8 Best Miele Vacuums: Reviewed and Compared

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German company, Miele, produces some of the most advanced vacuums in the industry. While they may look like something more from the 1950s, they clean like a futuristic model.

This article will look at the best Miele vacuums, each reviewed, compared and offered up for you to make a better decision.

I will also cover factors you need to consider when choosing a new vacuum as well as cover the various types of Miele vacuums and look at proper care and maintenance practices.

Top 6 Miele Vacuums

Based on cost, value, performance and versatility, the top 6 Miele vacuums are:

  1. Best Buy Miele VacuumMiele Compact C1 Pure Suction
  2. Best Cheap Miele VacuumMiele Classic C1 Pure Suction Vacuum
  3. Best Canister Miele Vacuum – Miele Complete C3 Marin Vacuum
  4. Miele Compact C2 Electro+ Vacuum
  5. Miele Complete C2 AllTEQ Vacuum Cleaner
  6. Miele Classic C1 TurboTEQ Vacuum Cleaner

Why Choose a Miele Vacuum?

Miele has been voted “Best Brand Ever” in Germany, and this is due to their attention to detail and customer satisfaction. In short, their products just work. Whether you decide to go with a canister, upright or even robot vacuum, you will be satisfied.

If that isn’t enough, Miele has headquarters in the US so even customer support is quick, easy and to your satisfaction. Everything about the brand, their vacuums and customer service is high-end. For a whole-home clean, you  can’t do much better than Miele.

Buyer’s Guide: Considerations Before You Purchase a Miele Vacuum

buyers guide

When shopping for a Miele vacuum, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Even though they only have a limited selection, the differences can be a game changer for your specific needs. Here are factors to consider before you buy.


Miele vacuums are among the most powerful on the market. However, they do have different models with varying degrees of suction power (see below for more details).

Depending on your needs, you can find the right power and performance for all surface cleaning, carpet cleaning or even for those needed to clean up after pets.

Miele Cleaning Ability

All Miele vacuums can clean, there is no doubt about that. What they clean, though can be a huge buying factor. With bagged and bagless models, you can clean up pet hair, furniture or any carpet type.

The compact models are better suited for stairs, and above-head cleaning. While the upright models are best for floors of all types. Depending on what you need from your vacuum, this could be the biggest choice you make.

Miele Vacuum Style

As previously mentioned, there are four styles of vacuums from the company. They offer the upright models which are good for deep carpet cleaning and some hard surface touch-ups.

The canister and compact canister vacuums are the most versatile and allow you to clean in places other vacuums can’t go, such as on furniture, up and down stairs or even in your automobile.

They also offer a robot vacuum (which doesn’t make this list). Great for low pile carpet and hard flooring, the foray into the robot vacuum world was only a matter of time for the company. You can get a more in-depth look at the various models below the product reviews.


DynamicDrive isn’t available on all models. However, this fancy name is merely an additional aspect to the wheels of the vacuums.

On the models that have it, you will find rubber treads on the wheels that help the vacuums move smoothly over carpeting and won’t scratch hard flooring surfaces. If your home has a lot of hard flooring, this may be a feature you want to look further into.


For homes that need extra protection, AirClean models have extra filtration to ensure all exhaust air is purified. The HEPA filters capture up to 99% of in-home allergens, including pet dander, pollen, dust mites and shells, as well as mold and mildew spores.

It is advised that your primary floor cleaner use HEPA filtration. Finding a Miele vacuum with AirClean isn’t difficult and is highly recommended.


PowerLine vacuums offer more suction power for deep cleaning carpets. Many owners prefer this feature in their Miele vacuums. However, it isn’t for everyone.

The additional suction power may be too much for more delicate cleaning, such as above-head on blinds or window dressings. If you have a lot of area or throw rugs, PowerLine may not be a good option as the added power can make cleaning these lighter rugs more difficult.


Miele offers a lot of accessories for their vacuums. Some models will ship with some of the tools and accessories, but specialty tools need to be ordered separately. There are some pretty innovative tools in the bunch, too.

Look for the radiator brush to get a deep clean in hard to reach (or scrub) areas. You can also find the mattress tool and swivel upholstery brush to make furniture cleaning a lot easier.

Also, for those with hard flooring, the Parquet Twister floor heads will make you wish they had been around forever. With so many accessories to choose from (over 3 dozen in all) you will easily find what you need to clean anything in your home.

