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DuraLux Flooring – In Brief

DuraLux is a budget-friendly, DIY vinyl flooring brand providing more than 100 different styles across three collections. It’ll cost between $2 and $6 per square foot (without installation) to fit DuraLux products. Lines such as their NuCore range offer a lifetime warranty, and over 300 different colors.

Vinyl flooring is fast becoming one of the most popular options to replace hardwood in homes across the country.

With new technological advances, the luxury vinyl planks or tiles (LVP/LVT) can look and feel like real hardwood, but offer more benefits than natural wood.

In this article we will compare and take a close look at the DuraLux LVP flooring brand. We will show you the benefits and disadvantages of choosing this small brand instead of going with the big names.

Top Benefits to Choosing DuraLux Flooring

Why would you consider a small brand such as DuraLux when there are much bigger names in the game? Here are a few reasons to start you off.

  • Affordable pricing. DuraLux is a budget-friendly option with premium features. There is a solution for almost every budget range out there.
  • Authentic look and feel. The wood and stone looks of the planks and tiles is more realistic than most budget brands and has texture to match.
  • Simple DIY install. The installation process for DuraLux LVP has been streamlined requiring less time and fewer tools.
  • Wet area install. With DuraLux LVP you can install in basements, bathrooms and even laundry rooms without worry.
  • Low maintenance. With a simple sweep and occasional mopping your floors will remain looking newer longer.

At a Glance Comparison Chart

How does DuraLux compare to big brands like LifeProof and Nucore? Let’s look at all three brands side by side. Note that costs are averages over the entire line up from each company. Your actual costs will vary based on several factors.

BrandStyle OptionsColor OptionsWarrantyCost
DuraLux61100+Lifetime$1.99 to $4 per sq. ft.
LifeProofAbout 20Over 5020 years to Lifetime$1.50 – $3 per sq. ft. 
NuCoreOver 100Over 300Lifetime$2.50 to $6 per sq. ft.

I also recommend this video on the topic by “Jones Knows”:

Who Is DuraLux?

DuraLux is a flooring company that is US based and exclusive. In the grand scheme of flooring brands, they are a relative baby. With some brands having histories that go back over 150 years, a company that only started 21 years ago is still new.

DuraLux is based in Atlanta, Georgia and produces flooring under the DuraLux name, sold exclusively through Floor & Decor stores in the United States.

Don’t let the small company with a smaller footprint than most fool you though, they are a force in the flooring world.

With innovative technologies and durable flooring that can (in some cases) rival the most premium brands, they bring a lot to the table.

DuraLux LVP Flooring Report

DuraLux LVP Flooring

DuraLux is an exclusive company, meaning they only sell their product through a single store. That store, Floor & Decor, is well known and trusted as serving only top quality and budget-friendly flooring options.

When it comes to DuraLux, though, these factors are elevated and made better by the exclusivity. They offer a fairly wide range for being exclusive and you are sure to find a solution that suits your needs.

Board Sizes and Options

DuraLux comes in two styles, either plank or tile. The LVT is generally reserved for the stone-look patterns. This will include 12×24 through 18 x 36 inches in a more square shape than a rectangular plank.

The LVP also has various widths and lengths, from 4 to 6.5 inches wide and up to 56 inches long. The vast majority of choices, though, will be 48 inches long and the wide plank (6 – 8 inch) widths.

Another common measurement, though, is the thickness of the plank or tile. Thicker planks tend to be more durable, more giving and last longer. For budget-friendly models, you will find mostly 2 to 4mm thickness which can be quite flimsy. With DuraLux, though, the thicknesses range between 4 and 6.5mm.

Styles and Colors

All told DuraLux offers over 60 styles and colors. There is a large concentration of their product line devoted to the light and medium color ranges and the 5mm thickness. With just these two options selected while browsing you will see about 80% of the inventory.

There are 2 options each that come in 4, 6 and 6.5 mm thickness with 55 options at 5mm. All 61 of the options, though, are waterproof and come with a foam underlayment attached. The durable wear layers and photo-realistic layers are assembled together to create a waterproof and highly durable plank.

