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Wolf Decking – In Brief

Wolf Decking is a premium porch decking brand offering three specific luxury, hard-wearing composite and PVC options. Average costs range from $30 to $70 per board, covering their Serenity, Serenity Porch and Perspective styles. Wolf Decking is designed to withstand weather and damage while retaining color under the threat of UV.

Wolf Decking has several options in both style and type to help you narrow your selection, find the ideal match for your needs and even gives you installation choices.

In this flooring report we will look at all of the Wolf decking options, their selections, pros and cons.

Quick Info About Wolf Decking 

Wolf Decking

Wolf offers three styles of boards in either PVC or composite construction. Which one you need will be based on several factors.

Pro Tip: When choosing your Wolf decking, consider the color very carefully as this brand features an excellent retaining color feature under the threat of UV. This means your Wolf decking will maintain its color for an extended period, reducing the need for future renovations due to color fading. From my experience, opting for lighter shades can help reflect heat better and keep your outdoor spaces cooler.

Wolf Decking Flooring Report

Wolf decking may not have the extensive line ups of other brands, or the vast array of colors and wood patterns.

But what they do have is a selection of the most popular, most common and most sought-after options on the market. Their three line ups meet almost everyone’s needs and exceed their expectations.

Let’s take a closer look.

1. Wolf Serenity PVC Decking

Wolf serenity

The Serenity line is the PVC decking line that is the most popular, but also the most expensive. With the full 20-foot boards reaching prices over $70 each, it can become a budgeting nightmare. However, when you factor in the low maintenance, easy installation and lifetime warranty, it begins to take a better focus.

The Serenity line is ideal for all area installation, but is exceptional in coastal communities. Each board is fully capped with High Density Cellular technology (a fancy way of saying really good PVC). The boards are fully reversible, so you can install in any direction, this speeds up install time by almost 30%, which can save you money as well.

Inside this line you will find two collections, the Tropical Hardwoods and Seaside collections. Tropical Hardwoods offer you 9 colors, including Amberwood, Black Walnut, Golden Cypress, Driftwood Grey, Rosewood, Silver Teak, Teakwood, Weathered Ipe and Onyx.

These colors feature a fade resistance as well as moisture, mold and mildew resistance and they come with a 50 year warranty to back it up. The same warranty also covers the fade and stain resistance of the Seaside collection, which offers only two colors; Harbor Grey and Sand Castle.

Along with the fade warranty, you also get a limited lifetime warranty that protects against damage, cracking, splintering and breaking. You will need to see  the full warranty for exact coverage limitations, but there isn’t much to worry about here. Once bought, you are covered for as long as you own the home.

ASA Colorwatch100 technology Has a more plastic look than composite decking
Perfect for coastal installationNot readily available in all areas
Lifetime damage warranty 
Boards are fully reversible 
Multiple color and style options 
ICC Code compliant 

2. Wolf Perspective Composite Decking

If you need to save a bit of money, the Wolf Perspective line may be up your ally. This is a composite decking material that is durable and reliable. Using a wood grain pattern finish and an installation that accepts standard or hidden fasteners, composite decking boards are affordable, popular and aesthetically pleasing.

Unlike the capped PVC boards, the composite decking planks aren’t reversible. You can only install in one direction, but the options aren’t that bad. with 12, 16 and 20-foot length options the 5.5-inch wide boards feel and look like real wood without the plastic appearance of PVC.

There is only a single collection in the Perspective line up. It offers 5 color options that include Acacia, Cedar Ridge, Potomac Grey, Redwood and Dune. Unlike the PVC options of the Serenity line, the Perspective line is made from 94% recycled materials, and also offers stain, mold and mildew resistance.

Pro Tip: If you’re thinking about affordability, the Perspective line is a fantastic composite option that doesn’t compromise on durability. While the Serenity line is the popular choice, I’ve found the Perspective line to be just as reliable and resilient. What’s more, it has an excellent price point that can suit a range of budgets, ensuring beauty and durability don’t always have to come with a hefty price tag.