8 Best Miele Vacuums 2021

Now I will cover the 8 best Miele vacuums, reviewed and compared just for you. Read through the selections and find out which model is right for you, your home and your specific cleaning needs.

1. Miele Compact C1 Pure Clean Vacuum Cleaner

The Miele C1 comes in two variations, as do all of the C-series vacuums. The Compact C1 (sometimes known as the Miele Lotus) is arguably the best of the best. It combines everything you need in one small package and doesn’t disappoint.

The compact design allows it to be easily transported from one room to another. It also includes the DynamicDrive wheels so you won’t scratch your hard flooring surfaces.

If you are looking for a vacuum that performs well over head, you have found it. With up to 30 feet of reach (from plug to nozzle) you can get just about any area of your home. The suction power is high, and may not be suitable for lighter drapes or window dressings, though.

The Compact C1 comes with 3 onboard tools, the crevice, upholstery brush and dusting brush. You also get the combination floor cleaning head with your purchase. It isn’t as capable as the motorized carpet cleaning head or the Parquet Twister, but it will clean all carpet styles and hard flooring without much issue.

For deeper cleans or more deliberate methods, you may want to invest in additional cleaning tools. However, out of the box and as is, the Compact C1 will tackle every surface in your home you would expect from the brand.

The HEPA filtration also lets you breathe easier knowing allergens are contained. With the Miele 2-year warranty on top, you also have peace of mind that your investment will last.

DynamicDrive Wheels and AirClean FiltrationExtra tools may be needed
Powerful suctionVarioClip tool holder isn’t always secure
Easy transportation 
Cleans all floor types 

2. Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction Vacuum Cleaner

The Classic C1 is similar to the compact model, only, bigger. No surprise there, of course, but it also comes with a little more suction power. The PowerLine is based off of this model and the increase in suction is noticeable on carpeting more than anything else.

The first thing you are going to notice is how easy the vacuum is to use along with how quiet it is. You may expect quite a loud motor from something producing so much suction. However, the C1 is quieter than most standard uprights and glides easily over carpet and hard flooring.

You will also love the combination cleaning head with the foot pedal selection. With your toe you can switch from carpet to hard floor and back again and never have to stop cleaning.

This version doesn’t come with as many tools or accessories as some of the newer models, but it will still clean your sofa, chairs, floors, curtains and even reach to the corner of your ceilings for those unsightly cobwebs.

The Classic design isn’t as light as the compact models, of course. But it still travels well and pulls easily. If you need to clean stairs, you can move from one to the next carrying the machine without any strain.

High suction powerNeeded accessories cost extra
Durable, rugged buildFelx hose can get clogged
Long power cord for longer cleaning sessions 
HEPA filtration 

3. Miele Compact C2 Electro+ Vacuum

The C2 models also come in Compact and Classic canister styles. The Compact C2 is more expensive than the C1 series, but it has a lot more power, and cleaning ability.

Like the Compact C1, this version comes complete with the AirClean system for HEPA filtration and HEPA bags. It also features the 6-speed variable control and easy to pull canister.

The DynamicDrive wheels won’t scratch anything at all and maneuver well on carpet or hard flooring.

The biggest issue is the accessories.

Miele does however provide an accessory kit for this model called the Performance Pack, at an extra cost. But you may not need all of the tools included.

It would be easier to purchase the base model without the Performance Pack and then hand pick the accessories you prefer and buy them individually. It may cost a little bit more in the long run, but you will get tools that you need and will use instead of those that just gather dust.

The Electro+ comes with the Parquet Floor cleaning head that is powered by the hose connection itself. These aren’t interchangeable with other models, so make sure you select the right accessories when making those additional purchases.

DynamicDrive and AirClean systemsAdditional accessories can get expensive
HEPA rated filtration 
Clean all floor types 
Improved suction power over previous versions 

4. Miele Complete C2 AllTEQ Vacuum

The Compact C2 is easily able to take the top spot on this list. It is more expensive, which is about the only reason it isn’t the top pick. However, for the cost, it has a lot to offer.

Not only is the body easy to transport, it comes with a carrying handle built-in so you can clean stairs, take it to various rooms or even hold while cleaning overhead. It also has the DynamicDrive rubber coated wheels so you can pull it effortlessly over hard flooring without scratches or carpeting without getting caught up.