The tiles are also durable and resilient. With a stone-look style you can install in bathrooms or kitchens for a near-authentic stone tile look. The waterproofing ability means they can be installed in wet areas and are rated for above or below grade installs, too. This means basement and laundry area installs are possible.

You will also get the durability and reliability that comes with the brand, which for the price makes DuraLux a great value.

Where to Buy DuraLux LVP

If you do decide to go with the brand you can only find them in stock at Floor & Decor. This nationwide chain may not be local to everyone, though. However, with 120 stores across the nation they are most likely in a larger city near you.

You don’t have to go in person, though. For the internet shoppers among us, you can shop directly on the Floor & Decor website. There you will get all 61 styles, and can narrow your choices down through the selection menus to find the right fit for you.

What People are Saying

Overall the reactions from consumers and installers is highly positive. You will find the odd negative remark here and there, but in most cases this is not the fault of the brand or the flooring.

The negative reviews we found were almost always about the installer (even the DIY ones) that resulted in a bad experience.

For the flooring itself, color, durability and ease of install top the glowing reviews left by verified owners across the country. The DuraLux LVP also gets high marks in maintenance and care levels being low.

Warranty and Cost

One of the great things about this budget floor brand is their warranty. With a lifetime residential install you can rest assured that there is proof in the pudding, so to speak. DuraLux believes in their product enough to cover it against defects in craftsmanship, damage and fading for as long as you own it.

Many larger brands don’t even offer a lifetime warranty, so that is something to be impressed with. However, it also comes down to cost. DuraLux has a friendly cost that fits almost any budget.

Your exact cost will vary by type, style, location and amount. However there is something for everyone. There are styles that cost less than $2 per square foot and some that are over $4 per square foot. The majority, though, will fall between $2.50 and $3 per square foot, which is a great deal.

Pro Tip: DuraLux Flooring is an excellent choice for homeowners on a budget, but don’t let the price point fool you about its quality. Its pattern variety makes it easy to match with any decor. Always request a sample to see how it would complement your home before placing a full order.

Pros and Cons of DuraLux LVP

pros and cons duralux flooring

As we know, there are two sides to every coin, or flooring type in this case. The good comes with the bad and you have to know both to make an informed decision.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages together. Below the chart you will also find the ratings given to the brand over several categories.
Realistic look and feel of wood and stoneOnly sold through Floor & Decor
Low maintenanceNot all stores carry all options
Affordable pricingProfessional install can get pricey
No acclimation process for DIY install
Over 60 style and color options

DuraLux Vs. Other Brands

DuraLux does sound like a great brand on paper. But how do they stand up against other well known (and larger) brands? We compare DuraLux to LifeProof and NuCore LVP to find out.

DuraLux Vs. LifeProof LVP

LifeProof LVP and flooring shares a lot in common with DuraLux. For example, both are store-exclusive brands. Instead of Floor & Decor, though, LifeProof is sold only through Home Depot stores and online shops.

The LVP also comes with a photo-realistic layer that mimics hardwood or stone and you can find several styles and multiple colors, just like with DuraLux. The difference is mainly in distribution. Because Home Depot has a much larger hold across the country, there are more opportunities to find your chosen style in stock.

However, LifeProof LVP is more specialized. They are affordable and durable, but they have a more limited option. Where DuraLux offers over 60 styles and colors, LifeProof (as of this writing) has a little over 20.

The other major difference here is the cost and installation. LifeProof is cheaper in almost every instance, but will need to be acclimated to the project location for at least 24 hours before installation. DuraLux can install out of the box without acclimation.

If time is of the essence and an important factor, DuraLux is your choice. However, if you want to save a little money and have fewer style choices but don’t mind waiting to install, LifeProof is a solid option.

DuraLux Vs. NuCore LVP

When talking about similarities, DuraLux and NuCore have a ton in common. Both are Floor & Decor exclusive brands, for example. They both also offer you a lifetime residential warranty and come with a lot of style options.