Because the boards aren’t capped and protected with plastic, the warranty is a little less. you get 25 years of coverage for the entire thing, including stain and fade coverage, as well as damage, splinter and cracking protection. It is a far cry from lifetime protection, but 25 years for a deck is still an incredible deal.

Real wood grain patterns and textureLower warranty that other options
Solid and grooved boards availableLimited color selection
Mold, mildew and moisture resistanceNot all colors and sizes available everywhere
94% recycled materials 
Matte finish reduces plastic look 
Matching rimboards available. 

3. Wolf Serenity PVC Porch

Wolf serenity porch

Wolf has even thought about your porch and made a PVC board to compliment the decking. In general, porch decking boards are smaller and it is this distinction that gives the Serenity Porch their true benefit.

You can find an exact match or go a completely opposite direction with your style and colors, to make an eye catching porch and deck combination. There are three collections here and each is slightly different.

The Tropical Hardwoods are made to complement the same named collection of the decking boards. There are four colors to choose from, including Weathered Ipe, Silver Teak, Golden Cypress and Amberwood. The Seaside collection adds Sand Castle and Harbor Gray to the color wheel, too.

Both of these lines offer boards that are 1 x 3 1/8 inches and come in lengths of 10, 12 and 16 feet. The difference is in the Americana collection. While it only features Pewter color, these boards are ¾ inches thick instead of 1 inch. They still have a width of 3 1/8 inches and also come in 10, 12 and 16 feet, though.

Just like the decking, these porch boards are fully capped PVC and are reversible. They also feature the super easy to install tongue and groove slotting style. And like the namesake decking these porch boards also have the 50-year/Lifetime warranty coverage.

Simple installationAmericana is not ICC code complaint
Color match to Serenity deckingNot available in all areas
Resists staining, fading and moisture 
Strong planks won’t rot, crack or splinter 
Wolf Pro warranty extension available 
Made in the USA 

At a Glance

How do the three lines compare? Let’s take a look at all three in various features and aspects to find out. Note that the cost is per board and average range from all the available sizes. Your local dealer may have different pricing, as this chart only lists the averages.
StyleColorsBoard SizesDual SidedFade & Stain WarrantyProduct WarrantyMold & Mildew ResistantPrice
Serenity Decking1012, 16, 20 feetYes50 YearsLifetimeYes$36 – $70 per board
Serenity Porch710, 12, 16 feetYes50 YearsLifetimeYes$30 – $60 per board
Perspective512, 16, 20 feetNo25 Years25 YearsYes$30 – $70 per board

What People Are Saying

Wolf decking isn’t a brand a lot of people are talking about…yet. The relatively small footprint of the company is growing, and they have reached over 40 states and into Canada. However, since they aren’t nationwide, there isn’t a lot of online chatter about the company.

What is found is generally always good, including many owners stating they took a chance and have never looked back. One review even goes so far as to say Wolf decking is the only brand they will ever use.

Common complaints are material based and not brand-specific, such as the PVC getting hot to the touch in hot summer direct sun, or that in ice and snow the composite can get slippery. These are common alternative decking complaints though, and have nothing to do with the actual brand.

Pro Tip: Regardless of the decking you choose, regular maintenance can make a big difference in longevity. Even for high-quality, durable options like Wolf decking, a little bit of love goes a long way. I generally give my deck a gentle clean once every couple of months to keep it looking fresh and to avoid any build-up of grime or mildew.

Where to Buy

Finding a place to buy Wolf decking is the hard part. The company is mainly selling in the North East and in Canada, though they are spreading pretty fast. You can use the online search tool at the Wolf website to locate the nearest dealer or installer to your area.

Don’t be surprised if the nearest one is over 100 miles away, though. However, if you aren’t close to a dealer, it is well worth the drive to see the boards in person, and understand the quality and durability they offer.

Installing Wolf Decking

installing wolf decking

Installation comes down to two options: hire a professional, or do it yourself. If you have the tools, knowledge and confidence to install the decking yourself, you can save a lot of money.

