7 Best Shark Vacuums 2022

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best shark vacuums

SharkNinja, as a brand, has produced some of the most top-tier household appliances for years. Each item coming from their production line is a symbol of quality, craftsmanship and ingenuity. The Shark brand vacuums are one such item.

If you are in the market for a new vacuum, Shark is certainly one of the names that needs to be on your short list. This article will examine the current roster of the best Shark brand vacuums and explain what to look for when shopping around.

The Best Shark Vacuums for 2022

Our favorite Shark vacuums currently on the market are:

  1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro. Light, powerful, ideal for all floor types.
  2. Shark Navigator Freestyle. Dual-speed, lightweight bagless vacuum.
  3. Shark Lift-Away Professional. Sleek, modern, easy to maneuver.
  4. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe. Extra large collection bin with higher suction power.
  5. Shark Rocket. Versatile, easy to use stick vacuum.
  6. Shark Lift-Away TruePet. Powerful suction for collecting all pet hair types.
  7. Shark Pet Perfect II. Handheld, cordless vacuum ideal for homes with shedding pets.

Benefits of Shark Vacuums

benefits of shark vacuums

Shark vacuums have made their way into homes and hearts for several years now. The name is synonymous with low maintenance, high value and delivering on promises.

The benefits of the Shark brand should come as no surprise. You will receive a high-quality machine that does its job.

You will find that the maintenance routine is simple, and with very few exceptions the entire process can be accomplished in just a few minutes.

Because Shark is sold world-wide, the accessories, parts and service centers are easily found and generally inexpensive. Replacement filters, and brush rollers are sold everywhere the Shark name can be found.

SharkNinja also offers some of the best warranties in the industry, including the no-questions asked 1-year warranty, authorized retailer 5-year warranty and SharkNinja VIP 5-year warranty.

A name you can trust, a high-quality and durable machine, a clean that sparkles and a warranty that stands behind the product. What other benefits could you need?

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in a Shark Vacuum

buying a vacuum

Before you pull out your wallet and enter your credit card information, there are a few things to consider. The following guide will help you narrow your final decision down to the perfect model for your specific needs.

Size and Weight

Not all vacuums are easily portable. Some designs are bulky and more difficult to maneuver than smaller models. These larger vacuums have more power, and usually have more capacity for dirt collection.

However, the trade off for that power is that you have to lug around a large, heavier unit. You need to think about the size and weight of the machine versus the suction power it provides.


The collection bin is something we generally only consider when looking at robotic vacuums. However, as modern uprights become more sleek and lightweight, they lose some of the dirt holding capacity that makes them so valuable.

If you have to stop to empty the dustbin before the job is complete, it only makes the chore more difficult. About 10 years ago we saw a major change to the collection bins of upright vacuums.

The bagged models were averaging between 10 and 15L worth of debris collection. The bagless models and smaller, more powerful designs that have emerged since have seen that capacity diminish to as low as 2 or 3 liters.

Make sure the capacity of your vacuum is something you can live with, even if that means emptying it more frequently.

Shark Suction Power

Suction power is something of a mystery. There are a lot of factors that go into how much actual suction there is in a particular device.

Things like airflow, exhaust location, amp and watt draw as well as motor position all affect the power at which a vacuum picks up debris. The standard measurement is pascals (seen as “pa”). However, the pascal measurement merely measures the airflow and motor speed.

While there isn’t a single base measure to determine the actual power, pascals are what we use. Don’t be fooled that just because one model has several hundred more watts than another that it is more powerful.

Shark Vacuum Energy Consumption

Running your vacuum once a week or so isn’t going to make much of a difference on your energy bill. However, the draw needed to power the vacuum can have other effects.

Some homes may have overloaded circuits and a 1200 watt power draw might be enough to trip a breaker. If you have an older home, most circuits will run 15 to 20 amps and are connected to several outlets or lights in a room.

Make sure you know the wattage and amp draw of the vacuum and compare that to the available amps in your home or rooms, especially if other appliances are running on the same circuits you will use to plug the vacuum into.

Filtration and Extractors

Filtration is another important factor to think about. HEPA filtration is something that is not available in all models.

Standard filtration will keep dirt, dust and debris in the collection bin or bag. However, HEPA filtration will also trap in-home allergens such as pet dander or mold and mildew spores.

Most upright vacuums utilize a brush roller for carpet agitation and collection. However, some brush rollers use stiff bristles that can scratch or mar hard flooring surfaces. If you are worried about this, make sure your brush roller comes with options.

