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Fiberon Decking – In Brief

Fiberon is a well-loved decking provider specializing in composite panels to fit a wide budget range. Prices for Fiberon boards range from $24 – $105, with their cellular foam Promenade collection at premium rate. Fiberon boards are low-maintenance, arrive in exclusive colors, and match the company’s fascias and railings (sold separately).

Building a deck can be a great way to enjoy your summer. Choosing the right decking material, though, can be a daunting task. Fiberon composite decking is one of the many choices you have.

If you are researching decking materials and are wondering if Fiberon could be the answer for you, you are in the right place. We will cover everything you need to know. 

Top Fiberon Decking Lineups

fiberon flooring

Fiberon currently offers 6 different decking options:

  • Fiberon Promenade PVC Decking. This is top-of-the-line from Fiberon. The most durable line. Great traction when wet. Coating is handcrafted to be more realistic.
  • Fiberon Paramount PVC Decking. A high-end and low maintenance PVC option. Good traction. Unlike Promenade the coating is not handicrafted.
  • Fiberon Concordia Composite Decking. Unlike Promenade and Paramount, Concordia is full composite decking. Capped on all 4 sides. Made to resemble real wood options or offer gorgeous color choices. Can be slippery.
  • Fiberon Sanctuary Composite Decking. Mid-price tier. Subtle grain patterns with Earth tone color options. Full composite with plenty of color options. Does not have a scalloped board. 
  • Fiberon Good Life Composite Decking. Uses scalloped boards for light plank, quick installation and save money. One of the cheapest lines together with ArmorGuard. 
  • Fiberon ArmorGuard Composite Decking. The only Fiberon option to be sold nationwide through Home Depot. Like Good Life uses scalloped boards for a light plank and with quick installation. One of the cheapest options. 

Pro Tip: When considering Fiberon decking, don’t just go for the lower-end options to save some money. It’s true that these options are more affordable, but they also come with less color choices. As someone who values the aesthetic appeal of their outdoor space, I recommend saving up for the mid-range or higher-end options. You’ll appreciate the wider variety of colors that can truly elevate your deck to the next level.

Here is a great intro to Fiberon by “The Ultimate Deck Shop”:

Fiberon Decking At A Glance + Cost

Cost will vary on several aspects on board size and composition. Price may also vary depending on the shop and location.

SeriesLengths (feet)*Board StylesCompositionCapsPrice (per board)
Promenade16, 20 Full, SlottedCellular foam polymerPVC 3-Sides$60 – $105
Paramount20Full, SlottedCellular foam polymerPVC 3-Sides$57 – 96
Concordia12, 16, 20Full, SlottedWood-plastic compositePermaTech  4-Sides$50 – 85
Sanctuary16, 20Full, SlottedWood-plastic compositePermaTech  3-Sides$42 – 70
Good Life20Scalloped, Scalloped SlottedWood-plastic compositeCo-Extruded 3-Sided$24 – 40
ArmorGuard8, 20Scalloped, Scalloped SlottedWood-plastic compositeCo-Extruded 3-Sided$24 – 60

*Lengths are for square edge options. Slotted boards offers in 12, 16 and 20 foot lengths for all Series

Fiberon Composite Decking Pros and Cons


  • Fiberon offers options for all budget ranges.
  • Multiple color and style options for all tastes.
  • Low maintenance composite boards.
  • Some line ups are readily available across the nation.
  • Series-unique color options.
  • Great warranty periods for the price points.
  • Fiberon railings, fascias and accessories are color matched.


  • Not all board profiles come in all lengths.
  • Minimal profile options available.
  • Lower-end options have few color choices.
  • Scratch resistance is lower than many other brands.
  • Some colors fade easily if not properly cared for.

Fiberon Deck Line Ups 2022

1. Fiberon Promenade PVC Decking

promenade decking

Promenade from Fiberon is easily their most durable performance line. These boards have better traction when wet and meet many regulations for fire and safety. 