You will need a miter saw with a carbide tipped blade, self-feeding screw guns and a power drill/screwdriver. However, choosing the right fasteners and installing the rimboards, posts and supports are all dependent on the board type and size. Joist spacing and proper deck height for airflow all need to be calculated.

The best option is to hire the job out to the professionals. They will have all the proper tools, a team of contractors to get the job done fast and the more reputable companies will offer a labor warranty should anything go wrong.

The hard part is finding a contractor that can handle the job, and with that, we can help. The free pro finder tool will give you results of local, reputable and properly vetted professionals. You won’t have to worry about backdoor deals, unscrupulous companies or over-the-top pricing.

However, you should note that hiring a decking professional will cost. You can expect to add between $3 and $5 per square foot to your total budget and project price. While it can make the deck project quite expensive, the end result and lifelong enjoyment of the completed project are well worth it.

Wolf Decking Vs. Other Decking Brands

wolf decking vs other brands
How does Wolf stand up against other popular brands in the decking industry? We compare Wolf to Azek and Trex to find out.

Wolf Vs. TimberTech Azek

TimberTech Azek is a PVC decking like the Wolf Serenity line. It offers a much larger selection and brings you 4 collections and more than 25 colors to choose from. You still get the same 50-year fade and stain and lifetime damage warranty as with Wolf, though and the two companies are reliable, durable and similarly priced.

The big advantage of Timbertech Azek is its readily available in all areas. It is easy to find a dealership that offers Azek decking, where Wolf is a little harder to come by in most areas. If you are looking for selection, options and DIY install, Azek is a better option. If you want a slightly better price and don’t mind hunting for a dealer, though, Wolf stands on its own here.

Wolf Vs. Trex

Trex Decking is an industry leading and well known brand. They offer a wide variety of options, colors and styles. However, their biggest claim to fame is the realistic wood grain patterns they emboss in their boards. They have the longest non-repeating patterns of any PVC or composite boards on the market. This gives an even more realistic appearance to the boards.

Trex also has less plastic looking finishes than Wolf, but the durability isn’t always there. If you compare the Trex Select Composite to Wolf’s Perspective line, you will find that Wolf edges Trex in durability and resistance. Both offer 25 year warranties, though, and it all comes down to appearance and price.

Trex boards are readily available almost everywhere, they cost a little more than Wolf, but look a lot better when installed. Wolf has the slight edge in pricing, but loses that edge because you have to live in the right spot to even find a dealer that sells it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Wolf decking? Here we answer some of the most common questions about the brand. If you have other concerns, please use the comment section below the article.

Q. Is Wolf Decking worth it?

  1. In short, yes, Wolf decking is definitely worth it. The purchase price may be a little high and finding a dealer can be a challenge, but the end result is a lifelong deck that can maintain appearances, offers low maintenance and looks great decades later. Everything that points to a high-quality and durable product.

Q. Can I clean with a power washer?

  1. You can use a power washer on Wolf decks. However regular cleaning with a garden hose and spot scrubbing where (and if) needed is generally all you need. Keeping the deck clean with a broom will prevent most needs for heavy equipment cleaning in the future.

Q. I’ve noticed a rust-like stain on my Wolf deck, how do I clean it?

  1. Wolf recommends using a non-bleaching toilet bowl cleaner to remove the rusting stains that can occur on some boards. Simply spray the cleaner and scrub with a soft-bristled brush and rinse away with the garden hose. You may need to repeat twice to get it all.

Q. What is ASA Colorwatch100 technology?

  1. Colorwatch100 is a proprietary technology that prevents color fading and offers UV protection to the capped boards. It is because of the color-fast technology that Wolf boards won’t fade even in a harsh, consistent direct sunlit area.


Wolf decking is a brand that not many have heard of yet. The company is growing in both size, distribution and reputation and all in a positive manner. While they haven’t reached all 50 states yet, they do have a presence in 40 states and Canada.

When you do get your hands on Wolf porch or deck boards, you will understand the quality, durability and ease of use they offer. It is highly recommended that you search for the brand wherever you are and give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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