One of the most popular is a powered motor head. You can turn on the rollers when vacuuming carpet, but switch it off when sweeping hardwood floors. This reduces the chances of scratches or other damage from cleaning your entire home.

Floor Types

Almost all upright vacuums will be ideal for most carpet types. However some will work best on low-pile carpeting. If your home has medium or high-pile carpets, you will need to ensure that the vacuum can handle high-pile.

You will also need to consider if you will use the vacuum on hard flooring surfaces. As mentioned above, not all extractors, beater bars or brush rollers are designed for hard flooring.

Be positive, before you buy, that your chosen vacuum can handle all the flooring types that you plan to use it on.

Shark Vacuum Price and Warranty

Finally, you will need to budget accordingly. Most upright vacuum cleaners are fairly budget friendly. However, there are certain models and brands that can become quite expensive.

You will also need to budget in extra supplies, where applicable. This can be anything from bags or o-ring seals to filters and wheels.

The warranty is something you will also need to factor in. With SharkNinja, there are several different warranties, and each one depends on where you make your purchase from. More information on the Shark warranties can be found below the reviews.

Top 7 Shark Vacuums 2022: Reviewed and Compared

Below, I will outline, review and compare the 7 best Shark brand vacuums right now. Each one has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Read through the selections and find the perfect model for you.

1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro

The Navigator and Lift-Away lines converge on one of the most popular and highly reviewed Shark models ever made. The Navigator Lift-Away Pro is arguably the best Shark vacuum to date.

It does have a few smaller nuances that may cause some hesitation, though. The smaller cleaning path (about 9-inches) is less than most other modern vacuums. This means you need to make more passes to clean your floors.

However, with a 6-foot hose and 30-foot power cord, you don’t have to stop and plug the vacuum in over and over again.

The Pro model does come equipped with a HEPA filter. You also notice a fresher air after cleaning since the filters also clean the exhaust air.

The mostly plastic vacuum is fairly light weight, coming in at just under 14 pounds. And with the various attachments, you can clean low and medium-pile carpeting, hard flooring, furniture, stairs and even your car.

Above the floor cleaning is also made easier with the use of the onboard attachments. The extra long crevice tool, for example, is 24 inches long, allowing you to get above windows and in the corners of your ceiling with ease.

The one thing to watch for, though, is where you make your purchase. The Navigator Lift-Away Pro comes with two crevice tools, a power pet hair tool, brush tool and hard floor attachments. However, not all retailers or vendors offer all the attachments with your purchase.

10 amp power with great suctionSmall cleaning path
Easy to clean all floors and furnitureMay not receive all attachments (vendor specific)
1 to 5-year warranty available 
Lightweight design for portability 

2. Shark Navigator Freestyle

The Navigator Freestyle is a cordless model that has impressive battery life. It also boasts a quick recharge time so you can get back to cleaning when you are ready.

The Freestyle is a no-fuss vacuum that doesn’t come with any attachments. Also, unlike most other stick vacuums, it does not convert to a handheld model, so there won’t be an easy time cleaning your furniture with it.

However, for the price point, you get a capable vacuum that cleans any floor type. Low and medium-pile carpeting are the vacuums specialty, but hard flooring is also no match. The brush rollers use soft bristles so it won’t scratch or mar your floors.

The battery itself is a 14.4 volt battery that can recharge in as little as 3 hours. Once charged, you will get about 17 to 24 minutes of vacuuming power (depending on speed settings).

While it may not be ideal for large homes or wide open flooring areas, for quick cleans, apartments and condos or general, daily cleaning it is hard to beat.

Cleans all carpets and hard floorsDoes not convert to handheld model
Ideal for pet hairNo attachments
Lightweight and maneuverable 
Quick battery charge 

3. Shark Lift-Away Pro

If you have an open floor plan or more than 1500 square feet, the Lift-Away Pro might be the option for you. This capable model of the Lift-Away series comes with a HEPA filtration system and is quiet, even on full power.

For homes with shedding pets, this vacuum will clean your floors and remove all pet hair along with the dander that comes with it. Your carpets will perk up and look like they were professionally cleaned and it takes little effort to maneuver the lightweight vacuum around. You can see more great vacuums for pet hair here.

One of the best features is the washable HEPA filter. You can remove the filter (about once a month) and rinse it off under cool running water. Once it is completely dry, you can return the filter to service and continue to keep your home clean.