The Promenade series can be used anywhere, from your outdoor deck and patio needs to your boat dock and marina walkways. The handcrafted boards are coated with a PVC shell on three sides and offer superior scratch, dent and slip resistance.

You have 6 colors to choose from including names like Moonlit Cove and Natural Reef. The color pallet covers Earth tones from light brown through gray.

The boards themselves come in two styles, full board and slotted board, each with a flat bottom. You can find lengths of 16 and 20 feet for the full board and the additional 12-foot for slotted. Combining the two will give you a solid deck with no gaps and lots of traction.

You can find fascias in the same colors and they come in 12-in x 12-ft sections. However, it is important to note that you should use treated pine for the frame and risers, neither of which come in the material or colors.

Pro Tip: If you’re contemplating between different series of Fiberon decking, pay close attention to the unique features of each. For instance, the Promenade series is pricier than others, but it offers superior durability and traction, which is particularly beneficial in areas with frequent rain or snow. Always weigh the cost against your specific needs and circumstances to make an informed decision.

With your purchase, though, Fiberon gives you a lifetime warranty on the boards against damage, splintering, rotting and other issues. You also get a 50-year warranty against scratches and fading.

2. Fiberon Paramount PVC Decking

paramount decking

Like the Promenade series, Paramount is also a PVC board, capped on three sides and comes with excellent slip, scratch and damage resistance. There are two main differences though.

First is the wear protection. Paramount uses a standard traction and coating that is not handcrafted. While there is still wet and dry traction protection, it isn’t as deep or as protective as the coating on the Promenade line.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that while Fiberon decking is low maintenance, it does have lower scratch resistance as compared to other brands. From my experience, it’s worth investing in a good-quality protective mat, especially in high-traffic areas. This small addition can help you preserve the beauty of your decking for years to come.

The second difference is that the fascias aren’t an exact match in color but are complimentary. If you want a uniform look, you may need a different line. However, the subtle differences work and do make the stairs pop, which is nice aesthetically speaking.

Like Promenade, the Paramount line meets requirements for installation in Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) zones. They both also meet the strict San Diego County fire performance requirements.

You also get the limited lifetime and 50-year scratch warranties with this line, making it a slightly more affordable option. However, there are only 4 colors to choose from, three multi-tonal brown and gray options and a single, solid gray option.

3. Fiberon Concordia Composite Decking

concordia decking

The Fiberon Concordia line is the most popular. It offers a mix of value, reliability and warranty to bring you the good mix of all aspects of composite decking.

Concordia is the only Fiberon option that is capped on all four sides, this gives you a lot more options for installation. For example, you can use either side of the board, so you save time not having to constantly flip the boards over during install.

Also, if you are building a deck off a second story, the bottom of the deck is eye-pleasing when you are below. Unlike Paramount of Promenade, Concordia (and the other options on the list) are full composite decking, not PVC.

This series also offers you the most color options with eight. You can choose between four Multi-tonal colors from the Symmetry collection, like Warm Sienna and Graphite. You can also choose from four wood grains and colors in the Horizon collection. This includes wood patterns like Ipe decking and Rosewood decking.

Made from 94% recycled material, the composite decking in the Concordia line offers the same lifetime/50-year scratch warranty as the PVC lines.

4. Fiberon Sanctuary Composite Decking

sanctuary decking

If you are on a slightly tighter budget and still want a great looking and performing deck, the Sanctuary line is a good option. This line offers plenty of colors, a great warranty and a flat-bottomed board for easier installation.

Like every other Fiberon option (except Concordia) the boards are capped on only three sides. However, the flat bottom full boards and slotted boards are still full composite and made from recycled material.

With the lower price, though, you have to make a few extra decisions. You get less colors to choose from, though the multi-tonal offerings aren’t bad. Five “drink” colors like Chai, Latte and Espresso are in the mix.

