5 Great Temporary Deck Ideas

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5 great temporary deck ideas

Whether you’re saving up for your dream deck, renting your home, or want something a bit more unique, there are plenty of great temporary deck ideas you can use.

The most common temporary decks use pallets. However, you can also purchase temporary composite decks, wood tile, or build one out of a unique material like reclaimed wood.

Here are the best temporary deck ideas to consider for your space.

Key Takeaways

Consider the following quick deck setups:

  • A deck made of heavy-duty pallets (you’ll also need concrete blocks and sand/gravel).
  • A temporary composite deck (such as starter kits from UDECX).
  • Wood deck tiles (easy to lay and fit as you wish).
  • A reclaimed wood deck (remove your boards and cut reclaimed wood to size, before fastening and sealing).
  • Outdoor perforated tiles over grass.

5 Best Temporary Deck Ideas

Whether you need more outdoor space for a party or gathering or you’re looking for a new fair-weather living space, adding a temporary deck or temporary porch is a great way to do it. A few easy and less expensive ways to quickly add a deck to your backyard include building a makeshift platform using wood pallets or installing a floating deck.

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Build a Pallet Deck

If you’re working with a tight budget, one of the best temporary decks is made of pallets. 

As long as you have access to high-quality pallets and are willing to spend a little time on prep and painting, you can have a deck up in a day.

You can find hundreds of pallet deck tutorials online, each with a slightly different style. 

To start, though, you’ll need to find heavy-duty pallets that will hold up to 1,000 pounds. You don’t want a deck that will crumble under weight. (You can inexpensively purchase these at a pallet manufacturer.)

If you want to build a basic and easy temporary pallet deck, here’s what you’ll need:

  • 6 heavy-duty pallets
  • Outdoor deck paint
  • 12 concrete half blocks
  • Sand or gravel to level the area

Once you have your pallets, clean them, repair any noticeable damage, and apply two coats of deck paint for protection.

Next, you’re going to clear off the area you’d like to place your deck. Move any obstacles out of the way and pull tall weeds. 

The six pallets will build an 8’ x 12’ deck.

With the area cleaned, it’s time to put down your concrete half blocks. Here’s what to do:

  • Lay a block every four feet – you need one at the corner of all pallets
  • Dig a hole where you’ve placed your blocks – the hole should be twice as deep as the block
  • Fill the hole with sand and gravel
  • Insert the block into the hole and tamp it down until level

After your blocks are level, add the pallets.

Choose any design orientation you’d like. Just make sure the corners of the pallets rest on the concrete blocks.

Wait about 24 hours, and then add your deck furniture, rugs, and whatever else you’d like.

Purchase a Composite Temporary Deck

purchase a composite temporary deck

If you want something durable, weather-resistant, and easy to set up, check out temporary composite decks. These decks are high-quality, and you can use them temporarily or permanently.

Like the ones from UDECX, composite modular decks come in a starter kit with everything you need for installation.

These starter kits generally contain 40-inch square composite deck pads, piers, and simple locks to keep them in place. To install the deck, find a level space and lock it together.

Composite decks have a much higher-end look than other temporary deck solutions. Best of all, you can add to them or move them easily, whenever you’d like.

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Use Wood Deck Tiles

Wood deck tiles are a happy medium between a pallet and composite deck. 

They come in many types of wood and stain finishes, so you can easily find something that fits your style. And one significant advantage to them is that you can purchase as many as few tiles as you need.

You can put wood deck tiles over cracked concrete and even over grass. (Although you will need to pick a pretty level spot in your yard.)

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Turn Reclaimed Wood Into a Deck

If you have access to reclaimed wood, you can turn it into your temporary deck. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using the same plan as the pallet deck listed above.

However, instead of painting the pallet, remove the top boards and replace them with reclaimed wood. Simply cut it to size and fasten it with deck screws.

You’ll then need to seal the boards so that they hold up to the elements.

With your pallets rebuilt, place the corners on the concrete half-block deck footers.

Put Outdoor Perforated Tiles Over Grass

Consider perforated outdoor tiles if you want your grass to have a little breathing room but need a solid surface for your patio tables and chairs.

You can find these tiles in many colors and lay them directly over your grass.

Since these tiles click together, you’ll have a temporary deck up in no time. Plus, they’re slip-resistant and very affordable.

Temporary Deck Pictures

Here are some beautiful temporary deck ideas:

Check out our Temporary Deck Pinterest Board for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq 5 great temporary deck ideas

What’s the best temporary deck for renters?

There are many temporary deck ideas you can use as a renter. However, with almost all of them, the grass beneath will die due to the lack of sunlight. If you’re not worried about grass die-off, the best solutions are composite modular decks and deck tiles. You can find rubber and wood deck tiles, depending on what you like best.

What’s the best temporary deck for campers?

If you’re a camper that moves locations often, the best decking choice is interlocking rubber tiles. These tiles are easy to transport and go together with a few clicks. 

On the other hand,  if you’re staying in a semi-permanent spot consider a modular composite decking material for a higher-end look.

What are options besides a deck?

If you’re looking for backyard options that aren’t decking, consider a paver or flagstone patio. If you want a more permanent option, consider pouring concrete.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t have the money, space, or desire for a traditional deck, there are plenty of temporary deck ideas you can implement.

The easiest decks to install are wood deck tiles, composite modular decks, and perforated deck tiles. You can get these set up in one afternoon. However, if you want something very inexpensive, going with a pallet deck may be your best bet.

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