Like all Lift-Away models, it does convert to a handheld model to help you clean hard to reach areas, furniture and stairs. It is also great in the car or truck. The downside here, is that the body must be carried since it doesn’t come with a shoulder strap.

The motorized power cleaning head has brush rollers that can be switched off to clean hard flooring more efficiently without worry of scratches. When on carpeting, the brush roller swill agitate up to medium-pile carpeting for a deep clean.

HEPA filtrationNot easily carried in Lift-Away mode
Ideal for pet hairSmaller capacity collection bin
Cleans all floor types 

4. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe

The Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe is the base model for the NV500 series line. This model is virtually identical to  the Lift-Away Pro listed above. The vacuum is only 15 pounds, can clean all floor types and has a power motor cleaning head that allows you to control the brush rollers.

Like the Pro, it also has an 8-foot stretch cleaning hose and 30-foot power cord. You can easily go from floors to furniture to stairs and back again without having to unplug the machine each time.

The differences in the NV500 series models is basically two-fold. First each model is a different color, with this model coming in blue and silver. The second difference in the models are the attachments they come with.

The Deluxe only has the pivoting upholstery tool and 5.5-inch crevice tool. Other models come with various other tools, but it is difficult to know which is which. In fact, Shark doesn’t even make the claim. The only way to know is to look at the packaging as the attachments are listed on the box.

Like all NV500 models, though, the Deluxe is ideal for all carpeting and hard floors and specializes in removal of pet hair. With a washable HEPA filter and low maintenance, any of the NV500 series models are worth the purchase.

Washable filterMay be a bit bulky
Removes pet hairsNo shoulder/carry strap
Low maintenance 

5. Shark Rocket

When it comes to stick vacuums, they can be hit or miss. The Shark Rocket, though, is definitely a hit. With more positive reviews than almost any other stick vacuum on the market, it is no wonder many homeowners are turning to the Rocket.

The lightweight model is extremely easy to maneuver. It has a swivel head that takes corners and gets under furniture with very little effort. The ergonomic handle helps fight hand fatigue, too.

The down side to this model is that it only has standard filtration. However, for quick clean ups and a daily run through before the company arrives, the Rocket fits the bill.

Some consumers don’t like that the collection bin is not removable. It does make it a bit awkward to empty, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t notice.

Where this vacuum truly shines is on stairs. At less than 8 pounds and with the suction power of much larger vacuums, you will notice your stairs looking like new, time and again.

For rugs, small areas, apartments and condos, you might not need anything else. It also handles hard flooring, so you can ditch the broom and clean your entire home with the Shark Rocket.

Lightweight modelCollection bin is not removable
Easily maneuverableNo HEPA filtration
Ideal for cleaning stairs 
Handles all floor types 

6. Shark Lift-Away TruePet

The TruePet is one of Sharks most complete vacuums. This model, true to it’s name, is the best Shark vacuum for pet hair. It also converts to three different modes, including handheld mode for easy cleaning on stairs or overhead.

The biggest draw, though, is the HEPA filtration and pet hair collection. With three filters pet hair and other dirt from your pet is trapped for good and removed from your floors. There are two separate pet hair attachments, too.

The basic pet hair brush will clean more sensitive fabrics such as drapes or window dressings. You can also use it for cleaning mini blinds and window sills.

The motorized TruePet cleaning head has a spinning brush that fits in your hand. This is ideal for cleaning upholstery, your car, difficult to reach areas (around banisters, on stairs, etc). With so many tools (7 in total) there isn’t enough room on the vacuum for onboard storage. However, Shark supplies you with an accessories carry bag to keep everything together.

On hard flooring the Hard Floor Genie can sweep the floors or you can attach the microfiber cleaning cloth for a dry mop on your hard flooring surfaces. However, neither of these features are highly valuable. You are still better off with a broom and mop than relying on this machine to deep clean your hard floors.

The pad and Hard Floor Genie, though, do work well to get pet hair from around baseboards in the kitchen or bathroom.

Shark TruePet is in our opinion the best shark vacuum for pet hair.

Various and multiple attachments includedNot the best on hard flooring
Best for pet hairTends to tip over in canister/upright mode
3 filters with HEPA rating 
Microfiber hard floor cleaning pad 

7. Shark Pet Perfect II

If you have shedding pets, you need this little vacuum to carry around cleaning up after them. Ideal for furniture, your car, the RV, boat or anywhere spills and messes accumulate. The Shark Pet Perfect II is ideal for all manner of small cleaning tasks.

