How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner (4 Easy Steps)

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how to clean a vacuum cleanerVacuum cleaners need to be cleaned often so they can function at their best. A vacuum cleaner full of debris can clog and lose suction. Vacuums with brush bars are susceptible to tangling if they’re not cleaned, as well.

So, want to keep your vacuum in good working order? Keep on reading and learn how to clean vacuum cleaners.

Clear Knots and Tangles in the Brush Bar

Many modern vacuum cleaners come with motorized brush bars to help remove dirt and debris. But, they can quickly pull fibers and long hair, which may cause them to tangle. Here’s how to remove tangles from your vacuum brush bar

  1. Turn the vacuum on its side, making sure it’s steady.
  2. Inspect the brush bar for damages and tangled debris.
  3. Use a fork or tweezer to pry off any hair, fabrics, or other materials that may have tangled.
  4. For tightly knotted tangles, use a scissor to cut them free.

You’ll want to regularly inspect your vacuum brush bar to remove any tangles.

If Your Vacuum Uses Bags, Change Them Often

changing vacuum bagOne of the points of suction loss in bagged vacuum cleaners are the bags themselves. Once they fill, they can obstruct proper air flow. You’ll want to check them often to make sure they’re not at capacity. If you have a bagless vacuum cleaner, empty it every so often to keep it from filling to the top.

When the vacuum bag does completely fill, here’s how to remove it with minimal mess:

  1. Make sure the vacuum is completely off.
  2. Remove the cover that hides the bag.
  3. Place the cover down gentle.
  4. Place a towel down underneath where the bag is vacuumed before removing it.
  5. Take the bag out and throw it away.
  6. Replace the bag with a new one.
  7. Make sure it’s properly installed before putting on the cover.
  8. Toss any fallen debris that may have accumulated on the towel into the trash.
If you suffer from allergies, be especially careful when doing this. You may also want to throw away the trash bag that contains the dirty vacuum bag, as well.

Check Your Vacuum Hose for Blockages

check vacuum hoseVacuum cleaner hoses can often contain blockages from ingesting large items. In some vacuum cleaner, the vacuum hose is the suction point for the cleaner’s base. A blockage in the tube can compromise the entire machine.

To check your vacuum hose, do the following:

  1. With the vacuum off, straighten out the hose.
  2. Look down to see if there are any blockages.
  3. If you see a substantial blockage, attempt to free it by nudging the hose to get it loose.
  4. After, turn on the vacuum while holding the hose straight.
  5. The blockage should now be sucked into the bag or bagless compartment.

If that doesn’t work, consider using a pipe snake to fish out the blockage.

Change Your Filter Regularly

Vacuum filters should often be changed to ensure no sucked-up debris re-entering the home. If yours is washable, consider washing it every month. For single use filters, consider changing every other month.

Clean the Accessories in Warm Water

Most vacuums will come with attachments that can be used with the device’s suction hose. These, like the vacuum, will need to be cleaned regularly as well. To disinfect and cleanse them of grime, place them in warm water and use a mild cleaning detergent. If you’re doing this in the sink, make sure to use a stopper to catch any debris that may clog your pipes.

A Clean Vacuum Cleaner is a Good Performing One

Vacuum cleaners are like cars: They perform best when well maintained.  Follow these cleaning steps mentioned above, and your vacuum will function well for a long time.

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