You also get a 40 year performance/scratch warranty instead of the larger lifetime option. However, when you do choose Sanctuary, you get a decking that is easy to work with and color matched through the risers, fascias and cladding. While each is a separate purchase (none are rated for use as another) you can still match your décor with ease.

5. Fiberon Good Life Composite Decking

good life decking

The Good Life series is one of the most affordable line ups from the company. It offers a decent warranty and enough color options to keep you happy, too.

This 3-side capped board is mold, mildew and pest resistant. It also prevents termites and other wood-boring creatures with it’s 94% recycled composite content. It also features two different collections to choose from.

The Escapes collection gives you three color options, including a brown tone and two gray tones. These have the deepest wood grain pattern of all collections and look great in any lighting, weather or installation location.

You can also choose the Weekender collection. It offers you two colors, a brown-toned Cabin, or the gray-toned Cottage. This collection also has a deep grain pattern embossed, but is more plastic looking than the others.

The warranty here depends on the collection you choose. The Escapes collection comes with a 30-year warranty while the Weekender offers 25-years.

6. Fiberon ArmorGuard Composite Decking

armorguard decking

ArmorGuard is the most affordable option of them all. It is also the most readily available. Sold exclusively through Home Depot all across the country, you can walk in and make a purchase or shop online.

ArmorGuard, like the Good Life series, doesn’t have full boards. Instead, they are scalloped boards for a lighter plank and quicker install. The weight limits and durability are a little lower because of this, but not so much you should notice.

This collection is available in only three colors, and you will need to shop around a bit to find matching fascias. There is a match in ArmorGuard for the Brazillian Walnut and Nantucket Gray. However, if you choose to go with the Sandcastle color option, your fascias will need to be selected from the Concordia Ipe collection.

ArmorGuard offers a 25-year performance and scratch resistance warranty, which should be enough for most homeowners. If you are looking for more protection or a more durable board, though, you will need to choose one of the other 5 options here.

Finding a Professional Fiberon Decking Installer

Professional installation can become quite expensive. Contractors can have different rates based on your state, region, and other location variables. Of course the size of the project, time of year and other factors also play a role.

The biggest challenge, though, is finding a professional that can do the job at the best rate and offer the highest level of quality and professionalism.

To help with that, we have a professional contractor finder. This program will return high-quality contractors that are well reviewed, have background checks, licenses and a standing history in your local area.

The finder is free to use and will give you instant results. All that is left is for you to make a few phone calls and start getting quotes. Try it out today.

Frequently Asked Questions

fiberon composite decking faqs

Here, we will answer some of the most common questions about Fiberon and composite decking in general. If you have other concerns, please use the comment section below.

Q. Will welcome mats stain Fiberon composite decking?

  1. Some mats can, yes. Fibron cautions against using rubber, vinyl or latex. You can use straw and woven mats, and some vinyl-backed mats as long as they are labeled color-fast. You also want to ensure water, rain, debris or moisture are not left underneath the mat.

Q. Do I have to use Fiberon Phantom fasteners, or can I use another brand?

  1. Technically, nothing is stopping you from using other fasteners, but not using Phantom (Fiberon’s brand) will void your warranty and the possibility for saving some money may not be worth it in the long run.

Q. What can I use for safe ice removal on a Fiberon deck?

  1. According to Fiberon, you can use anything that is safe for use in yards or on concrete as long as they do not contain dyes. Rock salt is among the most trusted and easiest ice removal products that won’t damage the decking.


Fiberon composite decking has a lot of options in various price ranges. Most homeowners love that Fiberon has different price point entrance levels. Each series has its own styles and colors allowing you to pick the perfect design for your needs.

Choosing Fiberon over other composite decking brands isn’t a bad decision. While you can find better warranties for similar price points, style and color options may be more limited in other brands. However, with the higher-end series boards you can have an affordable, life-long deck for your yard.

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