Top 5 Vacuums for Long Hair 2023 (Humans and Pets)

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Top 5 Vacuum cleaners for long hair

If you’ve ever vacuumed a room or cleaned a shower drain, you’re aware of the fact that long hair can get everywhere.

When dealing with long hair, a regular vacuum cleaner won´t be enough, as the hairs can get tangled up in the machine.

We put together a list of the 6 Best Vacuums for Long Hair that are designed to handle the challenges of long human and pet hair.

Short on time? Here are our 5 favorite vacuums for dealing with hair:

What to Consider When Buying a Vacuum Cleaner for Hair

Between featuring tangle-free brush rows to HEPA filters, there are specific design characteristics you’ll want to consider when shopping around.

Pro Tip: From my personal experience dealing with long hair—both my own and my pet’s—I’ve found that a vacuum cleaner with a tangle-free brushroll is worth its weight in gold. This feature really reduces the hassle of dealing with hair jams and can prolong the overall machine longevity

Attachments and Hose Lengths

Stairs and corners are hard to clean. Make sure the vacuum you’re considering has a long enough hose to reach your home’s various nooks and crannies. Wide-mouthed attachments help rid your stairs of human hair not only more and, but also quicker as well.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser with Tangle Free Brushroll
Best Choice for Long Hair:

  • Tangle-free brush roll developed for long hair
  • Internal hair management system
  • Powerful pickup

Bag Vs. Bagless Vacuums

bag vs. bagless vacuums

Both bag and bagless vacuums have benefits to each. Depending on your needs and wants, one design may be better for you than the other.


bagged vacuum design will help with clean up and lessen the odds of you spilling the vacuumed-up contents.

They also don’t introduce many indoor air pollutants as more free-flowing designs. But, this enclosed design usually results in a vacuum that can be lacking in suction power. Also, you’ll need to replace the bag, which means you’ll have to budget in certain funds to replace them.

Bagless vacuum cleaners have become popular in recent years. These vacuums also have better suction power. But, unless they have HEPA filters, they can recirculate indoor air pollutants. The contents of a bagless vacuum cleaner should never be flushed down the toilet or rinsed down the sink.

A Powerful Vacuum Motor

Because long hair gets into fabrics and carpets, you’ll need a vacuum with a powerful suction motor. You should also look out for machines that have powerful “brush bars, as well. And don’t forget: regular cleanings and maintenance of each will help their motors perform well.

Size of the Vacuum Cleaner

Depending on the size of your living space, the size of the vacuum cleaner you’ll need will vary. If you’re looking only to clean a studio or one-bedroom apartment, a smaller machine will work fine. But if you need to clean a multi-roomed and floored home, you’ll need a full-sized vacuum.

Other Considerations

  • A self cleaning brush roll is a plus when dealing with tangled hair.
  • A crevice tool is good if your home has lots of small spaces where you want to be removing hair.

Pro Tip: One thing not mentioned in the article is the importance of regular maintenance. Even the best vacuum for long hair won’t perform at its best if not cleaned and maintained properly. I always make sure to clean my vacuum after every use and replace filters on schedule. Trust me, your vacuum will serve you much longer and more efficiently this way.

Reviews of Our Top 5 Picks

Below we’ve included a few vacuums we’d recommend for tackling for long hair around the home.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright Bagless Pet Vacuum Cleaner Machine 1650A

The Bissell Eraser is an excellent choice for the home or apartment owner who has a few dogs or cats as pets. It features easy-to-clean dirt capturing compartment, as well as a bagless design. The multi-directional bristles have a tangle-free design, too.

This is what you are looking for when you want a vacuum for long hair.

That means you won’t have to untangle stuck motorized brush rolls, no matter how much hair you suck up. To help clean hard to reach areas, use the vacuum’s swiveling base.

It also has a wide assortment of attachments. Each of these can attach to its 12-foot-long hose. There is a 30-foot-long cord to make vacuuming around the home a breeze. For those hard to see places, the included LED-lit crevice tools help you see hidden dirt and hair.


  • Tangle-Free Brush Roll that won’t tangle and can handle long pet and human hair.
  • A Hands-Free Emptying tray.
  • More lightweight than other like-sized vacuums.
  • Cleaning path width of over a foot in length.
  • Specialized pet hair attachments can be used to capture long pet hair almost anywhere.
  • LED-lit crevice tools let you see dirt and grim in dark places you might have missed.
  • The Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator helps to trap allergens inside the vacuum.


  • A bit pricey than other similar vacuums on the market
  • Not meant to suck up liquids.
  • Can be hard to take upstairs.

ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum

The ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum is an excellent vacuum for long hair. The cordless vacuum cleaner is self-operational and will dock itself after cleaning. Because the machine is small, it can clean corners, under furniture, and other tight spaces. It also is bagless, storing all of its vacuumed-up contents in an easy to empty removable tray.

This self-operating vacuum is designed for hardwood floors or very shallow carpets. By using a “sweeping brush,” this vacuum can clean exceptionally well around molding and corner areas, as well.

To operate, press the “auto clean” button and leave it to its own devices. But, if you want, you can program the vacuum to clean on a set schedule. Because the “dirt tray” is smaller than most, it needs to be often emptied.


