How to Restore Trex Decking

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how to restore trex decking

Trex composite decking is a fantastic material for back decks. With its sustainability and durability, it is a great alternative to traditional wood. 

One of the downsides of Trex decking is that it can fade from the sun. 

This is especially true with decks since they are exposed to the weather more than in any other area. Dirt and rain can easily take the color out of Trex decking and your deck won’t have the same sheen. 

Trex decking can also get dirty easily, which will make it look duller and older. 

Fortunately, you can refinish your Trex decking quite easily and with minimal tools. 

In this article, we have laid out everything you need to know about restoring Trex decking. By following these steps, you can get your deck back to its original glory. 

Restoring Trex Decking: Basic Idea

Restoring a Trex deck is fairly simple as long as you follow the basic steps. These steps include: 

  • Clear the deck 
  • Apply a vinegar solution 
  • Pressure wash the deck 
  • Rinse and dry thoroughly

Why Restore Trex Decking?

why restore trex decking

Your deck is most likely one of the best features of your home. A deck is a great addition and can add a lot of value to your house. 

However, since a deck is exposed to the elements more than almost anything else, it can get damaged. 

Dirt and debris as well as wind and rain can take a lot of the color out of your deck. This can make it look older and more dilapidated than it should. 

By restoring your deck and giving it a proper, thorough cleaning, you can also restore the look of your home. By rejuvenating the deck, you can spend more time on it and give it the use it deserves. 

Remove All Furniture 

Before you do anything, you will need to clear the entire area. 

Not only will this give you space to work, but it can also tell you the complete condition of the deck. You will be able to see if there is any other maintenance that needs to be done or repairs needed. 

Make sure that you remove everything on the deck including furniture, tools, and gardening equipment. 

See if there are any areas that are dirtier than others so you can apply more cleaner there. The areas that are the most exposed to the wind and rain will be the dirtiest. 

Sweep up any debris or vegetation that has fallen on the deck and remove any dirt or dust. You will want to get the surface as clean as possible before you begin. 

Spray With Vinegar Solution 

Mix up a solution of water and vinegar to use as a cleaning product. 

The benefit of vinegar is that it works well as a cleaner without being corrosive or dangerous. It is also safe for pets and other animals that might be in your backyard. 

You can either use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. 

In the case of a deck in the backyard, white vinegar may be a better option. Apple cider vinegar may attract pests whereas white vinegar acts as a natural pest deterrent. 

Put the solution in a spray bottle and apply it to the entire surface of the deck.

Take care to apply more of the solution to areas that are more faded and dirty. Let it sit for at least one hour before moving on to the next step. 

Pressure Wash 

pressure wash

After letting the vinegar solution sit, you can then pressure wash the deck. 

The important thing to remember when pressure washing a deck is to be gentle. Never use a setting higher than 3100 PSI when cleaning a composite deck. 

Spray the deck in smooth, even strokes across the whole surface. Keep the spray nozzle at least three inches from the surface at all times. 

It is a good idea to start spraying the deck in an inconspicuous area first. This will allow you to get the hang of the pressure washer before beginning. 

Spray down the whole deck until the vinegar solution has been completely washed away. You should start to notice that the color of the Trex decking is starting to come through again. 

If need be, spray down the deck twice to make sure all of the solution is cleaned. 

Rinse and Dry 

After pressure washing, it is very important that you rinse and dry the deck. 

Using a standard garden hose, rinse away any excess soap from the pressure washer. 

After you have done this, dry the deck thoroughly with towels. You do not want to let any of the water or moisture sit on the surface. 

If you allow the water to sit without drying it, you could end up with mold or mildew. 

Frequently Asked Questions

faq how to restore trex decking

How can I make my composite deck shine?

The best way to make your composite deck shine is to regularly clean and maintain it. 

You should clean your deck at least twice a year. Doing this will keep it looking new and help you avoid any mold, mildew, or deterioration. 

Can you oil composite decking?

While you can oil composite decking, it is not recommended. 

Oiling composite decking can ruin the finish and dull its shine and color. Oil will not soak into composite decking in the same way it will with wood. 

What is the best cleaner for composite decking?

If you don’t want to use vinegar for your deck, there are other options. 

Standard liquid dish soap is one of the best options for cleaning composite decking. It can be applied by using a soft brush and lightly scrubbing. 


Your Trex decking can last you for many years if you properly take care of it. 

By taking the time to restore your decking correctly, you can keep it looking nicer for longer. Following the above steps can help you maintain your deck and enjoy it for a long time.

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