It comes with a washable filter which will last you several months of continuous use. Replacement filters are easily found and highly affordable, too. They aren’t HEPA rated, though, but most handheld vacuums are not.

This cordless, bagless vacuum ships with several attachments. The crevice tool will help you get between the car seats and under the couch cushions. You also get a dusting brush to clean off larger areas or fluff up upholstery.

The best attachment, though, is the motorized power head. This thing will suction up pet hair like nothing else. With more suction than handhelds at twice the price, you will be surprised at how much hair and debris your current cleaning solution is leaving behind.

Lightweight and easy to useAlmost required to use an attachment
Washable filterNot the fastest recharging model
High suction power 

Proper Care and Maintenance of Your Shark Vacuum

Cleaning and maintenance of your Shark vacuum is something that you need to account for. A proper cleaning and inspection regimen will make the machine last longer, help prevent future issues and you will spot problems before they become major issues.

For regular cleaning you need to wipe the body, cleaning head, hoses, attachments and cords with a clean, damp cloth.

This is also the perfect opportunity to check the power cord (if applicable) for frays, knots or damage. Inspect the tool holders and cord catches, too.

Make sure to empty the collection bin or dust bag before it becomes over full. Remove the filter and clean or replace it as needed before replacing the collection bin cover.

Finally, you will want to check the motor head and hoses for clogs or build up. Clean strings, hairs or tangles from the wheels and brush rollers, too.

Following these simple steps doesn’t take very long, but will help your vacuum perform at its best and last for years to come.

The Shark Cleaning Warranties Explained

shark warranties

Shark Cleaning brand has several warranties for their products and it can be difficult to know which one your vacuum qualifies for.

The warranty period can cover 1, 2, 3, 5, or 7 years. Each is a limited warranty. There is also a limited lifetime warranty. On top of that, Shark also offers a 5-year VIP warranty and a 1-year battery-only warranty.

The VIP warranty is only available in special situations such as purchases made through trade shows or through a TV special offer.  If you have a 5-year warranty and made your purchase through standard means, it is not the VIP warranty.

All warranties cover non-wearable parts as well as defects in craftsmanship, loss of suction or other issues that are the fault of the manufacturer. What is not covered are wearable parts. A wearable part is anything that goes through normal wear and tear over time, such as filters, collection bags, pads, etc.

The length of your warranty will depend on where you made your purchase. Authorized retailers can offer a warranty from 1 to 5 years. Buying through Shark directly will result in a 5, 7 or lifetime warranty.

Each product is different and all will clearly state the warranty terms, conditions and coverage period in the included paperwork.

To begin your warranty you must register your vacuum online at the Shark website. To initiate a claim you need to call Shark Customer Service at 1-877-581-7375. You will need your vacuum, the registration information and product numbers handy when making the call.

Shark Brand Vacuum – Frequently Asked Questions

shark vacuums faq

In this section, I will answer some of the most common questions about Shark Clean brand vacuums and the company in general. If you have other questions, feel free to use the comment section below the article.

Q. How do I contact Shark customer service?

  1. Shark customer service is available by phone Monday through Friday 9a to 9p (EST) and Saturdays 9a to 6p (EST) at 1-800-365-0135.

Q. Do I have to have my vacuum serviced by a Shark retailer?

  1. No. It is recommended that any vacuum still in warranty uses the warranty claim prior to sending the vacuum for service anywhere. If you are not under warranty, you can choose any vacuum repair or service center you like.

Q. How long does a Shark vacuum last?

  1. Shark vacuums are durable and high-quality. However, they still require general cleaning and maintenance. If proper maintenance is performed at regular intervals, a new Shark vacuum can last 7 to 10 years without worry.

Q. Where can I find replacement parts for my Shark vacuum?

  1. You can make purchases through many online retailers and brick and mortar stores that sell SharkNinja products. You can also buy online directly from Shark through their accessories website.


Shark vacuums are among some of the most durable and reputable cleaners on the market. Their budget-friendly models offer power, performance and a low cost for almost every home and budget.

This article explored the 7 best Shark vacuums on the market right now. Hopefully it helped you make a final decision, or at least narrowed your search criteria.

If you are still on the fence, I highly recommend you look at our top product, the Navigator Lift-Away Pro. It offers the best of all models in an affordable, easy to use model fit for any home.

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