Best Ways to Clean Bird Poop Off a Deck

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best ways to clean bird poop off deck

You walk out to your deck to enjoy a cup of coffee, and piles of bird poop that seemingly piled up overnight greet you.

Everyone with an uncovered deck has found themselves in this position at least a handful of times.

But what do you do about the bird poop? Turns out, tackling it quickly is the easiest method for keeping your deck clean.

Here are the best ways to clean bird poop off a deck.

Key Takeaways:

For dried bird poop, scrape it off the deck with a scraper or knife. Then, use a soft-bristled brush and a little dish soap to clean up the stain. Spray the area with clean water to clear the spot. For fresh poop, wash the deck with a hose until the spot is clear. If you don’t have a hose, use a power washer or scrub with soft bristles and rinse.

How Can I Clean Bird Poop off a Deck? (Quick & Easy Method)

If the bird poop on your deck is dry, scrape it off with a large long-handled scraper. If you don’t have a scraper, use a flat piece of plastic or a knife, just be sure to wear gloves. After you’ve scraped off the excrement, use a soft-bristled brush and dish soap to scrub the stains off the deck. Follow up by spraying the area with a hose until the water runs clear.

Pro Tip: Prevention is better than cure! If you’re struggling with numerous bird droppings on your deck, it’s worth considering some humane deterrents like shiny objects, wind chimes, or even a faux hawk or owl to keep the birds at bay. Remember, your deck is a part of your home, and it’s just as important to keep it clean and well-maintained.

How Do I Clean Dried Bird Poop Off the Deck?

how do i clean dried bird poop off the deck

Getting dried bird poop off the deck can be a tedious process, especially if there’s a lot of it.

You’ll want to wear gloves and goggles, and maybe even a mask, depending on how much poop there is. After you have your safety gear on, here’s what to do:

Scrape the dried bird poop – Start by scraping as much of the dried bird poop off as you can. I prefer to use a large handheld scraper, but if you don’t have one, you can use an old butter knife or a flat piece of plastic.

Scrub the leftover excrement with a soft-bristled brush and soap – Now, use a little bit of dish soap and a soft-bristled brush to scrub the remaining poop. This will help lift any staining.

Rinse the deck – After you finish scrubbing, use your hose and spray the bird poop areas until the water runs clear and there’s no residue left.

Pro Tip: If that stubborn bird poop stain still won’t budge after already attempting to scrub it out, you might want to try a mixture of baking soda and water. Apply this solution to the stain and give it a little scrub. Baking soda is a natural lightener and can help remove stubborn stains. Make sure to rinse the area thoroughly with clean water afterwards.

How Do I Clean Fresh Bird Poop Off My Deck?

Fresh bird poop is incredibly easy to clean. Most of the time, all you need to do is hose it off. 

Pro Tip: Always remember to rinse off any soap or cleaner fully from your deck after cleaning bird poop. Leaving residue behind can unintentionally attract more birds to your deck, and in some cases, it might even affect the deck’s finish. Besides, using too much soap can also be harmful to the environment.

If your hose isn’t powerful enough to clean off the bird poop, try a power washer on its lowest setting. (If your deck is stained and sealed, be very careful not to ruin its finish.)

No power washer? Simply scrub the left-on bird poop with a soft-bristled brush and wash it off with your hose. A hose should be sufficient for composite decks.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq best way to clean bird poop off deck

Does bird poop stain decks?

Yes, bird poop can stain decks – especially wooden decks that don’t have stain or sealant on them. If your deck is stained up, you can try cleaning it with dish soap and a scrub brush. If that doesn’t work, try a commercial deck cleaner. 

If your deck is natural wood with no stain or topcoat, you can lightly sand off the stains.

Does vinegar clean bird poop?

While vinegar can potentially clean bird poop, it’s not safe for untreated wood or concrete. So, if your wooden deck doesn’t have a top coat, don’t use vinegar. Instead, use some warm water, a bit of dish soap, and a scrub brush to clean off dried-on poop.

If your deck is sealed wood or composite, vinegar is safe.

How do you remove dried bird poop?

The best way to remove dried bird poop is to scrape off as much as you can. Just be sure to use a blunt scraper so that you’re not scraping wood off with it. After scraping, scrub the remaining excrement or soak it in warm water to loosen it up. 

You can also remove bird poop with a power washer, but you need to be very careful not to take off the top layer of your decking material.


Nobody likes to walk out on their deck and see a pile of bird poop. But, unfortunately, if your deck isn’t covered, it’s simply unavoidable.

The best way to clean bird poop off a deck is to hose it off when it’s wet. If the poop has already dried, you’ll need to scrape as much as you can before scrubbing and hosing off the remaining droppings.

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