  • “Pet hair care technology” allows the device to focus on picking up long hairs, dirt, and other debris.
  • The low-profile design makes it able to clean under beds, sofa, and other hard-to-reach places.
  • Self-charging.
  • Programmable scheduling will let the vacuum start without user input.
  • Smart sensors allow it to avoid falling down stairs or bumping into walls.
  • The vacuum is ideal for hardwood floors and other like-surface areas.
  • Can be operated via the included remote control.
  • Empty dust box makes it easy to discard of debris.


  • Can’t clean thick carpets and rugs.
  • Small cleaning area means it can take a long time to vacuum an entire room or household.
  • The single-use filter needs replacing every month.
  • Needs to be recharged to function.

Dyson Tangle-Free Turbine

The Dyson Tangle-Free Turbine is an excellent attachment for those who have a compatible Dyson. This accessory cleans hair off the upholstery, furniture, stairs, and other hard to clean areas. The Dyson Tangle-Free Turbine has no brush bar, which it can’t tangle. An air turbine is positioned on top of the tool to guarantee continuous airflow, which drives the heads.

That angled air creates direct airflow to the center for improved cleaning. And to ensure consistency, a mesh filter is used to prevent dust from entering the turbine and inhibiting performance.

The flexible, multi-hinged head allows the attachment to move freely over the surface. The Dyson Tangle-Free Turbine comes with a one-year replacement warranty at purchase, should something happen to it.

This vacuum attachment for hair is compatible with all Dyson upright and canister vacuums from DC23 onwards, except DC24.

HOOVER Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010

The HOOVER Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum is an excellent choice for removing long hair. The cordless vacuum design also touts a swappable battery design. This convenient feature means that if the battery runs out, you can replace it with another one. A “Fuel Gauge” located on the handle tells you how much remaining battery life you have left so that you can plan accordingly.

The HOOVER vacuum features edge-to-edge bristles that allow it to clean while flushing against a wall or molding. The “Extreme Recline Handle” can reach under furniture for easier access without you having to move things around. It also has a bagless design, which can be emptied with the click of a button. The HOOVER Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum is great for cleaning hardwood and other flat surfaces. If you need to clean carpets and rugs, look elsewhere.


  • The affordable price point makes it an appealing choice for those are on a budget.
  • Slim, space-saving design is ideal for those who are free space is at a premium.
  • Cordless, lighting design makes it carry around the household.
  • The vacuum as bagless design.
  • “Fuel Gauge” allows you to see how much battery life you have left.
  • Batteries can be swapped to extend usage time.
  • Edge-to-edge bristle row makes cleaning along sharp and flush areas easy.


  • Can’t clean thick carpets and rugs.
  • The vacuum doesn’t have a hose.
  • Small bagless compartment means you’ll have to empty the vacuum often.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser  is a convenient way to remove long hair. The corded design features a 16-foot-long power cord, as well as a bagless design. And with four amps of powers, it’s more than powerful enough to tackle even the largest of hair lumps. A replaceable filter helps to ensure pollutants don’t re-enter the room. This handheld vacuum’s rubber nozzle helps attract hair and pulls out dirt to be suctioned up.

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum is lightweight, weighing it at less-than 5 pounds. For smooth operation, it has an easy on/off switch located on its easy-grip handle. And unlike its competitors, this handheld vacuum features a sizable dirt tray.


  • Long cord makes it easy to use around the home.
  • Bagless design makes for no-fuss cleanup.
  • The easy-grip handle allows for comfortable use.
  • Lightweight allows for easy travel up and down stairs
  • Rubber nozzle helps with attracting hair of all kinds and sizes.
  • Powerful motor can suction large patches of hair.
  • In-compartment filter cleans the air as it leaves the vacuum.
  • Affordable price point.


  • Not intended to vacuum the entire home.
  • The filter needs regular replacing.
  • Can be noisy when operating.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should always consult your owner’s manual before using your vacuum. But there a few questions that have universal answers. For one, you should never vacuum-up wet hair. The vacuumed-up damp hair can create mold inside both bag and bagless applications. When turned on, those accumulated mold spores have a chance to escape the vacuum, and into the room.

I Have a Dog with Very Long Hair, What is the Best Vacuum for Me?

Have a look at this list we put together with tbe best pet hair vacuums. There is also a guide there that might help you choose.

Will I Need High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) Filter?

HEPA filter for vacuum

If members of your household have specific allergies, using a vacuum that has a HEPA can be of great help. If you don’t suffer from allergies, using a vacuum for long hair with a HEPA can help keep the air in your home fresh.

Pro Tip: If you, like me, are prone to allergies, I would highly recommend looking for a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Even though the article questions its necessity, I can attest to its usefulness. It filters out a majority of tiny particles like hair, dust, pollen and pet dander, thus improving the overall air quality in your home.

What Accessories are Useful to Help Vacuum Long Hair?

Because hair clings to fabrics, bush-like attachments are great to use. Avoid accessories that rely on suction, as these can often leave behind strands of long hair. You might want to look at deep cleaning rugs and carpets with a carpet cleaner.

Final Words

The average human sheds roughly 75 strains of hair from their scalp each day. Dogs and cats shed even more, losing hundreds, sometimes thousands of strands a day. So, to keep your space clean and tidy, you’re going to need an great vacuum that can handle long human hair.

Make sure it has features like tangle free brush roll and a hair management system. I prefer the corded upright vacuums for this rather than the cordless stick vacuums. They often have more suction power and other better features for it.

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