The Pure Clean model comes with two cleaning heads. You get the motorized brush roller for deep cleaning low and medium-pile carpeting. You also get the Parquet Twister floor head for incredible cleaning on your hard floor surfaces.

Overhead cleaning, stairs and even automobile vacuuming are no match for this little guy. With more power than a standard upright and more versatility than a stick vacuum, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

The standard Miele 2-year warranty is included, as it is with every vacuum model. Replacement parts are easily obtainable and the 17cm bags are easy to change out. On top of all that you get the HEPA level filtration to help keep your home clean, fresh and allergen free.

AirClean filter and bag includedAdjustable speed control doesn’t make much difference
Carpet and hard floor cleaning heads 
Extremely versatile 

5. Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog

The Upright models are some of the most powerful vacuums ever made. With the patented vortex motor system you get reliable suction every time you use it. The Cat & Dog model is able to clean up any floor type and take all the pet hair with it.

Unlike the Canister models, the U1 isn’t as portable. It is harder to clean on stairs and above head. Though, it does have a telescoping wand for reaching curtains or using the brush head on your furniture.

Where this model excels, though, is on carpet. Low, medium or even high-pile carpeting are no match for the power and ease that this vacuum offers. Pet hair, human hair and string get collected and stored in the 6-liter capacity bag.

The AirClean sealed system includes HEPA rated bags as well as HEPA rated filters to ensure pet dander, dust mites, pollen and other allergens stay trapped and are not released back into your home.

With proper care and regular maintenance, this vacuum will never lose suction power and is rated to last up to 20 years. That’s an investment that ends up paying for itself.

Handheld power cleaning brushNot ideal for overhead cleaning
Superior upright suction power 
Swivel cleaning head for maneuverability 
Rotary dial speed selection 

6. Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Vacuum

The latest version to come out of the factory is the C3. Once again this is available in both Classic and Compact. The Classic design, now called Complete, comes with everything you need to clean your entire home.

Like the previous versions, the canister is a HEPA bagged collection system and AirClean filtration. You also get the DynamicDrive wheels and the PowerLine suction.

This model truly is complete, though. With the Cat & Dog powered mini brush for upholstery, Electro+ head, Parquet Twister floor head and the standard tools set, there isn’t anything in your home you cannot clean.

The biggest downside is the cost, being one of the most expensive models from the company. However, you get an extra year on the warranty (for a total of 3) and a reliability that will last over a decade.

3-year warrantyMore expensive than most others
All the tools and cleaning heads you will need 
Excellent suction power 
Pet hair powered mini brush included 

7. Miele Complete C3 Marin

Not to sound redundant, but the Complete C3 Marin model is almost exactly the same as the Cat & Dog. I won’t bore you with stating the same obvious facts over and over, though.

Yes, you get the HEPA filtration, the lightweight canister design and a lower price tag than the C3 listed above.

What you don’t get are the extra tools. With this model the Cat & Dog powered mini brush is absent. You still get the Electro+ and Parquet Twister though, which is enough for most situations.

If you need more tools you can select the Performance Pack to add more accessories. However, if you have shedding pets or deeper carpeting, the previous model is more ideal.

Ideal for homes with mixed flooringNeeded accessories cost extra
Highest rated suction from a canister vacuum 
3-year warranty 

8. Miele Classic C1 TurboTEQ Vacuum

The Classic C1 design is still a favorite and the TurboTEQ (also called the Turbo Team) model is among the highest rated, longest lasting models out there.

The suction power is lower than the C2 and C3 models, but still has more power than most uprights on the market right now. It also boasts the AirClean sealed system. Just note it requires the FN style filters and bags, not the GN style.

This version comes with the TurboTEQ power head for cleaning hard flooring, all carpet styles and even stairs. The extension flex hose has decent reach and you can clean over your head with ease. Along with a 25-foot power cord, there really isn’t anywhere you can’t go with it.

If you need more power or want other cleaning heads, the previous listed models will have you covered. However, if you need a vacuum that will go anywhere and clean anything, while saving hundreds on the initial cost, thee C1 TurboTEQ is the choice for you.

