How to Get Rust Out of a Carpet

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How to Get Rust Out of a CarpetRecently, I discovered rust spots left on my carpet by my furniture. Now, if you are like me, I was not happy as it is an expensive rug. So out came my laptop, and I started to do some research and found many helpful tips online. While you can find many methods to use, the important thing for me was how to get rust out of a carpet successfully. It all came with loads of trial and errors. 

How to Remove Rust Stains Out of Your Carpet

While doing my research, I came up with excellent tips to remove rust out of a carpet. The best of all is that all the substances were available in my home from using white vinegar to your trusty dish soap. But which one worked the best? Well, the white vinegar solution worked for me, but I will provide you with the dish soap method as well, just in case the first one does not work for you. 

Start by loosening the rust and dirt!

Here you can use a butter knife to scrape the discolored area of the mat from side to side as it fans the fibers to help loosen particles. Then I took out my trusty Miele and vacuumed the spot and fanned the knife through again. What makes the vacuum cleaner ideal is that it has a hose, and you can keep an eye on your progress by holding it near the carpet. So you work with both hands the pipe in one and the knife in the other. 

Saturate the rug with vinegar!

Saturate the rug with vinegarAfter completing the process and sure that all rust particles are gone, I placed a small amount of vinegar on the rust stain to soak it. I used the knife to work the cleaning solution in and left it for 40-minute and returned to blot out the rest of the vinegar with my dry cloth.

Time to remove the cleaning solution and let it dry!

You will be amazed at how the cloth sucks up the rust stain. NowI left the rug for up to eight hours to dry and returned with a wet cloth to soak up the rest of the cleaning solution, making it as dry as possible with a rag. To be honest with you, I was impressed as that dark rust stain was nearly gone. Now, this is one method of removing rust out of a carpet that works but thought I would add in the soapy carpet cleaning solution as well. 

Removing Rust Stains Out of Your Carpet with Soap

Removing Rust Stains Out of Your Carpet with SoapHere you will need:

  • Dish soap
  • Damp white cloth 
  • Paper Towel

Method to Follow:

  1. Squirt a small amount of the dishwashing soap on the damp cloth.
  2. Press the rag with soap on the rust stain and blot it several times using the cloth.
  3. Leave the carpet cleaning solution to sit for ten minutes.
  4. Dab it dry with a paper towel or dry white rag to absorb the rust and soap. You can check the cloth for rust while dabbing. 
  5. Take a damp cloth and wipe up the soap after completing the above step. 

You will notice that the rust in the carpet has loosened entirely. Oh yes, I nearly forgot another helpful cleaning solution to use is a mix of two tablespoons non-suds ammonia mixed with four cups of cold water to try as well. Here you can follow the same method by removing the rust with a spoon or butter knife scraping and vacuuming the particles up.

When using ammonia, I recommend you test it on a small hidden section of the carpet to make sure it does not damage or discolor the rug. Now apply the cleaning solution to a cloth and apply it to the rust stain. I recommend you work from the outside towards the middle. 

Leave the ammonia to sit for at least five minutes and blot clean until the spot no longer transfers and do not rub hard but gentle. Now rinse with cold water to remove the cleaning solution from the carpet. Take some toweling and soak up the rest and place some toweling on the wet spot and place a heavy object over it and leave for the night to dry. 

Once your rug is dry, take your vacuum and use it on the carpet to restore the texture and give yourself a high-five.  


Rust is not a stain that you will notice immediately, such as having your lipstick fall onto the mat. With the right cleaning solution, you can get rust out of a carpet. I hope that the procedures listed here help you to remove that ugly rust stain out of your rug. 

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