Can You Use Pine-Sol on Hardwood Floors?

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can you use pine-sol on hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are pretty easy to care for. 

Keep them swept, mopped, promptly clean up spills, and you’ll have floors that stay in good shape for years to come.

But as easy as they are to care for, it doesn’t mean you should use just any cleaner. Some cleaners can cause a build-up on your floor or even eat away at the topcoat.

So, can you use Pine-Sol on hardwood floors? Let’s find out.

Is it Okay to Use Pine-Sol on Hardwood Floors?

Yes, Pine-Sol is safe for hardwood floors. You do need to properly dilute it before using though. According to the Pine-Sol website, you need to add ¼ cup of Pine-Sol to one gallon of water. You can then dampen a mop with the solution and use it to mop your floors. Rinse afterward.

Tips for Mopping Your Hardwoods with Pine-Sol

Mopping your floors with Pine-Sol is super easy. Here’s what to do:

  • Start by thoroughly sweeping your floors.
  • Mix your solution of ¼ cup of Pine-Sol to 1 gallon of water
  • Dampen your microfiber mop with the solution
  • Mop your floors, gently scrubbing any extra dirty spots
  • Dampen your mop with water only and go back over the floors to rinse the Pine-Sol off
If there’s any standing water left on the floor, dry it with a towel.

When mopping hardwood floors, there are two essential steps you need to take. 

First, always properly dilute your mopping solution. Failure to do this will result in floors that look streaky or hazy and feel sticky to walk on. 

Secondly, never leave standing water on the floor. Too much water can lead to permanent damage to your hardwoods. This is why you should dampen your mop and never over saturate it.

What are the Best Hardwood Floor Cleaners?

expensive hardwood flooring
There are many suitable hardwood floor cleaners on the market today. However, it’s vital that you read the bottle and make sure that the cleaner you choose is hardwood safe.

Two excellent hardwood floor cleaner options are:

You can also make your own wood floor cleaner with water and vinegar. To do this, you’ll add ½ cup of white distilled vinegar to one gallon of water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Pine-Sol leaving residue on my floor?

If Pine-Sol is leaving residue on your floor, you’re not diluting it enough. Your mopping solution should be ¼ cup of Pine-Sol to a gallon of water. Using a higher ratio of Pine-Sol can lead to streaky, sticky floors.

Can you use Pine-Sol on laminate floors?

Yes, you can use Pine-Sol on laminate floors. To mix up your mopping solution, mop the floors, and then go back over them with a mop dampened in water to rinse. Avoid oversaturating your mop – too much water can damage the laminate.

Do you have to rinse Pine-Sol off of floors?

Yes, you do need to rinse your floor after using Pine-Sol. You can do this with a mop dampened in water. Then, simply run it back over your floors after you’ve finished mopping.

Is Pine-Sol safe for engineered wood floors?

Yes, you can use Pine-Sol on engineered wood floors the same as any other wood floor. 


Can you use Pine-Sol on hardwood floors? Yes, but you need to make sure it’s adequately diluted and rinse your floors afterward. Failure to do so will likely result in a product buildup on your floors.

So, if you love the scent of Pine-Sol or that’s all you have on hand, you’ll be perfectly safe mopping your hardwoods with it.

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