order samples to get your hands and eyes on what the flooring will actually look and feel like.

Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

When it comes to installation, you have options. The first option is professional install. The first step here is to decide which options and styles you like and then finding contractors that will reliably install the flooring for you.

Pro Tip: Although installing Shaw Vinyl flooring can be a DIY task, I recommend getting the help of professionals if you’re not confident in your skills. From my experience, poor installation can become a costly issue over time. It’s worth investing in professional installation to ensure your new flooring is installed correctly and lasts as long as possible.

Getting estimates and quotes can be a challenge. If you need help with that, we have a tool to assist you. The professional locator tool is free to use and will give you instant results with local contractors. 

If you are installing the flooring yourself, the DIY options are fairly straight forward. Keep in mind, though, that you will need to do all the work yourself and won’t receive a labor warranty from a contractor should something go wrong.

Each type of board, tile or plank (from brand to brand and series to series) will install slightly differently. Here is what you should expect the basic process to look like, though.

  • Allow the flooring to sit in the room for 24 hours to acclimate to the temperature and humidity.
  • Start by removing the baseboards, transitions and thresholds.
  • Vacuum and even mop the floor. You don’t want any debris under your new flooring.
  • Using a circular or table saw, cut about 6 to 8 inches from the first plank. This will prevent the ends from lining up.
  • Using spacers against the wall, lay the entire first row, locking them together end to end.
  • Start the second row with a full length board.
  • Continue laying the second row, locking them together end to end.
  • Use a rubber mallet or knocking block to lock the two rows together.
  • The final piece will usually need to be cut. Use the remainder piece as the start of the next row, continuing to keep the end-seams misaligned.
  • Once the final row is laid, the floor needs time to expand and settle. The resting time is generally 15 to 24 hours.
  • Replace the baseboards, trim and transitions.

Shaw Vinyl Floors Pros and Cons

As with anything in the world, there are good points and bad points. However, some of these points can make or break your decision. Let’s take a look at the biggest pros and cons of Shaw flooring.
Natural wood and stone looksNot the best fade resistance
All options are water resistant with most also being 100% waterproofMore expensive than most other brands
Most options made in USABad installations lead to problems with peeling or damage
Highly durable
Low maintenance and easy to clean
Highly detailed texture and aesthetics

How to Clean Shaw Vinyl Plank Flooring

Shaw LVP and LVT are low maintenance and easy to clean. Because the flooring is water resistant (or waterproof) you can sweep, vacuum and mop as needed.

The best course of action is to sweep the flooring at least once a week, with a good vacuum for hard flooring used every other week to get deep into the cracks and crevasses.

If there is a spill, you can wipe it up as soon as possible using a dry, clean cloth or a microfiber towel. Every once in a while and as needed a damp or wet mop can be used. You want to avoid saturating the flooring, though, even if it is 100% waterproof.

When cleaning you want to avoid steam mops, high heat and a large amount of pooling water. Other than that, as long as your vacuum is rated for hard flooring (soft bristle rollers or powered rollers that can be turned off), you won’t have any problems.

Shaw LVP Vs. Other Brands

If you are wondering how Shaw vinyl holds up against the competition, we have you covered. Here we compare the premium brand against Karndean vinyl and LifeProof LVP to answer that very question.

Shaw LVP Vs. Karndean

Karndean vinyl, like Shaw, is a premium brand. The biggest selling point here is that every LVP option under the Karndean name comes with a lifetime warranty. There are no exceptions.

Each of Karndean LVP options are also 100% waterproof, regardless of line, type or size. On top of that, Karndean has each one of their flooring options FloorScore certified so they are among the leaders in green production of LVP.

The bad news is that Karndean isn’t readily available everywhere. Some states and regions wait up to a month or more for a delivery, which can alter your upgrade timeline drastically. Where Shaw leads is in their availability and durability. They also have many options at a lower price compared to Karndean.

Shaw Vs. LifeProof

LifeProof is the Home Depot exclusive brand that dabbles in everything floor related. From carpet to LVP, LifeProof makes it. They have a larger selection of styles and colors compared to Shaw, but they don’t have the quality and durability that Shaw offers.

Both companies have a decent warranty but Shaw is sold in more places, including Home Depot. Aside from selection, LifeProof also has lower prices per square foot and offers same day installs in many areas.

If you are looking for a simple flooring option that will do the job, look decent and perform well enough for several years, LifeProof is an affordable and viable option. If you want a little more from your floors, including more realistic wood or stone looks, a longer lasting and more durable plank or just higher quality, Shaw is your choice here.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Shaw LVP and vinyl in general. As always, if you have other comments or concerns, use the form at the bottom of the article.

Q. What kind of warranty does Shaw offer?

  1. Shaw has a standard warranty for all LVP. The 15 year warranty is given to all of their flooring as a base. Higher quality versions, though, get a better warranty on top. It is based on the wear layer and its thickness. If the wear layer is over 7mil and under 20mil, the warranty is 30-years (7 for commercial application). If the wear layer is 20mil or thicker you get a lifetime warranty (10 year commercial).

Q. Is Shaw LVP worth it?

  1. Shaw LVP isn’t for everyone. However, those that find the realism of the wood grain ideal and like the look of their line options aren’t disappointed. With the right selection you can have years of worry free flooring that continues to look great day after day.

Q. I’ve read some bad opinions online about Shaw, what’s the catch?

  1. There are a lot of bad reviews about Shaw LVP. However, on deeper research it turns out that almost all of the problems come when the installation is bad. Costco has a reputation for using cheap vendors for this according to this thread on reddit, so I wouldn’t recommend buying through them.

In most cases a poor installation leads to peeling, damage or even lifting of the boards. You can prevent this and get enjoyment and longevity from your boards if you select the installer yourself.

Q. Can I install Shaw LVP below grade?

  1. All Shaw LVP is rated for at or above grade installation. The premium versions with 100% waterproof, SPC rigid core construction, though, are rated for below grade installation. This also extends to the few sheet vinyl options they have.

Final Thoughts on Shaw Vinyl Floors

Shaw is a premium brand that currently holds the title for the largest carpet manufacturer in the world. Their vinyl floor department is not the largest, though. Recently, the company revamped their LVP/LVT department to limit the options and focus on a better quality product.

What is lost in selection and options is made up for in a stronger, more durable plank with better texture and embossing. You get a great floor at a decent price that can last decades if properly cared for.

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