Can You Use Fabuloso on Wood Floors?

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can you use fabuloso on wood floors

Fabuloso is a multipurpose cleaner that’s been around since 1980. Many users love it for its smell.

It’s excellent for cleaning counters, bathrooms, and other hard surfaces. But is it okay for floors?

If you’ve been wondering – can you use Fabuloso on wood floors? Here’s what you need to know.

Is It Okay to Use Fabuloso on Wood Floors?

Yes, as long as you have sealed wood floors, you can use Fabuloso to clean them. Fabuloso is safe for hard, non-porous surfaces. While wood is porous, once you’ve treated it with a sealant, a barrier is created, and it becomes non-porous. For sealed wood floors, dilute Fabuloso and use it to mop.

How to Clean Your Wood Floors with Fabuloso: Step by Step

how to clean your wood floors with fabuloso

If you know you have sealed wood floors, here’s how to clean them with Fabuloso. (If you aren’t sure whether your hardwoods have a topcoat, skip to the next section.)

Sweep or Vacuum Your Floors

Before you mop, you need to sweep or vacuum your floors. Your floors should be clean of all loose dirt and debris.

Prepare the Fabuloso

You should not use Fabuloso without diluting it first. To do so, add ¼ cup of Fabuloso to one gallon of warm water and mix or shake together.

Add the solution to the mop’s reservoir tank if you’re using a refillable mop. Otherwise, leave the diluted Fabulso in a bucket or your sink so you can dip your mop into it.

Mop Your Floors

Dampen your mop with the Fabuloso but don’t over saturate it. Mop your floor with even back and forth strokes.

After you’ve mopped, allow your floor to dry. There’s no need to go back over the solution unless you’re spot cleaning still-dirty areas of the hardwoods.

Are Hardwood Floors Sealed? How to Tell if Yours Are…

Before using Fabuloso or any other type of cleaner, you need to know whether or not your floors have a sealant on them.

If they don’t, you shouldn’t use any type of cleaner or water on them. Because without a sealant, wood floors will absorb moisture which can lead to rotting, buckling, mold, and mildew.

Here’s how to tell if your floors have a protective sealant:

  • First, squirt a couple of drops of water on your hardwoods and let it sit for 2-5 minutes.
  • If the water turns into a bead and sits on the floors, your floors have a protective topcoat.
  • You don’t have a topcoat if your floor absorbs the water. In this case, you may also notice the hardwoods getting a bit darker where they came into contact with the water.

What Are Some Alternatives to Fabuloso Cleaner?

If you’re looking for Fabuloso alternatives, one popular option is Mr. Clean. However, Mr. Clean does recommend rinsing your floor with water after using their cleaner.

Other Fabuloso alternatives include:

Alternatively, you can make your own cleaner from vinegar and water or clean your floors with a steam mop. These are all safe methods as long as your hardwoods have a topcoat on them.

If your floors don’t have a topcoat, avoid getting them wet. Instead, keep them clean by sweeping them and spot treating any dirt or stains.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq use fabuloso on wood floors

Can you use Fabuloso on engineered wood floors?

Yes, you can use Fabuloso on engineered wood floors. Just make you properly dilute the cleaner using ¼ cup of cleaning solution mixed with one gallon of water.

Can you use Fabuloso on fake wood floors?

Fabuloso is safe for all non-porous floor types. Since almost all fake wood is non-porous, this means you should be in the clear. However, you should avoid using this cleaner as full-strength as it may be too harsh for your floors.

Can you use Fabuloso on vinyl wood floors?

If you have vinyl wood floors, you’re in luck. Vinyl is one of the most durable flooring choices available, and luckily, it can stand up to most cleaners. So yes, you can use Fabuloso on vinyl wood. You should, however, still dilute it properly.

Final Thoughts

If you love the smell of Fabuloso, you’ll be happy to know it’s safe for all wood floors with a topcoat. If you’re not sure if your hardwoods have sealant on them, try the water test.

If they pass the test, feel free to clean with Fabuloso as often as you’d like. However, if your floors don’t pass the test, avoid using any water or cleaner on them until you’re able to add a topcoat.

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