NuCore is a thicker plank and has been around a little longer. They also have over 100 styles, compared to the 61 from DuraLux. The similarities don’t end there, either. Price, shipping and installation costs, DIY install capability and almost everything else is near identical. 

Here is where the difference lies: installing. When you install NuCore LVP you will need to open your boxes, spread out the planks and let them acclimate to the humidity and temperature of the room for 24 to 48 hours (or longer). DuraLux does not need acclimation so you can install the same day you bring the boxes of planks home.

Installation of DuraLux Flooring

DuraLux LVP and LVT are easy to install as a DIY project. However, you may not have the time or desire to install your new floor yourself.

This isn’t a problem as any professional contractor can perform the installation for you. It will cost more, of course, but in general you can expect DuraLux vinyl to cost about $4 to $6 per square foot for installation.

Pro Tip: Installation of DuraLux is pretty straightforward, making it perfect for a DIY project. However, it’s always wise to take your time to ensure the subfloor is perfectly clean and flat for the best outcome. Any unevenness or debris may affect the longevity and performance of your DuraLux flooring.

Using the free finder tool, not only will you get results from well vetted professionals, but they will be local to your area, too.

If you do decide to install the flooring yourself, here is a basic guide of what you can expect the process to look like.
  • Remove the previous flooring and expose the subfloor.
  • Clean the subfloor well with a good vacuum to remove all dirt, dust and debris.
  • Open the first box and mix the contents with several other boxes. This will help the final appearance and prevent different dye levels to show as readily.
  • Using a circular or table saw, cut 6 inches from the end of the board. Doing so will ensure you have an offset layering of each row.
  • Place the first row, locking the ends of the boards together.
  • Start with an uncut board for the first one of the second row. Lock the next row into place end to end and with the sides of the first row.
  • Continue this process, cutting off 6 inches as needed to maintain an offset of end joints.
  • The final row will lock the entire floor into place and after expansion, will seal any gaps around the walls.
  • Reinstall any baseboards, thresholds or moldings as needed.
  • Let the floor rest for 24 hours to fully expand and settle.
  • Restore the furniture to the room and enjoy your new floors.

Pro Tip: Although DuraLux flooring can be installed in wet areas like bathrooms or kitchens, it’s essential to wipe up standing water as soon as possible. This will help prolong the lifespan and maintain the beauty of your DuraLux floor. Remember, it’s water-resistant, not waterproof!

Frequently Asked Questions

faq duralux flooring

In this section we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the DuraLux brand and LVP in general. If you have other concerns, feel free to use the comment section below the article.

Q. Is DuraLux LVP any good?

  1. DuraLux is a quality brand at reasonable prices. With the no-acclimation installation and DIY friendly flooring it saves consumers a lot of money that otherwise would have to settle for a lower quality product.

Q. Does Home Depot own Floor & Decor?

  1. There is a lot of confusion about this because of who does own Floor & Decor. The company is not owned by Home Depot. However, it is owned by Thomas Taylor, the former Home Depot head executive.

Q. Is all DuraLux made with a rigid core?

  1. Yes. All 61 styles and options are constructed with a stone-plastic core (SPC) that adds strength, durability and resilience to the planks and tiles. With some brands you also have a wood-plastic core option (WPC) but not with DuraLux where everything is made stronger to last longer.

Q. Should I cut the tongue off of the first row?

  1. It is not required since the tongue side will be hidden under the baseboards. However it is recommended to cut the tongue off to help the floor properly expand when installation is complete. 


DuraLux LVP flooring as a Floor & Decor exclusive isn’t the hardest flooring to locate. But with only 120 local stores, most of your shopping will most likely be done online.

The flooring itself offers enough style and color options to meet most demand, plus it is easily installed without many extra tools or steps. With an affordable cost and low maintenance, DuraLux is a favorite for many reasons.

While there are larger companies and even higher quality flooring out there, the value and cost effectiveness of the lifetime warranties floors here are well worth a second look before you buy from the bigger guys.

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