Easy to maneuver for whole-home cleaningNot as versatile as some other models
TurboTEQ cleaning head designed for all floor types 
Lower cost than most others on the list 

Miele Canister Vs. Upright Vs. Stick Vs. Robot

When it comes to selection, Miele may be among the least cooperative compared to other brands. In fact, they only have 4 different models and within those models, only a couple have different options. How do they stack up, though? Let’s take a closer look.

Miele Canister Vacuums Are The Best

The Miele canister vacuums are rated among the best in the world, and it is no secret why. With a lightweight design, multiple options and incredible suction power, there isn’t anything they can’t clean.

You can choose between the classic design, or for more versatility, the compact models pack a big punch in smaller doses. Above-head cleaning, as well as furniture and automotive detailing are the cornerstones of these models.

Miele Upright Models Are Perfect for Floors

The Upright models give Miele an edge over the competition because they are just serious floor cleaners. You can get accessories to help them clean your furniture or hard to reach areas, but their main purpose is carpeting.

Low pile to high pile, there isn’t a carpet type these bad boys cannot clean. The deep clean cycles and suction power make the uprights highly sought after and much loved among the owners.

Miele Stick Vacuums for Quick Messes

While all Miele vacuums are made for cleaning almost anything, the stick vacuums aren’t their best output. The stick models are light and versatile, but aren’t made for the long hauls

These are best suited for apartments and smaller spaces, or to keep handy for those quick clean ups that don’t warrant pulling out the larger vacuums from the closet.

Miele Robot Vacuums are Viable but Lacking

The Miele robot is a decent cleaner as far as the robot industry is concerned. The company still has a ways to go to be mentioned among the likes of Roomba and Neato, though.

For low pile and hard flooring clean up, there are less expensive models that clean just as well. However, with brand loyalty, the robots do their job at any cost.

Care and Maintenance of a Miele Vacuum Cleaner

Each Miele vacuum purchase comes with a comprehensive owner’s manual. It will detail the cleaning and maintenance procedures, what needs to be replaced and how often.

If you choose a model with options on filters, you can see which ones fit, their replacement schedule and tips to keep them functional between replacement intervals. The maintenance itself though, is pretty minimal.

You will need to inspect the vacuum on a regular basis. Make sure the power cords are in good repair, and that there aren’t tangles around the wheels or axles. The cleaning heads and hoses need to be inspected, cleaned and cleared of clogs as well.

Other than that, following the owner’s guide and keeping your filters changed on a regular basis (as well as your bags or canisters) will keep the machines in tip-top working order for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq miele vacuum

Below I will answer the more common questions asked about the brand and their vacuums. As always, if you have other questions or concerns, please use the comment section below the article.

Q. Is Miele a good brand?

  1. Miele is a brand known for high-quality and durability. The fact that their vacuum line is among the most powerful and versatile also goes towards cementing them as one of the best in the business. 

Q. Should I go with Dyson or Miele?

  1. This is a judgment call for you to make. Dyson is a well respected brand with great innovation. Dyson vacuums are also high-end models with a lot of features and extras. You also get more of a selection with their wider range of inventory. When it comes down to cleaning, though, Miele and Dyson are about on par, with any ties going to Miele.

Q. When choosing a Miele vacuum, what should I watch out for?

  1. There are a couple of things that some owners have reported about the vacuums. The biggest complaint (and it isn’t very often this comes up) is that the hoses have a small diameter. This can lead to more clogging and maintenance than you may want.

However, if you don’t try to force things into the vacuum or suck up more at one time than should be done, the clogging isn’t a real issue.

The other issue is the easy ability to purchase the wrong bags (for bagged models). Miele offers two bags and the only visible difference is the color of the attachment collar. The red collars and blue collars are actually different filters and don’t work for every model.

Q. Will Miele power attachments work on all vacuums?

  1. Not all of them, no. Almost all of the attachments will work with all Miele canister vacuums, though. However there are power cleaning heads that rely on a specific hose to receive the power. For these attachments, you need the right model vacuum to supply power to the cleaning head. All other attachments are fairly interchangeable, though.

Miele Vacuum Reviews – Conclusion

Miele vacuums are among some of the best in the world. There is a model designed for your specific needs and it is highly unlikely you will regret your purchase.

With superior suction power, versatility and high level performance, Miele is a brand worth owning. If you are still unsure which model you should get, take another look at the top pick. The Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction has PowerLine suction power and cleans virtually everything in your home.

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